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Mara Jacobs

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mara Jacobs comes Book 2 in the Anna Dawson mystery series. My name is Anna Dawson, and I'm back. Unfortunately, so is JoJo. When the loan shark enforcer who beat me up years ago is found murdered, I'm thinking it's my lucky day. Until I'm questioned as a possible suspect. I have an alibi, but not one I can divulge. Helping college basketball star Raymond Joseph shave points is not exactly something I want to share with the cops. And not just any cop, but Detective Jack Schiller, my recent ex. A man who got a little too close, and seems intent on getting closer. I want Jack back, but I know it'll never work while I still need JoJo in my life. Though, I'm starting to think that maybe I'm strong enough to try. But the enforcer's murder is the least of my problems as Raymond's point-shaving becomes public. I’m going to need every gambling skill I’ve got to win this hand. *NOTE: The case is solved, the perpetrator caught, but there are a few threads that are continuing on through the next book and the series, one of which would be considered a cliffhanger. Books in the Anna Dawson series thus far: 1 - Against The Odds 2 - Against The Spread 3 – Against The Rules

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Mara Jacobs

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mara Jacobs comes Book 4 in the Anna Dawson mystery series. My name is Anna Dawson, and I want to stop gambling. This time I really mean it. Sure, everybody has a bad night now and then. Maybe even one they can’t quite remember. But most of those don’t end with you waking up next to a dead body. I wasn’t crazy about it when it happened to me. Things had been going so well, too. I was in therapy working on my issues and hadn’t gambled in over a month. I’d made some new friends in my group sessions and really enjoyed hanging out with people who shared my flaws. Until I was once again embroiled in a murder case. What’s the over/under on possible jail time? *NOTE: The case is solved, the perpetrator caught, but there are a few threads that are continuing on through the next book and the series. Books in the Anna Dawson series thus far: 1 - Against The Odds 2 - Against The Spread 3 - Against the Rules 4 - Against The Wall

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Mara Jacobs

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mara Jacobs comes Book 1 in the Anna Dawson mystery series. My name is Anna Dawson, and I'm a gambler. And like any gambler will tell you, sometimes that’s good, and sometimes...not so much. And sometimes it’s an outright problem. I love Vegas, and I love the life I've built, but when one of my friends is murdered, and another one shot at, I know I need to take a serious look at myself. And I need to call in the big guns. Even if that means teaming up with Detective Jack Schiller, a man battling his own demons. Right now I'm just trying to juggle protecting my friends, helping Jack while not letting him get too close, and finding a murderer. And oh yeah, no one can learn about my gambling. Or this will be the last hand I'm dealt. *NOTE: The case is solved, the perpetrator caught, but there are a few threads that are continuing on through the next book and the series. Books in the Anna Dawson series thus far: 1 - Against The Odds 2 - Against The Spread 3 – Against The Rules

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Mara Jacobs

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mara Jacobs comes Book 3 in the Anna Dawson mystery series. My name is Anna Dawson, and I'm cured. Famous last words. It’s been over twenty days since I placed my last bet. Jack Schiller and I are back together. Raymond Joseph is settling in to life in Vegas. Life is good. Of course it couldn’t last. A golfing legend dies after playing poker with me and once again I become embroiled in one of Jack’s cases. And it’s one too many for him. He’s done—and not just with me. I try to protect Raymond’s identity from being made public during the spectacle of the sports hero’s death by offering up myself as a scapegoat. Life is getting pretty complicated… And then JoJo shows up. What are the odds I make it out of this one alive? *NOTE: The case is solved, the perpetrator caught, but there are a few threads that are continuing on through the next book and the series. Books in the Anna Dawson series thus far: 1 - Against The Odds 2 - Against The Spread 3 – Against the Rules

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Though her short life was vividly presented in Mister God, This is Anna, its huge success led to Fynn being inundated to write more about his experiences with her.

