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Jim Butcher

Chicago wizard Harry Dresden gets a taste of the dead life in this novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series. In his life, Harry’s been shot, stabbed, sliced, beaten, burned, crushed, and tortured. And after someone puts a bullet through his chest and leaves him to die in the waters of Lake Michigan, things really start going downhill. Trapped between life and death, he learns that his friends are in serious trouble. Only by finding his murderer can he save his friends and move on—a feat which would be a lot easier if he had a body and access to his powers. Worse still are the malevolent shadows that roam Chicago, controlled by a dark entity that wants Harry to suffer even in death. Now, the late Harry Dresden will have to pull off the ultimate trick without using any magic—or face an eternity as just another lost soul...

download ebook ghost story pdf epub

Jim Butcher

Meet Harry Dresden, Chicago's first (and only) Wizard PI. Turns out the 'everyday' world is full of strange and magical things - and most of them don't play well with humans. That's where Harry comes in. But he's forgotten his own golden rule: magic - it can get a guy killed. Which didn't help when he clashed with unknown assailants with his murder in mind. And though Harry's continued existence is now in some doubt, this doesn't mean he can rest in peace. Trapped in a realm that's not quite here, yet not quite anywhere else, Harry learns that three of his loved ones are in danger. Only by discovering his assailant's identity can he save his friends, bring criminal elements to justice, and move on himself. It would just be easier if he knew who was at risk. And had a (working) crystal ball. And access to magic. Instead, he is unable to interact with the physical world - invisible to all but a select magical few. He's also not the only silent presence roaming Chicago's alleys. Hell, he put some there himself. Now, they're looking for payback.

download ebook ghost story pdf epub

KG Farrell

Nick and Julianne Sullivan had never dreamt of such a home. A hilltop mansion perfect for their growing family. However, with age comes history and sometimes history can come back to haunt you!

download ebook ghost story pdf epub

Jim Butcher

Wizard detective Harry Dresden, murdered by an unknown assassin, must save his friends and his soul without any magic to help him in this novel from the New York Times best-selling author of Side Jobs. Reprint.

download ebook ghost story pdf epub

Jim Butcher

Wizard detective Harry Dresden, murdered by an unknown assassin, must save his friends and his soul without any magic to help him in this novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Side Jobs. (fantasy).

download ebook ghost story pdf epub

Toby Litt

When Agatha and Paddy decide to leave London and buy a house on the coast, they are full of hope for themselves and their growing family - baby Max and a new child on the way. Three months later, when the builders move out and they move in, things look very different. A personal tragedy threatens to destroy all they have carefully built up and only a small miracle, it seems, will save them. . . Ghost Story is a book both haunted and haunting, which asks how we can ever mourn something that hasn't lived. Emotionally resonant, beautifully crafted and ultimately redemptive, it will take you to the heart of suffering and desire.

download ebook ghost story pdf epub

Jim Butcher

When we last left the mighty wizard detective Harry Dresden, he wasn't doing well. In fact, he had been murdered by an unknown assassin. But being dead doesn't stop him when his friends are in danger. Except now he has nobody, and no magic to help him. And there are also several dark spirits roaming the Chicago shadows who owe Harry some payback of their own. To save his friends-and his own soul-Harry will have to pull off the ultimate trick without any magic...

download ebook ghost story pdf epub

Peter Straub

#1 New York Times bestselling author Peter Straub’s classic tale of horror, secrets, and the dangerous ghosts of the past... What was the worst thing you’ve ever done? In the sleepy town of Milburn, New York, four old men gather to tell each other stories—some true, some made-up, all of them frightening. A simple pastime to divert themselves from their quiet lives. But one story is coming back to haunt them and their small town. A tale of something they did long ago. A wicked mistake. A horrifying accident. And they are about to learn that no one can bury the past forever...

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S. Hay

Ghost stories are always in conversation with novelistic modes with which they are contemporary. This book examines examples from Sir Walter Scott, Charles Dickens, Henry James and Rudyard Kipling, amongst others, to the end of the twentieth century, looking at how they address empire, class, property, history and trauma.

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Zoe Lehmann Imfeld

This book argues that theology is central to an understanding of the literary ghost story. Victorian ghost stories have traditionally been read in the context of agnosticism – as stories which reveal a society struggling with Christian orthodoxy in a new ‘Enlightened’ world. This book, however, uses theological ideas from St Augustine through to modern theologians to identify a theological journey taken by the protagonists of such stories, and charts each stage of this journey through the short stories it examines. It also proposes a theory of reader participation which creates an imaginary space in which modern epistemology is suspended. The book studies the work of four major authors of the supernatural tale: Arthur Machen, M.R. James, Sheridan Le Fanu and Henry James.

