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Martina Lehane Sheehan

Whispers in the Stillness invites us to see how the increasingly popular practice of mindfulness can be a doorway to spiritual experience. Interweaving stories and step-by-step meditations, along with psychological and scriptural wisdom, it provides guidance in discovering how the Spirit can reach us through moments of stillness and mindful awareness. Written by psycotherapist and retreat director Martina Lehane Sheehan, this book offers a new way of understanding how the combined practices of mindfulness and spirituality can lead to transformation.

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Laurie Salzler

In this sequel to A Kiss Before Dawn, Chris Martel has recovered from her near fatal assault and has built Went Farm into a top-notch foaling farm. Under pressure from her partner Mary Jo Cavanaugh and her Gram, Chris hires Mitch Jordan to help with the additional workload. In the meantime, Mary Jo takes over Doc Hall’s equine veterinary practice. The extra responsibilities of running a business leaves Mary Jo exhausted and with too little time for Chris. Chris and Mary Jo are feeling the stress in their relationship because of their non-connecting, busy lives. It doesn’t help that Mitch is single, cute, and exceptionally good with the horses. Mitch eases some of Chris’s loneliness and they become fast friends. But does Mitch want more? Can Chris and Mary Jo’s relationship survive this latest challenge to their life together?

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Emilie Barnes

Bestselling author Emilie Barnes inspires women to lead fulfilling and faith-filled lives. From a heart devoted to God, Emilie shapes devotions that give women a sanctuary to seek God, ask for His leading, and praise Him in all things.More than 100 select devotions from Emilie will lead women to the quiet, beautiful refuge of God's love as they explore how to:trust God's heart and purpose for themgreet each day with gratitude and hopelove and nurture their familiescenter their dreams and decisions on God's Wordwalk with faith through trials and times of joyBusy women juggling many responsibilities, plans, and needs will be delighted to come across this simple, lovely path to the peace and nourishment of God's presence.

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Renee Greene

"God said, Look at Paige. She was born still, and look at how much purpose she had. There is purpose in stillness." Renee Greene's daughter Paige was stillborn at 32 weeks gestation-a tiny, silent life that nonetheless had great purpose. Finding redemption and new life even in the midst of death, Renee was transformed to see God working all around her. With Paige as an example of meaningful stillness, Renee learned to listen to God's leadings and restore broken relationships with God's help. Renee's story of birth and rebirth, death and dying to one's former self will help readers see God working in their own lives in a variety of ways. As he has from the days of the prophets, God speaks in the quiet of our hearts, in the works of godly friends, and in signs and wonders too easily missed in the busyness and noise of life. If we have faith to sit in the stillness, we will find God's desires for us revealed.

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Boti Nagy

New York fashion model Lara Nelson is swept off her feet by J.D., a mysterious man from the Australian Outback who possesses uncanny psychic abilities, insights and "gifts" that defy all rational explanation. Her fascination with him grows as they casually meet in various exotic locations around the world and his abilities become more apparent. But there is one problem: She is married. Why has this unusual man from the Outback come into Lara's life and why are they so drawn to each other? Is there more to life and love than the material and the comforts to which she has always aspired? J.D., or James Diamond, hails from a little-known area of Australia, where he was born and raised on a vast sheep station with his lifelong friend, Mulgunya Smith. The son of an Aboriginal elder, "Mully" provides a link to "The Dreamtime" and its influence on life today. Woven through In the Stillness of a Single Breath is also the side story of a hard-bitten journalist pursuing J.D. for his own flawed reasons, ones connected to Japanese war atrocities and his own journey for inner peace. He finds it, in the most unexpected way. About the Author: This debut novel by multiple award-winning Australian journalist Boti Nagy takes you on a journey around the world and within yourself, as you follow his intriguing cast of characters taking their own unexpected paths. Nagy has written two critically acclaimed non-fiction books on basketball, published in Australia, and is writing his next two novels. Publisher's website:

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V. J. Chambers

The electricity went out months ago, all over the east coast. Due to her special powers, Azazel is employed by the government to help keep the peace as civilization crumbles around them. Azazel, Hallam, and Marlena lead a rag tag group on a mission to get west and get help, but there's someone in the way.Jason.He says he still loves Azazel.But she can't ever love him again.

