download ebook fractional dynamic calculus and fractional dynamic equations on time scales pdf epub

Svetlin G. Georgiev

Pedagogically organized, this monograph introduces fractional calculus and fractional dynamic equations on time scales in relation to mathematical physics applications and problems. Beginning with the definitions of forward and backward jump operators, the book builds from Stefan Hilger’s basic theories on time scales and examines recent developments within the field of fractional calculus and fractional equations. Useful tools are provided for solving differential and integral equations as well as various problems involving special functions of mathematical physics and their extensions and generalizations in one and more variables. Much discussion is devoted to Riemann-Liouville fractional dynamic equations and Caputo fractional dynamic equations. Intended for use in the field and designed for students without an extensive mathematical background, this book is suitable for graduate courses and researchers looking for an introduction to fractional dynamic calculus and equations on time scales.

download ebook sacred power, holy surrender: living a spiritual power dynamic pdf epub

Raven Kaldera

What is it like to live a deliberate negotiated power dynamic -- a dominant/submissive, master/slave, or owner/property relationship -- as part of one’s spiritual path? This book is an anthology of real people who follow that barely charted road in a variety of different faiths and spiritualities. These writings go beyond the simple matter of ethics and move into the realm of relationship as transcendent discipline. Edited by Raven Kaldera, Sacred Power, Holy Surrender takes us into a world where power can be uncorrupted and surrender can be a way to freedom.

download ebook the public interest, pornography, & the fcc leadership dynamic pdf epub

Dr. J. Anthony Snorgrass, PhD

American broadcast-media policy has been on a pendulum between liberalization and more restrictive regulation since passage of the 1934 Communications Act, which introduced the Fairness Doctrine as a bridge between pubic interest and commercial interest and vetted regulatory authority with a seven-person Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This pendulum-like sway between deregulation and more restrictive government control has been fueled by advances in technology; shifts in the political, ideological, and moral landscape; and by the distrust of government among many U.S. Americans. Much of the FCC citizen input, participation opportunities, and systems are laced with the values, morality, and social fabric of previous generations, responding poorly to the rapid pace of technology and public demands. This is reflected in the FCC practices impacting citizen involvement, the regulation of communications (including the Internet, broadband, news media, the press, and television programming), the promotion, and television programming), the promotion of public-service advertising (PSAs), and shepherding publicly owned platforms, spectrums, and other media products. The book examines the legal, political, and social implications of continuing the practice of allowing broadcasters’ self-monitored Public Service Broadcasting to satisfy the requirement that radio and television broadcasters serve the public interest. Additionally, the book identifies best practices and benchmarks leading to recommendations intended to improve public-service delivery in support of local community values and the protection of America’s youth.

download ebook farming systems research into the 21st century: the new dynamic pdf epub

Ika Darnhofer,David Gibbon,Benoît Dedieu

Farming Systems Research has three core characteristics: it builds on systems thinking, it depends on the close collaboration between social and biophysical sciences, and it relies on participation to build co-learning processes. Farming Systems Research posits that to contribute towards sustainable rural development, both interdisciplinary collaborations and local actor engagement are needed. Together, they allow for changes in understanding and changes in practices. This book gives an overview of the insights generated in 20 years of Farming Systems Research. It retraces the emergence and development of Farming Systems Research in Europe, summarises the state-of-the-art for key areas, and provides an outlook on new explorations, especially those tackling the dynamic nature of farming systems and their interaction with the natural environment and the context of action.

download ebook the new asian power dynamic pdf epub

Maharajakrishna Rasgotra

This volume examines the unfolding relationships among the five great powers in Asia—the United States, China, India, Japan and Russia. It explores recent bilateral relations between these states. While the central theme is how China, the rising power, and the US, the sole superpower, will deal with each other, their policies and interactions will need to factor in the other three powers who will play significant roles in defining peace and stability in Asia.

