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Ken Hultman

Do you want to fulfill your destiny? The purpose of life is to discover and fulfill your reason for livingyour destiny. Everyone has unique talents and abilities needed to make our world a better place for all. Developing and fully utilizing those abilities is the odyssey of a lifetime. Moving toward destiny takes self-awareness, determination, courage, and faith. Intended for individuals who want a more empowered, vibrant, and purposeful life, this scholarly and deeply penetrating book is packed with useful insights and suggestions, along with numerous practical tools and instruments that help you do the following: Understand destiny and its role in defining your self-concept Clarify your destiny and how it can be fulfilled Use destiny as a criterion for evaluating choices and actions Learn the factors that support and hinder movement toward destiny Identify and overcome specific barriers to destiny

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Alonzo L. Hamby,L Hamby

No president looms larger in twentieth-century American history than Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and few life stories can match his for sheer drama. He was a man of large personality and a president of vast and enduring accomplishments. Yet, as the distinguished historian Alonzo Hamby argues, FDR’s record as president was more mixed than we are often led to believe. Roosevelt was a great politician and war leader, but the New Deal, his most famous legacy, failed to achieve its goal of reviving the nation’s economy, in no small measure because of FDR’s hostility toward the business and financial communities. Hamby is no less perceptive about FDR’s private life. Drawing on overlooked sources, he documents the president’s final months in intimate detail, claiming that his perseverance despite his serious illness must be counted as one of the twentieth century’s great feats of endurance. Man of Destiny is a measured account of the life, both personal and public, of the most important American leader of the twentieth century.

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Andrzej Sapkowski

The New York Times bestselling series that inspired the international hit video game: The Witcher. Geralt is a witcher, a man whose magic powers, enhanced by long training and a mysterious elixir, have made him a brilliant fighter and a merciless assassin. Yet he is no ordinary murderer: his targets are the multifarious monsters and vile fiends that ravage the land and attack the innocent. This is a collection of short stories, following the adventures of the hit collection THE LAST WISH. Join Geralt as he battles monsters, demons and prejudices alike... Witcher collectionsThe Last WishSword of Destiny Witcher novelsBlood of Elves The Time of Contempt Baptism of Fire The Tower of SwallowsLady of the Lake The Malady and Other Stories: An Andrzej Sapkowski Sampler (e-only) Translated from original Polish by David French

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JH Fletcher

Lucia Visconti is feted in opera houses around the world. But it has been a long and arduous journey to the top and her personal life is a disaster ... Born to an Australian father and Italian mother in the Mallee country in the 1920s, Lucia is taken to Italy by her mother shortly before World War II. Trained at the word-famous Toscanini Conservatorium, she survives the horrors of war to become the world's greatest dramatic soprano. But she quarrels with her domineering mother, and spends years separated from her true love, while accusations of wartime collaboration threaten to destroy her reputation. It is only when she discovers the love she can truly give to others that Lucia is able to come to terms with her own past. Inspired by the lives of great singers such as Maria Callas, in a superb piece of storytelling Voice of Destiny lays bare what it means to be a woman and an artist in a world in conflict.

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Jerry King

Why is it so easy for certain people to obtain success in their career? This guide seeks to enhance your understanding of the potential and capabilities given to us at birth. Trapped inside of you, waiting to be realised, is an incredible potential. Using the year, month, day, and hour of your birth, you can use the ancient Chinese astrological method of Four Pillars to systematically map out the blueprint of your life in matters of health, wealth, career, love, and happiness. Learn how the fi ve-element theory, cosmic flow, combinations, the Ten Gods, and special stars pertain to the context of your career, potential, and wealth. Grounded in real-life case studies, the infl uence of cosmic energy on your choice of career and many aspects of life is explained. This manual also teaches you how to interpret the indicators in your life so you’ll know when to take risks—and when you should be conservative. Have you ever wondered just how energy factors into your choices? And how you should choose a career that will truly fulfi ll your interests, skills, and talents? You will learn to see the crucial role that energy and fl ow play in creating opportunities for success, timing of investments, and job satisfaction.

