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C Kruse

Do you find it difficult working with certain people? Do you find your blood pressure rising during conversations with them? Do some people seem to continually step on a nerve? How do you deal with them? What changes can you alone make that will equip you to be a more steady collaborator? Welcome to 10 Ways To Make Sure You Never Stop Being Defensive. We will discuss the many things about defensiveness and the ways we can overcome it. And, as the title suggests, we will also talk about the ten rules to follow if your goal is to stay defensive forever. Those rules are: 1. Personalize Matters That Aren’t Personal. 2. Make All Matters Into Matters Of Worthiness. 3. Look For Offenses In Everything. 4. Assume To Know What Others Are Thinking. 5. Dodge The Blame. 6. Always Speak And Act Before Thinking. 7. Do Not Be Self Aware. 8. Do Not Hear The Message Behind The Words. 9. Always Be Right. 10. Never Take Any Crap From Anyone. Get ready to delve into a subject that is interesting, beneficial and rarely talked about!

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Kee Nicole

The beast in Future has been stirred! After the death of his best friend Big A, Future is determined to hunt down Snake, who he knows for a fact had something to do with the murder. His relationship with Fawn, is stronger than ever, but when Tink gets released from prison and she is still determined to make Future her man, will she jeopardize Future and Fawn’s relationship before they can even say, ‘I do’?It seems like Shamika can’t make her mind up who she wants to be with…Derrek or Quan. After she gives birth, things between her and Derrek is rocky which leads her back in the arms of her baby daddy. Is their marriage over? Will Derrek move on with his life? Meet Shaska who is married to Dontae which is Derrek’s best friend. Shaska has a thing for Derrek and that leads her in a world of trouble with Dontae who has a dark past. Shaska has been his punching bag for so long, she’s convinced there is no way out. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Would any of these couples overcome all the hurdles that are in the way of the way of their happiness?

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Rulon Gardner

Never Stop Pushing is a motivational autobiography by Olympic Greco-Roman champion wrestler Rulon Gardner (Gold Medal, 2000; Bronze Medal, 2004). This inspiring memoir comes from one of the world's most remarkable athletes who achieved arguably the greatest upset in individual sports history when he defeated the Russian Alexander Karelin — three-time Olympic champ, undefeated and unscored upon for a decade before his match with Gardner — in the 2000 Gold Medal match. Rulon Gardner tells the story of his impoverished upbringing as one of nine children in a close-knit Mormon family on a farm in Wyoming, where in performing unceasing chores he developed tremendous strength at an early age. Gardner writes about his struggles in school made arduous by learning disabilities that have challenged him his whole life. Also, after winning his Gold Medal, we read how this champion survived a snowmobile accident that marooned him outdoors for eighteen hours in high country. Rulon Gardner recovered from this and went on to defend his Gold Medal at Athens in 2004—yet another comeback from this athlete who was supposed to simply fade away.

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Mary Randolph Carter

In an age of picture-perfect interior design, best-selling author Mary Randolph Carter celebrates her highly personal and creative approach to decor, illustrating how to live stylishly with the many items you want to treasure forever. Mary Randolph Carter's newest book indulges our desire to surround ourselves with belongings that impart beauty and meaning to our lives. Whether you are passionate about flea market thrifting, have a collection of pedigreed antiques, or simply find inspiration among the castoffs in your attic, this book is a tribute to making artful interiors with your acquisitions.With her trademark style and love of heirlooms and beautiful old objects, Carter delves into the interiors of real-life tastemakers (antique dealers, fashion designers, artists, and boutique owners) to explore how our homes are the perfect canvas for our self-expression. In these pages, Carter curates a variety of unique interiors, from a couple who restores and displays antique textiles and china to an anglophile with an incredible library of vintage books to an artist who lives with the old photos and maps he uses in his work to an antique dealer known for having multiples of everything. Carter muses delightfully on the universal desire to acquire while imparting her philosophy and tips for living creatively and integrating our passions stylishly into our decor. Chock-full of ideas and inspiration, this book exalts in the beauty of bounty and is sure to delight Carter's legions of fans.

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Kimberly Knight

*This romance novel contains explicit content and is not advised for readers under 18* Inspired by a True Story.The girl on the cruise ship stole his heart …The guy on the cruise ship took her breath away …After being diagnosed with a rare tumor, Brooke has survived surgery and radiation and is now excited to share her future with Easton. Planning her fairy tale wedding and dreaming of a home filled with beautiful children is a dream come true.But not everything goes as planned.Will Easton lose another wife or will his Superwoman be the fighter he knows she is?

