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Sarah Wright

Three-year-old Chloe is inquisitive, like all children of this age. Chloe has a taste for autumn and, most of all, a taste for apple anything. Chloe is curious about where apples come from. She asks her mother, and her mom responds, A tree, of course! Chloe takes this answer very literally. Every tree, Chloe observes, has the potential to be the apple tree she has always dreamed of seeing. Chloe and her mother go on a small adventure to find out what apple trees are and where to find them. Chloe not only faces disappointment on her trip, but she also learns valuable lessons. Chloe finds a treasure of a place that she holds in her heart forever.

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Adam Lashinsky

Onthullende blik achter de schermen van het mysterieuze bedrijf Als het kantoor van Apple de Chocoladefabriek van Willy Wonka zou zijn, dan is dit boek van Adam Lashinsky het gouden ticket om uitgenodigd te worden door dit geheimzinnige bedrijf. Het boek onthult de geheime systemen, tactieken en leiderschapsstrategieën die ervoor hebben gezorgd dat Steve Jobs en zijn bedrijf het ene na het andere succes wisten te behalen en een cultstatus rond elke product wisten te creëren. Dit boek biedt nieuwe informatie over hoe Apple voortdurend innoveert, deals sluit met leveranciers en hoe de transitie in het ‘post-Jobs-tijdperk’ plaatsvindt. Lashinsky introduceert begrippen als DRI (Directly Responsible Individual: Apples methode om aan elke taak een direct verantwoordelijke medewerker toe te wijzen) en geeft een inkijkje in de mysterieuze ‘Top 100-bijeenkomsten’ (een jaarlijks ritueel waarvoor de 100 meest veelbelovende managers worden uitgenodigd voor een uiterst geheim meerdaags event met de CEO). Adam Lashinsky is een van de meest ervaren redacteuren van het magazine Fortune. Hij kent Apple als geen ander; al in 2008 plaatste Fortune een coverstory van Lashinsky waarin hij onthulde dat Tim Cook, toen nog een grote onbekende, werd klaar gestoomd om op termijn Steve Jobs op te volgen als CEO. Recensie(s) Apple is het merkwaardige bedrijf uit Californie dat de Macintosh-computer bedacht en de markt verraste met innovatieve producten als iPon, iPad en iPhone. Zijn eigenzinnige, grillige en creatieve leider Steve Jobs overleed in 2011, 56 jaar oud. Hij hulde het bedrijf in afschermende geheimzinnigheid (niks transparantie) en bestuurde het volgens eigen regels, haaks op gevestigde bedrijfskundige opvattingen. Hoe kan een bedrijf vol dwarsliggers succesvol functioneren? Hoe steekt het in elkaar en hoe organiseert het zijn beroemde creativiteit? Wie wordt de nieuwe CEO en hoe zal het gaan in het 'post-Jobs-tijdperk'? Adam Lashinsky, ervaren redacteur van het tijdschrift Fortune, kent Apple en veel oud-medewerkers al jaren. Hij schetst een fascinerend beeld van de huidige situatie: de organisatiestructuur, managementfilosofie, stijl van leidinggeven, het productbeleid, de marketingstrategie enzovoort. De lezer maakt ook kennis met de nieuwe topman Tim Cook. De auteur kreeg niet Apple's officiele medewerking, maar produceerde desondanks een hoogst interessant en prettig leesbaar boek. Drs. H. Alblas

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Marcia Amidon Lüsted

This title examines the remarkable life of Steve Jobs and his work building the groundbreaking company Apple. Readers will learn about Jobs's background and education, as well as his early career and his time with NeXT Computer and Pixar. Also covered is a look at how Apple operates, its history, and its many innovations, including the iPod, the iPad, and the iPhone. Color photos and informative sidebars accompany easy-to-read, compelling text. Features include a timeline, facts, additional resources, Web sites, a glossary, a bibliography, and an Index. Technology Pioneers is a series in Essential Library, an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

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Jim Carlton

Draws on interviews with industry insiders to examine the corporate intrigues, personality conflicts, and serious mistakes that led to the fall of Apple