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John Charvet

The belief in equality as the basis of a just society is fundamental to the dominant western, liberal viewpoint. Yet, the standard individualist justification for it is weak and contradictory. This book provides a radically new communitarian account of the value of equality and establishes it's proper limits.

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In this guide, author Samuel explores how the Bible can help you live a more fulfilling life and help you achieve your destiny. His premise is that, as with the life of Jesus, every person’s life is arranged like a book; there will be chapters in the life of every individual. When you seek to connect the chapters of your life to those of Jesus’s life, you can master anything. By moving closer to the Lord and applying the lessons provided in this guidebook, you can • accomplish your life’s mission in a timely manner;• handle challenges in each phase of your pursuit;• harness the power of the Holy Spirit in everyday life; and• remain one of God’s chosen in this life and in the next. While every person’s destiny is different and the challenges we face vary, every single one of us is living a life that mirrors that of our Lord Jesus Christ. If we seek to follow His example and take His teachings to heart, we can master the Chapters of Destiny.

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Gene Baldwin

Brian finds himself in the middle of the most rogorous flight training in the world. He left his home in the small college town of Ruston, Alabama and reports to flight training, a fascinating new world of challenges and adventure. Hes confronted with the anxiety of leaving Anne Merrill after only three weeks together before he left. There was an immediate chemistry between them, accentuated by the short time available to them. The separation from Anne and other influences on her life pull them apart. During a leave between basic and advanced training, while visiting Collinwood, Brian experiences the inexorable hold on Anne by Judge Mc Bride and his son. Fortunately, he shares a deep friendship with Lori Barnes which mitigates his despair. Brian and his mother have never been able to break down the barriers built over the years following the divorce and his fathers death. The relationship is strained with his asseptance into flight training. The intensity of pilot training produces a bond of four cadets to accomplish their common goal. Their friendship transcends the usual bond of fellowship as they become a close-knit fellowship known as The Group. They overcome the barriers to becoming a pilot -- washouts, accidents, fear, and death. They finally join the elite brotherhood of fighter pilots. A chance meeting between Anne and Brian, during his leave following graduation, immediately rekindles the old fires. They become engaged and Anne goes with Brian to San Francisco to spend the last fervid days together before he leaves for Korea and the war. Korean combat is disturbing to Brian as he and his radar observer come face-to-face with their own mortality and that of his friends. The rigors of an air war over a godforsaken country, coupled with the separation from Anne, causes some adjustment in Brians thinking. Aggressiveness and confidence in the air sets him apart as one of those that has the fighter pilot mentality. Anne, however, cannot adjust to the strains of the separation, the war, and writes Brian that shes breaking the engagement. He maintains contact with the ever-loyal Lori. On an R&R leave to Nagoya, Japan, Brian has a chance meeting with Maggie Compton, a nurse who is lonely and as vulnerable as Brian. The pressures and timing of the encounter place them in a night of passion. They try to see each other again, but the war keeps them apart. Shortly after beginning their second combat tour, Brian and his radar observer are shot down over North Korea. Injured, tired, and their strength waning, they evade capture until met by South Korean troops who get them back to the American sector and subsequently flown to a hospital in Japan. Brian sees Maggie one last time at the hospital in Japan where she is also assigned. As Brian recuperates in the hospital, he realizes his war is over, both physically and mentally. Its time to go home. Back in the States, his reunion with Lori helps him readjust to a tranquility he had not known for a long time. He finds the truth about his fathers death, and they reconcile some of the problems that drove a wedge in their relationship. Believing that Anne and Brian are still in love, and unknown to both, Lori arranges a chance meeting for them.

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James Allen

There is, and always has been, a widespread belief in Fate, or Destiny, that is, in an eternal and inscrutable Power which apportions definite ends to both individuals and nations. But, contradictory as it may appear, there is an equally widespread belief in man's responsibility as a free agent. This dual experience of fate on the one hand, and freedom on the other, has given rise to the interminable controversy between the believers in Fatalism and the upholders of free will. Man is the doer of his own deeds; as such he is the maker of his own character; and as the doer of his deeds and the maker of his character, he is the molder and shaper of his destiny.

