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Jackie French,Mark Wilson

ANZAC Day seen through the eyes of generations of Australians. Ages: 7-12 Anzac Day is the day when we remember and honour Anzac traditions down the ages, from the first faltering march of wounded veterans in 1916 to the ever increasing numbers of their descendants who march today. Containing reference to the many places the ANZACs have fought, and the various ways in which they keep the peace and support the civilians in war-torn parts of the world today, this is a picture book that looks not only at traditions, but also the effects of war.

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Timothee Ntouba Mboule

I moved in the United States in 1997, I have dedicated myself to accomplish what I didn’t finish in West Africa where I was attending Law School in Mali. I did all my undergraduates in the State of Utah at Weber State University with a Bachelor in Criminal Justice, and then I decided to pursue further education with a Master’s degree in Diplomacy at Norwich University and later on Masters in Business Administration at Ashford University. In 2005, I published the African American Association of Mass Return, which is a fiction but in a long run I found out how important is to relate myself to the poetry in that growing up; I always have a tremendous admiration for the people who wrote decent poems to express their feelings about their surroundings. I read several of them who deeply inspire me in writing Another Day to Remember. I am way excited about the publication of this poem and looking forward to enjoy it along with all the readers.

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Kitty Fross

When a rainy day changes his plans to play with Andrew at the park, Little Bill is unhappy until he uses his imagination to find other fun things to do.

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David MacNab

The Battle of the Little Bighorn remains one of history’s most famous and most controversial events. Lieutenant Colonel George Custer, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, the Seventh Cavalry, the Sioux, and the Cheyenne were all there on June 25th, 1876. This battle, which was a shocking disaster for the U.S. army and a triumph for Native Americans, continues to fascinate us more than 125 years later. Often when people are shocked by an unexpected event, they want to understand exactly why and how it happened. In the case of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, these questions have yet to be answered completely satisfactorily, due to the lack of totally definitive evidence regarding some of the details. As a result, some controversy still surrounds the battle. A Day to Remember introduces the reader to the many aspects of this battle. The author makes use of eyewitness testimony, battle analyses, Custer’s personality traits, and a comparison with other disasters, in order to give the reader a basic understanding of the battle and to provide a basis for further exploration of this fascinating historic event.

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Fiona Phillips

A modern romantic comedy about love, loyalty and limos. A Day To Remember is a successful business but, when her right-hand man Steve goes off with the limo, Jo is left to pick up the pieces. Bookings are a mess, her home life's in chaos and then her car is put off the road by a Mercedes driver having an argument with a bee. Far from A Day To Remember, it's turning into a week she'd just rather forget...

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Patrick Kennedy

The events of a single day can change the course of history, for better or worse. These are the days that should never be forgotten. In this book, you will read stories that recount historic events from the perspective of those who were there, like the bandleader who played on as the Titanic sank; and Howard Carter, the man who discovered the tomb of the Boy King, Tutankhamun. Experience the horror and heroism of D-Day through the eyes of a young soldier; and relive the assassination of President John F Kennedy on that fateful day in Dallas in 1963. Read about the division of Berlin and the joyous reunions that occurred when the Wall came down in 1989; and experience the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. A Day to Remember is published by Hippo Books, a publisher dedicated to producing interesting, readable and fun books. This book is suitable for English students with intermediate English or higher. Be sure to check out our other Hippo Graded Readers.

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Lydia Richmond

Annie and her friends - the BFFs - hang out every day. They love to play at the park, run to the candy truck for treats, and just spend time together. But on one hot summer day, they make a decision that creates a day to remember. Join Annie, Katie, Tara, Angela, and Beth in their first adventure as they learn what it means to respect others.

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Josh Magill

A Day to Remember are stories and essays of every day life, dreamers, and lost souls. These stories and essays tell of honesty, hope, pain and revenge, of getting lost and found and lost again. The debut book for Josh Magill that shares his insights of the world.