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B Hiriyappa

Team Building and Group Dynamic provide valuable information to anyone who is working in a team and know the Team and Team Building, Team Functions, Team Effectiveness, Understanding Group Behavior In An Organization, Team Dynamics, Group Development / Stages of Group’s Formation, Types of Groups, Turning Groups Into Effective Teams. When you read this book your performance, work commitments and how to work in a team, know how to motivate others members in a team and accomplish your goals at work place.

download ebook the family dynamic pdf epub

Margaret Ward,Marc Bélanger

Completely updated to reflect the reality of today?s families, The Family Dynamic, Fifth Edition is the definitive resource for Canadian students and teachers. Praised for its accessible, clear and approachable writing style, The Family Dynamic is a leader in the Canadian academic marketplace. Challenging issues have been woven throughout the text to stimulate thought and discussion about the current state and future of the family. Sociology / Human Services majors and non-majors alike will appreciate the relevant examples used to illustrate the modern Canadian family.

download ebook the entrepreneurship dynamic pdf epub

Claudia Bird Schoonhoven,Elaine Romanelli

New organizations do not emerge full blown from the idiosyncratic minds of individual entrepreneurs. Their ideas for new organizations, their ability to acquire capital and other essential resources, and their likelihood of survival as entrepreneurs derive from the contexts in which they live and work. The Entrepreneurship Dynamic explores the conditions that prompt the founding of large numbers of new organizations or entirely new industries, and the effects on existing industries, economies, and societies.

download ebook becoming dynamic pdf epub

D. Jackson

In this follow-up to the ground-breaking, Dynamic Organisations , David Jackson leads the reader step-by-step through the change management process. He describes the change management process using a unique 'double loop' model and uses this to clarify processes which can otherwise appear intimidating, such as environmental scanning, direction setting, change planning, implementation and sustaining activities. A 'Change in Action' section uses vivid case-studies to show how real organisations have risen to the challenge of sustaining on-going innovation. David Jackson wrote Becoming Dynamic to communicate the lessons he has learnt after many years of working as a consultant with senior managers struggling to make change work in a variety of companies. This is reflected in his spirited and enthusiastic style and his refreshing take on much-discussed issues such as leadership, culture, learning and performance.

download ebook the malay-muslim insurgency in southern thailand--understanding the conflict's evolving dynamic pdf epub

Peter Chalk

Current unrest in the Malay-Muslim provinces of southern Thailand has captured growing national, regional, and international attention due to the heightened tempo and scale of rebel attacks, the increasingly jihadist undertone that has come to characterize insurgent actions, and the central government's often brutal handling of the situation on the ground. This paper assesses the current situation and its probable direction.

download ebook china, the developing world, and the new global dynamic pdf epub

Lowell Dittmer,George T. Yu

"With China's rise as a major player in international affairs, how have its policies toward developing countries changed? And how do those policies now fit with its overall foreign policy goals? This timely new book explores the complexities of China's evolving relationship with the developing world. The authors first examine the political and economic implications of China's efforts to be seen as a responsible great power. A series of comprehensive regional chapters then showcase a quid pro quo relationship - variously involving crucial raw materials, energy, and consumers on the one hand and infrastructure development, aid, and security on the other. The concluding chapter illuminates China's search for national identity in the context of widespread suspicions of its strategic motives. The result is a thorough, yet accessible, view of an increasingly important topic in global affairs. This book explores the complexities of China's evolving relationship with the developing world, including countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America." -- Publisher's description.

download ebook breaking the mother-son dynamic pdf epub

John Lee

Several years ago, John Lee authored what is generally considered to be the most authoritative book on why men run from relationships, The Flying Boy: Healing the Wounded Man. In his new book, he revisits the mother-son relationship and gently but assertively shows men how to separate from the mother energy that has a massive magnetic pull on their hearts and souls, no matter how young or old they may be. Lee also shows women how to keep from being a man's surrogate mother and shows mothers how to minimize their unconscious draining of their son's energy, and much more. By the end of the book, not only will mothers and sons be able to identify this dynamic, but they will have tools to dismantle it and create a healthier relationship. Wives, girlfriends and lovers of men who may be caught in the dynamic and are suffering because of it will find tools for navigating and negotiating their relationship both with their husband, partner, or lover and his mother.