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Georg Lukács

György Lukacs was a Hungarian Marxist philosopher, writer, and literary critic who shaped mainstream European Communist thought. Soul and Form was his first book, published in 1910, and it established his reputation, treating questions of linguistic expressivity and literary style in the works of Plato, Kierkegaard, Novalis, Sterne, and others. By isolating the formal techniques these thinkers developed, Lukács laid the groundwork for his later work in Marxist aesthetics, a field that introduced the historical and political implications of text. For this centennial edition, John T. Sanders and Katie Terezakis add a dialogue entitled "On Poverty of Spirit," which Lukács wrote at the time of Soul and Form, and an introduction by Judith Butler, which compares Lukács's key claims to his later work and subsequent movements in literary theory and criticism. In an afterword, Terezakis continues to trace the Lukácsian system within his writing and other fields. These essays explore problems of alienation and isolation and the curative quality of aesthetic form, which communicates both individuality and a shared human condition. They investigate the elements that give rise to form, the history that form implies, and the historicity that form embodies. Taken together, they showcase the breakdown, in modern times, of an objective aesthetics, and the rise of a new art born from lived experience.

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Melvyn L. Fein

If the truth be known, I am only a partially reformed idealist. In the secret depths of my soul, I still wish to make the world a better place and sometimes fantasize about heroically eradicating its faults. When I encounter its limitations, it is consequently with deep regret and continued surprise. How, I ask myself, is it possible that that which seems so fight can be a chimera? And why, I wonder, aren't people as courageous, smart, or nice as I would like? The pain of realizing these things is sometimes so intense that I want to close my eyes and lose myself in the kinds of daydreams that comforted me as a youngster. One thing is clear, my need to come to grips with my idealism had its origin in a lifetime of naivet6. From the beginning, I wanted to be a "good" person. Often when life was most treacherous, I retreated into a comer from whence I escaped into reveries of moral glory. When I was very young, my faith was in religion. In Hebrew school, I took my lessons seriously and tried to apply them at home. By my teen years, this had been replaced by an allegiance to socialism. In the Brooklyn where I grew up, my teachers and relatives made this seem the natural course. When I reached my twenties, however, and was obliged to confront a series of personal deficiencies, psychotherapy shouldered its way to the fore.

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Dianne Gaudet

With life charging at warp speed in a 24/7, on-demand world vying for every ounce of energy, is it any wonder we hunger for more meaning and balance. Like many others, I tried to do it all, only to realize I was far too busy making a living instead of living with balance and joy. I share with you a holistic process and stories that will inspire you to transform your own life. If you’re ready to live intentionally and to respond more effectively to the incessant demands that get in the way, this book is for you. Refuel your passions and create possibilities to live on purpose while you provide a living legacy for those who are blessed to be part of your life.

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Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

Surging from the ontopoietic vital timing of life, human self-consciousness prompts the innermost desire to rise above its brute facts. Imaginatio creatrix inspires us to fabulate these facts into events and plots with personal significance attempting to delineate a life-course in life-stories within the ever-flowing stream – existence. Seeking their deep motivations, causes and concatenations, we fabulate relatively stabilized networks of interconnecting meaning – history. But to understand the meaning and sense of these networks’ reconfigurations call for the purpose and telos of our endless undertaking; they remain always incomplete, carried onwards with the current of life, while fluctuating with personal experience in the play of memory. Facts and life stories, subjective desires and propensities, the circumambient world in its historical moves, creative logos and mythos, personal freedom and inward stirrings thrown in an enigmatic interplay, prompt our imperative thirst for the meaning of this course, its purpose and its fulfillment – the sense of it all. To disentangle all this animates the passions of the literary genius. The focus of this collection is to isolate the main arteries running through the intermingled forces prompting our quest to endow life with meaning. Papers by: Jadwiga Smith, Lawrence Kimmel, Alira Ashvo-Munoz, William D. Melaney, Imafedia Okhamafe, Michel Dion, Franck Dalmas, Ludmila Molodkina, Victor Gerald Rivas, Rebecca M. Painter, Matti Itkonen, Raymond J. Wilson III, Christopher S. Schreiner, Bruce Ross, Bernadette Prochaska, Tsung-I Dow, Jerre Collins, Cezary Jozef Olbromski, Victor Kocay, Roberto Verolini.