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Louise Goodman

The year is 1905 and just as sure as the boll weevils nest in the rafters of the barn to return next year, so the seeds of madness lay waiting to destroy the McKinnon family.In Louise Goodman's new novel, Darla McKinnon tells her story-of a young girl, born into a violent family where denial of reality becomes their way of surviving. From the cotton fields of Texas to the streets of Los Angeles, Darla's rich imagination leads her to believe that California presents them all the opportunity to lead a "proper" life. Fantasy rarely comes true, but, in Stillness In The Air, it seems that some of Darla's dreams are realized when she is sent to live at a farmhouse in Anaheim where she cares for the ailing Mrs. Sparrow. Here she learns how to love and lets herself be loved. She matures into a thoughtful and lovely young woman. But happiness has a way of fleeing when least expected and so it is that Darla is thrown into a battle of wills with her ruthless brother, Jasper. His derangement spirals deeper into madness, threatening to take Darla and her two sisters with him.

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Pamela C. Hawkins

Simply Wait is a resource that individuals and small groups can use to help them focus, rest, and renewspiritually. For the four weeks of Advent, participants focus on a graceful, grace-filled single word andsimple prayer. Readings for each week offer creative reflections rooted in scripture and engaging questionsthat stimulate anticipation of a meaningful Christmas season.

download ebook the tao of yiquan: the method of awareness in the martial arts (warriors of stillness trilogy) pdf epub

Jan Diepersloot

Based on the techniques and practices of various masters of Yiquan, this book focuses on the ability to defeat power and speed with the softness and stillness taught by this Chinese martial art. Yiquan, also known as I Ch'uan, is an ancient health and martial art system that has its roots in Buddhism and draws on Chinese meditative traditions. Central to Yiquan training methods is a practice of meditation that integrates mind and body to produce fajin, a powerful and potentially lethal force. Yiquan also relies on skills of awareness and stillness to counter and control this deadly force. This is volume two of the Warriors of Stillness trilogy.

download ebook masters of perception: sensory-motor integration in the internal martial arts (warriors of stillness trilogy) pdf epub

Jan Diepersloot

Divided into four parts, this book describes the developmental stages of the internal martial artist. The first requirement lies in the constant cultivation and maintenance of proper posture and breathing habits, both in the stillness of sitting and standing and in the movement of the body. The next stage develops “jin,” or “fajin,” a unique power characteristic of internal martial arts that is examined through the fundamental, physiological, anatomical, and mechanical bases and parameters. Also important is the “yi,” which refers to the mental faculty tasked with controlling our movements and actions in the world, and “shen,” the peak or transcendent experience of awareness. This is the final volume of the Warriors of Stillness trilogy.

download ebook pray deep: finding stillness in the storm (pray deep guided prayer journals) pdf epub

Kathryn Shirey

Find Stillness in the Storms of Life Are you facing battles in your life that seem unbeatable? Are you unable to see the path forward through your challenges? Do you desire greater peace and calm in your life? Explore these 21 days of guided prayer to find hope in the storms of life, to learn to be still, and to truly know that He is God! Through this 21-day guided prayer journey, you will: Find peace and calm in the middle of life’s chaos.  Discover how to find stillness and Sabbath for your life and live into the rhythm of rest and restoration. Learn to hear God’s voice, so you can hear Him above all others when the storms of life begin to rage. Unlock the power of “be still” for your own life and learn to trust God’s plans. “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)  

download ebook movement of stillness: as revealed in the new mayan calendar-post 2012 pdf epub

Jacqui Derbecker

This book "Movement Of Stillness" reveals the New Mayan Calandar post 2012 as channeled by Jacqui Derbecker from Edgar Cayce. Cayce was a well-known mystic philosopher, seer, channelor, and author. He lived from 1877-1945. Jacqui felt honoured and priviledged to channel/streamline, through automatic writing, about 100 prophecies which are revealed in complete detail. By channeling Cayce she was able to clearly visualize the authentic and exciting New Mayan Calandar which she states, "it's not exactly what some perceive it to be" Jacqui explains, "there are only positive high vibrational messages represented by the Mayan's predictions and not ones of mass destruction" She advises that now is the time to make "living in Spirit" a reality as we move into a higher realm of truth and a natural original way of being. These prophecies are called the "All Truths" or "Crystal Messages of Truth" Each touch upon the daily living aspects of: career, relationships, financial, emotional, physical, mind, spirit and our sense of community. They speak directly to each and everyone of us regarding the releasing of old barriers and awakening to your authentic self. Thus creating a sense of stillness and peace.