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Bright Summaries

Unlock the more straightforward side of 95 Pounds of Hope with this concise and insightful summary and analysis! This engaging summary presents an analysis of 95 Pounds of Hope by Anna Gavalda, which follows 13-year-old Gregory as he struggles to navigate a school system that only cares about grades and stifles creativity and individuality. The novel is at once a perceptive critique of the contemporary education system, a meditation on family relationships and a memorable insight into the mind of a teenaged protagonist who manages to cling to his optimism despite the many obstacles standing in his way. Anna Gavalda is a bestselling French author who won the Grand Prix RTL-Lire in 2000 for her short story collection I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere. Find out everything you need to know about 95 Pounds of Hope in a fraction of the time! This in-depth and informative reading guide brings you: • A complete plot summary • Character studies • Key themes and symbols • Questions for further reflection Why choose Available in print and digital format, our publications are designed to accompany you on your reading journey. The clear and concise style makes for easy understanding, providing the perfect opportunity to improve your literary knowledge in no time. See the very best of literature in a whole new light with!

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Liz Galvano

Vincenzo Castello How hard it is to focus on the task at hand when your mind wants nothing more than to sink into sweet oblivion. Almighty God, give me strength. Stone and weeds dug into his head, grit bit his face. So much blood. The weapon. He must act now or not at all. Footsteps on gravel told of the enemies approach. The Sicilian slowly tightened his grip. Through slit eyelids he watched and waited. The enemy raised his revolver. Only God could have arranged this meeting. Only God could heal a woman so wounded. In His service by life or death; will this vow be fulfilled? Anna Lucia; Book 2, The Casa Bella Chronicles Liz Galvano has been writing stories since she was a girl. She lives in Florida with her husband, Jeff, and a menagerie of animals.

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Nevada Barr

Undercover... or under threat? High Country is the twelfth novel in Nevada Barr's thrilling crime series. Perfect for fans of Paul Doiron and Janet Evanovich. 'Eye-popping' - Washington Post Book World It's fall in the Sierra Mountains, and Anna Pigeon is slinging hash in Yosemite National Park's historic Ahwahnee Hotel. Four young people, all seasonal park employees, have disappeared, and two weeks of work by crack search-and-rescue teams have failed to turn up a single clue; investigators are unsure as to whether the four went AWOL for reasons of their own - or died in the park. Needing an out-of-park ranger to work undercover, Anna is detailed to dining room duty; but after a week of waiting tables, she knows the missing employees are only the first indication of a sickness threatening the park. Her twenty-something roommates give up their party-girl ways and panic; her new restaurant colleagues regard her with suspicion and fear. Yet when Anna's life is threatened and her temporary supervisor turns a deaf ear, she follows the scent of evil, taking a solo hike up a snowy trail to the high country, seeking answers. What awaits her is a nightmare of death and greed - and perhaps her final adventure... What readers are saying about High Country: 'Hands down, the best author out there for adventure!' 'Thrilling and suspenseful' 'Interesting and well plotted, keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end'

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Nevada Barr

During a rescue attempt, Anna Pigeon learns who she can trust... Blind Descent is the sixth instalment in Nevada Barr's spellbinding crime series featuring park ranger heroine Anna Pigeon. Perfect for fans of Paul Doiron and Janet Evanovich. 'Barr's description of this Stygian underworld - so beautiful, so mysterious and so treacherous - have a stunning visceral quality, largely because of her heroine's affinity with the natural world' - New York Times Book Review Lechuguilla Cavern is a man-eating cave discovered in New Mexico's Carlsbad Caverns National Park in the mid-1980s. Estimated to extend for more than three hundred miles, only ninety of them mapped, the cave was formed by acid burning away the limestone; corridors, pits, cramped wormholes, cliffs, and splendid rooms the size of football fields tangle together in a maze shrouded in the utter darkness of the underground. When a fellow ranger is injured in a caving accident, Anna swallows her paralyzing fear of small spaces and descends into Lechuguilla to help a friend in need. Worse than the claustrophobia that haunts her are the signs - some natural and some, more ominously, manmade - that not everyone is destined to emerge from this wondrous living tomb. The terrain is alien and hostile; the greed and destructive powers of mankind all too familiar. In this place of internal terrors, Anna must learn who it is she can trust and, in the end, decide who is to live and who is to die. What readers are saying about Blind Descent: 'It's a great pleasure to sit down with each book in this series' 'Readers will feel, see, smell, and touch every step that Nevada Barr makes in her underground trek as if they are part of the rescue party' 'A great mystery; very atmospheric'

