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MzQueen Turner

FIRSTLY, YOU TRY TO UNDERSTAND how are you here? And where did this pain began? But the most important question is WHY ME? So, the days become weary and you don’t know what to do but remember this word and the voice of the LORD saying "FIGHT”. Trying to understand the meaning of the word I’m thinking to physically FIGHT knowing that I’ve gotten older and wiser so a physical FIGHT was not what he was saying. With the thoughts and feelings some decisions cannot be made from them but sometimes we make the mistake and do but know if you do know that God is able to forgive. God is able to Re-Vise, Re-New and Re-Store any situation, problem or pain but you have to be willing to accept the pain and hurt during the Re-Structure time but know in the end there is a reward for the struggle you went through to get the Promise that was destined for you not no one else. Some situations or problems are given to us for many different reasons or purposes. Even though the time you are feeling the pressure, hurt and pain just know you are not alone no matter what it seems. Every problem has a purpose and with that being said the problem only last for a certain time but know that the purpose is what matters after everything you encounter. Moments come when you don’t know what to do then you are reminded of the purpose you are in the land of the living and the reason become the reason to keep living. The pain at times becomes unbearable and you may not understand the purpose or the reason so you have to learn about trusting in the words God has promised in the book of Life (Bible). Learning how to handle fate through the pain is the guide to living... A separation many believed no restoration but the journey through prayer and supplication anything can happen...

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Peter Bedard

An amazing, proven, 10-point plan that explains noninvasive, life-altering practices to help you permanently heal your mind, body, and spirit. Millions of people suffer from some form of chronic pain (whether it be physical, emotional, or existential), and this discomfort silently drains too many of us of our highest potential and our power. Living in a state of unending pain pushes people to the margins of their own lives and robs them of direct access to their most authentic, essential, worthy selves. Pain, ironically, renders too many beautiful voices mute; it cripples the body, leaving too many dancing souls lost. And nobody knows this better than Peter Bedard. One night, seventeen-year-old dancer, Peter Bedard, died in a traffic accident. The white-bearded messenger waiting at the gate of heaven sent him back to Earth with a task to help others heal. After a decade of debilitating physical and emotional suffering, Peter uncovered an empowered, new way of healing chronic pain without medicine—convergence healing. In his groundbreaking approach, Bedard invites us to look at our pain as the greatest source of wisdom we will ever have. Instead of medicating it, trying to break with it, or somehow outwit it, he invites us to surrender to our pain so that we may finally integrate our losses, our transitions, our heartaches, and our mortality and make peace with the everlasting truth of who, uniquely, we truly are. Through the author’s own near-death experience and other compelling stories and case studies, Convergence Healing offers a whole new body-mind paradigm for those interested in living a balanced, well-integrated life.

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Jentezen Franklin,Cherise Franklin

Powerful, Vulnerable Teaching from New York Times Bestselling Author The human heart was created with a great capacity to love. But along with that comes a great capacity to feel pain. There is no denying that those who love us, who are closest to us, can wound us the most profoundly. That kind of pain can be difficult, if not impossible, to overcome. And it can feel even more impossible to continue loving in the face of it. Yet that is exactly what we are called to do. Sharing his own story of personal pain, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Jentezen Franklin shows us how to find the strength, courage, and motivation to set aside the hurt, see others as God sees them, and reach out in love. Through biblical and modern-day stories, he discusses different types of relational disappointment and heartache, and answers questions such as Why should I trust again? and How can I ever really forgive? The walls we build around our hearts to cut us off from pain are the very walls that block us from seeing hope, receiving healing, and feeling love. Here are the tools and inspiration you need to tear down those walls, work through your wounds, repair damaged relationships, and learn to love like you've never been hurt.

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Mira Kirshenbaum

Is my relationship worth saving? Will the trust ever come back? How can things be good between us again? Whether broken trust is due to daily dishonesties, a monumental betrayal, or even a history of hurts from the past, it can put a relationship at risk. This is the first book to show you exactly what to do to restore trust in your relationship, regardless of how it was damaged. In this complete guide, couples therapist Mira Kirshenbaum will also help you understand the stages by which trust strengthens when the rebuilding process is allowed to take place. And you will learn how the two of you can avoid the mistakes that prevent healing and discover how to feel secure with each other again.

