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Isabel Allende

Inés Suárez es una joven y humilde costurera extremeña que se embarca hacia el Nuevo Mundo para buscar a su marido, extraviado con sus sueños de gloria al otro lado del Atlántico. Anhela también vivir una vida de aventuras, vetada a las mujeres en la pacata sociedad del siglo XVI. En América, Inés no encuentra a su marido, pero sí un amor apasionado: Pedro de Valdivia, maestre de campo de Francisco Pizarro, junto a quien Inés se enfrenta a los riesgos y las incertidumbres de la conquista y la fundación del reino de Chile.

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Anneliese Gabriel Hagemann

Using the Inner Art of Dowsing in the Search of My Life`s Path - Soul Mission. Many, many people through classes, workshops and private studies are using the workbook "To Our Health " written with love by Anneliese and Doris Hagemann, published in 1996, revised in 1997/1999. By Clearing obstacles from our total being, we are now asking , where do I go from here, "WHAT IS MY LIFE`S PATH - SOUL MISSION "? Here is the book "USING THE INNER ART OF DOWSING IN THE SEARCH OF MY LIFE`S PATH - SOUL MISSION ". By using the inner art of dowsing, kineseology (muscle testing), intuition etc..., you are able to find out who you truly are, what unfinished business you need to take care of, including fears, patterns, habits etc....How to balance these issues in your total being, before you start your "LIFE`S PATH - SOUL MISSION". This is an exciting adventure. You are your own detective, tapping in to your higher consciousness, finding your life`s purpose and then with commitment in your heart and soul you are on your way of true en-lighten-ment. I wish you guidens love and truth, Anneliese