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Jim Samra

Does an infinite and all-powerful God really care about the everyday concerns of people? Jim Samra answers with an unequivocal and enthusiastic "Yes!" in this guide to hearing God's direction in everything. From the trivial and mundane to the life-changing, God cares about it all because it concerns his creatures, his creation, and his kingdom. In this unique book, Samra unpacks biblical passages and shares fascinating and surprising true stories about God's guidance, encouraging readers to keep up a running conversation with their creator, to search for guidance in Scripture, and to pay attention to apparent coincidences. Readers who want to make godly decisions about the big things (where to live, where to go to school, where to work, who to marry) and the seemingly little things (which car to buy, which song to sing in church, who to talk to, what to say) will find a gifted and encouraging guide in Samra.

download ebook god told me pdf epub

Jim Samra

Offers advice on learning to listen and distinguishing God's guidance from that of others, in a text that also relates specific stories about God's guidance and discusses biblical passages.

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Richard Hayes

"What am I supposed to do with my life?" Little did Rich Hayes imagine that on a beautiful October afternoon in 2001 he'd get the answer to the question he'd been asking most of his life. Along with that answer would come an explanation of why things are as they are in the world today. What God Told Me To Tell You contains the message he was given. Comprised of only three simple sentences, this message carries profound implications. If accepted and understood by each of us, it has the potential to change our lives and the world. In a world torn by religious differences, with violence and atrocities being touted as the Will of God, never has there been a greater need for this message to be heard. It is what God wants you to know.

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Bishop Lawrence Kirby

We all live in a fallen world. In the words of my grandmother, “IF IT AIN’T ONE THING, IT IS ANOTHER.” We are confronted with problems, pain, and persecution. We are also confronted with burdens and brokenness. These challenges sometimes cause us to feel down, disgusted, disenfranchised, and even depressed. This word is written to encourage people to look up and be a positive people. It is intended to encourage people to focus on the positive and not the negative. In the words of our forefathers, “Behind every dark cloud, the sun is still shining.” The people of God are a victorious people. We walk in victory. This collection of sermons is designed to help us to go THROUGH the not-so-good times to get to the good times. We go “through the valley and the shadow of death.” It is my hope and prayer that this collection will help you to build your faith and remind you of who we are. We are conquers!!! We walk in VICTORY!

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Roger D. Lee

When you realize that there has to be something more than just this life and a higher power is the only explanation for all of the things that never make sense, you are ready to seek the answer. If you only have five minutes each day but you want to start a relationship with your higher power, these snapshots from words based on Bible teachings are for you. Jesus wants to be part of your personal life so that you can talk like old friends. He is always there when you are ready. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Take this daily walk for one year to get to know yourself better and to get closer to your Heavenly Father.

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Paula Hearst

Gwen Hendricks was a seemingly normal Colorado housewife who began hearing voices telling her to kill her husband. WIth a chilldhood steeped in religious teaching, Gwen began keeping a journal of her daily conversations with God who she claims told her that she needed to kill her husband in order to obtain proceeds from his life insurance.

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Uebert Angel

This book describes in a way never disclosed before on how to make God your financial partner. It reveals a 'secret nugget' christians have not explored concerning the coleration between their relationship with God and their finances. This book is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to take their financial standing higher than ever before. The Author Uebert Angel has used this 'secret' and it has worked tremendously for him. He was named in many publications as a self-made millionaire and in FORBES MAGAZINE AFRICA as ' of those making million dollar fortunes...'