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Nevada Barr

Anna Pigeon stumbles into a nest of secrets - can she find her way out? Park Ranger Anna Pigeon returns to face her most duplicitous foe, human nature, in Nevada Barr's thrilling mystery Hunting Season. Perfect for fans of Jo Nesbo and Janet Evanovich. 'Suspenseful, atmospheric [and] pulse-pounding... Hunting Season ranks right up there with the best in this excellent series' - Chicago Tribune When Anna answers a call to historic Mt. Locust, once a producing plantation and inn on Mississippi's Natchez Trace Parkway and now a tourist spot, the last thing she expects to encounter is murder. But the man Anna finds in the stand's old bedroom is no tourist in distress. He's nearly naked, and very dead, his body bearing marks consistent with an S&M ritual gone awry. On a writing table nearby is an open Bible, ominous passages circled in red. It seems the deceased is the brother of Raymond Barnette, local undertaker and a candidate for sheriff, who wants to keep any hint of kinkiness out of the minds of the God-fearing populace. Ray may be hiding a house full of secrets in the old family homestead, but before Anna can start her investigation, she's waylaid by malevolent poachers, peevish co-workers, and a suddenly turbulent romantic life. And when hidden agendas and old allegiances are revealed, it's suddenly Anna's life that's on the line. What readers are saying about Hunting Season: 'Fast-paced, lively, descriptive, and entertaining is the hallmark of a great writer' 'Authentic and captivating' 'Five stars'

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Nevada Barr

An escape from the past becomes a nightmare of the present... Borderline is the captivating fifteenth thriller in Nevada Barr's acclaimed crime series featuring park ranger Anna Pigeon. Perfect for fans of Jo Nesbo and Sue Grafton. 'First-rate... Barr outshines most other authors in the mystery genre' - Publishers Weekly Drained and haunted by the killings on Isle Royale, diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and on administrative leave by order of her superintendent, the one bright spot in Anna's life is Paul, her husband of less than a year. Hoping the warmth and the adventure of a raft trip in Big Bend National Park will lift her spirits, Paul takes Anna to southwest Texas, where the sun is hot and the Rio Grande is running high. The sheer beauty of the Chihuahuan Desert and the power of the river work their magic - until the raft is lost in the rapids and a young college student makes a grisly discovery. Hair and arms tangled in the downed branches of a strainer between two boulders, more dead than alive, is a pregnant woman. Nature, it turns out, isn't the only one who wants to see the woman and her baby dead. Instead of the soul-soothing experience Paul planned for her, Anna and her husband are sucked into a labyrinth of intrigue that leads from the Mexican desert to the steps of the Governor's Mansion in Austin, Texas. What readers are saying about Borderline: 'I found Borderline non-stop exciting and also rather touching' 'Riveting... Couldn't put down this excellent instalment in the Anna Pigeon [series]' 'A suspenseful page-turner, keeping you guessing to the end. Rich characters you could really relate to, and the ending was perfect'

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Nevada Barr

Cut off from civilisation, can Anna weather the coming storm? Flashback is the eleventh riveting Anna Pigeon novel from acclaimed crime writer Nevada Barr. Perfect for fans of Sue Grafton and Paul Doiron. 'What lifts the Anna Pigeon novels far above most other contemporary amateur sleuth mysteries is Barr's exquisite writing - it swoops, it soars, sails then catches you unawares beneath the heart and takes your breath away' - Cleveland Plain Dealer Escaping a proposal of marriage from Sheriff Paul Davidson, Anna Pigeon takes a post as a temporary supervisory ranger on remote Garden Key in Dry Tortugas National Park, a grouping of tiny islands in a natural harbour seventy miles off Key West. This island paradise has secrets it would keep, not just in the present, but in shadows from its gritty past, when it served as a prison during the Civil War, and for the Lincoln assassination conspirators afterwards. Here, on this last lick of the United States, in a giant crumbling fortress, Anna has little company besides the occasional sunburned tourist or unruly shrimper. When her sister, Molly, sends her a packet of letters from a great-great-aunt who lived at the fort with her husband, a career soldier, Anna's fantasy is filled with visions of this long-ago time. But a mysterious boat explosion and the discovery of unidentifiable body parts keeps Anna anchored to the present, and she soon finds crimes of yesterday and today closing in on her. A tangled web that was woven before she arrived threatens her sanity and her life. Cut off from the mainland by miles of water, poor phone service, and sketchy radio contact, Anna must find answers and weather a storm that rivals the hurricanes for which the islands are famous. What readers are saying about Flashback: 'You'll be gripping the edge of your seat with tension whilst you read... I couldn't keep my nose out of it till I'd read it in two days!' 'I was captivated by the roller coaster storytelling' 'This [book] was fabulous... truly a page turner that I couldn't put down'