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Ehsan Azari

In contemporary academic literary studies, Lacan is often considered impenetrably obscure, due to the unavailability of his late works, insufficient articulation of his methodologies and sometimes stereotypical use of Lacanian concepts in literary theory. This study aims to integrate Lacan into contemporary literary study by engaging with a broad range of Lacanian theoretical concepts, often for the first time in English, and using them to analyse a range of key texts from different periods. Azari explores Lacan's theory of desire as well as his final theories of lituraterre, littoral, and the sinthome and interrogates a range of poststructuralist interpretive approaches. In the second part of the book, he outlines the variety of ways in which Lacanian theory can be applied to literary texts and offers detailed readings of texts by Shakespeare, Donne, Joyce and Ashbery. This ground-breaking study provides original insights into a number of the most influential intellectual discussions in relation to Lacan and will fill a recognised gap in understanding Lacan and his legacy for literary study and criticism.

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Craig Shirley

“A first-rate work of insider his­tory . . . A monumental accomplishment.” —National Review The election that changed everything: Craig Shirley’s masterful account of the 1980 presidential campaign reveals how a race judged “too close to call” as late as Election Day became a Reagan landslide—and altered the course of history. To write Rendezvous with Destiny, Shirley gained unprecedented access to 1980 campaign files and interviewed more than 150 insiders—from Reagan’s closest advisers and family members to Jimmy Carter himself. His gripping account follows Reagan’s unlikely path from his bitter defeat on the floor of the 1976 Republican convention, through his underreported “wilderness years,” through grueling primary fights in which he knocked out several Republican heavyweights, through an often-nasty general election campaign complicated by the presence of a third-party candidate (not to mention the looming shadow of Ted Kennedy), to Reagan’s astounding victory on Election Night in 1980. Shirley’s years of intensive research have enabled him to relate countless untold stories—including, at long last, the solution to one of the most enduring mysteries in politics: just how Reagan’s campaign got hold of Carter’s debate briefing books.

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Silvia Sebastiani

Examines how the difference between monogenist and polygenist accounts of the origin of the human race was reflected in, and helped to shape, Scottish Enlightenment accounts of society's progress through historical stages. Reveals how concepts of race and the role of women were treated by historians, philosophers, and other thinkers.

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J. Sung

In order to fight for a more just society, it is necessary to elaborate upon the theoretical reflections that critically analyze the faith and myths that support and legitimize the trajectory of contemporary capitalism and its utopia, as well as the faith and the complex relation that exists in between the notions of the subject and societies.

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Arthur Lower

Rivalry and confrontation were part of this epic. From the sixteenth to the nineteenth century European powers contested for the riches of the East and the West, the wealth of the ocean, and territory to sate colonial ambitions. Since that time full-blooded conflicts developed between Asian states and between Asia and the Western powers. As a major trading power in the Pacifc with no tradition of territorial expansion, and as a respected peacekeeper, Canada is in a unique position to view the history of the Pacific impartially. This survey is doubly valuable, not only as the first history of the North Pacific dealing with the concurrent events in the East and West, but also as a history reflecting Canada's international outlook.

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Joyce Jackson-Pfleger

The Destiny of Escape weaves a nautical web of Emerald’s final journey through the exotic South Pacific. You will be sailing with her from the Fiji Islands to New Zealand, diving on intriguing shipwrecks, and exploring Australia’s immense beauty. The journey is intertwined with adventure and romance with interesting characters. Some will win your hearts and others will haunt you. The story flows easily from one situation to the next as Emerald and her friends overcome unexpected obstacles presented to them along the way. The reader connects with the travelers in a way that makes you feel you are part of the crew. Finally, you not only learn of the destiny of her sailboat Escape, but also the destiny of Emerald Conner.

