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Vivian Vande Velde

In the virtual reality game Heir Apparent, there are way too many ways to get killed--and Giannine seems to be finding them all. Which is a darn shame, because unless she can get the magic ring, locate the stolen treasure, answer the dwarf's dumb riddles, impress the head-chopping statue, charm the army of ghosts, fend off the barbarians, and defeat the man-eating dragon, she'll never win. And she has to, because losing means she'll die--for real this time.

download ebook heir apparent pdf epub

Lanay Jackson

A Brand New BWWM Erotic RomanceA good job, a surprise promotion, it’s more than Aisha could have hoped for when she started working for Richmond Turner. She might be young and black, but she’s out to prove to everyone that she can take on the corporate world if given the chance.But Richmond Turner isn’t after her business savvy. There is something missing in his life and at thirty, he’s not getting any younger.Aisha caught his eye when she started working for him. She’s smart, beautiful, and exactly what he needs……to have his heir.This is a book meant for adults and featuring consenting adults

download ebook heir apparent pdf epub

Prue Phillipson

In a castle in Yorkshire, a baronet with a dark secret has become obsessed with the idea of leaving his castle in a state of perfection for his handsome heir. From London comes an ambitious architect with grandiose ideas, and Olivia, his beautiful and impulsive daughter. In this tale of passion, mystery, and tragedy set at the time of the Seven Years' War (1756-1763) these prove an explosive mixture. When her father and the baronet fall out, is Olivia to be thwarted in love as well as in her hopes of ever unraveling the castle's secret? Is young Gerard Kirby worthy of her love and in the end, who truly is the heir to Castle Kirby?

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Joel Rosenberg

Karl Cullinane and his fellow Earth-exiles Andrea, Ahira, Walter, and Lou had succeeded beyond their wildest expectations in the years since a wizard's spell had cast them into an alternate world where magic and dragons were real. Now Karl was Emperor and his son Jason was of an age to begin learning the realities if war and leadership. And with the aid of dwarves, elves, humans, and one sarcastic dragon, Karl and his friends had freed many from the evil specter of slavery and were pledged to fight till slavery was at an end. But their actions had made them some extremely powerful enemies, chief among whom was Ahrmin of the Slaver's Guild. And for Ahrmin the time of final reckoning had at last arrived. With or without the aid of the Guild, he would draw sword and take blood vengeance on Karl and Jason Cullinane and all they held dear....

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Katie Silver

A second chance…Lorenzo Romano wants a second chance. Despite all he's put her through, Emma knows she needs to give him a second chance. The intense desire she feels every time she looks at him won't let her do otherwise. And after another night of incredibly hot passion, she is sure that everything is falling into place.Until her world crashes to the ground once more and she is left alone to nurse her heart. But one last surprise might change everything…This is Volume 3 of a 5 volume serial. Volume 1 (Seduced) and Volume 2 (Undone) are now available and should be read first. Volume 4 (Laying Claim) and Volume 5 (Belonging) are now available as well.

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Jean-Francois Regnard

From the New York Times: Mr. Ives, a playwright whose tasty psychodrama, "Venus in Fur," opens on Broadway next month after an acclaimed run at the Classic Stage Company in New York two seasons ago, has lately been pursuing a fruitful sideline in retailoring French classics in more contemporary cuts. Mr. Ives's "School for Lies," an inspired reworking of Molière's "Misanthrope," was a popular hit for Classic Stage last spring. His similarly acclaimed version of "The Liar," a 1634 play by Corneille, was seen at the Shakespeare Theater in Washington last season. Now he has dug more deeply into the library stacks to resurrect a comedy about money lust by a lesser-known French playwright, Jean-François Regnard's 1708 play, "The Heir Apparent." Mr. Ives's French dictionary and his rhyming dictionary are by now probably similarly tattered, since the new translation, like that of "The School for Lies," is rendered in niftily rhymed couplets that evoke the style of the original. Once again Mr. Ives freely indulges in contemporary allusion, adding a vivifying seasoning of freshness to a farcical plot that combines elements of classic French comedy with more robust Italianate buffoonery.

