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Erica Sage

It’s bad enough that Nick’s sister is dead and, in some bizarre attempt to force him to confront his grief, his parents are shipping him off to Jesus Camp. But he’s also being haunted by the ghost of Jack Kerouac―who’s surprisingly annoying, for a genius. And if arguing with a dead beat poet weren’t enough to qualify Nick for antipsychotics, he’s pretty sure Eden Springs Church Camp is going to drive him insane. The campers ride donkeys into the desert campsite; a retired magician dressed as Jesus seems obsessed with converting him; and Nick’s practically shunned for uttering the words “Harry Potter.” Worst of all is the PC Box, into which every camper is required to place a nightly prayer or confession. In hopes of getting Jack to stop nagging him about it, Nick scribbles down his darkest secret―a secret about his sister’s death―and drops it in the box. But then the box is stolen, with Nick’s secret inside of it. When campers’ confessions start appearing around the camp, Nick is desperate to get the box back―before the world learns the truth about what he did. The truth he can’t even face, himself. Snarky, surreal, and insightful, Jacked Up is an astonishing debut about the strangeness of life, death, and grief, and the even stranger things we do to cope.

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Bill Lane

AN INSIDE LOOK AT THE GENIUS OF GE Bill Lane was Jack Welch's speechwriter for 20 years. In the first book by a GE insider, Lane shows that the real secret to Welch's immense success as a leader was Welch's ability as a master communicator. Welch launched a communications revolution that took GE from a ponderous supertanker of a company, to what Welch called a high speed “cigarette boat” capable of radical moves and rapid learning from the best institutions in the world. Jacked Up gives you a front row seat to Welch's twenty-year campaign to transform GE. Lane's first-hand, fly-on-the-wall account reveals some of Welch's most vivid and exciting moments, including: An analyst’s presentation in Florida, where Welch’s angry remarks ignited GE’s stock growth A packed GE classroom at Crotonville, N.Y., when Welch and Bob Nardelli decided to stop construction on a multimilliondollar investment based on a class presentation Welch’s frank—and hilarious—explanation for financial services superstar Gary Wendt’s departure from GE Meetings with his top advisors, where Welch dissed dull presenters and lavished kudos on articulate managers You'll learn Jack's simple, often brutally enforced guidelines for “making a great pitch”, and how Welch practiced them himself in his memorable appearances before employees, financial analysts and customers--and his zero-tolerance of BS. You'll witness laugh-out-loud-funny cameo appearances from boldface names like Southwest Airlines Herb Kelleher, Don Imus, Jack's ex-wife Jane Welch, Conan O'Brian, and “Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog”. And you'll understand exactly how every leader can master the art of communication, to teach and inspire, shock and provoke, all at the same time. This is Jack at his out-and-out best. This is the only book a leader or aspiring leader will ever need on effective communications.

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Jack J. Jackman

At age 9, he started out selling Mexican pottery that a truck driving neighbor smuggled over the border. Well, it wasn't actually smuggled merchandised, but he always had to think of it that way. He barely scraped together enough money for the first shipment. His mission was to sell all of his stock before the truck returned weekly from its long haul. After succeeding with his first startup, he continued to open and start up one business after another. Many of his early businesses failed due to lack of know how. But he kept going until he developed an easy to follow list of what to do and what not to do, to essentially ensure business success for any type of business large or small. But he never forgot what he learned with his first business. You have to have something to sell, if you don’t, you have to find something to sell. This can be information, books, software, furniture, or anything else. What you have to sell doesn't matter as long as you have something. Now you have to think of it the way Michael did at age 9, that is “what you have to sell is like a hot potato and you just caught it, time to get rid of it by selling it fast or you will get burned.” Michael learned how to write ad copy specifically for what he had to sell and how to sell it like ice cream in a desert. Secondly, you have to have a market – someone who wants your product. Thirdly, you have to send a message to this market that you have what they want. Then sell, sell, sell, all the while keeping up with growth, business bills, staff, personal bills, and the tax man. Michael Irvin learned this early and after making and spending millions of his own dollars and 11 years of staying up late, reading, and studying the best material he could buy. These secrets are shared in the books that he writes or co-authors under several different pseudonyms. He publishes his books under the series The Little Guys Way To Riches. I hope you enjoy the book. Look for others under Lucky Powers or

