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J. Douglas Kenyon

Challenges the scientific theories on the establishment of civilization and technology • Contains 42 essays by 17 key thinkers in the fields of alternative science and history, including Christopher Dunn, Frank Joseph, Will Hart, Rand Flem-Ath, and Moira Timmes • Edited by Atlantis Rising publisher, J. Douglas Kenyon In Forbidden History writer and editor J. Douglas Kenyon has chosen 42 essays that have appeared in the bimonthly journal Atlantis Rising to provide readers with an overview of the core positions of key thinkers in the field of ancient mysteries and alternative history. The 17 contributors include among others, Rand Flem-Ath, Frank Joseph, Christopher Dunn, and Will Hart, all of whom challenge the scientific establishment to reexamine its underlying premises in understanding ancient civilizations and open up to the possibility of meaningful debate around alternative theories of humanity's true past. Each of the essays builds upon the work of the other contributors. Kenyon has carefully crafted his vision and selected writings in six areas: Darwinism Under Fire, Earth Changes--Sudden or Gradual, Civilization's Greater Antiquity, Ancestors from Space, Ancient High Tech, and The Search for Lost Origins. He explores the most current ideas in the Atlantis debate, the origins of the Pyramids, and many other controversial themes. The book serves as an excellent introduction to hitherto suppressed and alternative accounts of history as contributors raise questions about the origins of civilization and humanity, catastrophism, and ancient technology. The collection also includes several articles that introduce, compare, contrast, and complement the theories of other notable authors in these fields, such as Zecharia Sitchin, Paul LaViolette, John Michell, and John Anthony West.

download ebook forbidden history pdf epub

John C. Fout

How have society's values and attitudes toward sexuality and morality changed over the centuries? Why and how has the state sought to criminalize certain forms of sexual behavior and to control reproduction? How have churches tried to influence the state in its regulation of sexuality? This anthology encompasses a broad range of essays on sexuality spanning European history from the fifteenth century to the present. The topics in this collection of fifteen essays have both historic importance and current relevance. All crucial issues in the regulation of sexuality are addressed, from incest to infanticide, from breast-feeding and women's sexuality to female prostitution, from pornography to reproductive politics, and from the first homosexual rights movement to AIDS. Contributions from a diverse group of prominent scholars representing a variety of disciplines are included in this anthology. Essays by Randolph Trumbach on "Sex, Gender, and Identity in Modern Culture: Male Sodomy and Female Prostitution in Enlightenment London"; Ruth Perry on "Colonizing the Breast: Sexuality and Maternity in Eighteenth Century England"; Theo van der Meer on "Female Same-Sex Offenders in Late Eighteenth Century Amsterdam"; Robin Ann Sheets on "Pornography, Fairy Tales, and Feminism: Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber'"; and James W. Jones on "Discourses on and of AIDS in West Germany, 1986-1990." Offering the most up-to-date scholarship from a significant and growing field, this collection is essential for both students and faculty in social history, family history, women's and gender studies, gay studies, sociology and literature. These essays were originally published in the Journal of the History ofSexuality. John C. Fout is professor of history at Bard College. He is the founding editor of the Journal of the History of Sexuality, and general editor of The Chicago Series on Sexuality, History, and Society, a book series published by the University of Chicago Press.

download ebook forbidden history pdf epub

Mj Bridger

Kai, his friends and the survivors of the siege of Xiaodan find their way to the Kingdom of Xiang-Lan. However their reception is less than the heroic welcome expected. Suspected of collusion with the barbarous Chi-You, Kai and his friends must work to gain the trust of the ruling elite of Xiang-Lan and delve into its history in the hope that nestled somewhere in the recorded past lies the means by which they can defeat the Chi-You. Meanwhile, the Chi-You hordes mass at Xiang-Lan's southern border where it is only a matter of time before their brutal attack is launched. Vast armies clash, politicians scheme and forbidden truths are revealed in this second installment of the Khalduni Wars Series, continuing the story begun in Monk-Son of Kunlun.

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George Gardiner

LUST. LOVE. REVENGE. COMING-OUT. An emperor's search for love destroys the very person he most adores. Crime/mystery/romance historical fiction based upon real events and characters of pagan Rome. Set two centuries before Rome's recognition of Christians, it is an era of intrigue, torrid relations, raging ambition, wild sensuality, & unconventional love. Caesar Hadrian's 'favorite' is found one dawn beneath the waters of the River Nile. Is it a prank gone wrong, a suicide, murder, or something far more sinister? Barrister & historian, Suetonius Tranquillus, & his upmarket courtesan companion Surisca are allowed two days to uncover the truth on pain of penalty. They discover more than they bargained for ...

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Mike Hockney

“The problem is not to find the answer, it’s to face the answer.” – Terence McKenna At school, you are taught “science”. You are not taught the history of science, so you have no idea how science came to be the institution it now is. You are never taught the secret history of science whereby scientific idealism (based on the mind) could have become the orthodoxy, rather than scientific materialism (based on the body). In this book, we will show you how easily science could have taken an entirely different route from the one it did take. The heroes of this tale are Immanuel Kant (in his younger, Leibnizian years), and the Jesuit Roger Boscovich. Their system embraced mind in its own right, i.e. mind considered as something that does not owe its existence to matter. Read for yourself the astounding rival history of science. You will soon discover why it’s so terrified of drawing any attention to the secret history of science ... the forbidden history.

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Tim Smith,Robert Perks,Graham Smith,National Sound Archive,Bradford Heritage Recording Unit,University of Sheffield

Until 1991 Ukraine was the largest nation in the world without independence. Long fought over by neighbouring Poles, Germans, Russians and eumanians, its recent history has been marked by extreme violence and over a quarter of its population were killed between 1930 and 1945 through famine, execution and war. This new work combines oraly history, archive and contemporary photographs to tell the horrifying story of the country and its people and their struggle for freedom. Includes 96 duotone plates.

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Jabulani Midzi

The Forbidden Tree: History or Folklore? turns its attention to the book that forms one of the key foundation stones laying at the base of the world’s cultures. It reviews the nature of its contents and the content of its claims to truth. The author, Jabulani Midzi, brings to the book’s audacious task a keen eye focused and a listening ear attuned to the messages contained in the pages of the Bible. As he notes, the Bible contains law, history, poetry, prophecy, gospels and epistles. By surveying the nature of these various types of writing and summarising the Bible’s claims contained in them, he gives readers the background they need to understand the Bible’s assertions about God. Then, by using insights and observations informed by the developments in the history of thought, he presents the options for readers to contemplate as they consider whether they believe the Bible contains the infallible word of God. This book attends to the Scriptures, assesses scholarly insights, and shares observations—not judgements—about the reliability of the Bible’s assertions that it contains and proclaims God’s infallible word.

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Chris Diamond

Have you heard of the Forbidden City? Millions of tourists visit it every year in Beijing, China. It is known as the biggest palace on Earth. However, it also holds some of the darkest secrets that are kept in secret for nearly 600 years - not until today. In this book, you are going to learn the beginning of the Ming Dynasty and how it was the foundation for over 20 emperors across the centuries - up until 1911. It is an interesting story of how an emperor of China builds the Forbidden City and some astonishing secrets of its creation - based on the main chronicles at Cambridge University. You'll dive into an unknown world, filled with treachery, blood baths, and luxury. You'll see how the emperor of China lived his life at that time, and what obstacles he went through in building The Forbidden City. Grab your copy now!

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E. Sidney Hartland

This unusual book will appeal greatly to all who have an interest in folklore and fairytales. This book is a fabulous essay on the construction of a fairytale. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.