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Linda Copping

Leaving Oz is about a paradigm shift away from the 'consensus reality' all are born into, it is about the discovery of a different road, which can lead one beyond Oz. The popular fairy tale book 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz', written by L Frank Baum, who he said was really written by someone he called the 'Great Author', is more than it appears on the surface, providing hidden gems of information, as if speaking in code, for those with 'ears to hear' and 'eyes to see'. Fairy tales and myth are indeed written in code to show a truth not told and expose a fiction passing as truth. Those who are either travelling the road of yellow brick already, or those who are about to take this journey, may relate. For all others, welcome.

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Richard Dry

In 1959, newly-widowed and pregnant Ruby Washington and her thirteen-year-old half brother, Easton, board a bus in rural South Carolina, destined for Oakland, California. There, far from the violent events that forced her to flee her home, Ruby hopes to make a new life for her family. Ruby gives birth to a daughter, Lida, and strives to raise the girl and Easton. But as their Oakland neighborhood changes during the turbulent 1960s, the three are driven apart by forces that Ruby cannot control. Easton becomes involved with civil rights activism and the Black Panthers; Lida, keeping a hurtful family secret to herself, spirals into a cycle of dependency and denial. Finally, Lida's sons Love LeRoy and Li'l Pit must fend for themselves in the inhospitable streets of America, leaving one city for another, searching for a home. Centered around three generations of a family and set against the larger dispossession of African-Americans, Leaving is a blend of history and intimately-observed everyday life-a remarkable debut novel.

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Sergio Gabriel Waisman

Leaving is a literary novel that traces the story of three migrations: a Jewish family's move from Poland to Argentina (between the two World Wars); part of that family's exit from Argentina to the United States (during the political upheavals of the 1970s); and the contemporary travels of the protagonist (the inheritor of all previous migrations) and his American girlfriend (and later fiancie) in the United States. The family memories take the reader to Buenos Aires, to the voyage from Leaving is a literary novel that traces the story of three migrations: a Jewish family's move from Poland to Argentina (between the two World Wars); part of that family's exit from Argentina to the United States (during the political upheavals of the 1970s); and the contemporary travels of the protagonist (the inheritor of all previous migrations) and his American girlfriend (and later fiancie) in the United States. The family memories take the reader to Buenos Aires, to the voyage from Poland to the Americas, to New York, Paris, Champaign/Urbana, Providence, Boulder, San Diego and San Francisco, among other places. In the process, Leaving explores what it means to be Jewish Latin American (Argentine, in this case), as well as what happened to that mixed heritage once it is exiled from South America in the U.S. The novel is written primarily in English, with some Spanish idioms scattered throughout; there is also one brief section (5 pages) that is entirely in Spanish, and purposefully left untranslated. Leaving is a unique novel, as it tells the stories of the family at its center, while exploring broader themes of memory, language and translation in issues of identity and cross-cultural communication.Latin American identity takes on specific aspects in this novel. With respect not only to Argentine culture, but also to the manifestations and memories of that Jewish Argentine culture once the main character in the novel have to leave Argentina and move to the United States after the military coup of 1976. In addition, the novel's very style and structure (an experimental, fragmented collection of interconnected narratives) seeks to mirror the difficulty in recounting and understanding past events, especially as they are distorted by conflicting versions of history and the uncertainty of memory itself, as well as by the changes in languages associated with each migration, with each "leaving."

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Karen Kingsbury

The Bailey Flanigan series begins with Bailey leaving Bloomington for the adventure of a lifetime. She has won an audition for the ensemble of a Broadway musical in New York City. She’s determined to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but is she really ready to leave family and friends for the loneliness of the city? And what of Cody? His disappearance has her worried about their future and praying that their love can survive. In order to be closer to his mother in jail, Cody takes a coaching job in a small community outside Indianapolis. New friends, distance, and circumstances expose cracks in his relationship with Bailey Flanigan. Love, loneliness, big opportunities, and even bigger decisions highlight the first book in the new Bailey Flanigan series that features members of the popular Baxter family and finally completes the Bailey Flanigan/Cody Coleman story.

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Rebecca Coates Nee

Leaving TV: A Guide to Life After News looks at midlife career changes and options for broadcasters who want more balanced lives. Offers more than 25 career choices and advice from 40 broadcasters who have successfully transitioned into other fields.