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Roar Sheppard

A guidebook for the changes to come after 2011 in terms of future culture, politics, society, spirituality, chakras, climate changes, eco villages, breathing, photon belts, and Mother Gaia, this edition provides a panoramic view of the future and gives the necessary tools for the changes to come.

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J. California Cooper

Whether through her stories or her legendary readings, J. California Cooper has an uncanny ability to reach out to readers like an old and dear friend. Her characters are plain-spoken and direct: simple people for whom life, despite its ever-present struggles, is always worth the journey. In Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime, Cooper's characteristic themes of romance, heartbreak, struggle and faith resonate. We meet Darlin, a self-proclaimed femme fatale who uses her wiles to try to find a husband; MLee, whose life seems to be coming to an end at the age of forty until she decides to set out and see if she can make a new life for herself; Kissy and Buddy, both trying and failing to find them until they finally meet each other; and Aberdeen, whose daughter Uniqua shows her how to educate herself and move up in the world. These characters and others offer inspiration, laughter, instruction and pure enjoyment in what is one of J. California Cooper's finest story collections. From the Trade Paperback edition.

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John Gray

Is it possible to find love again after a breakup, death, or divorce? At the end of a relationship, it can sometimes feel like the end of the world. Devastation, loneliness, and bitterness are some emotions that exist due to a breakup, divorce, or the loss of a loved one. But with the help of this compassionate guide, Dr. John Gray expresses that you will survive and tells you how to find love again. While the process of healing is similar with both sexes, there are distinct differences between the ways men and women heal their bruised hearts. In Mars and Venus Starting Over, Dr. Gray offers gender-specific advice on how to: Deal with pain Find forgiveness Discover the strength to let go Rebuild confidence Rise to the challenge of finding fulfillment again Filled with gentle guidance, healing practices, and compassionate wisdom, Mars and Venus Starting Over will help men and women explore the meaning of loss, find their way through the healing process, and discover the secret to moving on.

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John H. Ames

A collection of new adult, GLBT entwined stories by best-selling Young Adult author, John H. Ames. Love that reaches beyond the boundaries of the physical realm… Swapatize!: The not so unrealistic detailed account of how my best friend and I swapped bodies for a short period of time. -High school is one of the most excruciating and painful periods of any teenager’s life. To Kyle, it’s hell on earth. Being the target of the jocks made him hate high school more than anything in the world. All he has is his best friend and the center of the jock’s interest, the beautiful Kylie Bursnell. But Kylie is not your typical beauty. She hates the jocks even more than Kyle, especially Lucas Edward Johnson, a jock who is madly in love with her and Kyle’s forbidden dream. After a bizarre and freaky night, they swap bodies and are force to live each other’s live. Can this actually be true? Has Kyle’s dream come true? Will he be able to love Lucas Edward Johnson unconditionally until the end of time? Or is their love nothing but a beautiful dream enveloped in heartache and pain? The Spirit Indestructible - Brandon Angelo William has it all. He’s hot, popular, shy, humble, and one of the typical and regular guys in high school. But, unbeknownst to everyone, he’s a closeted gay teen who came out to his parents the previous year. They loved and accepted him with open arms so what more could Brandon want? Love. The one thing that his soul and body need. After a late night out with his best friend, Kevin, Brad sees one of the most beautiful guys he has ever laid eyes on. But could the teen in front of him be real? Or is he the legendary hitching ghost that everyone talks about? Brad needs to find out and what he discovers shocks him and changes his young life forever… The Lake View Psychopath - Jocks beware, he’s here and he’s not scared. Ashton Hall hates his existence at Lake View High. The jocks have made his life a living hell and his friends have completely turned their backs on him. Why? For being gay and dating the love of his life, Austin Young. Almost overnight, they became the center of every joke and every bully’s paradise. To make matters worse, even the school’s coach allows his ‘jock superstars’ to make fun of them. But everything the night Austin Young is brutally murdered by the jocks and they walk free. Something snaps inside Ashton’s head and the only think he can think of is revenge. Will Ashton come to his sense and let Austin go? Or will he become one of the greatest serial killers of all time?

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Louise Smith

This is the story of a girl who, after suffering a life of hurt and pain, finds her true love, but unlike most girls, she ends up falling in love with a myth, a fantasy, a dream. She finds herself actually finding love in a man that isn’t a man—he shouldn’t be real; he belongs in movie or in a book. To keep this dream, she must face losing him to keep him. Love know no bounds, which, for Storm, is true as the man she falls in love with is a vampire and one who will do anything to keep her safe and show her a better life.

