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Simba Sana

Never Stop is the wrenching memoir of Simba Sana, the cofounder and former leader of Karibu Books, a major indie-bookselling phenomenon and perhaps the most successful black-owned company in the history of the book industry. In this memoir, Sana reveals how his experience with Karibu jumpstarted his lifelong journey to better understanding himself, human nature, faith, and American culture—which ultimately helped him develop the powerful personal philosophy that drives his life today. Born Bernard Sutton in Washington, DC, Sana grew up in the cycle of poverty and violence that dominated inner-city life in the ’70s and ’80s. Sana’s academic success got him into college, where his life increasingly embodied the contradictions that plagued his youth. Committed to self-improvement and self-discipline, he grew into a successful businessman while becoming an impassioned Black Nationalist and Pan-Africanist. He lived the corporate life at Ernst & Young by day while leading radical consciousness-raising groups by night. Building Karibu became Sana’s opportunity to bind the disparate elements of his life together. Ultimately, though, the paradoxes in his identity and his accumulated emotional wounds confounded his effort to overcome his business reversals, and everything Sana built—his marriage, family, and business—was lost in an incredibly brief period of time. Sana had to rebuild his life—and his identity—and set out to do so in a way that focused principally on the meaning and importance of love.

download ebook never stop pdf epub

Kimberly Knight

*This romance novel contains explicit content and is not advised for readers under 18* Inspired by a True Story. The girl on the cruise ship stole his heart ... The guy on the cruise ship took her breath away ... After being diagnosed with a rare tumor, Brooke has survived surgery and radiation and is now excited to share her future with Easton. Planning her fairy tale wedding and dreaming of a home filled with beautiful children is a dream come true. But not everything goes as planned. Will Easton lose another wife or will his Superwoman be the fighter he knows she is?

download ebook never stop pdf epub

Марі Карачина

Хочете змінити своє життя, але не наважуєтеся зробити перший крок? Мрієте стати стрункими й здоровішими, та не знаєте з чого почати? Намагаєтеся подолати стрес та впорядкувати свої думки? Не відкладайте «на завтра». Ця книжка — добрий спосіб почати позитивні зміни вже сьогодні. Марі Карачина — учасниця світових марафонів та півмарафонів, фітнес-тренер та засновниця клубу «Skinny&Strong», переконана, що біг — це значно більше, аніж просто вид спорту. Це спосіб впорядкувати своє життя, загартувати дух та силу волі, навчитися ставити цілі й досягати їх. Адже рух — це життя. А книжка, яку ви тримаєте у руках, — лише маленький стимул, перший крок, щоб змінити звички та почати вдосконалювати світ навколо вас. Тож одягайте кросівки і neverstop!

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Rulon Gardner

The 2000 winner of the Olympic gold medal for wrestling describes his childhood on a dairy farm alongside eight siblings, struggles with a learning disability, and the accidents that nearly took his life before winning the bronze in 2004. Original.

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Michael Kellogg

This excellent introduction to the essential issues that have preoccupied philosophers throughout the centuries provides fresh and engaging portraits of the greatest thinkers on three perennial questions: What can I know? What may I hope? What ought I to do? The author summarizes the thoughts of Plato and Wittgenstein on the possibility of philosophical knowledge; Kant and Nietzsche on the existence of God; Aristotle and Heidegger on human virtue. The first member of the pair is a builder, the second a destroyer. One explores the promise of a theory, the other the consequences of its ruin. These juxtaposed pairs are not self-contained, however. All six thinkers are engaged in a dialogue with one another on issues that touch our lives directly and profoundly. The author has arranged them in an order that unveils an ever-deepening understanding of the moral, spiritual and intellectual space in which our lives unfold. For anyone wishing to discover, or rediscover, philosophy in its original meaning—"the love of wisdom"—this engaging, clearly written, and accessible volume is an excellent place to start. From the Hardcover edition.