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Vaclav Havel

Chancellor Rieger is leaving office. But does leaving office necessarily mean that he, his mistress and his extended family have to leave the state villa, which has been their home for years? While his former secretary, and the former secretary to his former secretary, grapple with the mechanics of change and his family prepare to vace an uncertain future, the chancellor himself considers his legacy amid visits from journalists, an infatuated student and his arch-rival and possible successor, Patrick Klein. With echoes of both King Lear and The Cherry Orchard, Vaclav Havel's Leaving addresses the themes of change, dispossession and the transfer of power from one generation to the next. The play received its English-language world premiere at the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, in September 2008. Leaving is Vaclav Havel's first play since he was propelled to political office in 1989.

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Karen Kingsbury

Bailey Flanagan leaves Bloomington after winning an audition for a musical in New York City, but she becomes worried about leaving her life--and love Cody Coleman--behind.

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Sarah Masters

There comes a time when you just have to walk away. Langham has had enough of murder and mayhem. For too many years he’s dealt with the horrors of his job and it’s taking a toll on him. Now he’s got Oliver and is more settled in his private life, he doesn’t need to be married to his job anymore. Can he divorce himself from it, though? And what else would he do anyway? Like Oliver says, the job is Langham’s life. That’s no longer true—Oliver is his life these days, and Langham wants nothing more than to spend quality time with his lover. However, crime doesn’t stop just because Langham wants it to, and when a mysterious caller seems intent on drawing Langham into his weird and wicked web, Langham can’t say no. But he can say this is the last case and that he’ll be leaving the Force when it’s all wrapped up. The problem is, The Caller has so many women on his kill list that the case isn’t likely to end any time soon. And The he taunting Langham or reaching out for help? As bodies mount up and the calls become more frequent, The Caller realizes he may well be playing a game he should never have started—and that Langham will stop at nothing to bring him to justice.

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John Alberti

A study of the landmark television program The Simpsons which focuses on the show's dual roles as subversive political satire and mainstream mass media hit.

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Major Jackson

Leaving Saturn, chosen by Al Young as the winner of the Cave Canem Poetry Prize, is an ambitious and honest collection. Major Jackson, through both formal and free verse poems, renders visible the spirit of resilience, courage, and creativity he witnessed among his family, neighbors, and friends while growing up in Philadelphia. His poems hauntingly reflect urban decay and violence, yet at the same time they rejoice in the sustaining power of music and the potency of community. Jackson also honors artists who have served as models of resistance and maintained their own faith in the belief of the imagination to alter lives. The title poem, a dramatic monologue in the voice of the American jazz composer and bandleader Sun Ra, details such a humane program and serves as an admirable tribute to the tradition of African American art. Throughout, Jackson unflinchingly portrays our most devastated landscapes, yet with a vividness and compassion that expose the depth of his imaginative powers.

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Donna Gaines,InScribed,

The deepest longing of the human heart is to know and be known by God. God longs for an intimate relationship with us as well. But how do we develop that kind of relationship with a holy God? It is one thing to long for such a relationship, but quite another to experience intimacy with Him. In Leaving Ordinary, Donna Gaines shares from her personal experience how prayer can become the channel that links the believer’s heart to the heart of God. God gave the pattern of the tabernacle to the Israelites. It was a temporary and portable dwelling for His glory. Through it God taught them how to approach and worship Him before He led them to their reward—the promised land. Using the tabernacle and its articles as a guide, Donna teaches readers how to interact with God in that secret place of true intimacy that leads to worship. Your ordinary daily practice of prayer can become an extraordinary encounter with the living Lord. Leaving Ordinary is essential reading for anyone who desires to enter into and experience the reality of God’s presence. As you read, you will: Explore the tabernacle and discover how it can be a guide for prayer today. Learn how to gain a stronger, more intimate relationship with God. Develop your own personal prayer testimony as you experience His presence.

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Julian Barrie

Julian Barrie knows that it’s hard for men to find the women of their dreams and then sometimes even harder to keep them. He’s made keen observations over the years when it comes to women and engaging in serious relationships with them and has noted bits of wisdom to help any man about to embark upon such a journey. Do you ever wish you could go back in time to your teen years or early twenties and advise yourself on how to avoid life-changing mistakes involving women? Barrie provides humorous insights, including eleven commandments, regarding how to find, attract, and keep the woman of your dreams. Learn how to make decisions that will create a happy and peaceful existence with the love of your life. Let Chasing Women without Leaving Your Seat help you choose your life mate and guide you through the often tricky stages of friendship, courtship, relationship, nuptials, raising a family, and finally, retirement, while keeping the sparks of romance burning brightly.

