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Matt Edge

The author writes: In this project I set out to provide an answer to two fundamental questions of political philosophy. How can human beings (living, as we do now, in a globalised world) live together, in conditions of co-operation over time, enjoying what Immanuel Kant famously called ‘perpetual peace’? And how much individual freedom can we expect to enjoy, and to what degree can we expect that individual freedom to be equal, whilst engaged in the enterprise described by the first question? These may be age-old questions, but I aim, in this project, to offer a new approach to answering them. In part one of this project, I aim to provide a groundwork upon which an answer to these questions can be built. I argue, contrary to much contemporary (and historical) political philosophy, that the answers to these questions should not be provided by our representatives, a monarch, the elite, or by a process of philosophical abstraction (or anything else) but, instead, by each of us. That is to say, by you, me and everyone else together. Part one argues not only why it should be each of us who are to be engaged in this enterprise, but it also argues on behalf of a number of changes which might support us in this ongoing, and doubtless difficult, human project. I begin by arguing that, if we are to attempt to provide a genuine (and free) answer to how much individual freedom we should each be alloted in human society over time, this means that we must begin with the concept of freedom itself which, in turn, means detaching it from the philosophical and epistemological baggage it tends to carry in everyday language.

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Stephen M. Krason

In The Crisis of Religious Liberty:Reflections from Law, History, and Catholic Social Thought, contributors consider a series of significant challenges to the freedom of religious conscience and expression in the United States today. Such challenges include the mandate from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services concerning contraceptive, sterilization, and abortifacient coverage in health insurance plans; the question of health-care institutions requiring medical personnel to participate in morally objectionable procedures contrary to their religious beliefs; legal liability for individuals and businesses refusing on religious grounds to provide services for same-sex marriages; the prohibition on students from engaging in religious expression in public schools; the use of zoning laws to block Bible studies in private homes; and a variety of other issues that have surfaced in recent years with respect to religious freedom. While some argues that religious liberty extends no further than the freedom to worship, contributors suggest otherwise, noting that the exercise of religious liberty is greater than a highly restrictive definition of the notion of worship. The Crisis of Religious Liberty comprises eight chapters and an afterword that explore the nature and basis of religious freedom in terms of Catholic social thought. They cover such topics as the Catholic Church's teachings from the Vatican II's Dignatis Humanae (Declaration on Religious Liberty), the decline of a historic rapprochement among different religious perspectives in the United States in the face of an increasingly aggressive secularism, perspectives on religious liberty from the founding of America, and how the religious liberty situation in the U.S. compares with the rest of the world. The Crisis of Religious Liberty:Reflections from Law, History, and Catholic Social Thought should appeal to a variety of professionals as well as a scholars: lawyers and clergy, health care professionals and Catholic business owners, and researchers in the fields of religion, law, American politics, and sociology.

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Darwin Chandler

This book is a frontal assault on all law based, obedience oriented religion. Most Christians carry a load of spiritual bondage, condemnation, guilt and shame. Some are deeply despondent and depressed because this load is too heavy for them to bear. Few Christians are truly confident in their personal relationship with God. This situation exists because: 1) Christians are generally unable to distinguish between actual sin versus mere human opinion about sin; 2) Christians do not understand that Jesus set them free from obedience based religion; 3) Christians do not know how to decide for themselves what is truly moral; 4) Christians have no real experience of "Christian Liberty." These issues are examined in sufficient detail to enable one to understand the radical nature of the "freedom for which Christ set us free," (Gal. 5:1). The author's goal is to destroy the roots of religious legalism so Christian believers can live the life of freedom which is their spiritual "blood-right." Beginning with a development of the "Master Key" to Biblical morality, the nature and implications of Christ's "Law of Love" are thoroughly explored. Next, the author discusses the true nature of morality, answering the question, "What exactly makes a thing sinful?" Careful attention is given to the concept of "defilement" or "uncleanness," with a bold look at Paul's revolutionary statement that "nothing is unclean of itself," (Rom. 14:14, 20). In Part Three, Legalism is exposed in all its ugliness. This section details the Biblical method for determining what is truly sin, and what is merely human opinion. Part Four destroys the bitter root of Legalism with persistent emphasis on the fact that Jesus Christ ended the rule of law by His life, death and resurrection. Part Five looks at the theology of Galatians, the Christian's "Emancipation Proclamation," closing with pointed illustration of how this all affects a Christian's liberty to exercise personal choice in what (s)he will or won't do. Five appendices explore several specific issues raised by the preceding study. These include: Conclusions About Christian Liberty "Contradictory" Scriptures? Christian Liberty and Sexual Issues The Necessity Of Experiencing Freedom The Non-Negotiables of Bible Study This is the only book on Christian Freedom written by an ex Fundamentalist. The author was raised in an atmosphere of extreme legalism. The first half of his Christian ministry was spent preaching, defending and even debating the concepts that he now seeks to destroy. The author lived in legalism forty years. He understands legalism. He therefore knows how to attack its vulnerable spots. His goal was not to write a book, but to give to anyone who is interested, information that will set them free from bondage to legalism and open the pathway to self-government under the rule of love. For more information on spiritual freedom visit the author's website,

