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John R. Stilgoe

The fire extinguisher; the airline safety card; the lifeboat. Until September 11, 2001, most Americans paid homage to these appurtenances of disaster with a sidelong glance, if at all. But John Stilgoe has been thinking about lifeboats ever since he listened with his father as the kitchen radio announced that the liner Lakonia had caught fire and sunk in the Atlantic. It was Christmas 1963, and airline travel and Cold War paranoia had made the images of an ocean liner’s distress—the air force dropping supplies in the dark, a freighter collecting survivors from lifeboats—seem like echoes of a bygone era. But Stilgoe, already a passionate reader and an aficionado of small-boat navigation, began to delve into accounts of other disasters at sea. What he found was a trunkful of hair-raising stories—of shipwreck, salvation, seamanship brilliant and inept, noble sacrifice, insanity, cannibalism, courage and cravenness, even scandal. In nonfiction accounts and in the works of Conrad, Melville, and Tomlinson, fear and survival animate and degrade human nature, in the microcosm of an open boat as in society at large. How lifeboats are made, rigged, and captained, Stilgoe discovered, and how accounts of their use or misuse are put down, says much about the culture and circumstances from which they are launched. In the hands of a skillful historian such as Stilgoe, the lifeboat becomes a symbol of human optimism, of engineering ingenuity, of bureaucratic regulation, of fear and frailty. Woven through Lifeboat are good old-fashioned yarns, thrilling tales of adventure that will quicken the pulse of readers who have enjoyed the novels of Patrick O’Brian, Crabwalk by Günter Grass, or works of nonfiction such as The Perfect Storm and In the Heart of the Sea. But Stilgoe, whose other works have plumbed suburban culture, locomotives, and the shore, is ultimately after bigger fish. Through the humble, much-ignored lifeboat, its design and navigation and the stories of its ultimate purpose, he has found a peculiar lens on roughly the past two centuries of human history, particularly the war-tossed, technology-driven history of man and the sea.

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Stephen Studach

*** Please note that 10% of the author's royalties from sales of this ebook are donated to the RSPCA *** It is 1939 and, in an escalating climate of world war, an ocean liner is sunk in the Atlantic by what some of the survivors will believe was a German torpedo attack. After the sinking and a storm at sea the story focuses on one group: three women, one boy and nine men. Those aboard lifeboat 7. Though the situation of the varied group is precarious, they are at least lodged in a seaworthy craft, equipped with a goodly amount of rations, and have four ship’s men as part of their number. But those aboard the ill-fated lifeboat will gradually find that they have more than the elements and the limits of their stores, resilience and adaptability to imperil them. For there is another, initially unseen, foe close by them which will prove their greatest threat. A sadistic, merciless and disturbingly aware life form that lurks in the pervasive element of the water. A devil in the deep blue sea. It starts with an uncanny sea mist and a body drifting face down in the water… Then, two of the boat’s survivors disappear… Soon the fearsome horror from the sea begins its campaign of terror and brutal butchery in earnest. In sudden, horrific and bizarre attacks the attrition rate steadily rises as the devil claims its due, one by one, from the terrified, all but defenceless compliment of the boat. Horror, madness, bloody violence and desperate acts of survival ensue. The tormented passengers are privy only to the furthest black extremities of that which stalks and reaps them; swift, hideously strong tentacles that soon represent inescapable, inevitable pain and destruction to those on board. Their unknown enemy is also perverse in the extreme, cruel and cunning. The dwindling group must pit themselves against a monstrous and unearthly torturer, that can even invade the very minds of those it threatens. Its glistening tentacles prove to be the merest tips of an ebon iceberg of terror.