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Jodi Picoult

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Includes the novella Larger Than Life Throughout her blockbuster career, Jodi Picoult has seamlessly blended nuanced characters, riveting plots, and rich prose, brilliantly creating stories that “not only provoke the mind but touch the flawed souls in all of us” (The Boston Globe). Now, in her highly anticipated new novel, she has delivered her most affecting work yet—a book unlike anything she’s written before. For more than a decade, Jenna Metcalf has never stopped thinking about her mother, Alice, who mysteriously disappeared in the wake of a tragic accident. Refusing to believe she was abandoned, Jenna searches for her mother regularly online and pores over the pages of Alice’s old journals. A scientist who studied grief among elephants, Alice wrote mostly of her research among the animals she loved, yet Jenna hopes the entries will provide a clue to her mother’s whereabouts. Desperate to find the truth, Jenna enlists two unlikely allies in her quest: Serenity Jones, a psychic who rose to fame finding missing persons, only to later doubt her gifts, and Virgil Stanhope, the jaded private detective who’d originally investigated Alice’s case along with the strange, possibly linked death of one of her colleagues. As the three work together to uncover what happened to Alice, they realize that in asking hard questions, they’ll have to face even harder answers. As Jenna’s memories dovetail with the events in her mother’s journals, the story races to a mesmerizing finish. A deeply moving, gripping, and intelligent page-turner, Leaving Time is Jodi Picoult at the height of her powers. Look for special features inside. Join the Random House Reader’s Circle for author chats and more. Praise for Leaving Time “Piercing and uplifting . . . a smart, accessible yarn with a suspenseful puzzle at its core.”—The Boston Globe “Poignant . . . an entertaining tale about parental love, friendship, loss.”—The Washington Post “A riveting drama.”—Us Weekly “[A] moving tale.”—People “A fast-paced, surprise-ending mystery.”—USA Today “In Jenna, [Jodi] Picoult has created an unforgettable character who will easily endear herself to each and every reader. . . . Leaving Time may be her finest work yet.”—Bookreporter “[A] captivating and emotional story.”—BookPage “With plenty of twists and a surprising ending, [Leaving Time] explores the grieving process and what happens when we cannot move on.”—Woman’s Day “A moving and emotional story.”—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “A truly engaging read . . . Full of the deep characters and multilayered story lines that have earned [Picoult] a spot in many readers’ hearts.”—Library Journal “Delivers a powerhouse ending.”—Booklist “Memorable and poignant.”—Publishers Weekly From the Trade Paperback edition.

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Lisa Grekul

“On our way home, we stopped in Vegreville for one last look at the Pysanka—and, posing in front of it while my dad pulled out his camera, I wanted to cry. Are we doomed? Click. Is this all we are? Click. How do we drag ourselves out from under the shadow of the giant egg? Click.” Conceived in a fervent desire for fresher, sexier images of Ukrainian culture in Canada, and concluding with a new reading of enduring cultural stereotypes, Leaving Shadows is the first Canadian book-length monograph on English Ukrainian writing, with substantive analysis of the writing of Myrna Kostash, Andrew Suknaski, George Ryga, Janice Kulyk Keefer, Vera Lysenko, and Maara Haas.

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Jessie C. Mejias

Leaving Home—Finding Home: My Journey from Shame to Sonship through Journaling is the first book of its kind, showing how God Himself brought inner healing by speaking into one woman’s life. In it, author Jessie Mejias shares how God counsels and heals her through journaling. The central theme of Leaving Home—Finding Home is healing through intimacy with God—an intimacy that develops as she writes out her conversations with Him. The author devotes several chapters to her background and childhood, but the heart of the book is Jessie’s actual journal. About her decision to share her journal verbatim, she says: "When the Lord first instructed me to write this book, my natural instinct was to transform the ramblings of my mind and heart into a nice, neat package that the reader could easily follow. However, as I prayed about His instructions, I felt very strongly that He wanted me to demonstrate how I received my healing through journaling itself." Jessie Mejias grew up in what she would have described as an “Ozzie and Harriet” kind of home—loving parents, close siblings, good schools, and a religion that dictated solid values. What she did not know was that beneath the surface lay a shaky foundation of dysfunctional family rules and generational patterns. As a young adult, Jessie watched her neat world crumble when two of her siblings succumbed to mental illness while the family stood by helplessly. Subsequently, her family scattered and she unwittingly married an abusive, alcoholic man. Her disastrous marriage precipitated her decision to give her life to Christ. But despite her newfound faith, at age 27 she found herself a single mother of two young sons. In the ensuing years, Jessie sought and found healing and growth through studying the Bible and receiving Christian counseling. Miraculously, she and her husband were remarried after seven years of separation and divorce. She became involved in teaching and leading Bible studies within her local church and was confident that she was already experiencing the abundant life that God promised to His children. However, when she decided to return to school to earn a degree in Christian counseling, God began to show her that she was still suffering from the traumas of her childhood, and that shame was an integral part of her life that He wanted to remove. This revelation launched her into an unprecedented time of accelerated healing that was to be the inspiration for this book. Leaving Home—Finding Home chronicles that journey from shame to sonship through one-on-one dialogue with God. Shame is a universal problem that is sometimes hard to pinpoint. We describe ourselves as embarrassed, shy, fearful, or hesitant, but we never actually understand that the source of these emotions is shame. Shame is a terrible feeling that we are a mistake; that somehow we were never supposed to exist. The author found that this feeling of shame was so deeply hidden in her heart that it was not until God began to unwrap her from her emotional chains that she could see that this was the true source of her poor self image. Jessie vividly describes her feelings of shame: "It was as if all my life I had been living in a slum that I would leave from time to time to go the nice clean neighborhood down the block—at first for short times, then for longer and longer periods of time—but inevitably I would end up at some point back in this dump. The sight of it would make me sick, but I did not know how to leave it completely behind." God Himself initiated this unique approach to inner healing as He took Jessie back to her childhood home and school and walked with her through each traumatic event of her young life, reaching deep into her heart to show her what was hidden there.

