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Rachel Graves

Death witch and Detective Mallory Mors arrives at the scene of an out of control arson called by a victim who desperately wants to die. Using her powers, Mallory battles the strongest fire witch in town to help the woman cross over. When she’s forced to work with the angry fire witch, she discovers their lives are linked in complicated ways. As all the other fire witches in the city mysteriously lose their powers, the heat is on to solve the case. Saddled with a vampire assault at the local supernatural brothel, a missing person who doesn’t want to be found, and a mess of vampire politics, Mallory struggles to put together the pieces before the city burns.

download ebook in her blood pdf epub

G. V. Trent

Alexandra McCormick's great-grandmother was a brutal serial killer in the early 1900's. With her mother currently serving time in prison for murdering Alexandra's stepfather, Alexandra decides to do her college research paper on whether or not the tendency to commit murder or other violent crimes may be passed on genetically.

download ebook in her blood pdf epub

Annie Hauxwell

Everyone is hooked on something. It's not that easy to kick the money habit. After the world meltdown forces London's bankers to go cold turkey, people look elsewhere for a quick quid: the old fashioned East End. So when investigator Catherine Berlin gets an anonymous tip-off about a local loan shark, the case seems straightforward - until her informant is found floating in the Limehouse Basin. In another part of town, a notorious doctor is murdered in his surgery, and his entire stock of pharmaceutical heroin stolen. An unorthodox copper is assigned to the case, and Berlin finds herself a reluctant collaborator in a murder investigation. Now Berlin has seven days to find out who killed her informant, why the police are hounding her and, most urgently of all, where to find a new - and legal - supply of the drug she can't survive without. Smart, stylish and fast-paced, In Her Blood heralds the arrival of a remarkable new talent in crime fiction. '[Hauxwell's] growing army of fans may have to start learning how to manage an addiction of sorts.' West Australian 'Complex, fast-paced crime fiction.' Courier-Mail 'A stylishly written and assuredly paced debut that heralds a promising new series.' Financial Times (UK) 'Annie Hauxwell has given us a heroine for our bleak new age...Berlin is both tough and fragile but far from stereotypical...Her closest relative in modern fiction is the alcoholic DCI Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect. Catch the wave now, while it's building.' The Times (UK) 'A full-throttle page-turner... Hard to believe this is her first novel - the writing is that good.'West Australian 'The writing is sharp and suspenseful, the plot engaging, the characters enthralling. I'm hooked on Annie Hauxwell and hanging out for my next fix.' Angela Savage 'Hauxwell's novel has already caused a stir in the book world. Expect her gritty crime series to rival some of the Scandi-greats.' 'This is a brilliantly fast-paced novel, full of twists and turns and will have you utterly engrossed. I would highly recommend this to any lover of crime and look forward to more in the Catherine Berlin series.' The Tattooed Book 'This is a compelling book, full of nostalgic glances to the old East End of her father's time, back beyond the Krays to Limehouse before it was obliterated by Canary Wharf and its army of crooked bankers. It is a complex plot and well written.' Shots magazine 'Whilst it's not particularly unusual to have a flawed central protagonist, unapologetic ones are less common. Add being female, and that makes In Her Blood's Catherine Berlin a rather rare beast, and a very welcome one.'

download ebook in her blood pdf epub

La Donna Decker

Katrina's mother had taken her and her brother Todd on a few vampire hunts. She of course she thought that both Todd and her mother were crazy, until she meets a new boy at school, and her life is quickly changed. Everyone has secrets, but none quite like the Hollister's. Now she needs to find out who she can trust? Will even her best friend fit the bill?

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Lara Owen

Ancient reverence for the mystery and magic of menstruation has been replaced by silence, ignorance, and PMS jokes. Breaking the silence of the menstruation taboo, here is a pioneering and liberating exploration of the "M" in PMS. The powerful stories of three very different women help women recognize the power of their periods.

download ebook her blood is gold pdf epub

Lara Owen

We menstruate more now than at any time in human history. Girls are starting to menstruate earlier due to protein-rich diets and hormones in food; women are less likely to die young; we have fewer children and therefore spend less time not menstruating. Increased work and family stresses, in addition to more periods, mean that women are more physically and psychologically vulnerable to negative attitudes to menstruation. So it is more important than ever that we investigate ways to make our periods physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy.