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T.D. Jakes

New York Times bestselling books Reposition Yourself and Making Great Decisions are the basis for the 64 best bits of advice from T.D. Jakes, one of America’s most beloved and influential spiritual leaders. So you’ve made adjustments and the important choices toward a better life, and now it’s time to stand firm. This treasure of a book is divided into 8 sections; each one includes 8 bits of advice, which add up to 64 Lessons for a Life Without Limits, the perfect inspiration tool for keeping you grounded with confidence and maximizing your potential.

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Andrew J. Bacevich

From an acclaimed conservative historian and former military officer, a bracing call for a pragmatic confrontation with the nation's problems The Limits of Power identifies a profound triple crisis facing America: the economy, in remarkable disarray, can no longer be fixed by relying on expansion abroad; the government, transformed by an imperial presidency, is a democracy in form only; U.S. involvement in endless wars, driven by a deep infatuation with military power, has been a catastrophe for the body politic. These pressing problems threaten all of us, Republicans and Democrats. If the nation is to solve its predicament, it will need the revival of a distinctly American approach: the neglected tradition of realism. Andrew J. Bacevich, uniquely respected across the political spectrum, offers a historical perspective on the illusions that have governed American policy since 1945. The realism he proposes includes respect for power and its limits; sensitivity to unintended consequences; aversion to claims of exceptionalism; skepticism of easy solutions, especially those involving force; and a conviction that the books will have to balance. Only a return to such principles, Bacevich argues, can provide common ground for fixing America's urgent problems before the damage becomes irreparable.

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John Luke Gallup,Alejandro Gaviria,Eduardo Lora

For decades, the prevailing sentiment was that, since geography is unchangeable, there is no reason why public policies should take it into account. In fact, charges that geographic interpretations of development were deterministic, or even racist, made the subject a virtual taboo in academic and policymaking circles alike. 'Is Geography Destiny?' challenges that premise and joins a growing body of literature studying the links between geography and development. Focusing on Latin America, the book argues that based on a better understanding of geography, public policy can help control or channel its influence toward the goals of economic and social development.

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Frank L. Klement

Every American war has brought conflict over the extent to which national security will permit protesters to exercise their constitutional guarantee of freedom of expression. The most famous case was that of Clement L. Vallandigham, the passionate critic of Lincoln's Civil War policies and one of the most controversial figure in the nation's history. In the great crisis of his time, he insisted that no circumstance, even war, could deprive a citizen of his right to oppose government policy freely and openly. The consequence was a furor which shook the nation's legislative halls and filled the press with vituperation. The ultimate fate for Vallandigham was arrest, imprisonment, and exile. The burning issues raised by his case remain largely unresolved today. Mr. Klement follows the tragic irony of Vallandigham's career and reassesses the man and history's judgment of him. After his death, "Valiant Val'' became a symbol of the dissenter in wartime whose case continues to have relevance in American democracy.

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David Mikics

"This book argues that critical tradition has obscured the mutually constitutive relation between the didactic mission of Renaissance epic and the pathos of the epic self." "Critics usually see Spenser and Milton either as poets dedicated to an autonomous aesthetic that dictates indulgence in pathos for its own sake, or as Christian moralists who subordinate pathos to the didactic demands of society. The Romantic tradition that stretches from Keats to Harold Bloom exemplifies the former option. Neo-Christian, reader response, and new historicist critics assert a contrary, but similarly unbalanced, view by choosing the didactic authority of social custom, tradition, or ideology over the pathos of subjectivity." "Resisting attempts to establish an absolute priority for either pathos or moralizing, David Mikics looks to the debate between subjective passions and didactic imperatives as a sign of the complex relation between literary creation and social norms. In a study that shies away from new historicist endorsements of the force of normative ideology, as well as late Romantic celebrations of the poetic self, the author finds that Spenser and Milton develop an innovative literary subjectivity under the pressure of the Reformation's moralizing aims." "Incorporating moral force within pathos would allow poetic passion to become a worthy and clearly justifiable public stance. But Spenser and Milton, in their pursuit of this rhetorical ideal, find themselves acknowledging, instead, an enduring disjunction between affect and the discursive forms of public morality which aim to discipline or exploit it."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Destiny is the one thing we all strive for but think to be so out of reach. However, there are many of us who have been falsely taught that destiny is where you go when you die. The old folks in my day called it “passing over to the other side.” Well, I have some good news for you. Your destiny is not where you go after you die nor is it somewhere in the distant future. This book will show you how I reached my destiny and help guide to yours. Yes, “your destiny is closer than you think.”

