download ebook am:stars ethical and legal issues in adolescent health care: adolescent medicine: state of the art reviews, vol. 22 number 2 pdf epub

Published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews helps you stay up-to-date in key areas of current clinical practice with adolescent-specific topics.This issue of Adolescent Medicine State of the Art Reviews (AM:STARs) focuses on a variety of ethical and legal issues that practitioners may encounter during the delivery of adolescent health care. A panel of authors has been assembled that not only explores these issues, but also provides the reader with sound reasoning and proposed solutions. Topics in Ethical and Legal Issues in Adolescent Medicine include: Conscience, Clinical Ethics, and Emergency Contraception Achieving a Decision-Making Triad in Adolescent Sexual Health Care Making Sense of Adolescent Decision-Making: Challenge and Reality Adolescent Brain Development and the Mature Minor Doctrine Adolescent Refusal of LifesavingTreatment: Are We Asking the Right Questions? The Aftermath of Adolescent Suicide: Clinical, Ethical and Spiritual Issues Adolescent Mothers of Critically Ill Newborns: Addressing the Rights of Parent and Child Ethical and Policy Issues Raised by Heterozygote Carrier Identification and Predictive Genetic Testing of Adolescents Cancer Therapy and the Preservation of Adolescent Fertility Nondisclosure of HIV Status in Adolescence Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa against the Patient’s Will: Ethical Considerations  Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of the Young and Vulnerable: Reflections on a Legal, Ethical, and Human Rights Disgrace Law, Ethics, and Clinical Discretion:Recurring and Emerging Issues in Adolescent Health Care