download ebook lifeboat pdf epub

Felix R. Savage,Bill Patterson

Stranded on Europa, a broken crew of astronauts must defeat an alien menace to get home. After two years aboard the Spirit of Destiny, tensions among the elite international crew are at breaking point. Despite the obvious need to stay professional and united, as they approach the mysterious alien spaceship orbiting Europa, pilot Jack Kildare is acutely aware that not all the members of the crew may wish the best for the mission. There may be a saboteur on board, and he knows of at least one spy: the astrophysicist Skyler Taft. An attack from long range alien weaponry cripples the Spirit of Destiny, forcing Jack to disobey orders to save the ship. Now he has to face the fact that the broken crew is the least of his worries. With the risky maneuver that saved the ship putting him dead center of the commander's crosshairs, and the crew attempting to hold together the tattered remnants of their unity to investigate the alien spaceship, Jack finds himself selected for the most dangerous mission of all... descending to Europa's surface to find out what lurks under the ice. As the voyage of discovery unravels into a desperate battle for survival, Jack races the clock to decode the secrets behind the alien intrusion. Will he find the truth in time to save the crew? Or will the thin threads of companionship snap under the strain of Skyler Taft gunning for his knowledge... or his blood? ABOUT LIFEBOAT Lifeboat is the second book of a fast-paced trilogy of technothrillers. It contains hard science fiction elements in the tradition of The Martian and other science-based thrillers. You won't need a calculator to follow the story, but if you'd like to build a spaceship to the Spirit of Destiny's specifications, it really will take you to Jupiter! ($300 billion budget not included.) Shiplord, the third book in the Earth's Last Gambit Trilogy, will be published soon.

download ebook lifeboat pdf epub

Zacharey Jane

When they brought them in, the couple looked older than anyone I had ever seen before. They had been rescued, or at least found, in a wooden vessel, a lifeboat, two miles offshore, washed into our waterways with the bottles, barrels, dead birds and other flotsam and jetsam of this planet.A man and a woman are found at sea in pirate-infested waters, with no memory of who they are or how they got there. They are entrusted to the care of a young interpreter, who is given two weeks to discover their identitites before the worst is assumed. With only their dreams to guide her, the interpeter struggles to reveal the truth. But some truths are best left forgotten. The Lifeboat is a fresh and vibrant tale of mystery and discovery, and the search for belonging.

download ebook lifeboat pdf epub

Seymour B. Buggs

On his last day as a resident in psychiatry, Dr. Jorch Karson decided to entertain his therapy group with a lighthearted game of lifeboat. The object is to observe the process by which the members discern who in the group would be expendable if only a specified number could survive. Dr. Vanderwillt, an elderly, male patient, is jokingly rebuffed by some of the younger group members, who imply that because of his age, he should not object to being dumped overboard. In retaliation, the incensed Dr. Vanderwillt proclaims that there is one thing far worse than getting old; not having the choice. The story, Lifeboat, is about a young, naïve doctor who, with the encouragement of a very charming program coordinator, becomes unwittingly involved in a program called GRFL, or “Gentle Relief from Life.” The program is comparable to the end of life, as planned parenthood is to the beginning. Despite being assured that the program was only In the profile development phase, Dr. Karson soon has reason to suspect that some Patients were turning up as victims of tragic accidents. Like a gemologist, who appraises the quality of precious stones, Dr. Karson considered himself an expert in appraising the quality of his fellowman’s reality. But soon, he began to question the quality of his own reality. With trepidation, Dr. Karson finally admits that he is in a situation where the guardrail between right and wrong is absent. He has accepted a job that courted his expertise, but only needs and wants his credentials.

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L. E. Johnson

A Tale of Titanic Lifeboat # 15 Bert Johns was a quiet young man. He came to America to start a new life. His story, although new to us, has been told for the past 100 years in his hometown of Hardin, Lebanon. His family relates that he was deeply affected by the sinking of Titanic, as we can all imagine. He was consumed by thoughts of it every day of the 40 years he lived after Titanic. He was a very sad man. He told his story to very few people, for he was harassed and tormented for saving himself in a lifeboat half full of people. He moved to Marlette, Michigan after working three years in factories in Port Huron. Marlette must have seemed as far away from Titanic as any place in the world. I was told the story of Bert Johns and Titanic by friends, Marlette attorney, Ward Atkins, and Bert’s friend and business associate, Earl Ingram back in 1985. He requested of these friends that his story not be told until 50 years after his death, for the sake of his family. Bert died in 1952. A hundred years have passed since the sinking of the mighty Titanic. She lies now at the bottom of the sea. Bert’s story can now be told. I am proud to be able to tell it. “The Ropes of the Past Ring The Bells of the Future ...” -Carl Sandburg

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Margaret Dickinson

Lifeboat! is the tense and dramatic story of the dangers faced by a rescue crew from Margaret Dickinson. In a holiday resort on the Lincolnshire coast at a Bank Holiday weekend the last thing Iain Macready, coxswain of the lifeboat, wants is a spate of hoax calls. But he and his crew have to deal with these just as they have to answer the genuine calls that inevitably come at holiday time. When a storm breaks over Saltershaven, Macready's own daughter is missing at sea in a sailing dinghy, whilst duty obliges Macready to set course away from the area where she may be to answer a distress call from a coaster.

