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Lin Oliver

There's a new set of twin boys on the scene, and like Sammie and Charlie, these twins are almost identical. Charlie's friends, and the popular kids, are quick to accept the cuter boy. But when a bonfire on the beach gets out of control, Charlie's group blames it on the other twin. Both Sammie and Charlie know he isn’t the boy to blame, but will they have the courage to come forward to tell the truth and double-cross the popular kids?

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Braxton A. Cosby

What You Believe, Can Destroy You! William and Sydney have sacrificed everything to fortify their love, so much so that William dares to brave the depths of space to find a cure for their deadly Supernova bond, leaving both her and Earth vulnerable to Torrian Alliance attack. But with a full scale rebellion in play on Fabricius, the reality of Sydney’s execution from Torrian hands is diminished, only eclipsed by the certainty of a more threats – The Third Faction and The Dagmas Clan – lead by Dominic and his insurgent recruits. With overwhelming odds mounting against them, William makes a desperate attempt to find the last of the endangered Star-children only to be captured by a new menace, where he is forced to compete in the dreaded Gauntlet of sport. Allies surge to free Fabricius, seeking alliances across the galaxy while Sydney tries to keep her identity hidden and trains to master the third phase of her Star-child evolution: Solstice. With Sarah’s mysterious return home with clues to unlock the future, Noella’s training and Bill’s symbiotic development hope is restored, but will it be enough to unite the galaxy and destroy evil for once and for all?

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Patrick E. Andrews

During the Mexican-American War of 1846-48, many Irish soldiers in the U.S. Army deserted to join their Catholic brothers fighting for Mexico. The Mexican Army assigned them to el Batallón de San Patricio—the Saint Patrick’s Battalion. After the American victory, the deserters were rounded up, court-martialed and shot.Now the sons and grandsons of those Irishmen and their Mexican wives are avenging the executions by launching hit-and-run attacks across the border into Texas towns. Captain Mack Hawkins and his Kiowa-Comanche Scout Detachment are sent to the area to put a stop to the raids. The captain and his second-in-command, Lieutenant Ludlow Dooley, quickly discover that the mixture of Irish and Mexican blood produces ferocious and incredibly brave fighting men. It’s a sure bet there’ll be hell to pay before the last bullet is fired.ABOUT THE AUTHOR Patrick E. Andrews was born in Oklahoma in 1936 into a family of pioneers who participated in its growth from the Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory to statehood. His father's family were homesteaders and his mother's cattle ranchers. Consequently, he is among the last generation of American writers who had contacts with those people from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Patrick's wife Julie says he both speaks and writes with an Oklahoma accent. He is an ex-paratrooper, having served in the 82nd Airborne Division in the active army and the 12th Special Forces Group in the army reserves. Patrick began his writing career after leaving the army. He and his better half presently reside in southern California. He has a son Bill, who is an ex-paratrooper and a probation officer, and two grandchildren. Over the next few months/years, we will be issuing Patrick's entire western output, including cavalry stories, stories set in Texas (TEXAS TRAILS), stories set in Oklahoma (INDIAN TERRITORY) and more! Patrick's stand-alone westerns will also appear in our new series of PICCADILLY PUBLISHING WESTERNS, in which we hope to recreate the feel of the classic Gold Medal paperbacks, and bring you the very best in western entertainment!

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Simon Spurrier

- Manipulation, deceit, and petty politics rule the plague survivors living off the Scottish coast and pretending their isolated island is safe from the Crossed. But every day brings them closer to a horrible reckoning and the truth behind Shaky's past begins to reveal his hidden nature. Now the island dreamers have met up with a society living upon a floating city of derelict boats. But the feeling that something very bad is about to happen is palpable. And the survivors must decide if they should trust in their new allies or treat the uninfected with as much caution as the insane Crossed maniacs. This is the story of the search for meaning in in a world filled with homicidal lunatics. There is no help. There is no hope. There's only the Crossed. - Collects the third chapter of the runaway hit webcomic from

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David Lapham

In one terrifying moment, civilization crumbled. An outbreak of insanity swept across the planet, turning millions of people into the scarred homicidal maniacs known as “the Crossed.” For one small band of survivors, the discovery of a starving, injured man in the desert seems like an unexpected blessing. He knows where they could be safe: the location of the last holdout of the scientific community, where the military offers protection and the cure to the Crossed plague is being developed. But Harold Lorre is not the savior they hope him to be. He’s a calculating, lethal man whose mind was dangerously unhinged even before the world went mad. Surrounded by marauding hordes, their nerves shattered by unending fear, the group fall victim to the manipulations and deadly perversions of a psychopath. Writer David Lapham, the critically acclaimed creator of Stray Bullets, returns to the universe of Crossed with a descent into evil so far beyond what you could possibly imagine.