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Dawin Antonio Welch

Poetry is more than just words on a sheet of paper, or clever rhyme schemes. Poetry contains and can emulate every human emotion one can think of when written in that given format. These words possess so much power that they take us through sentiments that we display when they are spoken or read. This Volume of poems were written in the attempt to tug at these same emotions. My thanks goes to my Lord, my heavenly father, my God, for without his hand upon anything nothing is possible. I have been blessed with the gift of poetry and now i have the opportunity to share with the world my words of emotions. Whatever can be taken from my poetry take them and make good of whatever situations that you can relate them to. and to everyone who supported my first collection I thank you for being with me once again.

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Robin Norwood

This is the world-renowned, inspiring, practical program for women who believe that being in love means being in pain. A multi-million-copy bestseller, Women Who Love Too Much presents a clear, comprehensive, 10-point recovery plan for women who are addicted to the wrong men for the wrong reasons. Among the vital lessons you will learn in this program are: * How the search for the love you never got from your parents can become a crushing obsession in adulthood. * How to change from loving someone so much it hurts, to loving yourself enough to stop the pain. * How to free yourself from destructive loving and build a healthy, meaningful relationship. This step-by-step self-awareness program offers help, understanding and, above all, hope—the pathway to making love the truly happy event it is supposed to be.

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Laine E. Doggett

What is love? Popular culture bombards us with notions of the intoxicating capacities of love or of beguiling women who can bewitch or heal—to the point that it is easy to believe that such images are timeless and universal. Not so, argues Laine Doggett in Love Cures. Aspects of love that are expressed in popular music—such as “love is a drug,” “sexual healing,” and “love potion number nine”—trace deep roots to Old French romance of the high Middle Ages. A young woman heals a poisoned knight. A mother prepares a love potion for a daughter who will marry a stranger in a faraway land. How can readers interpret such events? In contrast to scholars who have dismissed these women as fantasy figures or labeled them “witches,” Doggett looks at them in the light of medical and magical practices of the high Middle Ages. Love Cures argues that these practitioners, as represented in romance, have shaped modern notions of love. Love Cures seeks to engage scholars of love, marriage, and magic in disciplines as diverse as literature, history, anthropology, and philosophy.

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Steven Stosny

Betrayal has many faces, including anger, abuse, deceit, and infidelity. These feel like betrayal because they violate the implicit promise of emotional bonds, that your loved one will care about your wellbeing and never intentionally hurt you. If you've recently left a relationship where you felt betrayed by your partner—or if you want to repair one—it can seem impossible to view the world without the shadow of past betrayal hovering over you. As a result, you may struggle to create meaning in your life, find the strength to forgive, or build new, loving relationships. InLiving and Loving after Betrayal, therapist and relationship expert Steven Stosny offers effective tools for healing, based on his highly successful CompassionPower program. He founded the CompassionPower agency on the belief that we are more powerful when compassionate than when angry or aggressive, and that true strength comes from relating compassionately to others and remaining true to your deeper values. In this book, you’ll learn practical strategies for overcoming betrayal-induced trauma and the chronic resentment and depression that result, using this innovative compassion-empowerment approach. Most books on betrayal only focus on the obvious issues, such as infidelity, abuse, or sex addiction. This book explores the effects of those kinds of betrayal, as well as less-talked-about types, such as emotional manipulation, dishonesty, deceit, and financial cheating. In addition, the book helps you regain a sense of trust in others so that you can eventually find another compassionate person to share your life with or, if you choose, to rebuild a relationship with your reformed betrayer. Recovering from the betrayal of partner isn’t easy, but Living and Loving after Betrayaloffers potent ways to heal, grow, and love again.

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Bruce Alan Kehr, M.D.

Ease Emotional Pain. End Aloneness. Find Self-LoveSM Filled with warmth, empathy, and hope, Becoming Whole systematically teaches you how to ease emotional pain in your life and in the lives of those you care about. Powerfully illustrated by “sessions”—stories of patients in treatment—and for the first time unveiling what goes on inside the heart and mind of a psychotherapist as they heal a patient’s tangled heart, Becoming Whole is devoted to helping · Someone suffering from emotional distress that just won’t go away · Patients in treatment who have not fully recovered · Anyone wanting to improve their love relations Insightful, powerful, and revealing, Becoming Whole is not only a healing companion, but a valuable life companion as well. ​Proceeds from your purchase of this book will be used to directly help victims of child abuse.