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Nevada Barr

It all begins here... Nevada Barr's The Rope details Anna's early days as a park ranger, and the events that shaped her life. Perfect for fans of Sue Grafton and Paul Doiron. 'A harrowing survival story, well imagined and forcefully told, about a brutal act that inspires a weak woman to become a strong one' - Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review It's 1995. Fresh off the bus from New York City, a broken-hearted 35-year-old named Anna Pigeon takes her first job as a park employee: a decidedly unglamorous, seasonal stint at the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area. On her day off, she goes hiking alone in the park - never to return. Her co-workers assume she's moved on since her cabin is cleaned out. But when Anna wakes up - trapped at the bottom of a well, naked, with no supplies and no memory of how she got there - she must draw upon all of her strength, courage, and skill to survive. Because whoever set Anna's trap isn't through with her yet... What readers are saying about The Rope: 'I read [this book] in one sitting... The story has a terrific opening and the suspense continues to the end' 'Anna Pigeon has to be one of everyone's favourite heroines, mainly because over a long series of books she remains a constant mix of dry humour, and inner strength which while admirable and amazing, never quite gets to super human and unattainable' 'Interesting, unusual, and exciting'

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Nevada Barr

Anna Pigeon uncovers shady dealings, possible sabotage and murder... On a remote island, Anna Pigeon faces more than just isolation in Endangered Species, the gripping crime novel from Nevada Barr. Perfect for fans of Sue Grafton and Paul Doiron. 'Nevada Barr's mysteries keep getting better and better' - Susan Isaacs In the midst of a dangerously dry season, national park ranger Anna Pigeon has been posted to Cumberland Island off the Georgia coast for a monotonous, twenty-one-day fire watch. But her boredom is short-lived, for this remote and marshy place is a breeding ground to more than just the imperilled Loggerhead turtle; it also spawns eccentricity and secrets, greed, suspicion... and murder. A small plane crashes into the palmetto thickets nearby. Anna and her crew arrive in time to control the blaze, but too late to save the pilot and his passenger, Cumberland's sole law enforcement ranger. When the cause of the 'accident' is determined to be sabotage, Anna becomes entangled in an investigation that threatens to upset the very delicate balance of this fragile ecological preserve. For she is precariously close to exposing dark, clandestine crimes, both old and new, that someone has worked very diligently to conceal... and which makes Anna Pigeon the most endangered creature on the island. What readers are saying about Endangered Species: 'Full of suspense [and] once started, difficult to put down... first class' 'Nevada Barr never fails to keep me riveted to the page' 'Nevada Barr's storytelling skills and rich prose teleport you right into the middle of the park, the story, and the mind of her heroine Anna Pigeon'

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Nevada Barr

There's always calm before a storm... Burn is a captivating mystery from Nevada Barr, featuring the much-loved Anna Pigeon. Perfect for fans of Jo Nesbo and Janet Evanovich. 'Outstanding... Anna's complex personality continues to elevate the series' - Publishers Weekly Anna Pigeon, a Ranger with the National Park Service, is newly married but on administrative leave from her job as she recovers from the traumas of the past couple of months. While the physical wounds have healed, the emotional ones are still healing. With her new husband back at work, Anna decides to go and stay with an old friend from the Park Service, Geneva, who works as a singer at the New Orleans Jazz NHP. She isn't in town long before she crosses paths with a tenant of Geneva's, a creepy guy named Jordan. She discovers what seems to be an attempt to place a curse on her - a gruesomely killed pigeon marked with runic symbols; and begins to slowly find traces of very dark doings in the heart of post-Katrina New Orleans. Tied up in all of this is Jordan, who is not at all what he appears to be; a fugitive mother accused of killing her husband and daughters in a fire; and faint whispers of unpleasant goings-on in the heart of the slowly recovering city... What readers are saying about the Anna Pigeon Mysteries: 'Hands down, the best author out there for adventure!' 'I was captivated by the roller coaster storytelling' 'The writing is exquisite, observations unique, the protagonist one of the most interesting and real around'

