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Cristina Garavaglia

"Angel" is the tale of a gentle and poetic love story, a subtle and timeless dialogue between a woman and her guardian angel, which becomes a metaphor for the constant communication existing between the world of reality and that of the spirit every moment of every day. Two compared visions coming together to create a contemporary image of everyday life and its infinite possibilities and to give the reader an insight on the deep mystery of life that moves us all. Are you ready to fly hand in hand with an angel? You will feel his perceptions, you will know his thoughts and even his passions... Yes, because even angels fall in love, but a Love with a capital L! With an unexpected conclusion, "Angel" will keep you glued to its pages till the end.

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L.A. Weatherly

Sammen med sin elskede Alex og halvenglen Seb har Willow lagt ruinerne af Mexico City bag sig. De søger tilflugt i Nevadas ørken for at træne et hold, der skal bekæmpe englene en gang for alle. Men Raziels magt vokser, og der kommer flere og flere engle, der har brug for mere og mere næring. Verden er for evigt forandret. Willow er sammen med Alex, men Seb spøger i baggrunden. Indtil en ubærlig sorg ændrer alting for Willow. Angel – feber er tredje bind om Willow og hendes helt særlige forhold til de smukke, forførende og dødsensfarlige engle. "Til de ’Twilight’-hungrende læsere, der søger efter nyt læsestof, kan jeg klart anbefale ‘Angel’." – Stine Jørgensen, Kultur for unge "Willow er en fængende og interessant hovedperson, og det er fængslende at følge hendes udvikling og de eksistentielle og moralske problematikker, hun må tage stilling til ... det er svært at lægge bogen fra sig." – VERA HOLLERUP, Lektør

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Odette C. Bell

Right and wrong will cost you.... Lizzie Luck is magical. Apparently. The DNA test came back proving she's from the otherworld. She's unemployed, has 24 dollars in her account, and is so out of luck it's killing her. Things couldn't get worse, right? Wrong. When she winds up in the police station and comes to the attention of the city's richest, most charming and most powerful vampire, her fortunes take a turn for the worse. Soon she finds herself under contract to him. She has to agree to his terms, and in return, he'll find out who she is.... From magical murders to dangerously attractive vampires, Lizzie is thrust headfirst into a world of intrigue, mystery, and fantasy. .... With plenty of action, adventure, wit, and romance, Angel: Private Eye is sure to please fans of Witch's Bell. A seven-book series, the first two books are currently available.

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Annalisa Russo

Charity O’Malley is about to break the law of the land in order to follow her dreams. They’ll call her a whisper sister. A tarnished female. A Jezebel. As a woman who wants to shape her own destiny, she’s about to reopen her father’s speakeasy, but Big Mike O’Malley reaches out from the grave to save his recalcitrant daughter from her folly. Gabriel Cavelli, the Harley-riding bad boy of the Cavelli family, has to honor a deathbed promise to a friend to look out for his young, educated-out-east daughter. Gabe, one of the three Cavelli boys named—or rather misnamed—after archangels, finds himself caught as he tries to rescue an unwilling damsel in distress from a crooked Prohibition man. As more threats unravel, old enemies come out of the shadows and force Charity and Gabe to band together against decades-old dark secrets—and find safety in each other’s arms.

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Lindsey M. Yik

An angel, named Ikumi, travels to Earth to perform noble, kindhearted deeds in order to gain her wings and become Queen of the realm her family rules. On Earth, she must face her nemesis, the demon princess, Akako Setemoto and her brother, Hisoka. But what happens when Hisoka, the prince demon, begins to romance Ikumi; and the spirited, yet idiotic boy, Akatsuki, jealously guards her with his life? Will Ikumi’s destiny unfold and will she ever find true love?

