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Niina Paasikallio

Ryan’s plans of a quiet, normal 18th birthday are wiped away when he discovers he’s a dragon – the flying, fire-breathing kind of dragon found in stories. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s told he belongs to another world, a world of dragons, which lies beyond a magical gate. The Gate holds the balance between these two worlds, but now Ryan’s mere presence is putting everyone at stake, as magic should exist only on one side of the Gate. In order to prevent the Gate breaking and to return to his normal life, Ryan agrees to follow a mage to the other side, his sister in tow. Only, there’s a new problem: there might be another dragon in the world of humans, further endangering the balance. As time ticks away, Ryan sets out to find this other dragon before it’s too late, unaware just what kind of changes and decisions he’ll have to face during the journey, and how far will their consequences reach.

download ebook awoken pdf epub

Serra Elinsen

In his house at R’lyeh, great Cthulhu lies dreaming... of her. What would you do if you discovered you were the only one in the world with the hidden power to keep it from utter annihilation? What if you had no idea what that power might even be? Andromeda Slate, the self-proclaimed most ordinary girl in America, can’t figure out why the gorgeous but mysterious new boy at high school seems to hate her so much. It couldn't have anything to do with the strange dream she had the night before he first showed up in class, could it? The dream where the very same boy rescued her from a giant, green, tentacled sea monster? And it couldn’t have anything to do with that time she read aloud from that ancient tome of eldritch magic, the Necronomicon... could it? Andi Slate never imagined she’d find herself in a situation where somehow she was the key to saving the world. Her life is about to get a whole lot less ordinary.

download ebook awoken pdf epub

Timothy Miller

Fourteen-year-old Michael Stevens has never been ordinary; no orphan who hears music coming from rocks considers himself a typical teenager. But life gets a lot more complicated when two-foot-tall, albino, doll-like men sneak into his room one night, transforming the harmless music into a frightening ability he cannot control. Soon, strangers in black suits begin to ask unsettling questions while unnatural animals with mismatched eyes haunt the streets. They are hunting, and not just Michael: anyone he cares about is in danger. With the help of a mysterious drifter, an annoying girl he's accidentally mutated, and one of those creepy doll men, Michael finds himself in the middle of a war that could forever change the world he knows--reconstructing the very definition of humanity.

download ebook awoken pdf epub

Danielle Roberts

April has an illness, and it's shortening her life with each passing day. Instead of fighting, she gives up and shuts herself out from life. But then someone comes along and shows her that life is worth living. Can April wake up before it's too late?

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Sarah Noffke

"One of Ten Self-Published Young Adult Novels That Need To Be On Your Radar." - Bustle Around the world humans are hallucinating after sleepless nights. In a sterile, underground institute the forecasters keep reporting the same events. And in the backwoods of Texas, a sixteen-year-old girl is about to be caught up in a fierce, ethereal battle. Meet Roya Stark. She drowns every night in her dreams, spends her hours reading classic literature to avoid her family’s ridicule, and is prone to premonitions—which are becoming more frequent. And now her dreams are filled with strangers offering to reveal what she has always wanted to know: Who is she? That’s the question that haunts her, and she's about to find out. But will Roya live to regret learning the truth?

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Christine Pope

His protection is her prison…until their hearts cross the line.Before the Dying, Jordan Wells had never touched a gun. Now she doesn’t hesitate to aim her Ruger at the djinn who catches her foraging for supplies in what she thought was an abandoned ranch house. She can’t hope to kill the tall, muscular djinn with the piercing blue eyes, only slow him down long enough to escape with her life — and continue her journey to Los Alamos, rumored to be the last remaining human outpost.Hasan al-Abyad has dealt his share of death, but he’s never killed a woman — even the one who’s just shot him — and he doesn’t intend to start now. What he does intend to do is patiently ferret out Jordan’s secrets — where she’s come from, where she’s going. And why a fascinating, compassionate, sad-eyed beauty such as she hasn’t been Chosen.As they wrestle with their growing attraction, the kisses they try to deny themselves only grow longer, sweeter, and hotter. But it isn’t long before the other djinn sense he’s harboring a human fugitive, which means there’s only one choice to keep her safe: Let her go.

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Rachel Triebull

What is a female Dwarf really like? Is she truly a stout, bearded woman, or might that just be the mythos started by the clans in order to protect their most valued treasure? Join a newly awoken Dwarven energy weaver, Ruby, as she undertakes the journey of a lifetime through the land of Heathstone. With her ever-present Dwarf Guide, Cragdor, Ruby will come to accept her calling and gifting. Along with the beautiful Halfling, Marigold, the tenacious Human, Faylin, and the ethereal Elf, Liras, Ruby will come to understand that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. With the Fallen Elf king nipping at her heels, will Ruby choose to fulfill the prophesy that was meant for her, or will she try to run from her destiny?