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Susan Hood

In the tradition of The War That Saved My Life and Stella By Starlight, this poignant novel in verse based on true events tells the story of a boy’s harrowing experience on a lifeboat after surviving a torpedo attack during World War II. With Nazis bombing London every night, it’s time for thirteen-year-old Ken to escape. He suspects his stepmother is glad to see him go, but his dad says he’s one of the lucky ones—one of ninety boys and girls to ship out aboard the SS City of Benares to safety in Canada. Life aboard the luxury ship is grand—nine-course meals, new friends, and a life far from the bombs, rations, and his stepmum’s glare. And after five days at sea, the ship’s officers announce that they’re out of danger. They’re wrong. Late that night, an explosion hurls Ken from his bunk. They’ve been hit. Torpedoed! The Benares is sinking fast. Terrified, Ken scrambles aboard Lifeboat 12 with five other boys. Will they get away? Will they survive? Award-winning author Susan Hood brings this little-known World War II story to life in a riveting novel of courage, hope, and compassion. Based on true events and real people, Lifeboat 12 is about believing in one another, knowing that only by banding together will we have any chance to survive.

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Paul Edwards,Sarah Edwards

A comprehensive guide to safeguard your livelihood, income, and standard of living through the ups and downs of any economy. Most Americans, no matter what their economic circumstances, identify themselves as middle class. A recent Gallup poll showed that 63% consider themselves upper-middle or middle class. And they are feeling burned out and squeezed, under pressure to bring home more and more money just to maintain their standard of living. Middle Class Lifeboat is an answer to that pressure, a comprehensive guide to living a more stress-free lifestyle. Part I: Safeguarding Your Livelihood: profiles the 53 best jobs to have to be self- sufficient whether the economy is up or down. Part II: Safeguarding Your Income: 6 ways to extend your earnings, that don't always involve money. Part III : Safeguarding Your Standard of Living: 10 off-the-grid lifestyle choices to increase your quality of life

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Bernie Webber

Lightships, Lighthouses and Lifeboat Stations is part history book, part memoir, written by Bernie Webber, recipient of the Coast Guard’s highest award, the Gold Life-saving Medal, and hero of the Disney movie The Finest Hours. While the public will recognize Webber’s name from the movie and the bestselling book by the same name, few people know that during his lengthy Coast Guard career he served on lightships (ships anchored in dangerous areas to warn other vessels of hazards) in addition to lifeboat stations (small boat rescue stations) and lighthouses. Webber poses the following question: “How did the lightship men cope with the isolation, constant loneliness, boredom, fear, or just sheer terror? All were part of life on board a lightship. Rough seas tossed the ship about, rearing up and down the anchor chain. This was a world of isolation, noise from operating machinery, and blasts from the powerful foghorn that went on for hours, sometimes days, at a time.” Webber answers that question in this book, drawing on a combination of personal experience and meticulous historical research. Discussions of men going mad, lightships being run down by larger ships, anchor chains breaking, and lightships cast upon shoals are offset with humorous stories and the author’s reflections on his best days at sea. Webber also explains some of the heroic actions of a few lightship men over the years, and points out that they received no recognition at the time. The isolation these men faced was intense, but they learned to make do with what they had. Fourteen historic photos are included, as well as a Foreword by Michael Tougias.