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Marcia Reiss

Gala and Honeycrisp. Pink Lady and Pacific Rose. King Luscious and Winesap. The names of apples are as juicy as the fruit itself. One of the most widely distributed fruits on the planet, apples have always meant something beyond food and drink—their seeds have been planted deep within the myths, religion, and art of nearly every culture. They are symbols of beauty, desire, and sin; signs of hidden poisons and healthy eating; emblems of computers, phones, and music. Exploring the symbolism, art, and literature of the apple, as well as its botanical background, Marcia Reiss follows this iconic fruit from its origins to its now-ubiquitous presence in our world. Journeying back to the apple’s germination in the mountains of Central Asia, Reiss travels along the Silk Road to Europe and the New World. She reveals that, from Charlemagne to Johnny Appleseed to the colonization of South Africa, where settlers were required to plant apple orchards that led to the development of new towns, apples have become a global commodity. In addition to delving into the latest debates about chemical sprays, Reiss looks at the rise of heirloom orchards and the hopes and fears of genetic developments. She also tells the parallel tale of apple cider, its decline during the Temperance Movement and its return as an artisanal alternative to wine. Beautifully illustrated with historic and contemporary images and containing a directory of popular and heirloom varieties, Apple is a book ripe for devouring.

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Yukari Iwatani Kane

Yukari Iwatani Kane delves deep inside Apple in the two years since Steve Jobs's death, revealing the tensions and challenges CEO Tim Cook and his team face as they try to sustain Jobs's vision and keep the company moving forward.

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Erika Janik

Gravenstein. Coe’s Golden Drop. Mendocino Cox. The names sound like something from the imagination of Tolkien or perhaps the ingredients in a dubious magical potion rather than what they are—varieties of apples. But as befits their enchanting names, apples have transfixed and beguiled humans for thousands of years. Apple: A Global History explores the cultural and culinary importance of a fruit born in the mountains of Kazakhstan that has since traversed the globe to become a favorite almost everywhere. From the Garden of Eden and Homer’s Odyssey to Johnny Appleseed, William Tell, and even Apple Computer, Erika Janik shows how apples have become a universal source of sustenance, health, and symbolism from ancient times to the present day. Featuring many mouthwatering illustrations, this exploration of the planet’s most popular fruit includes a guide to selecting the best apples, in addition to apple recipes from around the world, including what is believed to be the first recorded apple recipe from Roman gourmand Marcus Apicius. And Janik doesn’t let us forget that apples are not just good eating; their juice also makes for good drinking—as the history of cider in North America and Europe attests. Janik grew up surrounded by apple iconography in Washington, the “apple state,” so there is no better author to tell this fascinating story. Readers will eat up this surprising and entertaining tale of a fruit intricately linked to human history.

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Nancy Dickmann

This series provides a first introduction to plant and animal life cycles, exploring how living things grow and reproduce. Readers will learn how new life begins and develops, with an emphasis on the cyclical nature of life.

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Jim Carlton

Apple Computer was once a shining example of the American success story. Having launched the personal computer revolution in 1977 with the first all-purpose desktop PC, Apple became the darling of the national business press and Wall Street. Yet by 1995, the company's change-the-world idealism had all but disappeared in a bitter internal struggle between warring camps. Raging internal mistakes, petty infighting, and gross mismanagement became Apple's hallmark, and today the company clings to a mere 3.7 percent share of the market it helped to create. Apple is the spellbinding account of what really went on behind closed doors, revealing the forces that dismantled this once great icon of American business.

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Sonia Di Maulo

"The Apple in the Orchard by Sonia DiMaulo is a lovely little book with a profound message: To pursue greatness, aspiring leaders sometimes must dare to leave the familiar. Opportunities for growth and learning are all around you-so take the leap, and grow!" - Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Great Leaders Grow Discover the new vision for the world of work and get a glimpse into the power of living systems as models for sustainability, collaboration, and growth.

