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Susan Mac Nicol

On the search for a serial killer, Detective Anthony Parglietto and Flynn Parker learn that every man must make a choice: to kill, to live, to love.FROM DARKNESSAND LIGHTSomeone is leaving a trail of bodies throughout London, and Detective Anthony Parglietto is determined to end the violence. Then he’ll return to the man he loves.Tough, street-savvy, and used to dealing with lowlifes, Flynn Parker is the last person Anthony thinks he has to protect. Then the Bow-Tie Killer strikes close to home and the world turns upside down. Right is wrong, black is white, and a policeman might become a monster. But in the name of love, justice must be served. In the name of love, pain can be endured. In the name of love, a man can taste the very essence that defines him.

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K.J. Cleveland

This is a paper discussing the love and punishment of Choderlos de Laclos and the other villains in the book, Dangerous Liaisons. Excerpt from the Paper:“Scholars have argued whether Les Liaisons Dangereuses was a moral novel exposing the cruelties of human nature and their ultimate downfall or if Choderlos de Laclos had no real motive behind writing the book and simply wanted to create a stir in the world. Some argued that the villains never actually received just punishment because he simply needed a way to end the novel. Victims of such a deceptive fate seek punishment from those who have manipulated them. Sometimes the punishment that would most satisfy the victim is not the most fitting punishment. The punishment may not seem cruel or tortuous enough for the pain they caused, but it is what will shatter the villain’s world. Should the victims desire what would best satiate their need for vengeance or should they want what would most devastate the villain?” "If we could be contented with being what we are, we should have no inducement to lament our fate; but we inflict on ourselves a thousand real evils in seeking after an imaginary happiness." Jean-Jacques RousseauAbout the AuthorK.J. Cleveland was born in Alabama, grew up in various areas, including Mannheim, Germany, due to her Mom being a librarian for the U.S. Army. Her mother, Sherrie Floyd, opened libraries for the U.S. Army in Bosnia, and subsequently won Federal Librarian of the Year in 2001 for her endeavors. K.J. Cleveland has a Bachelor's Degree in psychology and a Master's Degree in history with concentrations in philosophy. After college, she moved to California, where she began her writing career. She and her brother, Randy Jones, published The Raw You: Self-Awareness Journal for one year in West Los Angeles, followed by a book, The Raw You: A Contemplation of the Soul, which received an incredibly positive response from its readers. Other books she has written include The Courage to be Yourself: Look Inside and Develop the Confidence to be Your True Self, What is Enlightenment? Theories about Knowing Yourself Beneath Your Societal Identity, God and the Unseen Realm From Plato, Isaac Newton, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Immanuel Kant and Never Give Up: Exercises to Listen to Your Heart, Set Goals and Make Your Dreams Come True. To learn more about knowing yourself and making your dreams come true, check out,, and

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Amie Heights

Three of the most shamelessly sexual stores are bundled together in this collection. In the first, a woman’s affair takes a dangerous turn when her lover and her husband have a no holds barred fight for her after a risky night of passion. The next has a poor woman who’s own mind plays psycho sexual tricks on her, leading her down a path she didn’t even know she was on until the stunning conclusion. The last erotic short has a Princess who has to choose between a twisted night in the dungeon with a perverted magician or giving up the entire kingdom.This collection includes;DON’T FIGHT OVER METHE PRINCESS AND THE PUNISHMENTMY DARK SIDE

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Erick Sapp

Detective Gerald Booker of the South Bronx' 40th Precinct is a reasonable man. A fair man. A tough cop who does his job while trying to walk that fine line between helping the citizenry and kicking-ass on the bad guys. But when presented with an impossible choice of shutting down a major criminal conspiracy while at the same time helping a pregnant, abused young woman do the unthinkable, which desperate choice will this detective make? And can he ultimately live with his decision?

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Victor Uribe-Uran

One night in December 1800, in the distant mission outpost of San Antonio in northern Mexico, Eulalia Californio and her lover Primo plotted the murder of her abusive husband. While the victim was sleeping, Prio and his brother tied a rope around Juan Californio's neck. One of them sat on his body while the other pulled on the rope and the woman, grabbing her husband by the legs, pulled in the opposite direction. After Juan Californio suffocated, Eulalia ran to the mission and reported that her husband had choked while chewing tobacco. Suspicious, the mission priests reported the crime to the authorities in charge of the nearest presidio. For historians, spousal murders are significant for what they reveal about social and family history, in particular the hidden history of day-to-day gender relations, conflicts, crimes, and punishments. Fatal Love examines this phenomenon in the late colonial Spanish Atlantic, focusing on incidents occurring in New Spain (colonial Mexico), New Granada (colonial Colombia), and Spain from the 1740s to the 1820s. In the more than 200 cases consulted, it considers not only the social features of the murders, but also the legal discourses and judicial practices guiding the historical treatment of spousal murders, helping us understand the historical intersection of domestic violence, private and state/church patriarchy, and the law.

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Tina Millan

How To Train Your Dog In Just 7 DaysI Believe Every Dog Lover Can Become A Master Trainer Without PunishmentYou could be just 7 days away from a perfectly trained dog. Learn how to:Train Your Dog Using Love and Positive ReinforcementThe truth is that dogs are a lot like people - they will respond a lot more favorably to kindness, loves and encouragement than to pain, shouting and punishment. If you want a perfectly trained puppy dog, punishing your pet for bad behavior may actually backfire! Instead, you can use positive reinforcement to train your dog to do EXACTLY what you want when you want.The Super Simple Potty Training Methods That Works FasterThe first task for most new dog owners is to potty train your puppy. Failure here could lead to a bad experience with your new pet, not to mention a ruined carpet or two. If you follow the Super Simple Potty Training Methods in this book, all your friends will be asking about your magical new dog training superpowers.How To Train Your Dog To Sit, Wait and Come To You AnytimeYou not only need to potty train your new puppy, but you'll also need to teach her how to sit on command, wait for you, come to you, leave things alone and get off (especially important for big dogs). In this puppy training book, you'll learn the secrets to simple training that allow you to teach these 5 basic dog commands every owner and dog must know.Love Your Dog For Who She Is While Still Being In ControlEvery dog has their own temperament and personality. When you train your dog, you're not trying to change their personality (imagine changing your family's personalities). Instead, your job is to teach your dog to adopt certain behaviors that make your life a whole lot easier! When you train your dog with love, she will love you back AND be the envy of all your friends for her well-mannered behavior.Puppy Training For KidsLearn the secrets to training your puppy to interact safely with your kids. Your puppy will get along great with your kids if you just train them to do these 3 simple things and it can be done easily. You'll sleep soundly at night knowing that your puppy will protect your kids and never harm them no matter what.Want Well Behaved Dogs Like This?If you want a well behaved dog that will listen to your commands and be a loyal, loving and well mannered companion for life, this book is for you!Learn how to train your dog with love the right way. Scroll up and grab your copy today.