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Mark R Morris Jr

Part two of Jacked, the first book in the Origin Dime Chronicles.Being the protector of the Origin Dime is exhausting!Jack Kelly recently found out that he has super powers, or at least, he can do things that normal humans cannot, like hop between multiple parallel dimensions from the same location, and rewrite his current circumstances with his imagination. In short, Jack is an Aedapt, and he may be the last one existing in the Original Dimension, the one single universe from which all others diverge.So, what else would he do when his universe is threatened, but jump in a white, trans-dimensional, Volkswagen Rabbit and ride to the rescue with a hot Aedapt girl named Madison? But, when Jack’s newfound powers aren’t enough to stop nosher terrorists from capturing the girl and seizing his interdimensional transport, Jack is set on a race against a clock that is literally seared into his subconscious to save the girl by delivering a weapon that may mean the end of existence as we know it.Can Jack survive a romp through a maximum security nosher prison, fight off a full scale invasion of a Vegas casino and learn to manage his Aedapt abilities in time to save the girl and prevent a cataclysm of multiversal proportions, or will he take the easy way out and sacrifice the Origin Dime for a chance at love?Here is what pre-release reviewers had to say!_____________________________________________________________________________A madcap race for love and salvation featuring a great cast of characters and a wit that reminds us of Terry Pratchet and Douglas Adams. Jack Kelly is going to be a new favorite of mine!Georgia ChastainMorris takes multi-dimensional portal fiction into a whole new "dimension" with his stacked vertices theory! And, I love how unconventional he is. I happen to be a big fan of Vegas, so the scenes at New York New York were a blast for me to read! Keep it up. I'll definitely be back for more!Randal FrederickI'm not much of a Sci-Fi fan, but when a friend said I should join the beta read, I did. I'm glad. It made me laugh, creeped me out and kept my blood pumping until the last page. Could not put it down! Whoever compared this to Adams is wrong, I think this guy is better!Robert Fisher

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Katherine Irwin

In the context of two hundred years of American colonial control in the Pacific, Irwin and Umemoto shed light on the experiences of inner-city as well as rural girls and boys in Hawai'i. During their nine-year ethnographic study, teens openly discussed facing off against racism, sexism, poverty, and political neglect on a daily basis. The authors highlight how past injustices endure as challenging legacies in the present, prompting teens to fight for dignity and the chance to thrive in America - a country that the youth described as inherently "jacked up,""unjust," and "rigged" against them.  While the story begins with the youth battling multiple contingencies, it ends on a hopeful note, as we see the teens overcome numerous hardships, often with the help of steadfast, caring adults.

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L.A. Tripp

Learn what Jack did to the devil one year...and discover that they share the same bloodline!What possessed Jack, as a child, to do such a horrendous thing to his father? Will his father ever forgive him?

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Elle Aycart

Since James Bowen married Elle Cooper’s sister, tall dark and handsome Jack Copeland has become a permanent fixture in Elle’s life. A silent, rather annoying fixture, with his arrogant aloofness and my-way-or-the-highway attitude rubbing her the wrong way. So she does what any self-respecting woman would: aggravate the wits out of him. Party girl Elle Cooper is everything covert operative Jack Copeland doesn’t want in a woman. Outspoken, sassy. A smartass. Too bad when he closes his eyes, all his mind conjures up is her. To everyone else, he comes off as intimidating and unapproachable. Everyone except Elle. So he does what any self-respecting man would: stay the hell away from her. But when Elle gets herself in deep trouble, all of Jack’s protective instincts kick in, and keeping his distance is no longer an option.Elle’s already complicated life takes a downturn, and she’s given two choices: go to jail or stick with Jack.With Jack and Elle in such close proximity, sparks are flying all over the damn place and it’s only a matter of time before they ignite. The only question is, who will kill Elle first? The vicious drug cartel hunting her or Jack?

