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Ronald Polansky

Aristotle's De Anima is the first systematic philosophical account of the soul, which serves to explain the functioning of all mortal living things. In his commentary, Ronald Polansky argues that the work is far more structured and systematic than previously supposed. He contends that Aristotle seeks a comprehensive understanding of the soul and its faculties. By closely tracing the unfolding of the many-layered argumentation and the way Aristotle fits his inquiry meticulously within his scheme of the sciences, Polansky answers questions relating to the general definition of soul and the treatment of each of the soul's principal capacities: nutrition, sense perception, phantasia, intellect, and locomotion. The commentary sheds light on every section of the De Anima and the work as a unit. It offers a challenge to earlier and current interpretations of the relevance and meaning of Aristotle's highly influential treatise.

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Emma Jung

Twee voordrachten van de vrouw van de psycholoog Jung, die zij in 1934 en 1955 te Zürich heeft gehouden.

download ebook de anima pdf epub


A complete translation of Aristotle’s classic work De Anima supplemented with well-chosen notes and a comprehensive introduction. Also commonly translated as On the Soul, this work is a seminal work from the roots of Classical thinking on the nature of life and the lifeforce. Focus Philosophical Library translations are close to and are non-interpretative of the original text, with the notes and a glossary intending to provide the reader with some sense of the terms and the concepts as they were understood by Aristotle’s immediate audience.

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Saint Thomas (Aquinas)

To ascertain, however, anything reliable about it is one of the most difficult of undertakings. Such an enquiry being Common to many topics—I mean, an enquiry into the essence, and what each thing is—it might seem to some that one definite procedure were available for all things of which we wished to know the essence; as there is demonstration for the accidental properties of things. So we should have to discover what is this one method. But if there is no one method for determining what an essence is, our enquiry becomes decidedly more difficult, and we shall have to find a procedure for each case in particular. If, on the other hand, it is clear that either demonstration, or division, or some such process is to be employed, there are still many queries and uncertainties to which answers must be found. For the principles in different subject matters are different, for instance in the case of numbers and surfaces.

download ebook de anima pdf epub


Knowledge, however, is an attribute of the soul, and so are perception, opinion, desire, wish, and appetency generally; animal locomotion also is produced by the soul; and likewise growth, maturity, and decay. Shall we then say that each of these belongs to the whole soul, that we think, that is, and perceive and are moved and in each of the other operations act and are acted upon with the whole soul, or that the different operations are to be assigned to different parts? -from Book I The writings of Greek philosopher ARISTOTLE (384Bi322Be-student of Plato, teacher of Alexander the Great-are among the most influential on Western thought, and indeed upon Western civilization itself. From theology and logic to politics and even biology, there is no area of human knowledge that has not been touched by his thinking. In De Anima-which means, literally, On the Soul-the philosopher ponders the very nature of life itself. What is the essence of the lifeforce? Can we consider that plants and animals have souls? How does human intellect divide us from other animals? Is the human mind immortal? All these questions, and others that seem unanswerable, are explored in depth in this, one of the most important works ever written on such eternal questions. Students and armchair philosophers will find it a challenging-and rewarding-read.

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Dalian Hansen

A dark tale that weaves a fictionalized reality with the real history and environments in the virtual computer world of Second Life. Ben Tao is the avatar of a fired programmer who hacks Second Life. His goal is to profit from a false intellectual property claim. However, instead of changing the creation date for the items he has stolen, he is actually sending them back in time to the creation of the 3D world. This software exploit opens a wormhole of conflicting realities that unfold in a disjointed nightmare. Ben quickly finds himself controlled by an entity who robs him of all free will. Or is he just going insane? As the digital and real worlds merge in his mental interchange, he uncovers a secret that affects all of humanity. From this bleak future, Ben has only one chance to escape. - - - anima (n.) Psychology. Jung's term for the feminine part of a man's personality. Often contrasted with animus. The part of the psyche that is directed inward, and is in touch with the subconscious. Often contrasted with persona. ORIGIN 1920s: from Latin, literally mind, soul. - - - Second Life(R) and Linden Lab(TM) are trademarks or registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. No infringement is intended.

