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Nicholas Marsh

In the twenty-fourth century, the world is no longer a frenetic rush of technology and manic competition. Thanks to interactive psychoanalytical machines, everybody is well-adjusted. In a bad mood? Go for a session straight away, and Auto-Analysis will read you and treat you. 'Give it to the machines: they can handle it, ' runs the mantra. It is unforgivable to go on dumping your emotions on your nearest and dearest. And yet, Simon Mortall does just that. What is wrong with him? Why does he set himself on a collision course, pitting himself against the machines' enormous power? He is an obstinate, inquisitive individual who cannot quite bring himself to conform. Perhaps his awkwardness is innate, or perhaps it shows that the 'AA' machines are less than perfect. What will the authorities do about this challenge to their power

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Frank D.

An annotated version of the `big book', which includes both the entire text and personal stories of the first edition of Alcoholics Anonymous, hundreds of explanatory paragraphs and thousands of cross-references. The added features of this book enable anyone from the beginner to the serious student of the 12 Steps to better understand and practice the life-changing principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. Newly revised, The Annotated AA Handbook is a tribute to the proven success of the Alcoholics Anonymous programme by a grateful member.

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A.A. Gill

'Theatre, food, refugees: in Adrian's writing they're all linked up ... If you haven't read his book AA GILL IS AWAY, read it now. It was when he was away that he was at his best' Stephen Daldry A. A. Gill was probably the most read columnist in Britain. Every weekend he entertained readers of the SUNDAY TIMES with his biting observations on television and his unsparing, deeply knowledgeable restaurant reviews. Even those who objected to his opinions agree: his writing is hopelessly, painfully funny. He was one of a tiny band of must-read journalists and it was always a disappointment when the words 'A.A. Gill is away' appeared at the foot of his column. This book is the fruit of those absences: twenty-five long travel pieces that belie his reputation as a mere style-journalist and master of vitriol: this is travel writing of the highest quality and ambition.

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Roger C

This book is an inspiration for those uncomfortable with the “God bit” in 12 Step recovery meetings and fellowships. A History of Agnostics in AA is a perfect blend of two essential parts for a book of this sort: personal experience and research. The book is divided into three main parts: Our History, Problems in AA and Moving Forward. The history goes back to Jim Burwell, the first atheist in AA, and to the very first agnostic AA meetings. It also taps into the discrimination against nonbelievers in the fellowship. In the second part, several problems within Alcoholics Anonymous are discussed, and one of these turns out to be “Conference-approved” literature. Finally, the last part, Moving Forward, is all about a secular movement gaining momentum within AA, promising to make AA less God-focused, more inclusive and thus more modern. The author, Roger C, is the manager of the website AA Agnostica. He was the “resident atheist” at the Faculty of Religious Studies at McGill University for several years and was treated with genuine respect. It is hoped that over time a similar acceptance of nonbelievers in AA and other 12 Step recovery fellowships will be one of the results of A History of Agnostics in AA. Our hope is that Alcoholics Anonymous adapts and moves forward, with greater inclusivity. A History of Agnostics in AA is meant to contribute to that goal.

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There are things you can do to improve your recovery and consequently, your life. I will be sharing some brand new important information with you. Much of it will come from two sources in addition to 12-step literature. These two sources are neuroscience and an area of inquiry from psychology called Attachment Theory. It is not my intent to tell you how to work the steps, but rather what working the steps can do. I will be discussing certain things that I hope will help you understand more fully what is actually going on in the brain and the mind as you work and practice the steps, attend meetings, work with a sponsor, try to carry the message of recovery and live your life as a full-fledged member of society.

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Step 12 is about helping others in order to help ourselves. This pamphlet explains how we can best keep of program of A.A. by giving it away. Step 12 is about helping others in order to help ourselves. This pamphlet explains how we can best keep of program of A.A. by giving it away.