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David McGee

"Along the way we see the growth of Earle's political consciousness and his courage in tackling thorny topics such as "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh (in the song "John Walker's Blues"), his opposition to the death penalty, and his recent appearance in support of Iraq war protester Cindy Sheehan. Author David McGee also examines the early '70s east Texas singer-songwriter scene - where Earle met his future mentors Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt - and the rise of the New Traditionalist and Americana movements.".

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Rebecca Rowell

This title is a brief, yet informative, biography on Sylvia Earle. Readers will learn about Earle's early life, personal life, and all about her contributions to science, marine biology, and conversation. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Core Library is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.

download ebook sylvia earle pdf epub

Beth Baker

Describes the life of this groundbreaking marine biologist and diver, from her childhood in New Jersey and Florida to her deep sea explorations of the 1980s and 1990s.

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Augustus Earle (1793–1838) was born to travel and to paint. Living in the era before photography, Earle was one of the world’s most irrepressible travel artists. His paintings are valuable both as works of art and as documentary records of historic and ethnographic significance. This publication gives an overview of some of Earle’s most significant works held by the National Library of Australia.

download ebook sylvia earle pdf epub

Dennis Fertig

This book takes an engaging look at the work of ground-breaking conservationist, Sylvia Earle, and her work to protect oceans and ocean life. It covers Earle's inspiration, her methods, findings, and the impact of her work.

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F. W. Musselwhite

Earle P. Scarlett: A Study in Scarlett is a comprehensive biography of a Calgary physician and Sherlock Holmes enthusiast. Discover the life of a cherished Canadian knowledgeable on almost everything, including myths, medicine, music, art and literature. A lover of the English language, Scarlett possessed a vast library of books from the popular literature of his time to the most obscure passages of the past. Delve into the deep reaches of his wisdom with this awe-inspiring tribute.

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Earle Birney

Over the course of a career spanning five decades, Canadian poet, novelist and playwright Earle Birney produced some of Canada’s best-known poems. The Essential Earle Birney contains a selection of his pivotal works, including early break-out successes; nuanced, mid-career lyrics; avant-garde experiments; and beautiful, deceptively simple love poetry. From ‘David’ to ‘Bushed’ to ‘Anglo-Saxon Street’, this indispensable collection reaffirms Birney’s position as a key figure in modern Canadian poetry. The Essential Poets Series presents the works of Canada’s most celebrated poets in a package that is beautiful, accessible, and affordable. The Essential Earle Birney is the 10th volume in the series.

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Susan Williams

Author, collector, and historian Alice Morse Earle (1851-1911) was among the most important and prolific writers of her day. She began writing on the eve of her fortieth birthday, and the impressive body of scholarship she generated over the next fifteen years stimulated new interest in early American social customs, domestic routines, foodways, clothing, and childrearing patterns. Written in a style calculated to appeal to a wide readership, Earle's richly illustrated books recorded the intimate details of what she described as colonial 'home life'.

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A. L. Freundlich

Fraser is best known for his End of the Trail and Buffalo Nickel. He also is the most prolific sculptor of Federalist Washington DC. He is represented by the portal figures at the Supreme Court, and others such as facades and pediments at Commerce, National Archives, and Agriculture; The Memorial Bridge, sculptures of Hamilton and Gallatin at Treasury, and major public works in New York, Chicago, and Jefferson City. In the first 5 decades of the 21st Century, Fraser was a leading artistic force. He served on the National Commission of Fine Arts and was President of the National Sculpture Society. He was closely allied with many of the American painters and sculptors including St. Haudens and French who were his early sponsors. He was involved with the Armory Show and The Eight, a close friend of Bellows and E.A. Robinson among many. He was popular in New York society, counting among his students Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney. Included in this book is Fraser's first Catalogue Raisonnee.