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Devrim Unay

In this book we address the problem of quality inspection of agricultural produce, more specifically apple fruits, based on multispectral image analysis. Following a divide-and-conquer strategy, the problem is divided into the subtasks of stem and ca

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Victoria Rose

Welcome to the world of Apple Cider Vinegar! As you have picked up this book, I might imagine that you are interested in taking responsibility for your health and well-being; perhaps folklore remedies enchant you; you're looking for a new hobby; you liked the design of my book cover; or, like myself, the word "why" has been a part of your vocabulary since you began to talk. Whatever your reasons, welcome! With so many books on the market, why another one and about apple cider vinegar? Because this book will answer questions that have not been asked. It will provide you with medical evidence to support why apple cider vinegar works for so many common ailments and will answer questions about quality and products on the market today. The book will provide you with step-by-step directions for making your own and inform you about the dynamic versatility of apple cider vinegar.

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Jon Manning,Paris Buttfield-Addison

Apple Watch is the sort of science-fiction gadget that people used to dream about as kids. What kinds of apps do you envision for this new device? If you’re comfortable using OS X, Xcode, and iOS—and familiar with Swift—this concise book shows you the basics of building your own apps for this wrist-mounted computer with Apple’s WatchKit framework. You’ll learn what an Apple Watch is, what it isn’t, and how and why people might interact with apps you build for it. This practical guide also examines the type of apps most suitable for this device, and shows you how to be a good citizen in the iOS/Watch ecosystem. Learn the Watch app lifecycle, and understand how these apps interact with the user’s iPhone Build a Watch app and its iOS counterpart by adding controls, working with multiple screens, and sharing data Design a simple glance, the non-interactive Watch component that provides quick-look information Add functionality to the notification system, including actionable items, and display them on the Watch face Design and build complications, Watch-face gadgets that can display quick snapshots of information, including future events with Time Travel

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Steven F. Daniel

Build real-world applications for the Apple Watch platform using the WatchKit framework and Swift 2.0 About This Book Find out how to download and install the Xcode development tools before learning about Xcode playgrounds and the Swift programming language Discover everything you need to know about the WatchKit platform architecture, its classes, as well its limitations This book introduces you to the very latest mobile platform with hands-on instructions so you can build your very own Apple Watch apps Who This Book Is For This book is for developers who are interested in creating amazing apps for the Apple Watch platform. Readers are expected to have no prior experience of programming. What You Will Learn Navigate within the WatchKit interface using the page-based, modal, and hierarchical navigation techniques Work with context menus to allow your users to interact with the Apple Watch and respond to their actions to perform a task Use the MapKit framework to display a map within the WatchKit interface to track the user's current location Build effective user interfaces for the WatchKit platform and integrate iCloud capabilities to synchronize data between the iOS app and the WatchKit UI Design your apps for the Apple Watch platform by adhering to the set of User Interface design guidelines set out by Apple Reinforce image caching to display animations within the Apple Watch user interface Explore WatchKit tables, which allow your users to purchase groceries and pay for them using Apple Pay Analyze the new layout system to ensure that your Apple Watch apps work with various screen sizes In Detail Wearable are the next wave of mobile technology and with the release of Apple's WatchKit SDK, a whole new world of exciting development possibilities has opened up. Apple Watch App Development introduces you to the architecture and possibilities of the Apple Watch platform, as well as an in-depth look at how to work with Xcode playgrounds. Benefit from a rapid introduction to the Swift programming language so you can quickly begin developing apps with the WatchKit framework and the Xcode Development IDE. Get to grips with advanced topics such as notifications, glances, iCloud, Apple pay, closures, tuples, protocols, delegates, concurrency, and using Swift Playgrounds, with each concept is backed up with example code that demonstrates how to properly execute it. Finally, discover how to package and deploy your Watch application to the Apple AppStore. By the end of this book, you will have a good understanding of how to develop apps for the Apple Watch platform, and synchronize data using iCloud between the wearable and the iOS device. Style and approach This book takes a step-by-step approach to developing applications for the Apple Watch using the Swift programming language and the WatchKit UI. Each topic is explained in a conversational and easy-to-follow style.

