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Thomas Jeier

Sie wächst über sich hinaus, um die zu retten, die sie liebt: „Die abenteuerliche Reise der Clara Wynn“ von Thomas Jeier jetzt als eBook bei dotbooks. Nach dem plötzlichen Tod ihrer Eltern muss die junge Clara Verantwortung übernehmen: für die erfolgreiche Tuchfabrik ihrer Familie, ihr Erbe, ihren leichtsinnigen Bruder Robert. Als dieser die Fabrik verspielt und auch noch eine russische Adelige angreift, bleibt Clara und Robert nichts anderes übrig, als vor deren rachsüchtigen Brüdern aus New York zu fliehen. Im kanadischen Westen wollen sie neu anfangen, und schon kurz darauf findet Clara an der Seite des irischen Geschäftsmanns Jack das große Glück ... doch Robert sorgt immer wieder für Ärger, und auch die russischen Brüder geben nicht so schnell auf. Als Clara erfährt, dass sie hoch oben im Norden Alaskas planen, Robert in einen Hinterhalt zu locken, begibt sie sich auf eine gefährliche Reise über den Yukon River, um ihn zu warnen ... „Es ist immer ein Genuss, ein Buch von Thomas Jeier zu lesen.“ Bücherschau Wien Jetzt als eBook kaufen und genießen: „Die abenteuerliche Reise der Clara Wynn“ des preisgekrönten Bestsellerautors Thomas Jeier. Wer liest, hat mehr vom Leben: dotbooks – der eBook-Verlag.

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Rev. Msgr. Francis A. Galles

If Jesus had lived to my age (90 years) I think he might have written his autobiography. Unfortunately, however, he was killed by those he had come to save. Fortunately four of his disciples wrote up the story of his life, and gave us the four Gospels which are a marvelous account of his life and his teaching. We are tremendously indebted to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John who have given us an inspired account of all that Jesus did and taught. Recognizing the great value that a biography or autobiography may have, I decided to write and publish my autobiography. From a thirty day retreat I made back in 1977 I learned that an autobiography may not only be a blessing to the readers of it, but also to the author. The healing I experienced through the 800 pages I wrote at that time and shared with my director convinced me that the writing of an autobiography can be a blessing to the author, perhaps more than to later readers. I am so convinced of the benefit the author of an autobiography may receive that I would encourage parents and teachers to teach children, perhaps, by the age of eight or ten to begin to write a diary or journal. Very helpful to me in writing my autobiography was the practice I began about 1949 (When I was 22 years old) of keeping a journal or appointment book in which I kept a record of all the persons I met or places where I travelled, and things I saw, and reflections that seemed to be significant. In the course of writing my autobiography I became more aware of the many people who have had a significant role in my life and development. More important, I have discovered at a deeper level how important in my life has been the friendship I have developed with Jesus. I am convinced that Jesus has had a very important part in bringing into my life the many people who have touched and transformed my life. That is why I consider Jesus the first and greatest of all my friends. I heartily agree with St. Paul when he wrote to the Corinthians: Brothers, you are among those called. Consider your situation. Not many of you are wise, as men account wisdom, not many are influential, and surely not many are well born. God chose those whom the world considers absurd to shame the wise; he singled out the weak of this world to shame the strong. He chose the worldss lowborn and despised, those who count for nothing, to reduce to nothing those who were something: so that mankind can do no boasting before God. God it is who has given you life in Christ Jesus. He has made him our wisdom and also our justice, our sanctification, and our redemption. This is just as you find it written, Let him who would boast, boast in the Lord. ( I Cor. 1:26 - 31)

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Clarence Vernon Roberts,Warren Smedley Ely

Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks is a collection of genealogical and historical information pertaining to the first settlers of the upper part of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Separate chapters are assigned to each family, and approximately 12,000 persons are named and identified. The genealogies commence with the first of the Bucks County line (usually during the period of the eighteenth century, but also earlier) and proceed, on average, through about eight generations.

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J. Uglow,M. Hendry

The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Women's Biography contains details of the lives of over 2100 women from all periods, cultures and walks of life - from queens to TV chefs, engineers to stand up comics, pilots to poisoners. With subsections for further reading, comprehensive subject index and a bibliographical survey, this dictionary of women's biography is an invaluable reference source.

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John W. Robinson,Doug Christiansen

The rugged San Gabriel Mountains, rising starkly from the edge of the Los Angeles Basin, provide a sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city and its surroundings. Angelinos across the county (a population of almost 10 million), as well as visitors from out of state, welcome the opportunity to escape from city chaos into the quiet wilderness. This 9th edition of the classic Wilderness Press guide has been revised and updated to reflect recent trail changes, and now includes trips in the Fish Canyon Narrows, along Alder Creek, and to Jones Peak, as well as perennial favorites such as Old Baldy, Mt. Wilson, and Devils Punchbowl. Each detailed trip description notes the distance, difficulty, and ideal season, and points out the highlights of the trail. The guide includes a companion 4-color waterproof topo map.

