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Gerry Kirstein

Written as an autobiography about the turbulent 1960’s and set against the backdrop of the emerging rock music scene, drugs, political assassinations, and the Viet Nam war, Some Are Born to Endless Night explores Jim Morrison’s vision of American society in the growing chaos of that decade and highlights the literature and revolutionary philosophies behind his lyrics as a singer with the Doors. Nearly 40 years after Morrison’s death Kirstein undertakes a review of Morrison’s songs that reflected his crumbling psychological profile. As a devotee of Morrison and the music of the Doors he explores the mindset of Morrison and his rich literary and philosophical origins that include insights from Aldous Huxley, William Blake, poet Arthur Rimbaud, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Norman O. Brown’s interpretation of both Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud. Kirstein discusses Nietzsche’s magnetic influence on Morrison, and he interprets for the reader how Morrison may have unconsciously intimated a prophecy of riots and destruction by fire in a future Los Angeles. The author pieces together an unusual narrative that traces the decline and fall of the United States as reflected in Morrison’s songs, starting from the JFK assassination in 1963 to a point where we currently find ourselves in a parallel world four decades later. The book describes a sense of unease in America which launched Kirstein into a self-exile as an international drifter who is ultimately drawn to a remote river in South America called Xingu. For followers of Jim Morrison and the Doors this book provides a diverse cultural snapshot of 1960’s America and illustrates Morrison’s remarkable talent as a lyricist and visionary, helping to explain the ongoing interest in Morrison’s legacy and continuing popularity of the Doors music.

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A lavish feast for the eye and spirit, this magnificently illustrated volume features classic works from Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, and Wales, winding the finest poetry, fables, fairy tales, folklore, and lyrics into a magical and mesmerizing Celtic weave. Each section resonates with the mystical ideas of the Celts and the traditions of the Druids--the priesthood that formed the core of Celtic beliefs. Structured according to the Celtic lunar calendar, The Celtic Quest is divided into three sections: Song, Sword, and Star. Song reveals the Celts' deep reverance for nature, celebrating the rebirth of the land as well as the heart in great works by ancient and contemporary bards. Sword reflects the passage of time with tales of courage and transformation that trace the Celtic heroes' journey toward maturity. Star focuses on the Druidic beliefs in reincarnation, shape-shifting, and shamanic practices. From the prophetic poetry of Yeats to contemporary voices like Dylan Thomas and Van Morrison, this gorgeous book will ass mystery and magic to your library and your life. Writers include: William Blake, James Joyce, Katharine Tynan, Robert Burns, and George MacDonald. Artists include: John McKirdy Duncan, Augustus John, Charles Rennie and Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, Harry Clarke, Sir Henry Raeburn, James Jebusa Shannon, Peter Davidson, Tim Goulding, Glyn Morgan, and Gewn O'Dowd. Richly illustrated, this anthology reflects the beauty, diversity, and craftsmanship of Celtic art--including paintings, drawings, metalwork, and photographs. The unique pairings of art and literature will inspire as they celebrate the magic, power, and poetry of the Celtic spirit.

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Allen Tullos

Habits of Industry provides a richly descriptive social, historical, and cultural account of the Carolina Piedmont -- the area between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Coastal Plain -- over the course of 150 years. By examining the social and religious culture of the region, Allen Tullos illuminates the lives of the working men and women whose "habits of industry" shaped their world.Tullos combines archival research with an extensive collection of oral histories to shed new light on the essentially all-white textile industry in the era before World War II. He examines such topics as workers' transition from an agrarian folk culture to an industrial working class, the changing patterns of employers' paternalistic relations, and the contrasting and complimentary meanings of "industry." Using biographies and autobiographies of both mill owners and mill workers, Tullos juxtaposes the entrepreneurial narratives of the Belks, Hammetts, Tompkinses, Dukes, and Loves with the equally remarkable stories of such workers as Ethel Hillard, Alice and Grover Hardin, and Nigel League.

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Jim Morrison

The celebrated lead singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison is a legend of rock and roll. The American Night presents Morrison's previously unpublished work in its truest form. With their nightmarish images, bold associative leaps, and volcanic power of emotion, these works are the unmistakable artifacts of a great, wild voice and heart.