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Deborah Sandella

Emotions are invisible, taken for granted and dismissed much of the time—a paradox given they are some of the most powerful forces on Earth. They inflame wars, induce death, inspire invention, and control stock markets. More important, each of us has them—all the time. In Goodbye, Hurt & Pain, Deborah Sandella uses cutting-edge neuroscience research and her revolutionary Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM) technique to show how blocked feelings prevent us from getting what we want, and she introduces a process that bypasses logic and thinking to activate our own emotional “self-cleaning oven.” Using imagination, color, and shape to visualize feelings and get straight to the root of longstanding problems, she teaches us to move destructive feelings such as fear, anger, hurt, resentment, and envy out of the body. Letting go of old feelings and traumatic memory at a deep, cellular level makes people feel and look younger, lighter, more energized, and less burdened. And they can begin to experience results after just one or two self-directed sessions. Goodbye, Hurt & Pain also provides seven organic ways of using your feelings to attract more love, better health, and greater success. The process is fast, fun, and as easy as 1-2-3. "Wonderful and profound. This book will touch you intimately and probably change your life." -- Jack Canfield, from the foreword

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Ricardo Navarro

Coming from the deepest of places of the soul this collection of poems takes you from the exhilarating feelings of love to the darkness and desperation created by pain. The journey of a man and his heart through the landscape of emotions that embraced him during the period in which the book was written. Travel through the changes of moods and aptitude adjustments triggered by time and circumstances. A roller-coaster of feelings that at moment is sublime and at moments heart slashing.

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Christina Crosby

In the early evening on October 1, 2003, Christina Crosby was three miles into a seventeen mile bicycle ride, intent on reaching her goal of 1,000 miles for the riding season. She was a respected senior professor of English who had celebrated her fiftieth birthday a month before. As she crested a hill, she caught a branch in the spokes of her bicycle, which instantly pitched her to the pavement. Her chin took the full force of the blow, and her head snapped back. In that instant, she was paralyzed. In A Body, Undone, Crosby puts into words a broken body that seems beyond the reach of language and understanding. She writes about a body shot through with neurological pain, disoriented in time and space, incapacitated by paralysis and deadened sensation. To address this foreign body, she calls upon the readerly pleasures of narrative, critical feminist and queer thinking, and the concentrated language of lyric poetry. Working with these resources, she recalls her 1950s tomboy ways in small-town, rural Pennsylvania, and records growing into the 1970s through radical feminism and the affirmations of gay liberation. Deeply unsentimental, Crosby communicates in unflinching prose the experience of "diving into the wreck" of her body to acknowledge grief, and loss, but also to recognize the beauty, fragility, and dependencies of all human bodies. A memoir that is a meditation on disability, metaphor, gender, sex, and love, A Body, Undone is a compelling account of living on, as Crosby rebuilds her body and fashions a life through writing, memory, and desire.

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LaTonya W. Moore

A Summer of Passion, Love, Pain, and Happiness offers a vivid account of the trials and tribulations that three successful single women endure in their quest for their soul mate. Experience a summer in the lives of these women as they embark upon their journey in search of true love. Jasmine Whitfield is a chemist at a local pharmaceutical company. She has yet to find that special man to start a family with as well as one who is worthy of all she has to offer. After years of dating, she discovers that her suitors are intimidated by her financial independence because she is able to provide herself with all of the luxuries that money can buy. Will she find a real man who can handle her success? Lela Johnston has had a hard life growing up without her father. She overcame that obstacle to become one the most successful beauticians in Huntsville. In addition to running her own salon, she does her best to nurture her on-again-off-again relationship with her boyfriend Mark Harrington. The black cloud that has tainted their relationship is his ex-wife, Valerie. She has been dead set on ruining Lela’s life since day one. She has a defined role in Mark’s life because they have two daughters together. Now that Mark is back in Lela’s life for good, how will his ex-wife handle living without him? Monica Van Adams is a single mother who was madly in love with her high school sweetheart and child’s father, José Alvarez. He left Monica to raise their son alone when he ran off to be with another woman. Monica’s naïve demeanor quickly becomes one of wisdom as she learns more and more about the opposite sex. She runs into a man from her past, experiences a whirlwind courtship, and then lets him get away. Will he ever return? Join the ladies as a night on the town brings them closer together to help one another deal with the hardships of life, love, and accepting Mr. Right Now. Will they ever find the man of their dreams in only a few months’ time? Can they go through each phase of the rigorous process of a relationship and still maintain their dignity? Discover every aspect of Jasmine, Lela, and Monica as they experience a summer of passion, love, pain, and happiness.

