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Mike Coburn

SOLDIER FIVE is an elite soldier's explosive memoir of his time within the Special Air Service (SAS) and, in particular, his experiences during the 1991 Gulf War. As a member of the Special Forces patrol now famously known by its call sign Bravo Two Zero, he and seven others were inserted hundreds of kilometres behind enemy lines. Their mission to reconnoitre targets, undertake surveillance of Scud missil sites and sabotage Iraqi communications links was to end in desperate failure.From the outset, the patrol was dogged by problems that contributed both directly and indirectly to the demise of the mission. The patrol's compromise, and subsequent attempts to evade Iraqi troops, resulted in four members of Bravo Two Zero being captured and a further three killed. One escaped. But the story goes further that the Gulf War itself. Despite numerous books, films and articles on the same subject, the British Government has done its utmost to thwart the release of SOLDIER FIVE, at one stage claiming the book in its entirety was confidential. A campaign of harassment that took some four and a half years of litigation to resolve has now resulted in this controversial publication. SOLDIER FIVE is a gripping and suspenseful account of one man's experiences as a Special Forces soldier. Revealing his conflicts and loyalties, and the relationships he forged both on and off the battlefield, this book is the resolution of a soldier's determined fight to see his story told.

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Becky Garrison

Churches everywhere are suffering from draconian funding cuts, so how do leaders with a heart for alternative ministries fund their passion and build communities that will last? Journalist and commentator Becky Garrison looks deep into the experience of nearly a dozen ministries in the United States and United Kingdom -- all of them geared to the growing spiritual-but-not-religious demographic, and all of them highly creative venues doing a lot with a little money. How did these ministries start from zero with $0? And how could you?

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This is the first eight volumes of the Mars Diaries sci fi series from Brouwer, popular with the younger set.

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Sigmund Brouwer

Set at an experimental community on Mars in the year 2039, the Mars Diaries feature 14-year-old virtual reality specialist Tyce Sanders. Life on the red planet is not always easy, but it is definitely exciting. As Tyce explores his strange surroundings, he finds that the mysteries of the planet point to his greatest discovery-a new relationship with God. Mission 1: Oxygen Level Zero The science station is in trouble. Oxygen is leaking out of the dome, and the scientists and techies are stumped. Fourteen-year-old Tyce Sanders holds the key to the mystery. But will he discover it in time to save those who live under the dome? FEATURES: Essay from author integrates the issue of science and faith in each book Exciting for even reluctant readers Teaches kids that God created science

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