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Jeff Kelley

You've got a great idea for an Apple Watch app. But how do you get your app from idea to wrist? This book shows you how to make native watchOS apps for Apple's most personal device yet. You'll learn how to display beautiful interfaces to the user, how to use the watch's heart rate monitor and other hardware features, and the best way to keep everything in sync across your users' devices. New in this edition is coverage of native apps for watchOS 2. With the new version of the WatchKit SDK in Xcode 7, your apps run directly on the watch.On Apple Watch, your app is right on your users' wrists, making your code closer than ever before. Create native watchOS apps by extending your iPhone app with a WatchKit Extension, giving your users quick access to your app's most important features and an intimate user experience that's always within arm's reach. You won't just be creating apps - with Glances to provide timely information, notifications to inform your users of the latest updates, and watch face complications to show your users data as soon as they raise their wrists, your watchOS apps will be the best the App Store has to offer. Any book can teach you how to make a watch app. This book will help focus your efforts and refine your app's feature set. Which features make sense on the watch? How should you organize them? You'll learn what to consider when judging watch app features, allowing you to come up with the best strategy for your app. You'll test your apps on real Apple Watch hardware, and by the end of this book, you'll be ready to ship to the App Store.What You Need: You'll need a Mac running OS X Yosemite capable of running Xcode 7 or later. To build your apps for your Apple Watch, you'll need to be running watchOS 2 or later, connected to a compatible iPhone.

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Stuart Grimshaw

Discover exciting and fun projects by building brilliant applications for the Apple Watch About This Book Explore the opportunities opened up to developers by Apple's latest device: the Apple Watch Be a crackerjack at developing software across a broad range of watch app categories From an eminent author, master all stages of development, from the first stage through to a completed project Who This Book Is For If you have some basic knowledge of programming in Swift and are looking for the best way to get started with Apple Watch development, this book is just the right one for you! What You Will Learn Understand the concept of the Apple Watch as an autonomous device as well as it being paired with the iPhone Get your app up and running Design exciting, inspiring, and attractive layouts for your apps Make your user interface more engaging using images and animation Enable your Watch and iPhone apps to transport and share data Leverage the feature-rich set of WatchKit technologies provided by Apple Connect your apps to the Internet Submit your app to the App Store In Detail With Apple's eagerly anticipated entry into the wearable arena, the field is wide open for a new era of app development. The Apple Watch is one of the most important technologies of our time. This easy-to-understand book takes beginners on a delightful journey of discovering the features available to the developer, right up to the completion of medium-level projects ready for App Store submission. It provides the fastest way to develop real-world apps for the Apple Watch by teaching you the concepts of Watch UI, visual haptic and audio, message and data exchange between watch and phone, Web communication, and finally Visual, haptic as well as audio feedback for users. By the end of this book, you will have developed at least four fully functioning apps for deployment on watchOS 2. Style and approach This is a step-by-step guide to developing apps for the Apple Watch with the help of screenshots and fully coded working examples.

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Ian D. Armour

When seeking the origins of World War I, the chain of events in the late nineteenth century that led to the breakdown of relations between Austria-Hungary and Serbia and facilitated the rise of an aggressive Serbian nationalism needs to be understood. This book focuses on the hitherto unexplored Hungarian influence on the Habsburg Monarchy's policy toward Serbia after the 1867 Ausgleich, and it argues that this early period was critical in shaping policy after 1871, down to the imposition on Serbia in 1881 of a system of economic and political control. The Ausgleich, the Austro-Hungarian compromise that reconstituted the Empire as a dual monarchy, gave Hungary a limited voice in foreign affairs; and it was at the request of the Hungarian premier, Count Gyula Andrássy, that the young politician Benjámin Kállay was appointed representative at Belgrade in 1868. Both men were obsessed with the threat posed by Russia and particularly concerned that Serbia might be used as a stalking horse for Russian influence among the Monarchy's South Slavs. They pursued a shadow policy designed to draw Serbia firmly into the Monarchy's sphere of influence , which contradicted that of the foreign minister, Count Beust, and resulted in a serious deterioration in relations with Serbia by 1871. After 1871 Andrássy, as foreign minister, laid the foundations for a more explicit control of Serbia; Kállay, as a senior diplomat, negotiated the treaties that, by 1881, locked Serbia into satellite status for a generation. Through detailed archival research in multiple languages and a painstaking reconstruction of diplomatic events, Armour illuminates a crucial period in Central European history, showing how the origins of a war that claimed millions of lives can be traced to political maneuverings almost fifty years before.