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Ashlei D. Hawley

[BookStrand Paranormal Romantic Suspense, vampires, HEA] Mallory Wright has been revealed as a psychic to a group of fanatical Hunters determined to target and destroy humans with paranormal talents. To draw her near to them, the Hunters have taken her immediate family hostage. A centuries-old vampire who has avoided civilization for the better part of recorded history, Leighton Garrett comes to Mallory with an offer to save her family. He will turn her, giving her the strength to face the Hunters and reclaim her father, mother, and brother. However, Leigh's offer is contingent upon Mallory vowing she will kill him and reclaim her humanity when her goal is reached. During their mission together, it becomes harder for Mallory and Leigh to define the line between duty and destiny. In the end, the vampiric lovers are confronted with confusion and choices that have the capacity to keep them together forever or lead to both of their heartbreak and destruction. ** A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

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Jac\'Quail Mayes

The Eclipse of Love, Pain, and Happiness is the depiction of what happens when life tends to amalgamate these elements. From personal relationships, to friendships and political issues, thepoetry exhibited in thisbook will take you on a journey. It reflects the author's growth in life and in writing. The challenges, struggles, encouraging and pivotal moments of the author's life are recorded in this book. As you embark on this exciting read, experience Jac'Quail's life changes, spiritual and emotional growth from chapter to chapter.

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Ellen L. Grant

Huffing, puffing, and cussing..why are you acting this way and you just left church? Are you the same person after church that you are during worship service? After the Benediction is a reality-based effective tool addressing challenges that many Christians face today such as controlling in-laws, hellacious bosses, pretentious pastors, dysfunctional families, illnesses, financial ruin and the most gratifying temptation of all.flesh. This compelling and unique book offers victory, strength and salvation to overcome those challenges. Although the journey of life is sometimes unpredictable, believers must know an abundant, victorious, peaceful life is a reality. This extraordinary book opens with a preface that is all too familiar. "Saturday-Night Special" has a sultry, provocativestoryline with opposing influences of good and evil. The decisions we make are not necessarily based on our moral conduct or religious heart ties. Sometimes we do what we like because it feels good and then comes the guilt.Each chapter thereafter makes verbal contribution so that the reader can be inspired because God is not like man. He does not engage in one night relationships. His love is so everlasting; you can call him the morning after. Christians experience empowerment for approximately 2 hours on Sunday. Upon their departure from service, sin approaches in all forms to discredit the word of God. Once the doors are closed, there is a real devil desiring to tear believers apart. Therefore, truth and knowledge are needed to guide individuals from remaining cemented in the problem to seeking answers. Therefore, nonbelievers can truly benefit because salvation is offered. Believers are balanced,bless and empowered because the power and glory of God is available After the Benediction.

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Obaidullah Mohammadi

Set in a difficult and harrowing period of Afghanistan, Young children as they are, Karim and Suraya had deep love for each other. Suraya a mean girl who enjoys embarrassing and annoying others while Karim a simple and peaceful boy who becomes the target of Suraya’s meanness—they soon fi nd solace in each other’s company. With the ongoing civil war in Afghanistan and the hard life most people are facing, this poses several challenges to the suppressed emotions they are feeling and keeping. The hardships and obstacles—physically and emotionally—that have come their way have stretched their patience and endurance to the limits. How will they end their suffering and pain? Maybe. Moving away, murder, and suicide may just be the solutions and options they would have to take. Obaid Mohammadi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan on April 04, 1974. The oldest of five brothers with dreams of being a famous and successful Afghani singer started young to push and motivate his brothers and himself into playing music instruments and singing. At very young age they would perform in front of family and friends. In May 1983 they moved to Seattle, Washington and many years later they started the fi rst Afghani boy band called Gorohay Maataab. Obaid also had the passion in writing scripts and short stories. Today Obaid lives in California and is married to Frishta Sherzad and has two sons, Aimel and Ajmel.