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Paolo Da Desio

Una raccolta di poesie di vario genere, dal romantico al surreale, strutturata come se fosse un viaggio, un viaggio all'interno di noi stessi, suscitando emozioni sopite, o creandone di nuove, per condurre il lettore in angoli del proprio cuore che non conosceva neppure. Una cura contro le abitudini quotidiane, che ci portano a dimenticare le nostre emozioni piu' vere.

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Colette Baron-Reid

La maggior parte di noi passa la vita a cercare di decifrare il significato dell'esistenza: lo cerchiamo esaminando i particolari della nostra infanzia, gli ostacoli che abbiamo superato, le difficoltà che abbiamo dovuto affrontare e i successi che siamo riusciti a conquistare. Vorremmo una mappa che ci spieghi come capire il passato, che ci guidi nel futuro e ci permetta di vedere qual è il nostro ruolo nel grande ciclo della vita. Spesso, però, questa ricerca sembra non portare a nulla: abbiamo l'impressione di girare a vuoto e di aver smarrito noi stessi, oppressi da uno stile di vita troppo rapido e caotico, incapace di nutrire lo spirito e il cuore. Con questo libro, Colette Baron-Reid ci invita a fare una pausa e a prenderci il tempo per guardarci dentro, e ci accompagna in un viaggio alla scoperta delle nostre emozioni, delle nostre paure, dei nostri desideri. Potremo imparare a conoscere i nostri paesaggi interiori visualizzandoli come luoghi incantati, in cui le emozioni prendono gli attributi del clima o gli aspetti del mondo naturale, e a fare pace con le parti soffocate, negate o ferite di noi stessi. Scopriremo che il potere di tracciare la nostra strada è nelle nostre mani, perché impareremo ad attingere a risorse interiori che forse non sappiamo nemmeno di avere.

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Cedrus Monte

"Corpus Anima" is a collection of previously published essays written for professional Jungian journals about the unity of psyche and soma, spirit and matter, body and soul. There are also two chapters of more personal reflections, previously unpublished, including a series of articles on the mid-Atlantic Azorean Archipelago. The essays on psyche and soma come from the direct experience of their unity. We live, life moves, at the confluence of these polarities of spirit and matter, body and soul, where through the capacity to hold contradiction and paradox we can become whole. Included in this collection is a published essay (Routledge) on the Portuguese poet and writer, Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935). His particular paradoxical expression of the soul and its life in the world is radically inspiring. The lines below are written on his tomb in Lisbon, resting in the same national monument with Vasco de Gama (c. 1460s-1524), world oceanic explorer. Pessoa was an explorer of inner worlds. He is, posthumously, a national treasure. I am nothing. I shall always be nothing. I cannot want to be anything. But I have in me all the dreams of the world. Cedrus Monte, PhD, is a Jungian Analyst, graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute in Switzerland (1995) where she now resides. She is originally from Northern California. Her roots lie there, even her heart; but even deeper roots, soul roots, lie in the Azores and Madeira, both autonomous island regions of Portugal. An uprooted wanderer of many lands, she has grounded herself as much as possible in the one constant earth, the body.

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Martha C. Nussbaum,Amélie Oksenberg Rorty

Aristotle's philosophy of mind has recently attracted renewed attention and respect from philosophers. This volume brings together outstanding new essays on De Anima by a distinguished international group of contributors including, in this paperback efdition, a new essay by Myles Burnyeat. The essays form a running commentary on the work, covering such topics as the relation between body and soul, sense-perception, imagination, memory, desire, and thought. the authors, writing with philosophical subtlety and wide-ranging scholarship, present the philosophical substance of Aristotle's views to the modern reader. they locate their interpretations firmly within the context of Aristotle's thought as a whole.