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Introduction by John Caputo and Afterword by Slavoj ŽižekThe triumph of American political conservatism in the last two decades has been paralleled by the ascendance of Christian evangelicalism. More importantly, the political Campaigns of 2000 and 2004 marked a convergence between these two political entities with an effectiveness never before seen in national elections. On the one side, conservatives have successfully set the terms of debate around so-called "family values" and the status of religion in the public sphere. On the other side, evangelicals have mobilized in a new self-awareness of their formidable political power and now demand representation at all levels of government.Upon what fundamental ideas does this convergence rest? What potential dangers does it present for the concepts of "religion," "politics" and "America"? How secure is this alliance, and what does each side sacrifice in order to sustain it? Must all religion in America now become similarly engaged in the political sphere?This volume is a collection of articles by a group of young scholars addressing the nexus between political conservatism, evangelical Christianity, and American consumerist culture.

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Corinne-Valerie Marin

Do you want to sing? I think you do. I don’t mean literally but emotionally. If you are human, then there are teams of emotions running through your heart at any given moment. Choose one moment, any moment, lift your voice, and SING. Corinne-Valerie Marin offers lyrical poetry and inspired illustrations in her first compendium. Take a listen; and then sing, sing!

download ebook the human beings are awoken, you have set them upright. body structure and conception of man in ancient egyptian art and the present day pdf epub

Hans Georg Brecklinghaus

Ancient Egyptian portrayals of man demonstrate well integrated body structures which imply economic movement patterns. The Egyptian artists were inspired by examplary movement from everyday life and by a spiritual view of life. Both aspects can be of value for present day man.

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Cruz J. Ramirez

In the city of Tucso, lurks a tradition that has been followed for centuries, a tradition no one defied. Isaac was born in this world of firm traditions and culture that spread from coast to coast and from north of the border to south of the border.

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E. M. Quinne

Against all odds, Spenser and her friends have stumbled upon the Ice Fleet—a group of soldiers held in Cryo freeze since the first war against the invading Skinners. Now trapped beneath the earth in a long forgotten bunker, these people could be the key to her family’s survival. When Larken—the boy Spenser is quickly developing feelings for—activates the dangerous thawing process, risking the lives of those trapped in ice, Spenser realizes they’re just like the monsters that put them there in the first place. But what choice does she have now?

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James Norbury

The Dragon's strength is industry. Countless factories stain the skies and poison the cities to spew out an unending flood of weapons and war machines. Join us, and we will grant you the means to obliterate your enemies with overwhelming force. Those who resist will be crushed. The Dragon's cunning is secrecy. Let fools whisper of forbidden technology and unholy alliances with rogue god-machines, for they still cannot imagine the full horror of the truth. Join us, and we will induct you into a world of shadows, that you may witness the power we keep hidden from our enemies. Those who are loyal shall learn all. The Dragon's spirit is unity. The greatest criminal syndicates across the globe, a pack of snarling, squabbling dogs, have been united - a wolfpack beneath the banner of the Dragon. Join us, and we will offer you a family who will always be at your back, a family to whom allegiance is life. Those who betray us shall beg for death... eventually. The Dragon has awoken in the East, and the world's most amoral, ruthless villains rush to swell its ranks. Welcome, Agent, to the Ai-Jinn Corporation.

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Niina Paasikallio

After the events of Awoken Dragon, Ryan’s life as the Dragon Prince is far from easy. The Gate remains unfixed and an odd disease is spreading across the continent, endangering everyone. Ryan must undertake a journey deep into the north in search of the one dragon who could have the needed solutions, but with the growing threat of rebels, his path is anything but straight-forwarded. Meanwhile, Amanda is confronted by the one person she never, ever expected to see again. Now she has a choice: either put aside her resentment to help Ryan or stay put and watch from the side as her world is thrown into turmoil. Trouble is brewing on all sides, ready to sweep Ryan and Amanda into a mess neither of them could escape. The question is, can they clean it up before they run out of time?

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The Dragon's strength is industry! The Dragon's cunning is secrecy! The Dragon's spirit is unity! The greatest criminal syndicates across the globe, a pack of snarling, squabbling dogs, have been united - a wolfpack beneath the banner of the Dragon. The Dragon has awoken in the East, and the world's most amoral, ruthless villains rush to swell its ranks. Welcome, Agent, to the Ai-Jinn Corporation.