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Elif Shafak

In this lyrical, exuberant follow-up to her novel, The Bastard of Istanbul, acclaimed Turkish author Elif Shafak unfolds two tantalizing parallel narratives—one contemporary and the other set in the thirteenth century, when Rumi encountered his spiritual mentor, the whirling dervish known as Shams of Tabriz—that together incarnate the poet's timeless message of love. Ella Rubenstein is forty years old and unhappily married when she takes a job as a reader for a literary agent. Her first assignment is to read and report on Sweet Blasphemy, a novel written by a man named Aziz Zahara. Ella is mesmerized by his tale of Shams's search for Rumi and the dervish's role in transforming the successful but unhappy cleric into a committed mystic, passionate poet, and advocate of love. She is also taken with Shams's lessons, or rules, that offer insight into an ancient philosophy based on the unity of all people and religions, and the presence of love in each and every one of us. As she reads on, she realizes that Rumi's story mir­rors her own and that Zahara—like Shams—has come to set her free.

download ebook grieving mindfully pdf epub

Sameet M. Kumar

Grief is a personal journey, never the same for any two people and as unique as your life and your relationships. Although loss is an inevitable part of life, how you approach this fact can make the difference between meaningless pain and the manifestation of understanding and wisdom. This book describes a mindful approach to dealing with grief that can help you make that difference. By walking this mindful path, you will discover that you are capable of transforming and healing the grief you carry and finding the spiritual and emotional resilience you need to move through this challenging time. These mindfulness practices, explained here in simple and practical language, will help you bear your time of grief. But they will do more than that, too. They will guide you to a life more fully lived, with more meaning. These simple practices will help you experience what richness comes from asking deeper questions about loss and about life.

download ebook walking with god through pain and suffering pdf epub

Timothy Keller

New York Times bestselling author of The Prodigal Prophet Timothy Keller—whose books have sold millions of copies to both religious and secular readers—explores one of the most difficult questions we must answer in our lives: Why is there pain and suffering? Walking with God through Pain and Suffering is the definitive Christian book on why bad things happen and how we should respond to them. The question of why there is pain and suffering in the world has confounded every generation; yet there has not been a major book from a Christian perspective exploring why they exist for many years. The two classics in this area are When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Rabbi Harold S. Kushner, which was published more than thirty years ago, and C. S. Lewis’s The Problem of Pain, published more than seventy years ago. The great secular book on the subject, Elisabeth Ku¨bler-Ross’s On Death and Dying, was first published in 1969. It’s time for a new understanding and perspective, and who better to tackle this complex subject than Timothy Keller? As the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, Timothy Keller is known for the unique insights he shares, and his series of books has guided countless readers in their spiritual journeys. Walking with God through Pain and Suffering will bring a much-needed, fresh viewpoint on this important issue.

download ebook love, pain, and forgiveness pdf epub

Kurota Haruka

This unique collection of raw emotion and experiences features a variety of colorful characters who each encounter love in their own way.

download ebook shades of love and pain pdf epub

Ungontle Oagile

Read different Poems about love, life, friendship, dissapointments, sadness and many more. Get touched with the same emotions that i felt when writting this Poems. Many things are confusing but through words we are able to express our inner emotions and thoughts. My Poems serves to express feelings that are left unsaid, and for your entertainment or send a message of appreciation to your loved ones, this poems will help you. This are poems of a young poet trying to express his thoughts and his love for poetry, reaching out to millions who has the same thought but cannot express them.

download ebook power, passion and pain pdf epub

Eric Jerome Shumpert

Eric Shumpert was raised in Tupelo, Mississippi. He has been writing poetry over 10 years. Through the urging of friends, family, and fans of his work he has decided to take his work to the next level. Erics poetry is a reflection of his life experiences. He writes poetry that encompasses things people experience through everyday life. There is no subject off limits to him, he dares to push those limits and surpass them. He shows that he is capable of writing from more than one perspective. His poems have something for everyone to relate to no matter the gender, race, or social status. Eric looks to breathe new life into the poetry genre with his first offering, Power, Passion, and Pain.