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Nevada Barr

Can Anna rescue her friends before it's too late? In gripping mystery Destroyer Angel, Nevada Barr transports you once again to the wild and dangerous landscapes of America's National Parks. Perfect for fans of Paul Doiron and Janet Evanovich. 'Nature's combination of awesome beauty and brutal terror are strikingly portrayed in Nevada Barr's mysteries' - Seattle Times After a summer fighting wildfire, US Park Ranger Anna Pigeon sets off on a camping trip to the Iron Range in upstate Minnesota. With her are four women: Heath, Leah and their two teenage daughters. For Heath, who is paraplegic, it is the chance to test out a new, cutting edge line of outdoor equipment, designed by Leah to make the wilderness more accessible to disabled campers. On their second night, Anna takes a canoe out on the Fox River but when she returns, she finds that a band of kidnappers, armed with rifles, pistols and knives, has taken the group hostage. With limited resources and no access to the outside world, it is up to Anna to track them across the treacherous landscape and rescue her friends before it is too late... What readers are saying about Destroyer Angel: 'This book drew me in from early on and I was gripped throughout. The characterisation was spot on' 'Wow this book I couldn't put it down!... intriguing and fast paced' 'What a ride! The suspense is "edge of your seat"'

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Nevada Barr

The mountains hold secrets of their own... Hard Truth is the thirteenth thrilling Anna Pigeon mystery by acclaimed author Nevada Barr. Perfect for fans of Jo Nesbo and Paul Doiron. 'Vivid prose, a surprising plot... Barr solidifies her position as the preeminent writer of outdoor mysteries' - Booklist Anna finds herself in a new job - that of District Ranger in Rocky Mountain's National Park. Paul Davidson, her long-time love, is a thousand miles away. Dropped into the middle of a mystery that has had the park in a state of turmoil for six weeks, she at first thinks it's solved itself... until the voices start... voices without bodies... until the small slayings turn bigger, and even the most obtuse administrator must realize something is desperately wrong in the mountains. What readers are saying about Hard Truth: 'Each [Nevada Barr] book I read just keeps getting better and more fascinating' 'Sit-on-the-edge-of-your-chair mix of mystery and psychological terror... inexorably bound in a suspense no one could anticipate, against the grandeur of the Colorado Parks' 'How Barr can sustain such wonderful character, description and in-your-face situations so adeptly is a testament to the author's mastery'

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Nevada Barr

Nature is close at hand - but then again, so is murder... Ill Wind is the third novel in Nevada Barr's gripping crime series featuring park ranger Anna Pigeon. Perfect for fans of Jo Nesbo and Sue Grafton. 'Stirring... vivid... vibrant... intelligent' - New York Times Book Review When national park ranger Anna Pigeon needs to find peace, she turns to nature of solace. Lucky for her, she's been newly assigned to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. Anna is enthralled by its ruins: the ancient cliff dwellings of a vanished Native American civilisation. But Anna's reverie is shattered by an inexplicable illness affecting visitors to the popular landmark - and two mysterious tragedies: the death of a child... and the murder of a friend. Now she must find the very human source of the evil wind that is blowing through the ruins. For it threatens more innocent lives - including Anna's own... What readers are saying about the Anna Pigeon Mysteries: 'Nevada Barr has a fabulous way of writing and her descriptions of the beautiful landscapes and natural beauty of these parks is just wonderful' 'Well-constructed mystery which keeps you guessing until the end' 'Five stars'

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Nevada Barr

She was looking for peace, yet finds murder instead... Nevada Barr's award-winning series featuring park ranger Anna Pigeon brings an unyielding love of nature and sense of fair play to the mystery genre - delve into the first adventure in Track of the Cat. Perfect for fans of Jo Nesbo and Paul Doiron. 'Thrilling... Ms. Barr has a naturalist's eye for detail and an environmentalist's fury at the destruction of the wilderness' - New York Times Book Review Patrolling the remote West Texas backcountry, Anna's first job as a national park ranger is marred by violence she thought she had left behind: the brutal death of a fellow ranger. When the cause of death is chalked up to a mountain lion attack, Anna's rage knows no bounds. It's up to her to save the protected cats from the politics and prejudices of the locals - and prove the kill was the work of a species far less rare... What readers are saying about Track of the Cat: 'Nevada Barr has a fabulous way of writing and her descriptions of the beautiful landscapes and natural beauty of these parks is just wonderful' 'Full of nature and heat, [this book is] excellently written to involve us in the story' 'Five stars'