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I.J Aquino

Isaiah Aquino is a seventeen-year-old and a normal guy with a normal life and a school life. It was a simple, normal day at school for the school holidays. But then fate decided to intervene, giving him a choice—life or death. But there was a catch if he chose life. The catch was, if he wanted to live, he had to enroll into an academy of angels to be taught and trained to become an angel—a warrior of God against the demons. So he was back to school early. After all, you know the saying “idle hands are the devils work.” But he is still the same seventeen-year-old, only now with a crazy life. Everything he believed was all myths and legends were now part of his new, crazy, and unusual school life. But during his time in Angel Academy, he slowly discovered why he was chosen. It wasn’t because he was chosen by fate, but of what he was destined to become if he chose the right path. Something was sleeping in dormant within him—something dark, evil, and sinister that even haunts him in his dream every night even as a child. Will he stand and overcome it or be consumed by the temptation of the darkness within him?

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Yukito Kishiro

The final volume of this epic sci-fi action series finds the beautiful and deadly cyborg Alita locked in a nightmarish virtual-reality battle with her nemesis, Desty Nova -- a struggle that may spell the end of the world.

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Renea Kutch

Angelica was named for her angelic beauty. Her mother and father called her their little angel. Things change when she dresses as a devil for Halloween and stumbles upon a child that needs her help.

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Calvin Moir

Have you wondered about unusual experiences you've had and thought they may have been a communication from a loved one or friend who crossed over? If so this is a story for you. It can be in your dreams, sudden thoughts, voices in your head, wispy images, feathery touches, items in your home moved, and answers to a mentally asked question or utterance. This is a true story of an ordinary man's extraordinary and supernatural experiences. It clearly shows our loved ones are our guardian angels, and they want us to know they are alright and the spiritual realm is "heavenly." With us always, they try to guide our thoughts and actions in a positive manner. There is also God and His angel messengers waiting to speak to us and silently guide us on the path God has for His children. The Bible says, "Ask and you shall receive." In truth, that's all that needs to be done; but you have to ask, believe, have faith and listen. The problem is, many pray but do not truly listen... and as well, do not ask for all that is available. Follow the guide within and learn to communicate with your angels.

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Anthony Cleator

Good Angel, Bad Angel is an oddball thriller set in the future, a time when people are living well into their 130's, their lives sustained by all manner of medicines, when the internal systems of countries are collapsing under the burgeoning human tide, their resources depleted. After the cure for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome was discovered, the inherent keenness of human nature to fulfill itself to the hilt, subdued and controlled by the disease for so long, opened like floodgates and powered just like the AIDS virus itself had through the masses. In order to stem the growth of populations draconian laws are put in place. The right to bear children is withdrawn. A cult group mushrooms, spawned out of hatred, driven by an idealistic perfectionist. They are out to terminate all over the age of 100 years and to encourage the rebirth of youth. Protecting and supporting mothers, wonderful new life blossoms underground. A shrewd obese cop who's deep in with the Europe Sector 4 Mafia bosses and a slick assassin in a wheel-less Ferrari Colonel Elite, who's partial to the garrote, are on their trail.

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L.A. Weatherly

'J'ai écrit plus de quarante livres — des albums, des romans pour adolescents et beaucoup de séries pour jeunes lecteurs — mais la trilogie Angel est ma première oeuvre pour jeunes adultes et je dois avouer que, parmi tout ce que j'ai écrit, c'est également ma préférée' L. A. Weatherly

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L.A. Weatherly

Willow et Alex sont arrivés à Mexico. C’est là que se déroulera leur prochain combat contre l’Église des Anges. Alex prend la tête d’un groupe de Tueurs d’Anges pour les préparer à cette opération d’envergure et Willow se sent alors plus seule que jamais. Jusqu’au jour où elle rencontre Seb, un garçon qui lui ressemble et la cherche depuis toujours... Intense et fascinant, Angel Fire vous brûlera dès les premières pages ! J’ai écrit plus de quarante livres – des albums, des romans pour adolescents et beaucoup de séries pour jeunes lecteurs – mais la trilogie Angel est ma première oeuvre pour jeunes adultes et je dois avouer que, parmi tout ce que j’ai écrit, c’est également ma préférée. L. A. Weatherly

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Jack T. Chick

Nadie quiere hablar del infierno ni de Satanás, pero ambos son reales. Aquí se muestra cómo ha trabajado Satanás por siglos para destruir a millones de personas. Lee acerca de su participación en gobiernos y religiones falsas. Él aparenta ser bueno, como un “Ángel de Luz” (2 Cor. 11:14).