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Patricia Rosemoor

The sex was steamy Psychic Lucy Ryan kept her so-called gift a secret, until she 'saw' a mysterious incident in a dream and tried to stop it—too late. Now she’s having vivid, arousing dreams of making love with a sexy stranger. So when Justin Guidry—the man of her dreams—suddenly shows up in real life she isn’t too surprised. Erotic Justin offers to help Lucy figure out what’s going on, unaware that he’s starring in her nightly fantasies, and even though he’s entertaining a few sexual fantasies of his own! And all in her head Then the nightmare begins Lucy dreams that Justin has been shot while protecting her. Can she change his fate?

download ebook in dreams pdf epub

Nora Roberts

An exclusive Nora Roberts short story. Drawn to a castle in the forests of Ireland, a beautiful young woman becomes the link to a stranger's past - and the curse that has trapped him for ever in the eternity of his own dreams . . .

download ebook in dreams pdf epub

Erica Orloff

Inception meets Unearthly in this hot romance for fans of Meg Cabot’s Abandon Series! In the land of nightmares, she finds the man of her dreams... He haunts her in her dreams. She is always searching, looking for the man who calls her from afar, a disembodied voice who knows everything about her. But when she discovers the unimaginable secret her family has hidden for so long, her dreams—and her nightmares—invade her reality. Her true love beckons, but the terrors await her. . . . Can she find him in time, or will their love—and her life—be destroyed? Sixteen-year-old Iris has a recurring dream a long corridor of many doors, and behind each door a hidden world—some magical, some terrifying. But always she is searching for the man who calls to her—the man of her dreams—who knows everything about her, who stirs feelings in her she’s never felt before. When she discovers her father is actually the god of dreams, her nightmares and dreams follow her into reality, with both frightening and romantic results. Hunted by the god of nightmares, stalked by the horrifying creatures of the underworld, Iris must try to navigate both her worlds, as she tries to finally be with Sebastian, the man of her dreams. Can she triumph over the dangers that have haunted her forever, and be with Sebastian, or will terrors ultimately destroy them both?

download ebook in dreams pdf epub

Shane Christopher

When five strangers are found together in a seedy New York City basement, brutally murdered, Detective David Rodriguez and reporter Mari Kinsella discover the shocking connection between the victims: strange nightmares that drive people to their deaths. Original.

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Matthew Costello

What would drive her to such a desolate New York street … down such dark stairs … to do something so dangerous? She was the last of five strangers compelled to the same basement room. None of them had been there before—but they believed it was a place to share their stories, to erase their fears, to make the horror of their dreams end. Instead, it was where they met their fate—screaming for their lives in the darkness … Five people all tortured to death. Five people with nothing in common. Or so it seems. But then Detective David Rodriguez and reporter Mari Kinsella begin to find connections among the victims, begin to find others haunted by the same strange nightmares that drove the five to their deaths, begin themselves to fall into a deadly danger that should only exist … in dreams. (previously published as written by Shane Christopher)

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Skyler White

Channeled into the body of a Victorian woman by an amateur occultist, a modern-day graphic artist falls in love with the young poet W. B. Yeats in this tale of passion and the occult from the author of And Falling, Fly. Original.

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G.William Domhoff

Distinguished psychologist G. William Domhoff brings together-for the first time-all the necessary tools needed to perform quantitative studies of dream content using the rigorous system developed by Calvin S. Hall and Robert van de Castle. The book contains a comprehensive review of the literature, detailed coding rules, normative findings, and statistical tables.

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Ivan J. Thomas

Dreaming reflects a pivotal aspect of the processing of memory. Human beings, throughout history have sought to understand the meaning of dreams. Till today many struggle to understand their dreams in relation to their lives. They come in different types depending on one’s mood and/or stress levels. Most reveal answers to one’s questions and provide spiritual guidance to the dreamer. It is of great importance that the dreamer remembers their dream, which isn’t that easy but can be harnessed. This reference material is solely dedicated to the interpretation of animals symbolizing situations in our present or future lives. For example, ones dream of lions represents a need to control or dominate others. Either your own need to control others, or your projection of other people who you feel want to control you. Understanding our dreams may help you patch your relationship with loved ones, career, own businesses or any circumstance that may unfold itself in form of a vision.