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Jane Ridley

NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW AND THE BOSTON GLOBEThis richly entertaining biography chronicles the eventful life of Queen Victoria’s firstborn son, the quintessential black sheep of Buckingham Palace, who matured into as wise and effective a monarch as Britain has ever seen. Granted unprecedented access to the royal archives, noted scholar Jane Ridley draws on numerous primary sources to paint a vivid portrait of the man and the age to which he gave his name.   Born Prince Albert Edward, and known to familiars as “Bertie,” the future King Edward VII had a well-earned reputation for debauchery. A notorious gambler, glutton, and womanizer, he preferred the company of wastrels and courtesans to the dreary life of the Victorian court. His own mother considered him a lazy halfwit, temperamentally unfit to succeed her. When he ascended to the throne in 1901, at age fifty-nine, expectations were low. Yet by the time he died nine years later, he had proven himself a deft diplomat, hardworking head of state, and the architect of Britain’s modern constitutional monarchy.   Jane Ridley’s colorful biography rescues the man once derided as “Edward the Caresser” from the clutches of his historical detractors. Excerpts from letters and diaries shed new light on Bertie’s long power struggle with Queen Victoria, illuminating one of the most emotionally fraught mother-son relationships in history. Considerable attention is paid to King Edward’s campaign of personal diplomacy abroad and his valiant efforts to reform the political system at home. Separating truth from legend, Ridley also explores Bertie’s relationships with the women in his life. Their ranks comprised his wife, the stunning Danish princess Alexandra, along with some of the great beauties of the era: the actress Lillie Langtry, longtime “royal mistress” Alice Keppel (the great-grandmother of Camilla Parker Bowles), and Lady Randolph Churchill, mother of Winston.   Edward VII waited nearly six decades for his chance to rule, then did so with considerable panache and aplomb. A magnificent life of an unexpectedly impressive king, The Heir Apparent documents the remarkable transformation of a man—and a monarchy—at the dawn of a new century.Praise for The Heir Apparent  “If [The Heir Apparent] isn’t the definitive life story of this fascinating figure of British history, then nothing ever will be.”—The Christian Science Monitor“The Heir Apparent is smart, it’s fascinating, it’s sometimes funny, it’s well-documented and it reads like a novel, with Bertie so vivid he nearly leaps from the page, cigars and all.”—Minneapolis Star Tribune   “I closed The Heir Apparent with admiration and a kind of wry exhilaration.”—The Wall Street Journal   “Ridley is a serious scholar and historian, who keeps Bertie’s flaws and virtues in a fine balance.”—The Boston Globe   “Brilliantly entertaining . . . a landmark royal biography.”—The Sunday Telegraph   “Superb.”—The New York Times Book ReviewFrom the Hardcover edition.

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Tere Michaels

The heir apparent to a vast international company, Henry Walker has focused his entire life on pleasing his cold and distant father, a futile effort that’s left him no time for life, love, or making his own decisions. He has just one friend—one dirty little secret—Archie Banks. Raised on the Walker estate alongside Henry, Archie is now Henry’s driver, bodyguard… and occasional lover. Archie is loyal, but he’s about to graduate from college and has plans for his life that don’t include living every moment at the beck and call of Henry’s father. Not even for Henry. With no warning, a shocking kidnapping leads to tragedy and chaos, thrusting Henry and Archie into a dramatic struggle that threatens them individually and as a couple. Can they find a way to heal the hurt of the past, save the company that is Henry’s birthright, and find a future together?

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Donald A. Zinman

It was during the Depression, with the Republican regime in disarray, that Franklin D. Roosevelt came into office with a mandate to change the role of government. His was one of the presidencies—like Jefferson’s, Jackson’s, and Lincoln’s before his, and Reagan’s after—that transformed the political system. But what of the successors of such transformative figures, those members and supporters of the new regime who are expected to carry forward the policies and politics of those they replace? It is these “heir apparent” presidents, impossibly tasked with backward-looking progress, that Donald Zinman considers in this incisive look at the curious trajectories of political power.An heir apparent president, in Zinman’s analysis, can be successful but will struggle to get credit for his achievements. He must contend with the consequences of his predecessor's policies while facing a stronger opposition and sitting atop an increasingly weakened and divided party. And he will invariably alternate between three approaches to leadership: continuity, expansion, and correction. Looking in depth at James Madison, Martin Van Buren, Ulysses S. Grant (an heir apparent as the first genuine Republican to succeed Lincoln), Harry S. Truman, and George H. W. Bush, Zinman reveals how these successors of regime-changing presidents at times suffered for diverging from their predecessors’ perceived policies. At times these presidents also suffered from the consequences of the policies themselves or simply from changing political circumstances. What they rarely did, as becomes painfully clear, is succeed at substantially changing the policies and politics that they inherited.It is a perilous and often thankless business, as The Heir Apparent Presidency makes abundantly clear, to follow and lead at once. Tracing the ways in which heir apparent presidents have met this challenge, this book offers rare and valuable insight into the movement of political time, and the shaping of political order.