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Chris D. Lewis

Chris D. Lewis, Commissioner (Ret.), Ontario Provincial Police, describes life as a series of hills and valleys. Every challenge you encounter is a hill you must overcome on your journey. As his title cautions, Lewis believes that you should never stop on a hill. Some obstacles may seem insurmountable, but quitting is never an option, unless it is in the best interests of the team. Instead, with determination and resilience, you will be able to lead to success. Lewis came to this conclusion during his thirty-six-year career in policing. He worked in a variety of different areas, including uniform, tactical operations, intelligence and major crimes, before climbing the ranks to lead the entire ninety-five-hundred-person organization. Along the way, he learned many lessons in leadership and teamwork. Lewis includes interviews and discussions with police chiefs and personnel who reveal the skills they believe are critical for leadership success. Lewis encourages a caring and communicative perspective. A “what’s in it for me?” attitude isn’t sustainable in any organization. Instead, through Never Stop on a Hill, learn the qualities of a true leader. All profits from the sale of Never Stop on a Hill will go to the Special Olympics.

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Simba Sana

“Hands down one of the best explorations into the Black male psyche I’ve ever read.” —EssenceNever Stop is the wrenching memoir of Simba Sana, the cofounder and former leader of Karibu Books, a major indie-bookselling phenomenon and perhaps the most successful black-owned company in the history of the book industry. In this memoir, Sana reveals how his experience with Karibu jumpstarted his lifelong journey to better understanding himself, human nature, faith, and American culture—which ultimately helped him develop the powerful personal philosophy that drives his life today. Born Bernard Sutton in Washington, DC, Sana grew up in the cycle of poverty and violence that dominated inner-city life in the ’70s and ’80s. Sana’s academic success got him into college, where his life increasingly embodied the contradictions that plagued his youth. Committed to self-improvement and self-discipline, he grew into a successful businessman while becoming an impassioned Black Nationalist and Pan-Africanist. He lived the corporate life at Ernst & Young by day while leading radical consciousness-raising groups by night. Building Karibu became Sana’s opportunity to bind the disparate elements of his life together. Ultimately, though, the paradoxes in his identity and his accumulated emotional wounds confounded his effort to overcome his business reversals, and everything Sana built—his marriage, family, and business—was lost in an incredibly brief period of time. Sana had to rebuild his life—and his identity—and set out to do so in a way that focused principally on the meaning and importance of love.

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Elyse Fitzpatrick

You may have always expected your job as a parent to be done once your children reached adulthood . . . but you're quickly finding out that you never stop being a parent!Jim Newheiser and Elyse Fitzpatrick ground you in the guidance of God's Word, reminding you that your relationship with your adult children can only be as deep and meaningful as your relationship with him.

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Todd Tuell

Follow this little ninja as he sneaks up on the family dog, swipes a cookie from his brother, and escapes from Granny’s kiss . . . only to be out-ninja’d by his younger brother’s sneak attack! Young readers will be drawn in by the fast-paced rhymes that parallel the little ninja’s quick moves, and will chant the refrain with glee! This humorous ode to stalking, sneaking, spying, and scheming is sure to be read over and over again, inspiring imaginary play for a new generation of ninjas.Praise for Ninja, Ninja, Never Stop "Bright primary hues add an energetic yet retro feel to Carpenter’s illustrations... a good choice for mischievous preschoolers with an interest in the martial arts." --Kirkus Reviews "The blocky, bold illustrations and quickly paced narrative combine to evoke satisfying comic-book action." --School Library Journal

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Gordon Livingston

In Dr. Gordon Livingston's follow-up to his national bestseller Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, he offers thirty more true things we need to know now. Among the fresh truths he identifies and explores in this book, which has sold more than 50,000 copies in hardcover, are: Paradox governs our lives. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. Marriage ruins a lot of good relationships. We are defined by what we fear. We all live downstream. One of life's most difficult tasks is to see ourselves as others see us. As we grow old, the beauty steals inward. Most people die with their music still inside of them. Dr. Livingston's sterling qualities are in evidence again: a clear and deep understanding of the hidden hypocrisies, desires, evasions, and emotional tumult that course through our lives; an unerring sense of what is important; and his own ability to persevere—to hope—in a world he knows is capable of inflicting unjustifiable and lifelong suffering.

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Fred Fruisen

Every golfer has a love/hate relationship with the game. What we love about golf one day, we curse at the next. We've all been frustrated to the point of breaking our clubs or vowing to sell them, announcing our departure from this infuriating sport only to show up at the course the next day, excited to play again. Golf is a game that teases, thrills, torments, and teaches. 50 Reasons to Hate Golf and Why You Should Never Stop Playing is a hilarious look at this addictive, wonderful, strange, beautiful, exasperating, mystifying sport and the culture surrounding it that people have been obsessed with for more than 500 years. With an introduction by Chris Rodell, author, columnist, and golf fanatic. Featured in the Golf Channel.

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