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Dr. Walter J. Kime D.Min.

I was in the battle of my life. Nothing in my training had prepared me for this. I felt as if I had failed. I had failed my wife and my family. I had failed the church. And most of all, I had failed God. When I was at my lowest point, when there seemed to be no way out, God broke through. God reached way back and grabbed hold of the faded dreams of an eight-year-old boy swimming at the bottom of a pool, trying to be a Navy Frogman, and dropped them into the midst of my pain and failure. On February 21, 1994, God clearly said, “Walter, you are secure”, and this pastor’s life change. Fighting with God describes the kind of spiritual warfare we face today as active spiritual terrorism. Mirroring the military’s style, the content is arraigned around acronyms with the hope that the material will be easily memorized and applied to one’s thoughts and action. The Christian life is not meant to be good thoughts that are simply accepted. The Christian life must be put into action. “This is why it is said: ‘Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.’ Be careful, then, how you live” (Ephesians 5:14-15 NIV).

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David Aning

In this book, you will find the many reasons why some African-American men have not escaped poverty. According to CNN Money and, over 30% of African-American men are below the poverty line. Even worse, the number of black people owning homes and businesses has declined slowly since 2012. What are African-Americans doing to keep their race alive and to show that their lives truly matter? I wrote this book to help an individual of color escape the cycle of poverty. Specifically, you will find: ● 7 actionable steps to help an African-American man escape poverty ● Additional resources and links to books written by very successful people who were not raised in a rich family ● Several key advice black men should follow in order to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. ● A word of prayer: each chapter ends with a small prayer to uplift the faith of many black folks who are struggling financially. ● The need to share my message written in this book to young adults who need help making good financial decisions. Lastly, I hope you will truly enjoy this book. If you follow ALL the seven parts written in this book, then I guarantee that you will see some levels of financial success very soon. Please feel free to email me at:, if you have any questions or concerns. (Email subject: “Black men with Poverty”, and type your question. I will respond within 24 hours). I want you to understand that with God, all things are possible. He created you for a purpose! Good luck reading this book and I wish you all the best :) tags: personal finance, poverty, black in america, christian living, money, riches

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Rev. Barry Lynn

A central player in every major church-state-separation battle for decades, the Rev. Barry W. Lynn understands the complexities of this divisive issue like few others. As a long-time activist, a civil rights lawyer, and an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, he offers a unique perspective and a wealth of experience on church-state controversies. In this lively book, he has compiled his writings from various sources to explore in depth the many ways religious extremists have attempted to erode individual liberties.The topics range from publicly-promoted prayer to efforts to undermine public education and replace it with taxpayer-subsidized vouchers for religious schools, interfering with end-of-life and reproductive rights, censorship, and belligerence directed against nonbelievers and minorities.Lynn concludes that the ultimate goal of these extremist forces—consisting mainly of the Protestant Religious Right and the Roman Catholic hierarchy—is the creation of a corporate theocracy, a decidedly undemocratic system of government in which nonconservative Christians, along with humanist, feminists, and the LGBTQ community, are relegated to second-class status in America.

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Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins has the life that he has always wanted: a loving family and supportive friends who help him in following his dreams. He has an accomplished baseball career and a unique passion to change the world. That is, until illness strikes. Plagued by fatigue, arthritis, chronic sinus infections, mood swings, and seizures, Patrick is left without a guide in his search for what is wrong with him. Doctor after doctor runs tests and comes up without a diagnosis. The family is told it is "all in Patrick's head," and is offered antidepressants. Two years and tens of thousands of dollars later, a diagnosis is given: Lyme disease. Although Patrick's malady finally has a name, the extensive testing for, and treatment of, this enigmatic disease is not covered by insurance companies, leaving the family financially devastated. This memoir draws readers into the mind of this young sufferer of Lyme disease who had lost all hope of recovery, missing out on years of his childhood.

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Mrs Marjhawon S Douglas

These are memoirs of a mother and wife's struggle to keep her faith in God as she deals with very real pain, sin and disappointment. She invest all her effort and concentration to keep herself and her family from crashing and burning. She goes into overdrive to control her circumstances, with one hand on the steering wheel and the other risen in the air, she pleads with God to fix her troubled husband. When she finally puts both hands in the air and release the need to control, God reveals to her that she is also troubled and broken. She unknowingly had given her husband a fragile heart. When he added to the damage she wanted her husband to fix it. Through a journey of prayer and reflection she searches for the missing pieces of her heart. Along the journey she discovers God is the only one that can repair her heart and make her whole. It's a story of betrayal, drama, miscommunication, loss and love tested by hardships. It will make you want to cry, pray and laugh. She will win you over with her boldness and tenacity. You will be left begging for the next Douglas masterpiece.