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Margaret J. Norrie

Neil and Jeannie dreamt of a peaceful, happy retirement on Mauis sandy shores, but after just one year, their honeymoon period on the idyllic island seems to be over. Thanks to the unscrupulous actions of the local unions, their familys financial future is threatened. Their daughter and son-in-law find that their business is threatened by these unions, and the family chooses not to go down without a fight. But in the meantime, they still have to focus on survival, so Jeannie decides to return to work. She begins selling real estate and is quite successful. But she soon learns that some of her wealthiest clients have been hoodwinked and cheated. Jeannie struggles with her reaction to this information, and in the process she learns that all is not peaceful in paradise. In this, the sequel to Driving on the Left, author Margaret Norrie gives readers an inside look at the shadowy sides of Hawaiis sunny shore life.

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Institute of Medicine,Board on Health Care Services,Committee on the Consequences of Uninsurance

A Shared Destiny is the fourth in a series of six reports on the problems of uninsurance in the United States. This report examines how the quality, quantity, and scope of community health services can be adversely affected by having a large or growing uninsured population. It explores the overlapping financial and organizational basis of health services delivery to uninsured and insured populations, the effects of community uninsurance on access to health care locally, and the potential spillover effects on a community’s economy and the health of its citizens. The committee believes it is both mistaken and dangerous to assume that the persistence of a sizable uninsured population in the United States harms only those who are uninsured.

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Fuqua Jr.

As Munekazu awoke that fateful morning in October 1944, dawn offered no inkling that his life, or the lives of hundreds of thousands of other Okinawans, would be profoundly changed—forever. The American enemy’s bombs that rained down and exploded throughout the city that day razed seventy-five percent of Naha, the capital, and killed nearly 1,000 of its residents. No one, however, realized that this was but a prelude to the devastation that would follow only six months later with the U.S invasion of Okinawa, leading to the near obliteration of the island’s culture and society. Munekazu and other islanders would realize only too late that they were helplessly caught between two giant samurai fighting to the death—Japan and America—and Okinawa’s destiny lay somewhere in between.

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Charles M. Gaitz,G. Niederehe,Nancy Hilde Wilson

The seventeenth annual symposium sponsored by the Texas Research Institute of Mental Sciences was held October 23-26, 1983, in Houston, Texas. The theme was Aging 2000: Our Health Care Destiny. This volume on social, psychological, economic, and ethical aspects and a companion volume (Volume I) on biomedical aspects include edited versions of the presentations by about 80 speakers. Their papers were directed at practitioners, researchers, and medical educators who will be active and productive in the year 2000, and we focused on those who would influence the evolution of care of elderly persons during the next 17 years. We chose topics that would be of particular interest to teachers and current planners in the disciplines concerned with delivery of health and social services. We believe that having a core of more qualified and better trained practitioners will help the population of aged persons achieve a higher level of physical and mental health, life satisfaction and happiness, find better coping techniques and control of environmental stresses, and attain personal and social goals. Our Goals While preparing for the symposium we knew that the status ofthe art in 1983 obviously would be the base from which we would work, but we asked our speakers to give priority to future planning and directions.