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Melissa Storm

Her picture saved his life. Now he’ll risk everything to find her. When James Morgan left for Korea, his heart belonged to another woman. But all that changes when he finds the picture of a beautiful, exotic woman one of his troop mates left behind. The tattered photo gives him the resolve he needs to make it home alive … but once he gets there, he has no idea how to go about finding the mysterious woman who unknowingly saved his life. Gloria Flores is distraught when her brother dies fighting a war she never supported in the first place. Still, it falls to her to pick up the shattered pieces of her family in the wake of his death. Gloria is hurting too, ready to get away from it all, but something seems to be telling her to stay in her small, Texas home town. But what, or who, can it be? Will James find the woman he so desperately seeks? And if he does, can he be the answer to Gloria’s prayers as well? Don’t miss this stirring saga of hope and redemption—get your copy of I’ll Never Stop Loving You today!

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William Goodman, Ph.D.

For a happier, healthier life, add more smiles, laughs and humor. That prescription is based on the entertaining talks Dr. Goodman has been giving for the past 20 years. In support of this lofty goal, he supplies a generous helping of practical ideas and inspiring true stories. His message is serious; his method is lighthearted.

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Leonardo Cimmarrusti

Alan e il suo team di ricercatori, grazie alla scoperta di un elemento sintetico dalle proprietà straordinarie e sconosciute, apriranno le porte di una tecnologia rivoluzionaria che cambierà per sempre le sorti dell’umanità e permetterà di conoscere alcuni tra i più antichi misteri della storia del cosmo. Un tragico incidente disperderà il gruppo di scienziati nell’universo. Il desiderio di non abbandonare i suoi amici e continuare a inseguire i suoi sogni, permetteranno ad Alan di trovare le forze per aiutare l’umanità e l’universo intero a porre fine al più grande e duraturo conflitto mai esistito nella storia. Non è necessario trovare il proprio posto nell’universo ma solo il motore giusto che possa spingerci a vivere fino in fondo le nostre vite, inseguire i nostri desideri e combattere per realizzare i nostri sogni.

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Chris D. Lewis

Chris D. Lewis, Commissioner (Ret.), Ontario Provincial Police, describes life as a series of hills and valleys. Every challenge you encounter is a hill you must overcome on your journey. As his title cautions, Lewis believes that you should never stop on a hill. Some obstacles may seem insurmountable, but quitting is never an option, unless it is in the best interests of the team. Instead, with determination and resilience, you will be able to lead to success. Lewis came to this conclusion during his thirty-six-year career in policing. He worked in a variety of different areas, including uniform, tactical operations, intelligence and major crimes, before climbing the ranks to lead the entire ninety-five-hundred-person organization. Along the way, he learned many lessons in leadership and teamwork. Lewis includes interviews and discussions with police chiefs and personnel who reveal the skills they believe are critical for leadership success. Lewis encourages a caring and communicative perspective. A "what's in it for me?" attitude isn't sustainable in any organization. Instead, through Never Stop on a Hill, learn the qualities of a true leader. All profits from the sale of Never Stop on a Hill will go to the Special Olympics.

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Rulon Gardner

Never Stop Pushing is a motivational autobiography by Olympic Greco-Roman champion wrestler Rulon Gardner (Gold Medal, 2000; Bronze Medal, 2004). This inspiring memoir comes from one of the world's most remarkable athletes who achieved arguably the greatest upset in individual sports history when he defeated the Russian Alexander Karelin — three-time Olympic champ, undefeated and unscored upon for a decade before his match with Gardner — in the 2000 Gold Medal match. Rulon Gardner tells the story of his impoverished upbringing as one of nine children in a close-knit Mormon family on a farm in Wyoming, where in performing unceasing chores he developed tremendous strength at an early age. Gardner writes about his struggles in school made arduous by learning disabilities that have challenged him his whole life. Also, after winning his Gold Medal, we read how this champion survived a snowmobile accident that marooned him outdoors for eighteen hours in high country. Rulon Gardner recovered from this and went on to defend his Gold Medal at Athens in 2004—yet another comeback from this athlete who was supposed to simply fade away.