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Jack Pyle

This book will be helpful to anyone wanting to be at their best during job interviews, although it is geared especially toward college students. Learn tips to ace your first impression and other suggestions that will help you shine in your interviews. You should start getting ready several months in advance of your interviews to be at your best by practicing body language tips identified in the book. You also can prepare and practice answers to commonly asked interview questions to get ready in advance. The book recommends how to present yourself and what to say during your interviews, as well as what to do afterward. You can also use the information you learn here to be at your best at career fairs, networking at business conferences, and building business and personal relationships. The brief and simple tips you will learn will be helpful in improving communications throughout your life.

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Lorelei James

One hot-blooded cowgirl and one cool-headed businessman in a stripped-down, revved-up game of sexual truth or dare. As the lone girl in the prolific McKay family, Keely McKay doesn’t need another man giving her orders. What she does need is a restoration specialist to help her open her physical therapy clinic—and that expert is none other than buttoned-down, uptight Jack Donohue—her brother’s best friend and a certified pain in her Wranglers. Jack is this close to securing a career-defining project, until he learns his bachelor status puts him out of contention. When the notoriously hot-bodied-but-hot-tempered Keely begs him for help, he proposes a crazy idea; he’ll personally oversee her restoration—if she acts the part of his fiancée. Their sizzling lust overtakes common sense and suddenly they’ve gone from butting heads to knocking boots, but outside the bedroom they’re as mismatched as ever. The McKays remind Jack of the humble upbringing he left behind, and country girl Keely feels she doesn’t measure up to Jack’s big-city expectations. As the dust settles, Jack and Keely worry they’re not fooling anyone but themselves. Can they stop pretending long enough to see that they’ve stumbled on to the real deal?

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Samantha Kane

The secret about the Birmingham Rebels is out: With a girl in the middle, two mouth-watering football studs are better than one. Linebacker Sam Taylor feels like a ticking time bomb. He left the army with emotional wounds as fresh as the scars on his back. Sam’s been living like a monk, but his best friend, defensive lineman King Ulupoka, wants to get him laid. Easy for him to say. The larger-than-life Samoan is a hard-bodied, tribal-tattooed fantasy. Sam agrees, under one condition: King stays to watch. ER nurse Jane Foster is done being a good girl, and nothing says wild like picking up two of football’s sexiest players and bringing them back to your hotel room. Trouble is, she can’t decide which one she wants more. Sam is hot, sweet, and vulnerable. Jane’s more than willing to ride him into oblivion. But King’s intense gaze from across the room promises that the best is yet to come. Sure, King has had his choice of girls and guys in the past. That doesn’t mean he’ll jeopardize his relationship with Sam over a case of locker-room lust—until a naughty nurse pushes them both out of their comfort zones. Seeing Jane and Sam together turns King on more than he ever imagined. If they’re game, he’s ready to tackle a three-way play. Don’t miss any of Samantha Kane’s steamy Birmingham Rebels novels: BROKEN PLAY | CALLING THE PLAY | JACKED UPPraise for Jacked Up“Sweet, sultry, and oh so satisfying!”—The Jeep Diva “Sexy and raunchy and sweet. I simply melted reading their story.”—Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews “Erotically and emotionally charged . . . A strong plotline centering around PTSD and veterans gives the story a serious and appealing base.”—Heroes and Heartbreakers “This is absolutely the kinkiest pro football team around and I kind of love them for that.”—Smitten with Reading  “The Birmingham Rebels are one smoking-hot team. I can’t wait to see what the next book brings us.”—Once Upon an Alpha “If you want to read a highly enjoyable story about three people who find themselves and find love with each other, despite their vulnerabilities, this is a great story to read next!”—Harlequin Junkies (Top Pick)Praise for Samantha Kane “With her Birmingham Rebels series, Samantha Kane deftly blends football and sensual fantasy, and I can’t wait to read more!”—New York Times bestselling author Virna DePaul   “Samantha Kane writes the kind of books that suck you in and won’t let you put them down until you’re finished!”—USA Today bestselling author Kate Pearce   Jacked Up is intended for mature audiences. This ebook includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

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Penny McCall

When she accidentally ticks off the biggest drug lord in the western hemisphere, librarian Aubrey Sullivan, who is gifted with a photographic memory, must place her trust in rogue FBI agent Jack Mitchell, while trying to keep her hands to herself. Original.