download ebook a tear is an intellectual thing pdf epub

Jerome Neu

Is jealousy eliminable? If so, at what cost? What are the connections between pride the sin and the pride insisted on by identity politics? How can one question an individual's understanding of their own happiness or override a society's account of its own rituals? What makes a sexual desire "perverse," or particular sexual relations (such as incestuous ones) undesirable or even unthinkable? These and other questions about what sustains and threatens our identity are pursued using the resources of philosophy, psychoanalysis, and other disciplines. The discussion throughout is informed and motivated by the Spinozist hope that understanding our lives can help change them, can help make us more free.

download ebook if god is love, why all the pain? pdf epub

Terri Cruze

Cancer...Divorce...Death...Accidents...Natural disasters...Hunger...Disease. There is so much suffering in our world. It makes us wonder if God really exists. If so, does he truly care about us, or did he simply create the universe and then slip away, leaving us to our own devices? If he does care, then why doesnt he do something to stop all the turmoil in our lives? This book explores the answers to these questions and more, revealing the character of God and his plan for our lives found in the writings of the Bible. If you have ever wondered why God allows suffering, now is the time to find the answers. Lets open Gods word together and uncover the mysteries of Gods character and his plan to deal with pain and suffering.

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Walter A. Elwell

Fifteen years after its original publication comes a thoroughly revised edition of the Evangelical Dictionary of Theology. Every article from the original edition has been revisited. With some articles being removed, others revised, and many new articles added, the result is a completely new dictionary covering systematic, historical, and philosophical theology as well as theological ethics.

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Wilkenson Pierre

I cultivate this habit of writing not only what hurt but also liberal, by understanding that poetry is a pleasure. A good controversy can be greatly satisfying and can teach readers about a plethora of subjects, which won't be possible by just observation. I feel a great need to practice what I preach by telling in my verse, directly relates to the success. I hope you have enjoyed my poetry. I think you can see that my life has been based on hard work, education. It is these principles that I believe can have the greatest effect on anyone's successes. As well as my personal goals that have driven me to want to excel in all I do. And try to be a good role model for my families along with others. I come into contact with as well. My life so far is comprised of a wonderful family, great friends, and a sincere dedication to my family, education and work.

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Barry Byrne,Lori Byrne

God intends marriages to be filled with love. Why are so many faltering with distrust, anger, and contempt? The authors of Love After Marriage believe that the Holy Spirit is ready to pour out healing and anointing on couples who seek God for themselves and their family. Using the book's proven strategies, based on the successful Love After Marriage workshops, couples can bring an atmosphere of loving transparency and vulnerability into their relationship and develop a beautiful God-designed intimacy that can last throughout their life together. Couples will find clear teaching on God's perspective of marriage, as well as methods for listening to the Holy Spirit and tools to develop the breakthroughs the Spirit brings to their marriage. They will be refreshed by the knowledge marriage can be deeply enjoyable even if it is a little hard work.

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Najwa Zebian

In The Nectar of Pain, Zebian sheds light on the feelings and experiences that emerge from a painful heartbreak. She writes that the process of cleansing oneself of that pain—day by day, hour by hour, and second by second—is the real work of healing. With uncommon warmth and wisdom, Zebian empowers all who have lost to let go of anger and transform their suffering into the softness, sweetness, and beauty of nectar. She holds her readers by the hand as they heal.

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Seth Meyers,Katie Gilbert

The landscape of love is littered with people injured by love time and time again. And so they hobble from one bad relationship to another. But it doesn't have to be that way. Noted psychologist Seth Meyers, PsyD--aka Dr. Seth--has developed a foolproof four-step cure for Relationship Repetition Syndrome (RRS). With this book, you can avoid making the same mistakes in your love life over and over again. With behavioral exercises and questionnaires designed to reveal the RRS behaviors that sabotage love, you'll learn why your relationships have failed, and how you can love more wisely--and happily--the next time. Armed with Dr. Seth's unique love action plan, you can put the pain of dead-end relationships behind you and find true love that lasts--forever cured of RRS!

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James Jefferson

Eruption of Emotions: Flipping through My Notebook; Love, Pleasure, and Pain will express every emotion we all have. This collection of poems captures love, pleasure, and pain through many dimensions. If you are looking for a book to help you connect with your soul, your very existence, then look no further. This book will take you back to your first crush and bring you forward to your first love. In addition, this collection of poems will keep you in remembrance of your fallen loved ones and how they influenced your life. James Jefferson’s feelings about love, pleasure, and pain will motivate and recharge your emotions toward life and how you live in it.