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Swami Chinmayananda

The authors of the 'U.S. Declaration of Independence' declared that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain rights, including Pursuit of Happiness. However, they gave no hints as to where this elusive happiness might be found. Over 3,000 years earlier in the serene atmosphere of the Himalayan ranges, the sages of Veda period drew the same conclusion and proceeded to investigate into the nature of happiness. They wanted to know where happiness was located and how to find it. In their careful observations they noted three facts: Man's search for happiness is a universal tendency. Everyone is searching for lasting happiness in a world of change. Permanent happiness must be independent of a changing environment. Arriving at these conclusions, the sages turned their enquiry inward to discover a substratum of permanence on which the changing phenomena rose and fell. In the short essays in Pursuit of Happiness, Swami Chinmayananda lucidly communicates the conclusions drawn by these subjective scientists who realised their own divine nature and proposed a way of life so that others might follow on the inner journey to the true source of happiness. Hailed as the second Swami Vivekananda, Swami Chinmayananda (1916-1993) has left a great legacy behind for mankind. On realising the true purpose of life he worked tirelessly and with tremendous energy for more than four decades to spread the message of Vedanta. A great orator, writer, leader, patriot and spiritual giant, he is one of the finest representatives of Indian spiritual heritage. The sprawling worldwide organisation of Chimaya Mission carries on the torch lit by this great saint.

download ebook pursuit of happiness pdf epub

David G. Myers

Social psychologist David G. Myers has reviewed thousands of recent scientific studies conducted worldwide in search of the key to happiness. With wit and wisdom, he explodes some of the popular myths on the subject and presents specific techniques for finding true joy in living: Are most people happy? What are the inner traits of happy people? Are extroverts happier than introverts? Are men happier than women? Does religious faith promote inner peace and joy? Does well-being come with being well-off? Are happy children more likely to become happy adults? What part do friends play in personal happiness? Is age a factor in feeling happy? What can you do to improve your own sense of well-being? and much more

download ebook pursuit of happiness pdf epub

Neill Florence

It is 1873, and twenty-three-year-old Gretchen Haager is a victim of the formidable Frau Sandenberg, who is applying medieval rules for the servants working in her household at the Gluckmutter Villa. When Georg Shillenberg delivers coal to the villa, he witnesses her plight, feels a strong compassion for her, and helps her escape to her familys farm. When Frau Sandenberg discovers that Georg is a deserter from Bismarcks army, she notifies an army officer of his whereabouts, and her vindictiveness only increases once she realizes that Gretchen is gone as well. Meanwhile, Georg and Gretchen fall in love and attempt to start a new life together, in spite of the fact that Georg must remain in hiding. But Frau Sandenberg continues to push the authorities to hunt the fugitive, to the point of accusing him of murder. Now only time will tell whether the young family can escape police pursuit and get themselves safely away to the distant shore of another land. Set in nineteenth-century Germany, this historical novel tells the tale of a young, beleaguered servant and an army deserter who fall in love despite the difficulties they face.

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Russell Benford

This book is a sociopolitical commentary on American society using historical references of how the United States has changed from its lauded ideal. From this we can then better analyze our current conditions and where the country is headed in the future if we do not address these matters. 2012 will go down in history as the year of social awakening. That awakening is to what many have described as the New World Order agenda. This agenda is rooted in this country's beginnings and it has been encroaching on the American people at an increasing pace since 9/11. While everyone is affected by this insidious plan, it particularly is targeted towards to further subjugation of people of color. The first step towards change is acknowledgement thus having an alternative mindset in addressing socioeconomic matters, politics, health, and war. And as we head into 2013, this time, more than any point in our history, is the time that the vision of the Founding Fathers is most threatened.