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Fiona Phillips

A modern romantic comedy about love, loyalty and limos. A Day To Remember is a successful business but, when her right-hand man Steve goes off with the limo, Jo is left to pick up the pieces. Bookings are a mess, her home life’s in chaos and then her car is put off the road by a Mercedes driver having an argument with a bee. Far from A Day To Remember, it’s turning into a week she’d just rather forget…

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Jessica Wood

The Day to Remember is the second book in the two-book series, Emma's Story. The first book in the series, A Night to Forget is currently available.What happens when the dream is over and reality sets in?When Emma Anderson meets and falls in love with the man from her dreams--the deep-dimpled and incredibly gorgeous Brandon Fisher--she wasn't expecting her heart to be broken by him and his complicated life. But despite Brandon's baggage, the inextricable pull Emma and Brandon feel for one another seems strong enough to keep them together. Just when Emma thinks she can have a happily-ever-after with Brandon, a dark secret from her past threatens Emma's chances at true happiness with Brandon--a secret so dark and hidden that even her best friends don't know about it. Will Emma and Brandon's love be strong enough to withstand the external factors that seem to pull them apart, or will Emma's dream man be nothing but just that--a dream?New Adult Contemporary Romance **Mature Content** Recommended for 17+ due to mature language and adult situations.

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Disney Book Group

Poor Chicken Little! Last year, he caused a panic in his hometown when he warned everyone that the sky was falling. And when it didn't fall, everyone began to call him "a crazy little chicken"! Now, Chicken Little is determined to do something great so everyone forgets about the "sky is falling" incident. But at the school bus stop one morning, his classmates tease him and make him to miss the bus. Later, he loses his pants dodging cars on a busy street! Will Chicken Little ever recover from the embarrassment? Or will he do something so great that everyone really does forget?

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Katharine O'Neill

Months after ending a long-term relationship, Bryony Murphy still lets it control her. She’s scared to let anyone else in, just in case her ex Tara comes back to torment her again. It isn’t easy to keep her heart to herself around beautiful journalist Georgia Bing, who works with Bryony on the TV show Crooked Cowboys. Georgia makes Bryony want to forget everything else and enjoy simply her. After a one-night stand with Bryony, Georgia wants more with the lovely researcher. She knows Bryony’s hurting, but she also knows of Bryony's past. Georgia is willing to go slow at first, but soon the sexual tension becomes too much to bear and she just has to make Bryony her own.

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Disney Book Group

Read along with Disney! Elena loves celebrating Dia de los Muertos—The Day of the Dead—in Avalor. It's a day of remembrance to honor and celebrate her ancestors with an exciting festival full of food, activities, dance, and fun! Join the celebration in this colorfully illustrated storybook with word for word narration.

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Disney Book Group

Rapunzel has lived in her secret tower in the woods for eighteen years. Not one to remain idle, she keeps busy with music, painting, cooking, and even astronomy. With her best friend--a chameleon named Pascal--to keep her company, and a vivid imagination to keep them both entertained, Rapunzel has lots of adventures to dream up!

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A Day to Remember.. is not just a book, it's a real life testament to what God can do . In it, the author shares her personal recollections of the death of her parents and her experiences as a sexually exploited orphan who resorted to a life on the streets. Exposed within these pages are the "secrets" that held her hostage for over two decades. Journey with her as she unlocks the door to forgiveness and healing and embarks upon a spiritual path that would ultimately uncover a life beyond her wildest dreams. Written on the instruction of God, A Day to Remember... extends to its readers the opportunity to shed their physical, emotional and spiritual shackles in exchange for a life of meaning and purpose.

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The novel ‘Libertalia’ is a steampunk pirate fantasy fiction with historical elements. An extensive, in-depth study of PYRACY shows the quintessential nature of being human and reveals at its core a well faceted, most fluent, all encompassing, un-compromised view of world history, as untainted by any one cultural belief, value, dogma, and design as none other. All pirate myths, legends and folklore; romantic or realistic lead but one direction, in a search for freedom and equality. The pirate’s code of a democratic-socialst utopia based on egalitarian, collectivist, agrarian ideals are more than a place, but a mind set on a quest for Libertalia. Join Black Captain Randy and crew on ship Leviathan as they set out in search of El Dorado, find Atlantis, drink from the Fountain of Youth and create their own pirate utopia, Libertalia.This edition is complete with 24 full color digital image plates.