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Stephen Kantrowitz

Through the life of Benjamin Ryan Tillman (1847-1918), South Carolina's self-styled agrarian rebel, this book traces the history of white male supremacy and its discontents from the era of plantation slavery to the age of Jim Crow.As an anti-Reconstruction guerrilla, Democratic activist, South Carolina governor, and U.S. senator, Tillman offered a vision of reform that was proudly white supremacist. In the name of white male militance, productivity, and solidarity, he justified lynching and disfranchised most of his state's black voters. His arguments and accomplishments rested on the premise that only productive and virtuous white men should govern and that federal power could never be trusted. Over the course of his career, Tillman faced down opponents ranging from agrarian radicals to aristocratic conservatives, from woman suffragists to black Republicans. His vision and his voice shaped the understandings of millions and helped create the violent, repressive world of the Jim Crow South.Friend and foe alike--and generations of historians--interpreted Tillman's physical and rhetorical violence in defense of white supremacy as a matter of racial and gender instinct. This book instead reveals that Tillman's white supremacy was a political program and social argument whose legacies continue to shape American life.

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David E. Whisnant

In the American imagination, the word Appalachia designates more than a geographical region. It evokes fiddle tunes, patchwork quilts, split-rail fences, and all the other artifacts that decorate a cherished romantic region of the American mind. David Whisnant challenges this view of Appalachia (and consequently this broader imaginitive tendency) by exploring connections between a comforting cultural myth and the troublesome complexities of cultural history. Looking at the work of some ballad hunters and collectors, handicraft revivalists, folk festival promoters, and other cultural missionaries, Whisnant discovers a process of intentional and systematic cultural intervention that had (and still has) far-reaching consequences.Why, Whisnant asks, did so many Bluegrass ladies and upper-class graduates of Seven Sisters colleges rush to erect cultural breakwaters around mountaineers? Why would a sophisticated New England woman build a Danish folk school in western North Carolina? Why did a classical musician from Richmond who hated blacks love southern mountain music? How did the notions and actions of all these cultural missionaries affect the lives of the mountaineers? And what do these episodes of intervention teach us about culture and cultural change—in Appalachia and elsewhere?Whisnant pursues these and other questions in closely documented case studies of the Hindman Settlement School in eastern Kentucky, the cultural work of Olive Dame Campbell throughout the mountains, and the White Top Folk Festival on the Virginia-North Carolina border. Moreover, he relates them to broader social and economic developments of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries: the coming of the railroads and the opening of the mines, the Depression, the advent of TVA, and more diffuse processes such as urbanization, the decline of agriculture, the movement of radio and the commercial recording industry into the mountains, and the implicit restrictions Victorian America placed on the political perspectives and activities of socially conscious upper-class women. "We must begin to understand the politics of culture," Whisnant writes, "especially the role of formal institutions and foreceful individuals in defining and shaping perspectives, values, tastes and agendas for cultural change."All That Is Native and Fine opens the way not only to a reexamination of the history of a single region but also to a more sophisticated understanding of the dynamics of cultural continuity and change in other regions and in the nation as a whole.

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David E. Whisnant

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Jenean Morrison

Calming, creative and complex, Jenean Morrison's Hand-Drawn Mandalas Coloring Books are a fantastic way to destress, decompress, or just make some beautiful images. Each of the 30 mandala designs was hand-drawn by Jenean and features an organic quality in both shape and line weights. This series contains images printed on the fronts of pages only (so you don't need to worry about bleed-through if you choose to use markers) and comes in a square 8.5" x 8.5" format. The spaces within these designs are a bit larger than in Jenean's other books so you can use your creativity to fill them up with solids, dots and your own colorful designs! As always, Jenean hopes you enjoy coloring this book as much as she enjoyed creating the designs!

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Your Dog Will Look Smart The Entire Summer In This Fabulous Theming The Door Jim Morrison Design Dog Vest! Theming The Door Jim Morrison Design Dog Vest Will Stretch Just Enough To Accommodate Your Precious Pup Like A Hug.

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