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Elizabeth Wilson

When Adorned in Dreams was first published in 1985, Angela Carter described the book as "the best I have read on the subject, bar none." From haute couture to haberdashery, "deviant" dress to Dior, Elizabeth Wilson traces the social and cultural history of fashion and its complex relationship to modernity. She also discusses fashion's vociferous opponents, from the "dress reform" movement to certain strands of feminism. Wilson delights in the power of fashion to mark out identity or subvert it. This brand new edition of her book follows recent developments to bring the story of fashionable dress up to date, exploring the grunge look inspired by bands like Nirvana, the "boho chic" of the mid 90's, retro-dressing, and the meanings of dress from the veil to soccer player David Beckham's pink-varnished toenails.

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Davis Bunn

When psychiatrist and dream scholar Dr. Elena Burroughs discovers a pattern of dreams that predicts an imminent financial collapse, she reluctantly teams up with a skeptical scientist in an attempt to avert catastrophe.

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Max Griffin

Delve into the darkness with author Max Griffin’s collection of nineteen twisted tales of horror. Heavily inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Griffin’s stories will leave you with a sense of foreboding, a glimpse into the mind’s of those who have turned the wrong way, and many times, justifiably so.

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Jacquelyn Frank

Dark. Mysterious. Sensual. Bronse Chapel is a highly specialised Commander with a 'no fear/no fail/no fatality' motto. His team is the best of the best - so why does someone want them all dead? The leader of the Chosen Ones, Ravenna is a breathtakingly beautiful woman with extraordinary powers who comes to Bronse in his dreams and awakens his most primal desires - even as she warns of imminent danger. Ravenna and her tribe are being held prisoner by those who seek to abuse their gifts. Bronse has always trusted his instincts, though his crew may be questioning his grip on reality. As they embark on a mission to save the Chosen Ones, Bronse fears - and Ravenna cautions - that they're heading straight into a trap. Still, some force, both magnetic and erotic, is pulling Bronse to help this mysterious woman who may hold the key to both their destinies.

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Delmore Schwartz

A new edition of the definitive book on the depression-era immigrant experience in New York City. Now with an exciting new preface by rock musician Lou Reed (Delmore Schwartz’s student at Syracuse), In Dreams Begin Responsibilities collects eight of Schwartz’s finest delineations of New York’s intellectuals in the 1930s and 1940s. As no other writer can, Schwartz captures the speech, the generational conflicts, the mocking self-analysis of educated, ambitious, Depression-stymied young people at odds with their immigrant parents. This is the unique American dilemma Irving Howe described as “that interesting point where intellectual children of immigrant Jews are finding their way into the larger world while casting uneasy, rueful glances over their backs.” Afterwords by James Atlas and Irving Howe place the stories in their historical and cultural setting.

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Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts - The World's Greatest Storyteller. IN DREAMS Drawn to a castle in the forests of Ireland, a beautiful young woman becomes the link to a stranger's past - and the curse that has trapped him for ever in the eternity of his own dreams . . . WINTER ROSE On a remote island cursed with eternal winter, a young queen risks her own life to heal others. When a badly wounded warrior prince stumbles into her realm of ice and snow, she saves his life - and warms her heart with the joys of true love . . .

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Jacquelyn Frank

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Nightwalkers and Shadowdwellers series, Seduce Me in Dreams begins a sexy new futuristic series featuring an elite group of military heroes. Dark. Mysterious. Sensual. When Bronse Chapel, the commander of a specialized unit of the Interplanetary Militia, begins to dream about a beautiful and exotic brunette, he wants to dismiss it as being induced by lack of sleep . . . or perhaps lack of sex. But his instincts tell him it’s something different, something far more dangerous. Ravenna is the leader of the Chosen Ones, a small group of people from her village born with extraordinary powers. She doesn’t know that draws her to Bronse’s dreams night after night, but she senses that he and his team are in jeopardy. Ravenna can help him, but first Bronse must save the Chosen Ones from those who plan to use their powers for evil. Together, Bronse and Ravenna will be unstoppable. But Ravenna is hiding something that could endanger them all. From the Paperback edition.

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Robert Bosnak

A hands-on manual for everyone interested in dreams--now in an unabridged miniature edition. This popular guide to Jungian dreamwork gives specific guidelines for studying dreams, including exercises in improving memory of dreams, recording dreams, exploring imagery, understanding symbols, and listening to others' dreams in partnerships and groups.