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Shane Yount

The authors of this book explain the differences between managing by the 3-Ps (Proximity, Position, and Persuasion) and the 3-Cs (Clarity, Consistency, and Connectivity). Leaders who employ the 3-Ps manage with a focus on the individual. Leaders who use the 3-Cs, however, manage by weaving personal leadership techniques with a process of managing the business or organization that has proven extremely effective during the decade since it was introduced. It's a way to lead a company or organization that leaves a legacy of sustained growth and success for those who come after the leader to latch onto and continue. The book is written as a business novel. What is learned on the protagonist's journey is expanded upon in a lesson at the conclusion of each chapter. Readers are then invited to assess their own legacy potential by completing a self-assessment. The management process this book contains is now being employed successfully not only by small and medium size businesses, but also by Fortune 500 companies, successful municipalities, and the United States Army.

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Lyn Andrews

At the close of the First World War, two sisters' battles are only just beginning... The Leaving of Liverpool is a poignant saga about the friendship between sisters, dangerous men and true love in post-World War I Liverpool, from bestselling author Lyn Andrews. Perfect for fans of Sheila Newberry and Josephine Cox. It is 1919 and Liverpool has been devastated by World War I. Sons, husbands and fathers have been lost and street after street plunged into mourning. Now, at last, the war is finally over. Emily Parkinson goes back into service and enjoys the return to normality. But Emily's younger sister, Phoebe-Anne, has ideas beyond her station. Working as a lady's maid, Phoebe-Ann hopes that one day she will be more than just a confidante to her mistress's shell-shocked brother James Mercer. When Emily is brutally attacked, the sisters' lives come close to ruin. Phoebe-Ann is forced to leave the Mercer household and falls into the arms of Jake Malone, of the notorious Malone clan. But as Emily slowly recovers it seems that Phoebe-Anne might just be able to escape the mistakes of her past after all - even if it does mean leaving Liverpool... What readers are saying about The Leaving of Liverpool: 'Really enjoyed every moment of this book. It's a page turner right from the start' 'Excellent read - five stars'

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Tara Altebrando

Eleven years ago, six five-year-olds went missing without a trace. After all this time, the people left behind have moved on, or tried to. Until today. Now five of those kids are back. They're sixteen, and they are ... fine. Scarlett comes home and finds a mother she barely recognises, and doesn't really know who she's supposed to be, either. But she remembers Lucas. Lucas remembers Scarlett, too, but they can't recall where they've been or what happened to them. Neither of them remember the sixth victim, Max. He doesn't come back and everyone wants answers. Addictive and unforgettable, The Leaving seethes with rich characters, tense storytelling and high stakes.

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Barbara E. Lovitts

Graduate schools have faced attrition rates of approximately 50 percent for the past 40 years. They have tried to address the problem by focusing on student characteristics and by assuming that if they could make better, more informed admissions decisions, attrition rates would drop. Yet high attrition rates persist and may in fact be increasing. Leaving the Ivory Tower thus turns the issue around and asks what is wrong with the structure and process of graduate education. Based on hard evidence drawn from a survey of 816 completers and noncompleters and on interviews with noncompleters, high- and low-Ph.D productive faculty and Directors of Graduate study, this book locates the root cause of attrition in the social structure and cultural organization of graduate education.