download ebook make me over: eleven stories of transformation pdf epub

Marilyn Singer

What kind of a makeover has the power to change a person, inside and out? These stories, specially written for this collection, delve into our culture’s fascination with beauty and present different views about all kinds of makeovers. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, and always thought provoking, this anthology will open eyes and minds. Authors include Joseph Bruchac, Marina Budhos, Evelyn Coleman, Peni R. Griffin, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Norma Howe, Jess Mowry, René Saldaña, Jr., Marilyn Singer, Joyce Sweeney, and Terry Trueman.

download ebook philip k dick - eleven science fiction stories pdf epub

Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick is a master sci-fi writer, his ingenious idiosyncratic stories have become blockbuster movies and challenged our perception of reality; these movies include "Blade Runner," "Total Recall," and "The Adjustment Bureau." This volume is a collection of early Philip K. Dick stories. They bear his unmistakable imprint and are thought-provoking, sometimes bizarre and sometimes sinister, questioning our perceptions of what it means to be human and how we make our ethical decisions. Due to the age of the stories they are not smooth and technologically sophisticated. Instead, they contain raw ideas that challenge and shock, they are science fiction writing at its very best, a must read for any fan of the genre. The stories are: Beyond Lies the Wub, Beyond the Door, The Crystal Crypt, The Defenders, The Gun, The Skull, The Eyes Have It, Second Variety, The Variable Man, Mr. Spaceship, Piper in the Woods