download ebook face of destiny pdf epub

Melanie Read

Nick Kilby was a World War I ace, a hero, now an airmail pilot, a man who could risk his life, but never risk his heart. Victoria Robinson is a young nurse with the skill and the heart to care for the wounded soldiers on the front lines. After witnessing the horrors of war, it is in her hometown, that she learns of a deeper pain and injustice encompassing the lives of the women of Hagers Lake. After the War, hero-pilots were an unnecessary commodity. There were few avenues in which to pursue flying, and most of them were highly dangerous. While it wasn't as glamorous, flying the mail for the U.S. Postal Service wasn't any less deadly. The death rate among the Post Office pilots was one in six. In dangerous weather, flying refitted World War I fighters, these men risked their lives, and in the process, developed many of the innovations in aviation still in use today. While at a terrible cost, the War had also seen innovations in medicine and treatment, innovations whose scope was expanding on the homefront. It was Victoria's hope to bring these new ideas to her hometown. However, old ways and old ways of thinking die hard. Reluctantly, both people become crusaders and pioneers in a time and era when progress and innovation are the bywords of the day. The maelstrom of issues and events in post-WWI America bring together two people who confront life from opposite emotional poles. Through crisis, they forge new meaning for their lives. Finally, together, Kilby and Victoria face a destiny that will alter their hearts and their lives and change the face of America. While the events and characters are strictly the author's invention, this work of fiction is based on historical fact. The story would appeal to anyone who enjoys historical romance, a story that reveals the danger and adventure, in the sky and on the ground, in the era when flight was born.

download ebook destiny, the inward quest, temporality and life pdf epub

Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka

“There is no greater gift to man than to understand nothing of his fate”, declares poet-philosopher Paul Valery. And yet the searching human being seeks ceaselessly to disentangle the networks of experiences, desires, inward promptings, personal ambitions, and elevated strivings which directed his/her life-course within changing circumstances in order to discover his sense of life. Literature seeks in numerous channels of insight the dominant threads of “the sense of life”, “the inward quest”, “the frames of experience” in reaching the inward sources of what we call ‘destiny’ inspired by experience and temporality which carry it on. This unusual collection reveals the deeper generative elements which form sense of life stretching between destiny and doom. They escape attention in their metamorphic transformations of the inexorable, irreversibility of time which undergoes different interpretations in the phases examining our life. Our key to life has to be ever discovered anew.

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William W. Freehling

Far from a monolithic block of diehard slave states, the South in the eight decades before the Civil War was, in William Freehling's words, "a world so lushly various as to be a storyteller's dream." It was a world where Deep South cotton planters clashed with South Carolina rice growers, where the egalitarian spirit sweeping the North seeped down through border states already uncertain about slavery, where even sections of the same state (for instance, coastal and mountain Virginia) divided bitterly on key issues. It was the world of Jefferson Davis, John C. Calhoun, Andrew Jackson, and Thomas Jefferson, and also of Gullah Jack, Nat Turner, and Frederick Douglass. Now, in the first volume of his long awaited, monumental study of the South's road to disunion, historian William Freehling offers a sweeping political and social history of the antebellum South from 1776 to 1854. All the dramatic events leading to secession are here: the Missouri Compromise, the Nullification Controversy, the Gag Rule ("the Pearl Harbor of the slavery controversy"), the Annexation of Texas, the Compromise of 1850, and the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Freehling vividly recounts each crisis, illuminating complex issues and sketching colorful portraits of major figures. Along the way, he reveals the surprising extent to which slavery influenced national politics before 1850, and he provides important reinterpretations of American republicanism, Jeffersonian states' rights, Jacksonian democracy, and the causes of the American Civil War. But for all Freehling's brilliant insight into American antebellum politics, Secessionists at Bay is at bottom the saga of the rich social tapestry of the pre-war South. He takes us to old Charleston, Natchez, and Nashville, to the big house of a typical plantation, and we feel anew the tensions between the slaveowner and his family, the poor whites and the planters, the established South and the newer South, and especially between the slave and his master, "Cuffee" and "Massa." Freehling brings the Old South back to life in all its color, cruelty, and diversity. It is a memorable portrait, certain to be a key analysis of this crucial era in American history.