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Tora Williams

Norman heiress, Matilda Comyn is desperate to escape her grasping guardian and reclaim her inheritance. After a lifetime of being let down by men, she wants to rule her lands on her own terms. She can’t escape without help and battles her mistrust when compelled to join forces with a Welsh spy. Huw Ap Goronwy has a rival claim to Matilda’s castle and has sworn a blood oath against the Comyns. When his king rules they must marry, he struggles to reconcile his attraction with his need for revenge. But they must form a truce if they are to seize their castle. Risking capture and death, they will only succeed if Matilda learns to trust, and Huw allows his love for Matilda to overcome his need for revenge.

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Kymberley Cook

Hearts drawn together, hands cannot touch. To be together, one must forsake her family, and one must poison himself. On a secluded farm in northern Arkansas's Boston Mountains, Thadacus, a vampire, happens to be passing through. Someone else magical steps out into the night air to gaze at the bright moon, a girl, Rhymee Stewart. Their encounter is no coincidence. Thad is drawn to Rhymee, and he soon discovers that several ancient forces are conspiring to kill her because of her family legacy. Thad devotes himself to protecting Rhymee, but the forces attacking her are beyond his power to control. Thadacus and Rhymee seem destined to be together, though it is painful for them to touch while Rhymee is still human. Their lives have long been connected, and it seems there is no way to live apart. Still, they are each the other's toxin; being with Thadacus will pull Rhymee away from her family, and Rhymee's very blood—which Thadacus must drink—could kill Thadacus. While she is human, she has deep magic coursing through her veins, which could react disastrously with vampire blood. As Rhymee is hunted by evil beings, time closes in on Thadacus's decision to take her life into his own hands. Rhymee longs to join Thadacus as a vampire, but she fears the separation from her family. In this new twist on the classic vampire tale, author Kymberly Cook fluidly weaves an original vampire mythology into the traditional lore. Western civilization comes together with ancient history and mythology, including Thor's hammer, druid priests, and the code of chivalry. Will these Rhymee and Thad go against nature and live together as vampires, or will Thad heedHer Blood's Warning?

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Faith Hunter

New York Times bestselling author Faith Hunter presents a comprehensive collection of stories starring everyone’s favorite “smart, sexy, and ruthless”* shapeshifting skinwalker... In this must-have collection of stories, experience nineteen thrilling adventures from the world of vampire-hunter Jane Yellowrock, including many fan favorites and two all-new novellas. Read about the first time Jane put the pedal to the metal in “The Early Years,” and the last thing a werewolf will ever see as Jane delivers justice in “Beneath a Bloody Moon.” Get a searing look into the pasts of some of the series’ best-loved characters: Beast in “WeSa and the Lumber King,” Rick LaFleur in “Cat Tats,” and Molly Everhart Trueblood in “Haints.” In the brand-new “Cat Fight,” the witches and vampires of Bayou, Oiseau, are at war over a magical talisman—and Jane must figure out how to keep the mysterious artifact out of the covetous hands of the Master of New Orleans. And in the never-before-published “Bound No More,” Jane welcomes a visit from Molly and her daughter, Angie, who is about to prove she’s the most powerful witch in Everhart history.... From the Big Easy to the bad bayou, from the open road to a vampire’s lair—with Jane Yellowrock, it’s always a given: have stakes, will travel. *New York Times Bestselling Author Kim Harrison

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Trinity Blasio

Elisa Martin was overweight, geeky and to top it all off, she was secretly madly in love with her stepbrothers ¬– wasn’t she the picture of a winner? After her mother married and was turned into a creature of the night that she’d always fantasied about, Elisa packed her bags and moved to Cleveland, Ohio needing to find out all she could about their race. What she wasn’t expecting was that her stepbrothers would follow a year later. They now claimed that she, and her boss, were their mates, but that’s not all. The leader of this new family unit that was forming around her was none other than Lancelot, the one and only knight from long ago. But that’s not all. There’s a surprise Halloween wedding, that turns out to be her’s and the guest list includes the king’s family. And, with all things royal, there’s always the threat of violence all around them as Elisa is not too sure she has what it takes to be their woman.

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Carla van der Spuy

What makes a woman kill? And how does it feel to share a cell with these murderers? Carla van der Spuy visits four female correctional facilities across South Africa and gets inside the heads of women who committed violent crimes. She visits the babies born behind bars, celebrates Christmas with the inmates and chats face to face with women who killed with knives, guns and hit men, as well as a kleptomaniac and a prostitute. Women with blood on their hands. What went so terribly wrong in their lives? And is there a person behind the criminal?