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Elizabeth Kaye

When the Titanic started sinking, who would make it off alive? The two cousins who had been so eager to see their first iceberg? The maid who desperately tried to escape with the baby in her care? The young newlyweds whoÕd booked passage despite warnings not to? One hundred years after that disastrous and emblematic voyage, Elizabeth Kaye reveals the extraordinary, little-known story behind one of the first lifeboats to leave the doomed ship. Told in real time and in the actual voices of survivors, KayeÕs poignant, pulse-pounding narrative includes the story of the Countess of Rothes, the wealthiest woman on the ship, bound for California, where she and her husband planned to start an orange farm. It was the Countess, dressed in ermine and pearls, who took command of Lifeboat No. 8, rowing for hours through the black and icy water. In the words of one of the TitanicÕs crew, she was Òmore of a man than any we have on board.Ó At the heart of KayeÕs tale is a budding romance between the CountessÕs maid, Roberta Maioni, and the TitanicÕs valiant wireless operator, Jack Phillips. While Roberta made it safely onto Lifeboat No. 8, holding nothing but a photo of Jack she had run back to her cabin to retrieve, he remained on the ship, where he would send out the worldÕs first SOS signal. But would it be received in time to save his life? Surviving that fateful night in the North Atlantic was not the end of the saga for those aboard Lifeboat No 8. Kaye reveals what happened to each passenger and crew member and how the legendary maritime disaster haunted them forever. A century later, weÕre still captivated by the Titanic and its passengers. With its skillful use of survivorsÕ letters, diaries, and testimonies, ÒLifeboat No. 8Ó adds a dramatic new chapter to the ongoing story.

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When three French sailors were rescued after 13 days adrift in the Pacific, they attributed their survival and rescue to a manual required aboard all French lifeboats. That manual has now been translated into English and is here available to the American public. Survivors and professionals alike wholeheartedly recommend this priceless guide for everyone venturing to sea. 150 drawings. 2 ocean-current charts. Plotting tool.

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Charlotte Rogan

I was to stand trial for my life. I was twenty-two years old. I had been married for ten weeks and a widow for six. It is 1914 and Europe is on the brink of war. When a magnificent ocean liner suffers a mysterious explosion en route to New York City, Henry Winter manages to secure a place in a lifeboat for his new wife Grace. But the survivors quickly realize the boat is over capacity and could sink at any moment. For any to live, some must die. Over the course of three perilous weeks, the passengers on the lifeboat plot, scheme, gossip and console one another while sitting inches apart. Their deepest beliefs are tested to the limit as they begin to discover what they will do in order to survive.

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Mark Nestmann

On every front, 24 hours a day, you and your wealth face threats of an intensity that would have been unimaginable only a few short years ago. A sinister marriage of law and technology has made the pervasive and continuous surveillance that George Orwell warned of a reality. Identity thieves, greedy lawyers and the government have been quick to exploit this fast-evolving global surveillance network: - Data thieves can hijack your PC with easy-to-use hacking tools that even a 10-year old can master. After stealing your log-on passwords, they can drain your bank accounts. - If someone has a grudge against you, he can learn whether you're "worth suing" with a few clicks of a mouse. Hundreds of Web sites offer asset-tracking services to find your real estate ownership records, bank account balances, and much more. - Secret government data mining programs monitor your personal and financial activities 24 hours a day for "suspicious transactions." One oversight--becoming friends on Facebook with a suspected terrorist, withdrawing too much cash, unknowingly renting property to someone with a criminal background, etc.--and you could find yourself under arrest and your assets frozen. . Fortunately, you CAN fight back. You can secure your PC to make it virtually invulnerable to hackers. You can legally create international "lifeboats" of wealth and privacy that are practically invulnerable to snooping. You can understand what the government regards as suspicious ... and avoid raising your profile unnecessarily. The Lifeboat Strategy (2011) shows you exactly what you need to do to counter today's threats to wealth and privacy. It documents today's unprecedented threats to wealth and privacy and reveals hundreds of completely legal strategies to deal with them: private investments, opportunities, and strategies inside--and outside--the United States. And, it's written in language you can understand and put to work to protect yourself and your family. Special bonus report accompanying The Lifeboat Strategy (2011): How to Find Your Own Safe Haven Offshore. In this report, you you'll learn: - The 11 countries best suited for wealth preservation - Which countries offer the most to prospective immigrants? - How to legally purchase a second passport-and why you might want to. - In the current economic crisis, which "asset havens" will survive--or not? As the U.S. dollar collapses and the world moves into fiscal chaos, planning your own "escape from America" has never been more important. And this free special bonus report shows you, step-by-step, how to proceed.