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Liz Evans

Grace Smith, Private Investigator, hasn’t been doing a lot of investigating lately.With her cases drying up, her pitying co-worker hands her a client whose demands are too mundane for him to deal with.The client wants to leave her fortune to three strangers. The lucky benefactors have already been picked – all Grace has to do is find out as much about them as possible, and report back to the lonely millionairess, without giving the game away. Easy? Not quite.It turns out that these harmless strangers may not be as harmless after all, with Grace stumbling upon a juicy conspiracy that involves all three of her chosen subjects.She can’t help but get caught up in it – and as she delves deeper into her investigation, things start to get messy…Our PI begins to blur the lines between professional and private, whether she wants to or not… 'Heir Apparent' is an expertly-plotted crime thriller that will keep readers gripped from the first page to the last. 'A gripping mystery.' - Robert Foster, best-selling author of 'The Lunar Code'.'Heir Apparent' was previously published as 'Don’t Mess with Mrs Inbetween'. Liz Evans has worked in all sorts of companies from plastic moulding manufacturers to Japanese banks through to film production and BBC Radio. She lives in Hertfordshire. She is also the author of ‘Blindsided’.Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent publisher of digital books.

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Shawn Lamb

Shortly after a defeated enemy arrives in Allon with the offer of a royal marriage, strange things begin to happen. What is the connection of four mysterious stones to a jade statue? Are these linked to Prince Nigel’s haunting nightmares? The Guardians must learn if this is a marriage for peace or an act of revenge.

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Digital Fiction

Ten Unique Stories by Professional Science Fiction AuthorsHeir Apparent – Digital Science Fiction Anthology – Digital Science Fiction Short Stories Series One - Book Four, is an anthology of ten original science fiction short stories from professional writers. We are pleased to present in our fourth anthology an exciting collection of new stories from established authors. Our fourth edition of the Digital Science Fiction anthology series serves up a smorgasbord of terrific stories; however, each story has its own unique version of an heir, and we look forward to hearing from our readers on whether those heirs truly do represent a passing down of some type of human bond or connection.Heir Apparent includes 10 first-time-published science fiction short stories by:Robert Lowell Russell – FloatersBrandon Nolta – Persistence of MemoryGeorge Walker – To Titan on the DailyPaul Cook – GhostbookEric James Stone – A Lincoln in TimeCassandra Rose Clarke – HookedEd Greenwood – My Silent SlayerRonald D. Ferguson – PhilosophyAlex Kane – In the Arms of LachigaMartin L. Shoemaker – Father-Daughter OutingThank you for your interest in our book. We invite you to plunge into the ten terrific stories contained within. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed presenting them.

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Alex Kane

Heir Apparent - Digital Science Fiction Anthology - Book 4, is an anthology of ten original science fiction short stories from professional writers. We are pleased to present in our fourth anthology an exciting collection of new stories from established authors. Our fourth edition of the Digital Science Fiction anthology series serves up a smorgasbord of terrific stories; however, each story has its own unique version of an heir, and we look forward to hearing from our readers on whether those heirs truly do represent a passing down of some type of human bond or connection. Heir Apparent includes 10 first-time-published science fiction short stories by: - Robert Lowell Russell - Floaters - Brandon Nolta - Persistence of Memory - George Walker - To Titan on the Daily - Paul Cook - Ghostbook - Eric James Stone - A Lincoln in Time - Cassandra Rose Clarke - Hooked - Ed Greenwood - My Silent Slayer - Ronald D. Ferguson - Philosophy - Alex Kane - In the Arms of Lachiga - Martin L. Shoemaker - Father-Daughter Outing