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Garrison Keillor

Just in time for the Fourth of July, a firecracker of a Lake Wobegon novel from bestselling author and radio storyteller Garrison Keillor Published to wide and enthusiastic acclaim, Liberty is Garrison Keillor?s most ribald Lake Wobegon novel yet, set in a spectacular Fourth of July celebration amid marching bands and circus wagons drawn by teams of Percherons. The Chairman of the Fourth, Clint Bunsen, is in the midst of an identity crisis brought on by a DNA test just as he turns sixty, and he finds solace in the arms of Angelica Pflame, the young beauty who marched as Liberty in last year?s parade. Should he remain in Lake Wobegon with his stoical wife Irene or fly to California with Angelica? Liberty is Keillor at his knowing, deadpan, raconteur best.

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David J. Vaughan

A biographical study of Patrick Henry, whose ""Give me liberty of give me death"" speech in 1775 at the second Virginia Convention has inspired since than all who treasure freedom. This book goes beyond the oratory and eloquence to portray Henry, whose whole life seemed to embody American courage and patriotism, as well as his family, ideas, and times.

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John Collwyn Rees

Including new material as well as previously published articles, John Rees here brings his abilities as both a historian of ideas and a political philosopher to bear in this combination of historical and textual research and philosophical analysis of liberty. A major contribution to the existing literature on Mill, it is also a tribute to an important scholar.

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F.A. Hayek

Striking a balance between skepticism and hope, Hayek’s profound insights remain strikingly vital half a century on. This definitive edition of The Constitution of Liberty will give a new generation the opportunity to learn from Hayek’s enduring wisdom.

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Bret Harte

What starts out as a tale of peaceful domesticity takes a sudden turn when the protagonists are lured from Connecticut to California by the promise of striking it rich. This novella from American author Bret Harte is an engaging, easy read that will please fans of historical fiction or tales of the Old West.

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Reina Lewis,Nancy Micklewright

This book presents a dialogue between Western and Middle Eastern women that is often presumed never to have happened. Not only were women from the Middle East imagined to be shut up in a harem all day without access to education, ideas or the outside world, but the extent to which Western women travelers were able to engage with women in the regions they visited has often been overlooked. This pioneering collection provides substantial extracts from Ottoman, Egyptian and British and American writers - each with a biographical and literary introduction - that trace the development of an intellectual, personal and critical dialogue between women over a period of accelerated social change marked by Arab nationalism and Egypt's move to independence, and the establishment of the Turkish Republic at the end of the Ottoman Empire. The ways in which the role of woman as either guardian of tradition or in the vanguard of change was hotly contested in both countries and by all sides of the political spectrum is explained in an editors' introduction and photo-essay that set up the common themes of the collection.

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Doreen Rappaport

Presents the story of the work that was done by so many on both sides of the ocean to create this enduring symbol of freedom and the fundraisers held by everyday people to build her the pedestal on which she would forever stand.

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William Manning,Michael Merrill,Sean Wilentz

The recovery of the ideas and experiences of William Manning is a major event in the history of the American Revolutionary era. A farmer, foot soldier, and political philosopher, Manning was a powerful democratic voice of the common American in a turbulent age. The public crises of the infant republic - beginning with the Battle of Concord - shaped his thinking, and his writings reveal a mind grappling with some of the weightiest issues of the nation's founding. His most notable contribution was the first-known plan for a national political association of labouring men. That plan, and Manning's broader conclusions, open up a new vista on the popular origins of American democracy and the invention of American politics.

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Howard Fast

Fast’s stunning account of the brutal winter at Valley Forge, where thousands of American revolutionaries made a harrowing sacrifice for freedom General George Washington’s twelve thousand soldiers march into Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, under-fed and under-clothed, their frozen feet leaving bloody tracks in the snow. Shortly after the soldiers establish quarters for the cold months ahead, disease begins to rip through the camp. The men, helpless against sickness and despair, are facing the longest winter of their lives—and their survival will determine the fate of their young nation. Passionate and unforgettable, Conceived in Liberty is one of Fast’s rawest accounts of the brutality of the Revolutionary War, and of the heroism of its soldiers. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Howard Fast including rare photos from the author’s estate.