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Ian Knight

'Go to Your God Like a Soldier' presents a complete picture of British military experience between 1837, when Victoria was called to the throne, until the end of the Boer War in 1902, the year after her death. It examines the way of life of ranker and officer alike, their reasons for enlisting, what they had in common and the barriers that divided them, their daily routine, food, pay and recreations, and how society viewed them. Covering all the major campaigns of the period, it reveals how the Army functioned, and the developments in composition, tactics and weaponry that changed it from an essentially Napoleonic institution into a reasonably modern army, all within the reign of one monarch. Eyewitness evidence, rich in the flavour of the times, brings the subject vividly to life. 'Go to Your God Like a Soldier' is an enthralling account of a crucial period in the development of the British Army, and its influence on all other nations.

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Mr Ravindra Raman Kalathil

This book provides a profound insight into the science of yoga, ‘Raja Yoga’ (The King of Yoga), an ancient system of yogic science discovered in India 4000 years back, preserved in its purity and practiced. The book also introduces some of the great spiritual masters of past and present whose teachings and practice methodologies are changing the lives of millions all over the world. The book also touches the life experience of the author as to how he overcame severe setbacks in his life with the aid of the above spiritual tools and fulfilled his dream of writing this book. The concept of this book is that anything is possible with the divine strength and this book provides the means to acquire that divine strength from within. In a nutshell, this book aims to not only inspire others to not to give up on their dreams in the midst of challenges but also to guide them by providing all the necessary spiritual tools to manifest their potential and ultimately manifest their divinity, the purpose of all the human beings. The author’s own spiritual and life experiences propelled him to give birth to this book to help others to attain peace and well-being in their life.

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Tena Brown

Fighting the Dragon contains five cliffhanger chapters to help any child understand how deceptive and dangerous Satan (the Great Dragon) can be, and that protection is found with the armor of God. These five chapters were originally written for a five day program with the theme "The Armor of God" described in Ephesians 6:10-17.For more family study materials on the armor of God and the book of Ephesians please go to:www.mygrandmatime.comand type “Ephesians” in the search bar.

download ebook fighting like the devil for the sake of god: protestants, catholics and the origins of violence in victorian belfast pdf epub

Mark Doyle

Sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland has often had an air of inevitability about it.  For over three decades of turmoil and warfare in the twentieth century, innumerable observers - outsiders and insiders alike - spoke of the 'ancient' hatred between Protestants and Catholics, their 'primordial' quarrel, and their 'deep-rooted' hostilities.  In this fascinating and groundbreaking book, Mark Doyle challenges the notion that violent conflict was ever natural or inevitable in this troubled region.  Focusing on the city of Belfast, long the cockpit of sectarian violence in Ireland, Doyle demonstrates how, through a series of riots beginning in the 1850s, working-class Protestants and Catholics constructed a new tradition of violence that set the stage for the tumultuous twentieth century.   Unlike other historians, who have tried to pinpoint the underlying economic, religious, or ideological tensions that prompted Belfast's Victorian riots, Doyle locates the city's tradition of violence in the everyday lives of its people.  Showing how violence became a regular, routine fact of urban life - how, in effect, violence shaped people's attitudes toward one another and toward the city itself - Doyle charts the emergence of two polarized, mutually hostile communities in Belfast.  At the same time, he also examines Belfast within its broader imperial context, asking what role the British state played in fostering this violence and comparing Belfast's experience with that of the relatively tranquil city of Glasgow.   By carefully reconstructing the events of Belfast's riots, listening for the voices of its working-class people, and utilizing previously unexamined sources, Mark Doyle tells Belfast's story with great imagination and empathy.  What he discovers not only challenges many commonly held notions about the causes of sectarian conflict in Ireland, it also provides a vivid example of how a modern society can come apart at the seams.

download ebook dear god please give me ms: fighting from the brink of death when you look just fine pdf epub

Willie Stewart

"If you have never contemplated suicide because of a crippling medical condition, you will want to read this to recognize the hidden signs of a Registered Nurse who has!"I’ve had this disease called multiple sclerosis (M.S.) since I was 18 and didn’t know it until the Fall of 2014, “literally and figuratively.” For a little over a year I’ve made adjustments to my life and learned to “LIVE” in spite of this crippling neurological disorder. Only a select few knew of my struggle. Only ONE knew what that actually consisted of. My wife of 26 years has been so instrumental in helping me to cope, and now I move forward with strength and faith renewed.But, there was a solid month in 2014 when I struggled between “life and death” and this is the story of when I prayed: DEAR GOD PLEASE GIVE ME M.S. (A fictitious memoir of my real life struggle!)[Willie L Stewart I am so proud of you. Life threw you a curve ball and you get up daily and hit it out of the ball park. You have shown me that it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond to what happens to you. You have handled this past year with dignity and grace. Not everyone knows your struggle and only a few have seen your pain. I want you to know that I appreciate you for being as strong as you are, for making sure that our lives continue along the same path, and for making every day with you ridiculously amazing. "You Never Know How Strong You Are Until Being Strong Is The Only Choice You Have."] – Shannon Eureka Stewart