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Arthur Conan Doyle,Rudyard Kipling,Sarah Orne Jewett,Charles Dickens,Frank H. Spearman

We love ghost stories here at Wildside Press. If you've read the first 3 volumes in the Ghost Story MEGAPACKTM series, plus The Macabre MEGAPACKTM series, you’re pretty well caught up with the classic supernatural fiction we've been reading lately. Don't worry, though -- we'll keep digging for more classic horror tales! Included in this volume are: THE FOUR-FIFTEEN EXPRESS, by Amelia B. Edwards THREE SPANISH LADIES, by Walter E Marconette BRICKETT BOTTOM, by Amyas Northcote ACROSS THE GULF, by Henry S. Whitehead THE NIGHT CALL, by Henry van Dyke HIS UNQUIET GHOST, by Mary Noailles Murfree THE DREAM-GOWN OF THE JAPANESE AMBASSADOR, by Brander Matthews THE MAN IN THE MIRROR, by Lillian B. Hunt HIS DAY BACK, by Jack Brant MY OWN TRUE GHOST STORY, by Rudyard Kipling THE LONG CHAMBER, by Olivia Howard Dunbar THE PAST, by Ellen Glasgow MISS TEMPY'S WATCHERS, by Sarah Orne Jewett THE HAUNTED MAN AND THE GHOST'S BARGAIN, by Charles Dickens THE BULLY OF BROCAS COURT, by Arthur Conan Doyle THE SPIRAL STONE, by Arthur Willis Colton THE GHOST OF THE BLUE CHAMBER, by Jerome K. Jerome THE MINIATURE, by J. Y. Akerman TO LET, by B. M. Croker THE FOREIGNER, by Sarah Orne Jewett THE STONEGROUND GHOST TALES, by E. G. Swain THEY THAT MOURN, by Juliet Wilbor Tompkins GREEN BRANCHES, by Fiona Macleod THE WERE-WOLF, by H. B. Marryatt THE GHOST AT POINT OF ROCKS, by Frank H. Spearman If you enjoy this ebook, search your favorite ebook store for "Wildside Press Megapack" to see the 170+ entries in the MEGAPACKTM series, covering science fiction, fantasy, horror, mysteries, westerns, classics, adventure stories, and much, much more!

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Mary Elizabeth Braddon,Jerome K. Jerome

Hours of great reading await, with ghostly tales from some of the 19th and 20th century's most renowned authors. Here is the lineup: AT CHRIGHTON ABBEY, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon THE HAUNTED MILL, by Jerome K. Jerome THE GHOST CLUB, by John Kendrick Bangs THE SHADOWS OF THE DEAD, by Louis Becke THE ROOM IN THE TOWER, by E. F. Benson THE HAUNTED AND THE HAUNTERS, by Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton THE MIDDLE BEDROOM, by H. de Vere Stacpoole THE DRUMMER GHOST, by John William DeForest MISS JÉROMETTE AND THE CLERGYMAN, by Wilkie Collins THE SPECTRE BRIDE, by William Harrison Ainsworth THE TAPESTRIED CHAMBER; or, The Lady in the Square, by Sir Walter Scott THE OLD NURSE’S STORY, by Elizabeth Gaskell THE JUDGE’S HOUSE, by Bram Stoker AT THE END OF THE PASSAGE, by Rudyard Kipling THE WITHERED ARM, by Thomas Hardy JOHN CHARRINGTON’S WEDDING, by Edith Nesbit THE MAN OF SCIENCE, by Jerome K. Jerome WHAT DID MISS DARRINGTON SEE? by Emma B. Cobb A GHOST STORY, by Mark Twain THE SOUL OF ROSE DÉDÉ, by M.E.M. Davis THE HOUSE OF THE NIGHTMARE, by Edward Lucas White REALITY OR DELUSION? by Mrs Henry Wood FISHER’S GHOST, by John Lang THROUGH THE IVORY GATE, by Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews THE COLD EMBRACE, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon And don't forget to check out all the other volumes in the "Megapack" series! Search on "Wildside Megapack" in your favorite ebook store to see the complete list...covering adventure stories, military, fantasy, ghost stories, westerns, mysteries, and much more!

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Sean Ferrier-Watson

Ghost stories have played a prominent role in childhood. Circulated around playgrounds and whispered in slumber parties, their history in American literature is little known and seldom discussed by scholars. This book explores the fascinating origins and development of these tales, focusing on the social and historical factors that shaped them and gave birth to the genre. Ghost stories have existed for centuries but have been published specifically for children for only about 200 years. Early on, supernatural ghost stories were rare--authors and publishers, fearing they might adversely affect young minds, presented stories in which the ghost was always revealed as a fraud. These tales dominated children's publishing in the 19th century but the 20th century saw a change in perspective and the supernatural ghost story flourished.

