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James Herriot

Here is the heartwarming true story of Dr. James Herriot, a country veterinarian whose unique courage, warmth, and natural storytelling ability have captured the heart of American in a very special way! "A classic of its kind...'miraculous' is not too strong a word!" -- "Chicago Times Book World.""Warm, joyous, often hilarious... shines with love of life." -- "The New York Times Book Review."

download ebook all creatures great and small pdf epub

Isabelle Brent

A selection of ten entertaining, lighthearted poems about different animals includes such favorites as Lear's "Owl and the Pussycat," Betjeman's "Diary of a Churchmouse," and eight others, all accompanied by distinctive full-color artwork.

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Ralph Waldo Trine

It is said that in Japan if one picks up a stone to throw at a dog, the dog will not run, as you will find he will in almost every case here, because there the dog has never had a stone thrown at him, and consequently he does not know what it means. This spirit of gentleness, kindliness, and care for the animal world is a characteristic of the Japanese people. It in turn manifests itself in all of their relations with their fellow men; and one of the results is that the amount of crime committed there each year in proportion to the population is but a very small fraction of that committed in the United States.

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james herriot

All Three Loveable Bestsellers By James Herriot in a Box Set (All Creatures Great and Small / All Things Bright and Beautiful / All Things Wise and Wonderful)

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James Herriot

Contains memoirs of Scottish veterinarian James Herriot's heartwarming and often hilarious stories perfectly depicting the wonderful relationship between man and animal. His wonderful stories make us laugh and cry, as we marvel at the everyday miracles he creates.

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James Herriot

James Herriot illuminated the rich and rewarding day-to-day life of a small-town veterinarian, taking hundreds of thousands of listeners on a journey with him across the dales. He introduces a cast of truly unforgettable characters: humans, dogs, horses, lambs―even parakeets―all of them revealed with the same infinite fascination, affection and insight that made James Herriot one of the most beloved authors of our time. The stories are made all the more special by the world-renowned "voice" of Dr. Herriot― Christopher Timothy, whose performance warmly and evocatively brings the stories to life. Now his first three classic works, digitally remastered on CD, are brought together in a beautiful gift set sharing with even more listeners the joy of James Herriot.

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Claire Page

A stunning book about the beauty of creation. A CD is stored in the front cover with ten worship songs. Poetic text running around the edge of each page. Touch and feel on four main spreads and foil on every spread.

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Student World

“All Creatures Great and Small” by James Herriot reads like a memoir, but it is categorized as a novel. James Herriot is the pen name for James Alfred Wight. It is the first book in a series of eight books as published by a British publisher, but when it was published in the United States, it was one of the five books in the series published there. All the novels in this series were greatly successful.

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Claire Page

An interactive, memorable way to introduce God's Creation to children.This beautiful book that looks at the wonder of creation, with each spread focusing particularly on one line from the classic hymn:All things bright and beautifulAll creatures great and smallAll animals weird and wonderfulThe Lord God made them all!Little ones will be eager to experience the touch-n-feel elements again and again as they explore every page. Shiny foil with touch-n-feel and lift-a-flap elements add to the fun! A die cut front cover displays a CD which is attached and stored on the inside of the front cover. Poetic text with factual captions make the book a delight for adults to read with young children while instilling understanding of the wonder of God's creation.