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Gisela Dewees

Not all Germans acquiesced to the power and terror of Hitler and the Third Reich in WWII Germany. Not all Protestants were, as Hitler once remarked to his confidants, ?insignificant little people, submissive as dogs, and they sweat with embarrassment when you talk to them.? A few stood up because they believed their faith demanded it. The Resistance was, at times, a family action. Gisela Harnisch was the teenage daughter of Pastor Wilhelm Harnisch, an active member with those who opposed the Hitler?s state church. This is the story, told by Gisela, as she matured into womanhood and struggled with her family to do what was right rather than what was safe. This is the story of a family who knew what it was in the 1930s and 1940s to be Out of Step in Germany.?This is a well-written and haunting memoir that conveys how Nazism affected the personal lives of those who opposed it. A fascinating figure, Pastor Wilhelm Harnisch was a stubborn opponent of the Nazi regime and its church allies, and suffered the consequences of that throughout his ministry. Gisela Dewees's account of her father's actions and her own life gives the human, personal side of this important period of history.?Victoria Barnett, Coeditor, Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, English edition

download ebook out of step pdf epub

Suellen Zima

He had been too dead for 8 years! Was there any way to repair their damaged relationship now? His mother desperately wanted to try. Her growing need for communication in their truncated relationship pushed her to start a diary to her dead son. In it, she tried to fill in the gaps, initiate conversations that never happened, continue conversations that were unfinished, tell him about her life that he hadn't wanted to know, and attempted to listen to him as the child he had been, and the adult he had grown into. Interracial adoption in the 1970s, divorce, guilt and abandonment, homosexuality, HIV-AIDS, death in one's prime -- all were parts of their complicated mother-son relationship.

download ebook out of step pdf epub

Maggie Makepeace

Nell is content with her life until she falls in love. From the moment she sees Bottom Cottage, deep in a west country valley, she knows she has to have it. But things become more complicated when she meets its owner, Rob, and falls for him as well. All her dreams seem to have come true, but there are disturbing undercurrents beneath the surface. Rob has two young children and an almost-ex wife, and as Nell struggles with her new role as stepmother she finds herself trapped by conflicting interests and undermined by uncertainty. Does Rob really want her, or are all his feelings for his children and the cottage? Did she fall in love with Rob because of his house, or do they have a genuine future together?

download ebook out of step pdf epub

Jane Heimlich

Out of Step is the story of a poor little rich girl, an identical twin, and the daughter of the famous king and queen of ballroom dancing, Arthur and Kathryn Murray. As Arthur builds his dancing empire, shy and quiet Jane is swept along coping with her mother's attempted suicide, her father's temper, and moves from coast to coast. Just as she comes into her own as a journalist and is finally out of the limelight, she marries and serendipity thrusts her into the back seat once more as her husband, Henry Heimlich, becomes the darling of the medical world saving thousands with his "maneuver." Jane Heimlich writes with emotion and wit of her own dance through life, never dull, but always, Out of Step. For a world now caught up in So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars, this wonderful memoir will tell you, in intimate detail, how it all began.

download ebook out of step pdf epub

Rick Remender

As Heath Huston, the only remaining human in the universe, uncovers the history of the robot hordes who have taken over, he becomes their primary target, and Heath must do battle with them to set things right.

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John Russell Fearn

The Cosmic Crusaders find themselves on a truly strange world--a misfit planet that seems mysteriously cursed. Instead of evolving naturally from birth to death, it's a world out of step with the universe, leaping ahead into the future at unexpected moments. With each 50-year "step," much of the population dies, and the young replace them as middle-aged individuals. The Crusaders are suspicious that the adviser to the planet ruler is actually an alien from another world, and is causing the constant time dislocations for nefarious purposes. But when he traps the Golden Amazon and her three companions, sending their spaceship crashing onto a neighboring world dominated by huge, dinosaur-like creatures, the Crusaders appear to have met their match. Another stirring sci-fi adventure by a master storyteller!