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Gordon Livingston Md,Gordon Livingston

In Dr. Gordon Livingstons follow-up to his national bestseller Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, he offers thirty more true things we need to know now. Among the fresh truths he identifies and explores in this book, which has sold more than 50,000 copies in hardcover, are: Paradox governs our lives. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. Marriage ruins a lot of good relationships. We are defined by what we fear. We all live downstream. One of lifes most difficult tasks is to see ourselves as others see us. As we grow old, the beauty steals inward. Most people die with their music still inside of them. Dr. Livingstons sterling qualities are in evidence again: a clear and deep understanding of the hidden hypocrisies, desires, evasions, and emotional tumult that course through our lives; an unerring sense of what is important; and his own ability to persevere-to hope-in a world he knows is capable of inflicting unjustifiable and lifelong suffering.

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Shara Grylls

This inspirational book includes encouraging quotes and words of wisdom on the adventure of marriage. Shara Grylls is married to one of the world’s best-known outdoor adventurers: Bear Grylls, the host of Man vs. Wild. Together, Shara and Bear have discovered that marriage is one of the greatest risks and deepest joys anyone can know. Never Stop Holding Hands includes artist Charlie Mackesy’s distinctive sketches alongside the advice that keeps the Grylls’s marriage strong. Whether readers have been married fifty years or are just starting out, Never Stop Holding Hands will remind them that love will triumph in any adventure.

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Sarah Jackman

Six years after her husband disappeared without trace, Abbie Silvas still searches for him obsessively. Unwilling to leave her Vauxhall flat for any length of time, just in case he comes back, she lives a strange, museum-like half-life, still waiting for Nick's return, still wondering what happened to him. But the fragile balance of Abbie's world is set to change, when Owen moves into the flat above. Newly separated, Owen too is dealing with the sudden loss of family life. Missing his children desperately, he becomes drawn to his lonely neighbour, intrigued by her sad story. Could Owen and his children's arrival prove the catalyst that will enable Abbie to let go of Nick, heal, and move on? But Abbie and Nick's marriage was not the perfect union she remembers. Abbie is finding it increasingly hard to paper over the cracks in her memories. And the intrusion of Owen and his children will force her to confront feelings and memories that have long been frozen . . .

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Jeffrey Archer

Taken from Jeffrey Archer's third collection of short stories, Twelve Red Herrings, comes this irresistible, witty and ingenious short read. Diana, a busy single mother, looks forward to her regular retreat into the countryside to have dinner with friends. A horrible shock she receives as she is driving along the motorway unsettles her – and when she realizes that a black van is increasingly in her rear-view mirror, Diana begins to feel seriously scared. Soon terrified for her life, she does whatever it takes to stick to the stark warning given to motorists: never stop on the motorway . . . Praise for Jeffrey Archer 'Probably the greatest storyteller of our age' Mail on Sunday

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Norbert Mercado,Norberto Mercado

Jerusalem Angela Mercado was not so sure if she was prepared to take the 2016 Medical Board Examinations in Manila, Philippines after her classes in a review center in Manila ended in January 2015. When her father, Norberto, asked her if she would take the physician’s examination the following month, she couldn’t readily reply to the former’s query. She was, in fact, speechless...

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Todd Tuell

Follow this little ninja as he sneaks up on the family dog, swipes a cookie from his brother, and escapes from Granny’s kiss . . . only to be out-ninja’d by his younger brother’s sneak attack! Young readers will be drawn in by the fast-paced rhymes that parallel the little ninja’s quick moves, and will chant the refrain with glee! This humorous ode to stalking, sneaking, spying, and scheming is sure to be read over and over again, inspiring imaginary play for a new generation of ninjas. Praise for Ninja, Ninja, Never Stop "Bright primary hues add an energetic yet retro feel to Carpenter’s illustrations... a good choice for mischievous preschoolers with an interest in the martial arts." --Kirkus Reviews "The blocky, bold illustrations and quickly paced narrative combine to evoke satisfying comic-book action." --School Library Journal