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Robert D. Vasvary

The Big House is about the late 1970’s and a boy who during this era is filled with much spirit and adventure without the rigors of modern day society-a small town boy. He quickly discovers through a traumatic experience that he can be his best ally or worst enemy and that faith comes from within. He battles internal demons and fear and every time he conquers one another one comes. This kid learns more in one experience than most people learn in a lifetime. And more than that, this boy, Andy Miller realizes his gifts with or without his newfound superhuman powers. Andy Miller is intended to be a role model for kids in today’s modern world as he shares his fears, tears and passion with the audience in order to make the reader reaffirm that we all go through life’s pitfalls and we are never alone in our struggles. We are all connected on some level. THE BIG HOUSE is now available online here at ROBERTVASVARY.COM in a print version, or ebook/pdf version. There are approximately 30 illustrations and the book is intended for the tween market, though test readings are indicating many adults will grow to love Andy Miller, the books protagonist. According to the illustrator, Charlie Read, Creative Director for Firewater Creative, the inspiration and enthusiasm on this project was two fold for him, as he incorporated his photography and family photos to populate the characters and backdrops of each illustration,to create the world of Andy Miller. Robert Vasvary’s The Big House Available now for purchase in Print, PDF & EPUB! Everything is pitch black. The tunnel walls feel soft and slimy. A chill runs down his spine, rising panic stuck in his throat. The walls are breathing. Plunged into a world where the boundaries between fantasy and reality have disappeared, Andy’s thirst for adventure leads him to precious treasure, true love and unspeakable horror. In a bid to escape the terrifying realm of the undead and find the truth, there is only one way out: an epic showdown between good and evil that challenges everything he knows about himself and the world.

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Gertrude Atherton,F. Marion Crawford,Lafcadio Hearn,A. T. Quiller-Couch,Arthur Machen,Ambrose Bierce,W.W. Jacobs,W. C. Morrow,Mary Elizabeth Braddon

The Third Ghost Story Megapack selects 26 more choice hauntings for your reading pleasure. Included this time are: THE DEAD AND THE COUNTESS, by Gertrude Atherton THE CEDAR CLOSET, by Lafcadio Hearn THE WRAITH OF BARNJUM, by F. Anstey THE JOLLY CORNER, by Henry James THE ROLL-CALL OF THE REEF, by A. T. Quiller-Couch THE BOWMEN, by Arthur Machen OMAN, By Leopold Kompert THE MIDDLE TOE OF THE RIGHT FOOT, by Ambrose Bierce THE TOLL-HOUSE, by W.W. Jacobs THE HAUNTED COVE, by Sir George Douglas THE GHOST OF LORD CLARENCEUX, by Arnold Bennett THE HAUNTED AUTOMATON, by W. C. Morrow THE GHOSTS AT GRANTLEY, by Leonard Kip THE SPECTRE COOK OF BANGLETOP, by John Kendrick Bangs THE SUPERSTITIOUS MAN’S STORY, by Thomas Hardy THE SPECTRE BRIDEGROOM, by William Hunt THE SPECTRE IN THE CART, by Thomas Nelson Page THE TALE OF THE PORCELAIN-GOD, by Lafcadio Hearn THE BELL IN THE FOG, by Gertrude Atherton THE HAUNTING OF WHITE GATES, by G. M. Robins THE SHADOW ON THE BLIND, by Mrs. Alfred (Louisa) Baldwin NO. 5 BRANCH LINE: THE ENGINEER, by Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards THE SHADOW IN THE CORNER, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon THE SECRET CHAMBER, by Margaret Oliphant THE UPPER BERTH, by F. Marion Crawford MR. GRAY'S STRANGE STORY, by Louisa Murray And don't forget to search this ebook store for "Wildside Megapack" for more entries in this and other series, covering everything from science fiction and fantasy to classic literature and pulp fiction, from mysteries and westerns to children's literature -- and much, much more!

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D. T. Max

The acclaimed New York Times–bestselling biography and “emotionally detailed portrait of the artist as a young man” (Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times) Since his untimely death by suicide at the age of forty-six in 2008, David Foster Wallace has become more than the representative writer of his literary generation—he has become a symbol of sincerity and honesty in an inauthentic age, a figure whose reputation and reach grow by the day. In this compulsively readable biography, D. T. Max charts Wallace’s tormented, anguished, and often triumphant battle to succeed as a novelist as he fights off depression and addiction to emerge with his masterpiece, Infinite Jest. Written with the cooperation of Wallace family members and friends and with access to hundreds of Wallace’s unpublished letters, manuscripts, and journals, this revelatory biography illuminates the unique connections between Wallace’s life and his fiction in a gripping and deeply moving narrative that will transfix readers.