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Christine M. Knight

The novel introduces readers to Cassie Sleight, a young woman who has shut down emotionally after being scarred by a sexual encounter in her mid teens. Knowing only that she did not want a life in which men inevitably lead and women follow, Cassie leaves her familiar circle of friends and family in search of a seachange. Having discarded her dreams of international dance championships, she accepts a position on the English staff of the local high school in the seemingly idyllic coastal town of Keimera.There, Cassie meets Mark Talbut, a man Knight describes as struggling to be modern yet threatened by power shifts in the workplace and in society. Cassie's interactions with Mark and the men in his world cause her to assess her reactions both as a woman and a teacher, and the inevitable questions arise.In love, at work, and at play - where do you draw a line? Will Cassie find the courage to come to terms with her past, recover from sexual trauma, and have a healthy relationship? How does a society in which dysfunctional workplaces rife with gender, power, and sexual issues change?

download ebook in and out of step pdf epub

Christine M. Knight

In love, at work, when pieces are in play... where do you draw the line? The past denied and her dance championship dreams discarded, Cassie Sleight leaves home. In the seemingly idyllic coastal town of Keimera, she starts a career on the English staff of the local high school. Contact with Mark Talbut, a man struggling to be modern yet threatened by power shifts in the workplace and in society, causes Cassie to assess her reactions as a woman and a teacher. As she does so, the secrets of her past surface. Will that past continue to choreograph Cassie's present steps? What sort of woman does she become?

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Christine M. Knight

A rich and insightful analysis of 'In and Out of Step' in terms of BELONGING. Australian Higher School Certificate students will find this companion to the novel to be an invaluable and rare text. HR managers interested in how human dynamics shape relationships will gain a deeper appreciation of the challenges to modifying culture and the issues that arise if change is not achieved. This companion to the novel is a treatise about what managers need to understand when dealing with the downward spiral of behaviour in the workplace.

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Barbara Roche

Has a lack of confidence ever kept you from pursuing your goals? Have you ever experienced self-doubt to the point where you talked yourself out of pursuing a job, a promotion, or a relationship? Are you facing a particular challenge in your life right now? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you. You no longer have to feel uncertain, less-than, or hesitant. You are capable of eliminating that negativity and replacing it with a renewed sense of optimism. Filled with helpful advice, relevant stories, and tangible exercises, Commit to Confidence will help you recalibrate your confidence level so that you want to - and can't wait to - step up and stand out. Starting today, you can make a commitment to stop playing small.

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Krista Dunk

Your journey to discover God’s calling for your life ... starts today! “The expression of your gift is an act of worship to God.” —Krista Dunk You've probably heard that God has a special plan for your life, right? However, you may not have any idea what that plan is or how to discover it. Or maybe you have discovered a Sunday morning calling, but Monday to Saturday feels dry and unsatisfying. Unfortunately, that is a familiar story for too many of us - God’s people. Step Out and Take Your Place gives you the practical, how-to information you need to find out what gifts God has equipped you with and what they're for. Action steps, assessment tools, advice, biblical references, compelling real-life stories, how to seek God for His plan, and much more is included—all designed to help you Step Out and Take Your Place. It's time to step out. Are you ready? “In one of the most authentic voices I have ever encountered, Krista delivers the encouragement, inspiration and tools for anyone who has ever struggled with finding purpose, asked “what now or what’s next,” or trembled over the question, “Who, me?” If you have wondered about your gifts or how to honor them with your life, this is your book. It is a blessing, beginning with page 1.” –Dondi Scumaci, Author of the Designed for Success book series

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Daphne Wallbridge

Step Up and Step Out: A Girl’s Guide to Empowerment, Leadership, and Success offers relevant and practical professional lessons for today’s working women—whether finishing college or already pursuing a career. Inspired by 5 years of research, this book is a compellation of tried and true best practices aimed at empowering women in the workforce as they strive to live full professional and personal lives. At the end of each lesson, the reader is provided with Step Up Doables, hands-on activities to concretize each lesson. These are practical and realistic actions each woman can take to further enhance her reading experience.