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Edward W. Said

Music at the Limits is the first book to bring together three decades of Edward W. Said's essays and articles on music. Addressing the work of a variety of composers, musicians, and performers, Said carefully draws out music's social, political, and cultural contexts and, as a classically trained pianist, provides rich and often surprising assessments of classical music and opera. Music at the Limits offers both a fresh perspective on canonical pieces and a celebration of neglected works by contemporary composers. Said faults the Metropolitan Opera in New York for being too conservative and laments the way in which opera superstars like Pavarotti have "reduced opera performance to a minimum of intelligence and a maximum of overproduced noise." He also reflects on the censorship of Wagner in Israel; the worrisome trend of proliferating music festivals; an opera based on the life of Malcolm X; the relationship between music and feminism; the pianist Glenn Gould; and the works of Mozart, Bach, Richard Strauss, and others. Said wrote his incisive critiques as both an insider and an authority. He saw music as a reflection of his ideas on literature and history and paid close attention to its composition and creative possibilities. Eloquent and surprising, Music at the Limits preserves an important dimension of Said's brilliant intellectual work and cements his reputation as one of the most influential and groundbreaking scholars of the twentieth century.

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Jerry King

Why do we attract the same types of people over and over again? Why is it so easy for certain people to find love, and so difficult for others? The Four Pillars of Destiny: A Guide to Relationships answers the age-old questions surrounding relationships, attractions, and true love. By referencing the year, month, day, and hour of a person’s birth, the ancient Chinese method of Four Pillars will systematically map the blueprint for his or her life in matters of health, wealth, career, love, and happiness. For countless generations, the Chinese have been drawn to the Four Pillars system for its accurate method of divination. This system has allowed practitioners the ability to analyze many aspects of a person’s life and enlightened the path to capitalizing their cosmic flow when good luck happens. The destiny blueprint each of us receives at birth can be used to reveal options and paths that we can act upon during good and bad times in life. Using this blueprint, we can evaluate where our limits lie and understand what we truly are capable of achieving, as well as the type of connections that we can make with those around us.

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Erik Claes,Wouter Devroe,Bert Keirsbilck

Many legal experts no longer share an unbounded trust in the potential of law to govern society efficiently and responsibly. They often experience the 'limits of the law', as they are confronted with striking inadequacies in their legal toolbox, with inner inconsistencies of the law, with problems of enforcement and obedience, and with undesired side-effects, and so on. The contributors to this book engage in the challenging task of making sense of this experience. Against the background of broader cultural transformations (such as globalisation, new technologies, individualism and cultural diversity), they revisit a wide range of areas of the law and map different types of limits in relation to some basic functions and characteristics of the law. Additionally, they offer a set of strategies to manage justifiably law's limits, such as dedramatising law's limits, conceptual refinement ('constructivism'), striking the right balance between different functions of the law, seeking for complementarity between law and other social practices.

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Walter Johnson

River of Dark Dreams places the Cotton Kingdom at the center of worldwide webs of exchange and exploitation that extended across oceans and drove an insatiable hunger for new lands. This bold reaccounting dramatically alters our understanding of American slavery and its role in U.S. expansionism, global capitalism, and the upcoming Civil War.

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Keith R. A. DeCandido

The Shape of Things to Come The cataclysmic events of Star Trek: Destiny have devastated known space. Worlds have fallen. Lives have been destroyed. And in the uneasy weeks that follow, the survivors of the holocaust continue to be tested to the limits of their endurance. But strange and mysterious occurrences are destabilizing the galaxy's battle-weary Allies even further. In the Federation, efforts to replenish diminished resources and give succor to millions of evacuees are thwarted at every turn. On the borders of the battered Klingon Empire, the devious Kinshaya sense weakness -- and opportunity. In Romulan space, the already-fractured empire is dangerously close to civil war. As events undermining the quadrant's attempts to heal itself become increasingly widespread, one man begins to understand what is truly unfolding. Sonek Pran -- teacher, diplomat, and sometime adviser to the Federation President -- perceives a pattern in the seeming randomness. And as each new piece of evidence falls into place, a disturbing picture encompassing half the galaxy begins to take shape...revealing a challenge to the Federation and its allies utterly unlike anything they have faced before.