download ebook the transcendent dynamic pdf epub

David Birnbaum

Summa Metaphysica proposes a comprehensive and integrated metaphysical structure – a new paradigm. Summa I: God and Evil: Religious Man (published 1988) and Summa II: God and Good: Spiritual Man (first launched 2005 online) comprise Birnbaum’s Summa Metaphysica series. The author has proposed that one fundamental concept – and one fundamental concept alone – Quest for Potential∞ (recursive to the infinite power) – ignited – and drives – the cosmos – and the integral infinite divine. Building upon his 1988 treatise, in Summa II: God and Good: Spiritual Man (17 years later) the author lays out his overarching metaphysical structure in very significantly greater scope, depth, breadth and texture. Summa III: The Transcendent Dynamic: Secular Man offers a metaphysics for ‘Everyman’ – de-linked from any spirituality or religious aspects. It might best be classified as ‘scientific metaphysics’. It Is anchored In a creative finesse of science and logic. Birnbaum’s paradigm is non–linear, as opposed to the linearity of the great bulk of Western philosophy. It is non– circular, as opposed to the circularity of much of Eastern philosophy. Rather, Birnbaum’s paradigm is what the author refers to as a “spiral/reflexive” dynamic (elucidated in the text). The author proposes that this Quest for Potential∞ paradigm more elegantly explains the dynamics of the cosmos – and of life, in particular – than alternate propositions. According to Birnbaum, only the full plethora of potentials – and the quest thereof – could have ignited the cosmos. The combined potentials for love, life, intellectuality, spirituality and, indeed, for an infinitely Perfect Divine, ignited, birthed, nurtured, and projected the cosmos onward on its quest towards infinity. ‘Extraordinariation,’ according to the author, is the overarching goal. Thomas Aquinas wrote Summa Theologica c. 1273 within a Christian context. The Summa Metaphysica series, proposing an original, dynamic, overarching, and integrated metaphysics, is crafted within a Jewish context seven hundred years later.

download ebook the leadership dynamic pdf epub

Harry L. Reeder

Presents a biblical model of multiplication that continuously raises up leaders and strategically deploys them in ever-increasing waves into the church and the culture. An important addition to any church's training strategy.

download ebook the deepest dynamic pdf epub

Mama Val Promise

The Deepest Dynamic is a book that closes the gap between science and spirituality in a way that others have only speculated about. This book is both for people with a scientific orientation who need a comfortable way to connect with Spirit, and for those with a spiritual orientation who could use a better understanding of the contours of the illusion so as to more readily go beyond it. We introduce the Promise Premise, which uses the "cause-mology" of The Disappearance of the Universe along with recent developments in the sciences to elucidate the En-Self-ification Principle, the fractal/chaotic/holographic impulse of separation and fragmentation that informs the entire universe. Turns out that, as with so much else, form follows function. The universe, and everything in it, is the way it is for a reason that preceded its emanation.The Deepest Dynamic answers all of the Perennial Questions that humankind has asked throughout the ages--in a humorous, entertaining, and informative way. It is based on *The Disappearance of the Universe*, which is based on *A Course in Miracles*, which is designed to efficiently awaken the reader to the Voice for God within. Nothing less will do!

download ebook be dynamic pdf epub

Warren W. Wiersbe

In this study of the first twelve chapters of Acts, Warren Wiersbe helps you understand the ministry of the Spirit in the church, how to be an effective witness for Christ, how to turn persecution into blessing, and how to solve church problems.

download ebook the hockey dynamic pdf epub

Gavin Featherstone

The Hockey Dynamic is an insightful examination into the many factors that have contributed to making hockey the global sport that it is today. Drawing from his experiences in a life lived in the hockey world at all levels of the game, Featherstone is uniquely qualified to present this study of the game and it's growth.