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Alliah Morgan

This three book interracial romance collection contains three full length love stories between black women and their hunky white men (be they dirty bikers or mysterious billionaires).1. In His World2. A World Apart3. Ride In The DarkIn His World:We both had dark, secret demons. But our love was what connected us, kept us fighting, and kept us alive. I knew I had outgrown my small, religious town, my strict parents, and my hypocritical boyfriend. They had always taught me the world was full of evil and racist white folks who would tear me down, but I was ready to venture out and stand up for myself. I never expected to end up living in a mansion and working for a mysterious and devastatingly handsome white man. But he is hiding something that might be even bigger, and even darker than my own secret. Will uncovering his past be the key to our future, or will I get lost in his darkness and destroyed by his demons? Can I survived in his world? A World Apart:Growing up in a small, insulated black community, Mary always knew she was meant to end up with a good black man and start a family of her own. But at the age of twenty-two she still hasn't found love in her small, religious town. Then Liam thunders into her life and turns it all upside down. Liam is everything her parents warned her against: a sexy white stranger with tattoos and a motorcycle. But what they can't see is how kind he is, and how deeply Mary has fallen for him. When her parents issue an ultimatum she must decide: will she choose the life she has always known, or the sexy white stranger who is offering her a whole new world? Ride In The Dark:Monique might just be a small town girl, but she knows what she wants. She wants a nice little life with a nice black man from her town. At least, that is what she thinks she wants until sexy white man Damon and his gang of White Knights ride into town and turn her world on its head. Can Monique fall for the man who is everything she never wanted? Or was her momma right that white men bring nothing but trouble?

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Sierra Rose

The Star Crossed MC Lovers SeriesBook 1: ForbiddenBook 2: ForsakenBook 3: ForeverBook 4: Forgiven Forever is book 3 in the Star Crossed MC Lovers series. Lucky and Selene deal with the chaos of their lives. Amongst it all, they fight for their love and vow to have a life together forever. Is their forbidden romance doomed like Romeo and Juliet? Or do they really have a shot? 18+ due to sexual situations.

download ebook crossed +100 volume 3 (crossed + one hundred) pdf epub

Simon Spurrier

The future world of Alan Moore’s evolved Crossed saga takes another leap forward as Crossed: Wish You Were Here scribe, Simon Spurrier, catapults Future Taylor five more years into the uncertain future. The world has continued to change as the Crossed have developed their own alien culture and grand plan. Towns continue to fall and suspicions about infiltrators are at an all-time high. But when Future finds an infected baby and decides to keep it alive, she begins to see another side to the snapping, snarling, fury that is innate within the Crossed. This volume collects issues #13 – 18 of the ongoing Crossed +100 series.

download ebook kash: star-crossed alien mail order brides (intergalactic dating agency) (volume 3) pdf epub

Susan Hayes

What do you do when your planet runs out of women? Send for takeout, of course. Kash knows he’ll never be allowed to claim a mate. A lifetime of military service has left him too battle-scarred and broken to be considered for the off-world mating project his rulers have created to save their people. His job is to make sure the more fortunate males get to Earth to retrieve their mates. All he has to do is pilot the ship, stay undetected, and keep an eye on things from orbit. It should be the easiest mission of his career…until he lays eyes on the one thing he never expected to find. His mate. This book contains a hopeful romantic who is giving up hope, and a soldier who is about to discover that love doesn’t obey orders, and it can’t be bound by rules.

download ebook blade in shadow fallen blade 1-3 (broken blade, bared blade, crossed blades) (fallen blade) pdf epub

Kelly McCullough

There was a time when the Blades of Namara wielded justice with the swing of a sword. Servants of Namara, the goddess of justice herself, they were the best assassins in the world-and with his living shadow familiar Triss by his side, Aral Kingslayer was perhaps the greatest among them.Then they murdered his goddess. They burned her temple to the ground. They outlawed his order and sentenced them to death. And Aral Kingslayer became both a drunk and a shadow jack-a fixer operating on the wrong side of the law.But once forged, a Blade is forever.Blade in Shadow collects the first three books in Kelly McCullough's thrilling Fallen Blade saga:BROKEN BLADE: Aral Kingslayer is a wanted man, haunted by the loss of all he held dear. When a mysterious woman hires him to deliver a secret message, is it a roadmap to redemption?BARED BLADE: A good deed for two women in need sets Aral and Triss on the trail for an artifact that could stop a war-and countless deadly enemies out to get it too.CROSSED BLADES: Aral has lived as a shadow jack for six years. The last thing he expects is for a fellow Blade to come to him for help-and for that Blade to be the woman he once loved.....

download ebook crossed: family values #3 (of 6) (crossed: family values vol. 1) pdf epub

David Lapham

The Pratt family founded a whole new settlement, banded together with other stragglers, and have started to build a new life hidden away from the Crossed. But what is the price of surviving in this new World, could it be that the only way to persevere is to be even more evil than the Crossed are? At humanity's darkest hour some folks just need killing. There is no help. There is no hope. There is no escape. There are only the Crossed.

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Ellie Danes

New from Bestselling Author Ellie Danes, Crossed HeartsThe Complete Collection includes Volumes 1-3Kate is a fiery, independent redhead who just finished grad school; Ian is the quick-witted, successful head of his late father's medical research firm. A forgotten wallet, a chance meeting, and an undeniable attraction pull them together, heating up a frigid New York winter.But Ian's company is in trouble, and Kate's sister is nothing but trouble, and their lives seem to conspire to keep them away from each other. And just as it seems like the future may be as bright as a New York spring, family troubles threaten Kate's world.Can Ian and Kate overcome the problems they're facing in their lives enough to move forward together? And will getting to know one other better be the final factor that will tear them apart?