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Jack J. Jackman

FOR LESS THAN THE COST OF A CUP OF COFFEE,. DISCOVER:: How to Add DOZENS of Positive Steps To Increase Muscle While Losing Fat.Want to improve your chances of success with your bodybuilding efforts, but don't have enough time to learn everything through experience? Right now you could easily think of a dozen ways to instantly improve your workout. Odds are, these ideas might take only a few minutes apiece to complete if you know what to do. The problem? You might feel like there's not enough time to learn to do all of them. One solution can be found using the power of "lean muscle stacking." One Routine + Multiple Sets (You can stack most of them) = Bodybuilding Strategy StackingWe all know it's not easy to add dozens of new high lever tasks to your day and do the simple tasks also. But what you might not realize is it's fairly easy to build a single new routine. The essence of lean muscle strategy stacking is to take a series of small tasks (reps) (like working on peak biceps or horseshoe shaped triceps) and build a highly ripped, powerful, and sexy body at the same. Lean Muscle Strategy stacking works because you eliminate the stress of trying to change too many things at once. Your goal is to simply focus on a singles set of tasks that only takes about 15 to 30 minutes each to complete. Within this set of tasks is a series of actions (or small changes). All you have to do is to create a checklist and follow it every single day. That's the essence of strategy stacking. LEARN: 97 Small Strategies that Can Change Your Bodybuilding SuccessIn the book "Pain FREE Bodybuilding" you will discover 97 quick tasks that can instantly improve your bodybuilding success. Plus you'll discover how to create a simple routine (managed by a checklist) that you repeat on a daily basis. Even better, you'll discover a few tools that will keep you motivated and consistent. So even if you're completely stressed out, you'll still find the time and energy to complete these actions on a consistent basis. By completing dozens of small tasks on a daily basis, you'll be able to make giant leaps forward in your fitness, business, strengthen your personal relationships, stay on top of your finances, get organized and improve your health. DOWNLOAD:: Strategy Stacking: 97 Small Tasks Changes That Take Five Minutes Or Less"Lean Muscle Strategy Stacking" contains a catalog of ideas you can use to take action in your life. You will learn: How Strategy Stacking Helps You Add MULTIPLE Small Changes8 Elements of a Strategy Stacking RoutineTwo Examples of a Strategy Stacking Routine8 Steps for Building a Strategy Stacking RoutineProductivity Small Changes (#1 to #17)Relationships Small Changes (#18 to #31)Finances Small Changes (#32 to #44)Organization Small Changes (#45 to #60)Spirituality & Mental Well being Small Changes (#61 to #84)Health & Physical Fitness Small Changes (#76 to #85)Leisure (Small Changes #86 to #97)Lean Muscle Stacking Disruptions and Challenges: What to Do!It is to add multiple changes to your weight room workout and life all at once. All you need to do is to add strategy stacking routines to your day. Would You Like To Know More?Download and start building powerful bodybuilding strategies into your workout today. Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button. Lean Bodybuilding, Starting out in weightlifting, Pain Free Bodybuilding

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Jerome Walford

Forward Comix’s Nowhere Man series closes out volume two with a 60-page, heart-pounding, thrill ride. Fans of the series will get pulled deeper into the mysterious origins of Zade. As Rose Yancey tries to keep a low profile, she struggles to even keep it together. Jack Maguire continues to master his powers, and has proven that he can defeat a small army, but will he survive against an army of one?

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L.A. Tripp

A little slice of heaven. You know...a hole-in-the-wall apartment, a vehicle that only breaks down once a week and, if fate smiles kindly, a good looking woman he can proudly take home to his parents. Tack on a decent job he doesn't hate to round out Jack's suburban life. Is that too much to ask? For Jack, it is.Can he overcome psychotic co-workers, a boss that covers the truth, and falling on the wrong side of the fence? Not to mention interfering parents, trying to climb the rat-race ladder, and a girl that knows a little too much about him.It all adds up to sleepless nights and a can of beans for his one meal per day.Will Jack get out of this?Reader beware: This has a cliff-hanger ending.

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By (author) Lorelei James

Jack Donohue is a certified pain in Keely McKay's Wranglers. Keely needs another man giving her orders like she needs a hole in her boot. What she does need is a restoration specialist so she can open her physical therapy clinic--and prove she's left her wild-child days behind.