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Mary Anne Graham

Her mother died with her fiancee in a train accident on the way to their wedding. Orphaned, Jessi went to live with the Jamison brothers on their Texas ranch. The Jamisons would have been her stepbrothers if her mother's wedding to the boy's Father had taken place, so they took her in and raised her as a sister. They did their best, but Jessi grew into a tomboy and her antics outraged the community. The brothers realized that three cowboys couldn't raise one lady. So they sent her away to finishing school to learn what they couldn't teach. Jessi always had very special feelings for the eldest Jamison brother, Jake. The only time she tried to tell him how she felt, he laughed. Well, at finishing school she learned all of her lessons too well. After graduation she comes home to the ranch as a temptress and Jake isn't laughing anymore. Her return fills Jake with passion so strong it can't be hidden, contained, or controlled -- feelings no longer brotherly on any level. The desire between Jessi and Jake disgusts the other two brothers who use every trick in their arsenal to break up the couple. Jake has to fight an inner war between the big brother and the lover, forcing him to choose between his love for Jessi and his devotion to his family. If he chooses love, his family will be torn apart. If he chooses his brothers, he loses a part of himself he might not be able to live without. Then, a maniac starts a killing spree that centers around Jessi. Will she be his next target?"

download ebook brotherly love pdf epub

Pete Dexter

After his father's murder during a union power struggle, Peter moves in with his uncle and cousin Michael, and as the boys grow up, their paths diverge, until they are drawn into a deadly round robin of violence and revenge.

download ebook brotherly love pdf epub

Kenneth Loiselle

Friendship, an acquired relationship primarily based on choice rather than birth, lay at the heart of Enlightenment preoccupations with sociability and the formation of the private sphere. In Brotherly Love, Kenneth Loiselle argues that Freemasonry is an ideal arena in which to explore the changing nature of male friendship in Enlightenment France. Freemasonry was the largest and most diverse voluntary organization in the decades before the French Revolution. At least fifty thousand Frenchmen joined lodges, the memberships of which ranged across the social spectrum from skilled artisans to the highest ranks of the nobility. Loiselle argues that men were attracted to Freemasonry because it enabled them to cultivate enduring friendships that were egalitarian and grounded in emotion. Drawing on scores of archives, including private letters, rituals, the minutes of lodge meetings, and the speeches of many Freemasons, Loiselle reveals the thought processes of the visionaries who founded this movement, the ways in which its members maintained friendships both within and beyond the lodge, and the seemingly paradoxical place women occupied within this friendship community. Masonic friendship endured into the tumultuous revolutionary era, although the revolutionary leadership suppressed most of the lodges by 1794. Loiselle not only examines the place of friendship in eighteenth-century society and culture but also contributes to the history of emotions and masculinity, and the essential debate over the relationship between the Enlightenment and the French Revolution.

download ebook brotherly love pdf epub

Pete Dexter

In the City of Brotherly Love, a car skids off the ice and ignites a chain of events that changes everything for eight-year-old Peter Flood. Peter’s father is a powerful man, a union boss with mob connections, but all the power in the world is useless to a grieving son. Raised by his uncle, Peter tries to distance himself from the casual brutality of the family business, gravitating instead toward a small South Philly gym. Peter’s cousin Michael—his “brother”—moves in another direction: into small-time intimidation and the trappings of a union prince. Neither, however, can outrun the logic of violence as they’re dragged into a world of bad blood and a chilling cycle of betrayal and retribution. Praise for Brotherly Love “A first-rate novel and a masterly evocation of that undercivilized and unfree America . . . The grace and confidence of [Pete Dexter’s] prose conveys absolute authenticity.”—The New York Times Book Review “Enviably artful work—carefully wrought, canny in its insights, sly in its presentation, sneaky in its revelations.”—Chicago Tribune “Extraordinarily poignant . . . Brotherly Love is all bulletproof prose and flinty-eyed bravissimo. . . . But the quieter, sadder aspects of the novel are its strongest points.”—The Boston Globe “Tautly and often exquisitely written.”—Los Angeles Times

download ebook brotherly love pdf epub

B. Carr

Paul Watkins finds himself in love with his beautiful stepsister, Carrie. Four years in the Navy does nothing to help the situation. Carrie finds out Paul loves her and she goes to him and confronts him. She also claims to feel the same but when she leaves her husband for Paul it nearly destroys him when it doesn't work out. Handsome Paul struggles to build a life without her.