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David Hallberg

David Hallberg, the first American to join the famed Bolshoi Ballet as a principal dancer and the dazzling artist The New Yorker described as “the most exciting male dancer in the western world,” presents an intimate journey through his artistic life up to the moment he returns to the stage after a devastating injury almost cost him his career. Beginning with his real-life Billy Elliot childhood—an all-American story marred by intense bullying—and culminating in his hard-won come-back, Hallberg’s brave memoir dives deep into life as an artist as he wrestles with ego, pushes the limits of his body, and searches for ecstatic perfection and fulfillment as one of the world’s most acclaimed ballet dancers. While rich in detail ballet fans will adore, this is a book that anyone interested in a life of creativity will love. Hallberg reflects on themes like inspiration, self-doubt, and perfectionism as he takes readers into daily class, rigorous rehearsals, and triumphant performances, searching for new interpretations of ballet’s greatest roles. He reveals the loneliness he felt as a teenager leaving America to join the Paris Opera Ballet, the ambition he had to tame as a new member of American Ballet Theatre, and the reasons behind his headline-grabbing decision to be the first American to join the top rank of Bolshoi Ballet, tendered by the artistic director who would later be the victim of a vicious acid attack. Then, as Hallberg performed throughout the world at the peak of his abilities, he suffered a crippling ankle injury and unsuccessful surgery leading to an agonizing retreat from ballet and an honest reexamination of his entire life. Combining his powers of observation and memory with emotional honesty and artistic insight, Hallberg has written a great ballet memoir and an intimate portrait of an artist in all his vulnerability, passion, and wisdom.

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Christopher C. Harmon

This Citizen’s Guide addresses the public policy issues of terrorism and counterterrorism in the United States after Bin Laden’s death. Written for the thinking citizen and student alike, this succinct and up-to-date book takes a "grand strategy" approach toward terrorism and uses examples and issues drawn from present-day perpetrators and actors. Christopher Harmon, a veteran academic of military theory who has also instructed U.S. and foreign military officers, organizes his book into four sections. He first introduces the problem of America’s continued vulnerability to terrorist attack by reviewing the long line of recent attacks and attempts against the U.S., focusing specifically on New York City. Part II examines the varied ways in which the U.S. is already fighting terrorism, highlighting the labors of diverse experts, government offices, intelligence and military personnel, and foreign allies. The book outlines the various aspects of the U.S. strategy, including intelligence, diplomacy, public diplomacy, economic counterterrorism, and law and law-making. Next, Harmon sketches the prospects for further action, steering clear of simple partisanship and instead listing recommendations with pros and cons and also including factual stories of how individual citizens have made a difference in the national effort against terrorism. This concise book will contribute to our understanding of the problems surrounding terrorism and counterterrorism—and the approaches the United States may take to meet them—in the early 21st century

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United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

This report looks at how technology and innovation achieves inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID). Its main finding is that ISID is feasible and technology can simultaneously serve all three dimensions of sustainability, including economic, social and environmental. Rapid inclusive and sustainable industrialization can happen more frequently provided that policymakers firmly steer the industrialization process with opportune policies and avoid past mistakes. In some cases, the spread of technology has not materialized in concrete growth opportunities because of the lack of technological capabilities. Innovation needs to be supported by interventions strengthening the process from invention to adoption, as capabilities are developed and high tech manufacturing sectors are created, seeing higher rates of sustainable growth.

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Joseph E. Persico

All American presidents are commanders in chief by law. Few perform as such in practice. In Roosevelt’s Centurions, distinguished historian Joseph E. Persico reveals how, during World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt seized the levers of wartime power like no president since Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. Declaring himself “Dr. Win-the-War,” FDR assumed the role of strategist in chief, and, though surrounded by star-studded generals and admirals, he made clear who was running the war. FDR was a hands-on war leader, involving himself in everything from choosing bomber targets to planning naval convoys to the design of landing craft. Persico explores whether his strategic decisions, including his insistence on the Axis powers’ unconditional surrender, helped end or may have prolonged the war. Taking us inside the Allied war councils, the author reveals how the president brokered strategy with contentious allies, particularly the iron-willed Winston Churchill; rallied morale on the home front; and handpicked a team of proud, sometimes prickly warriors who, he believed, could fight a global war. Persico’s history offers indelible portraits of the outsize figures who roused the “sleeping giant” that defeated the Axis war machine: the dutiful yet independent-minded George C. Marshall, charged with rebuilding an army whose troops trained with broomsticks for rifles, eggs for hand grenades; Dwight Eisenhower, an unassuming Kansan elevated from obscurity to command of the greatest fighting force ever assembled; the vainglorious Douglas MacArthur; and the bizarre battlefield genius George S. Patton. Here too are less widely celebrated military leaders whose contributions were just as critical: the irascible, dictatorial navy chief, Ernest King; the acerbic army advisor in China, “Vinegar” Joe Stilwell; and Henry H. “Hap” Arnold, who zealously preached the gospel of modern air power. The Roosevelt who emerges from these pages is a wartime chess master guiding America’s armed forces to a victory that was anything but foreordained. What are the qualities we look for in a commander in chief? In an era of renewed conflict, when Americans are again confronting the questions that FDR faced—about the nature and exercise of global power—Roosevelt’s Centurions is a timely and revealing examination of what it takes to be a wartime leader in a freewheeling, complicated, and tumultuous democracy. Praise for Roosevelt’s Centurions “FDR’s centurions were my heroes and guides. Now Joe Persico has written the best account of those leaders I've ever read.”—Colin L. Powell “Benefiting from his years of studying Franklin Roosevelt and his times, Joseph Persico has brought us a briskly paced story with much wisdom and new insights on FDR, his military liege men, World War II, and political and military leadership.”—Michael Beschloss, author of Presidential Courage: Brave Leaders and How They Changed America 1789–1989 “Long wars demand long books, but these are 550 pages of lively prose by a good writer who knows his subject. . . . A fine, straightforward politics-and-great-men history.”—Kirkus Reviews “Persico makes a persuasive case that FDR was clearly in charge of the most important decisions of the American war plan.”—The Washington Times From the Hardcover edition.