download ebook brotherly love pdf epub

Darrien Lee

Filled with explosive action, sizzling romance, and real-life police drama, Brotherly Love will entrance readers with the memorable love triangle of two brothers and one woman. Mason McKenzie, an undercover police detective, is so dedicated to his job and protecting the citizens of Atlanta that he has practically abandoned his family. Unbeknownst to him, his wife, Cherise, and younger brother, Vincent, have ignited a passionate love affair. Overcome with guilt, the pair ends the relationship even though they still possess an undeniable attraction to one another. Years later, as Mason decides he's ready for a career change, he's asked to participate in a huge drug case. He concludes that one last job won't hurt, and it might allow him to leave at the top of his game. Besides, Mason realizes that if things get too tough and he has to be away for too long, he can always count on his brother to step in and take care of his family while he's undercover. What Mason doesn't realize is that putting Vincent and Cherise back together again could be as dangerous as his assignment -- and tear his family apart once and for all. Author Darrien Lee takes readers on a roller coaster of emotions as lives, a marriage, and family ties are at stake. Brotherly Love is a book that readers will contemplate long after turning the last page.

download ebook brotherly love pdf epub

Dalton Giesick

Every once in a while, someone special comes into our lives for a very short moment in time and touches our hearts. I think of my brother as my special person. He came into my life for a short while and touched it in ways I will never forget. Brotherly Love is a true story about the memories my brother and I createduntil something happened that changed my life forever.

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Catherine Marshall

"George," Christy said, 'it's time for the lying to stop. Why are you really here in Cutter Gap?" George, Christy's younger brother, is charming and kind. But is he also a thief? Everyone is delighted when George visits Christy at the Cutter Gap Mission. But the delight ends when George reveals that he has been expelled from school for stealing. Can Christy summon the love and faith to help her brother do the right thing?

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Thom Nickels

Since Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin put type to printing press, Philadelphia has been a haven and an inspiration for writers. Local essayist Agnes Repplier once shared a glass of whiskey with Walt Whitman, who frequently strolled Market Street. Gothic writers like Edgar Allan Poe and George Lippard plumbed the city's dark streets for material. In the twentieth century, Northern Liberties native John McIntyre found a backdrop for his gritty noir in the working-class neighborhoods, while novelist Pearl S. Buck discovered a creative sanctuary in Center City. From Quaker novelist Charles Brockden Brown to 1973 U.S. poet laureate Daniel Hoffman, author Thom Nickels explores Philadelphia's literary landscape.

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Bonnie Hinman

King Charles II of England gave Pennsylvania to Quaker William Penn in repayment for a loan that Penn’s father had made to the king. The king probably thought he was accomplishing more than just paying a debt when he made the land grant. It was a way to get rid of some Quakers, whom he considered troublesome. Quakers did flock to Pennsylvania to settle, but so did people from many other religious groups. All faiths were welcome in Penn’s colony. The new city of Philadelphia prospered. Settlers fanned out to the west to build farms and towns. They shipped their products to Philadelphia and England. By the time of the American Revolution, Pennsylvania was considered the heart of the colonies. Philadelphia hosted the First and Second Continental Congresses, where the Declaration of Independence was crafted. And from the Pennsylvania State House, the Liberty Bell rang out the news of declared independence.

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Andrew Murray

The subject with which this little book deals is one of the most difficult and profound of themes. Readers are invited to adore the love of God with Andrew Murray, and the miracles of grace it can work in human hearts--filling them with divine love.

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Catherine Marshall

Stage Fright: As Christy's students are preparing for a school play, she reveals her dream to act on stage. Little does she know that Dr. MacNeill's aunt is the artistic director of the Knoxville Theater. Before long, just as Christy is about to debut on stage, several mysterious incidents threaten both her dreams and her pride. Goodbye, Sweet Prince: The whip cracked and the stallion reared up in pain. Christy cried in horror, "I've got to find a way to get Prince away from here!" Prince, the mission's stallion, has a cruel new owner. Christy and her students are heartsick. They desperately want to help Prince. But how? Is there a way their magnificent horse can be reclaimed? Brotherly Love: George, Christy's younger brother, is charming and kind. But is he also a thief? Everyone is delighted when George visits Christy at the Cutter Gap Mission. But the delight ends when George reveals what he has been expelled from school for stealing. Can Christy summon the love and faith to help her brother do the right thing?

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Linda Rae Blair

It didn't begin that morning when Trick's mother found them standing in her kitchen, one with his daddy's big knife in his hand, all 3 with bloody hands. It wouldn't end, even when her panic over their blood oath faded.It had begun nearly 100 years earlier. It would last their lifetimes and beyond, this brotherhood of theirs.Trick Raines would grow into a rancher; his cousin, Blade Long Knife, a veterinarian and hereditary chief of his tribe. The third, Chase Adams, a half-blood Apache would become a famous attorney.These three would live to stand against arson, murder, rustling, and worse--much, much worse.