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Samuel A. Nigro, MD

EVERYONE FOR EVERYONE—the book (volumes I & II) by Samuel A. Nigro, M.D. The Everybody for Everybody Book is the accumulation of what was learned over 70 plus years of life, over 45 years of marriage, over 40 years as a psychiatrist, 3 years in the U.S. Navy Submarine Service, and as a first generation American with five children and ten grandchildren. The planet and mankind are amazing. To limit ourselves to behaviors as if there is nothing more, is contradicted by an accurate comprehensive understanding of the planet and the universe. Basically, love is superior to all and the universe is the entropy necessary for the expression of love. Love itself requires there to be more. “Nothing more” is a cruel joke that life and love are meaningless. All logic and reason demand there be more, and we should act as if there is even much more love in anticipation. And if there isn’t, then there ought to be! Regardless, the world would be better by believing in such and acting as such. The book provides some articles but most of it is the way to live a transcendental life: organized matter sanctified and given a soul by identity, truth, oneness, good and beauty for everyone’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness—partially the subtitle of the book. You get substance and the transcendental principles for living that save by “actuality” for a change. This is in contrast to the virtual reality culture of the unreliable manipulating self-discrediting noisy glitzy press&media imposed substanceless non-being which, by suggestibility, turns us into choiceless aliens instead of free persons for the planet. By the self-worshiping self-discrediting press&media, we are on the madman road-rage race to the bottom culture of pollution, disgust, death, and decline. Not by this book. Against vulgar suggestibility and glitz caused gullibility, this book gives real being by teaching six analogous ways of living the wisdom-filled eight categories of metaphors of love in the cone of space-time: As a human particle by elementary physics—event, spectrum, field, quantum, singularity, dimension, uncertainty, and force. As a human being by community universals—dignity, unity, integrity, identity, spirituality, life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. As a C/catholic, Roman or otherwise, by the sacraments—Baptism, Penance, Holy Communion, Extreme Unction, Holy Orders, Matrimony, and Grace. As a Christian by the virtues—faith, hope, charity, prudence, justice, courage, temperance, and holiness. As a “patient” by the universal variables of all therapy—living things are precious, selective ignoring, subdued spontaneity non-self excluded, affect assistance, detached warmth & gentleness, non-reactive listening, C2CC centered candidness, and peace & mercy. And – as sanctified by the last words of the crucified Christ. Take your pick or combine them all. Except for the quantity, it is simple. Thousands of aphorisms and concepts about every imaginable topic are offered to teach ancient secrets from “nature and nature’s God” (to quote the Founding Fathers of America). Interspersed in the book are the world’s first SEX SATIRES...fiery hilarious...which will help all cope with the prurience flooding the world as entertainment, advertisement and games. SEX SATIRE, properly applied to those exploiting sex, will free you from sex craziness and help keep society’s prurience from disrupting your transcendental life. Read it through once; then a few pages or a chapter daily; and problem-solve as needed by index and perusal. You will be better. The world will be better. You will learn to be a real human being for everyone. And you will have your soul back by embracing the universal Mass mantra: life-sacrifice-virtue-lovehumanity- peace-freedom-death.

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Humphrey Zinyuke

In SEX, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS: Wisdom for America's New Sexual Order, Humphrey Zinyuke dissects sexuality with rare sagacity, debunking those aspects of it that are often over the head, or simply intrigue. In what is perhaps the most timely book since Jonathan Cahn's 'The Harbinger', Humphrey takes stock of modern day sex, exploring its commercial, political, sociocultural, and even religious bearings whilst taking us on a tour of key sexual precedents, from Kinsey, Woodstock, right through to this day when the Gay Agenda has reached fruition. He goes a step further to prognosticate the eyebrow raising future of sexuality. This witty and satirical treatise promises to dispel the mystique on all issues sex: from those as grave as the shocking evidence of Jesus Christ's counter-cultural teaching that marriage is in-fact not for everyone, to such trivia as why love and scandal are fast becoming the best sweeteners of tea. An end-times piece, for they that would blend passion with prudence.

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Charles R. Kesler,John B. Kienker

Over the past 10 years, the Claremont Review of Books has become one of the preeminent conservative magazines in the United States, offering bold arguments for a reinvigorated conservatism that draws upon the timeless principles of the American Founding and applies them to the moral and political problems we face today. With essays by the likes of William F. Buckley, Jr., Christopher Hitchens, Richard Brookheiser, James Q. Wilson, Allen C. Guelzo, Victor Davis Hanson, Ross Douthat, and many others, this collection surveys the range of issues addressed in the Claremont Review of Books first decade, from the conservative critique of American progressivism to foreign policy, politics, history, and culture. Liberally illustrated with art director Elliot Banfield's popular cartoons, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness provides the magazine's many devotees with a treasured keepsake of a tumultuous decade and will be of interest to all those who care about American politics and culture. Among the contributors are Hadley Arkes, Martha Bayles, the late William F. Buckley, Jr., Paul Cantor, James Ceaser, Joseph Epstein, Christopher Flannery, Harvey Mansfield, Wilfred McClay, Cheryl Miller, the late Jaroslav Pelikan, Joseph Tartakovsky, Michael Uhlmann, Algis Valiunas, William Voegeli, and the late James Q. Wilson.

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Deb Marlowe

It's warring nations, dueling philosophies and the battle of the sexes as American-born Miss Liberty Baylis takes on Simon Lansing, Viscount Brodham, in the fight for her friend's happiness. Brodham wants only to retire to the peace and quiet of his country estate, but he'll take on the cheeky American chit if that's what it takes to keep his nephew safe and happy. The war is on . . . but when banter and flirtation become weapons and kisses disrupt strategies, will Brodham and Liberty ever wish for the battles to end?

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Carl M. Cannon

The Founders wrote in 1776 that "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" are unalienable American rights. In The Pursuit of Happiness in Times of War, Carl M. Cannon shows how this single phrase is one of almost unbelievable historical power. It was this rich rhetorical vein that New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and President George W. Bush tapped into after 9/11 when they urged Americans to go to ballgames, to shop, to do things that made them happy even in the face of unrivaled horror. From the Revolutionary War to the current War on Terrorism, Americans have lived out this creed. They have been helped in this effort by their elected leaders, who in times of war inevitably hark back to Jefferson's soaring language. If the former Gotham mayor and the current president had perfect pitch in the days after September 11, so too have American presidents and other leaders throughout our nation's history. In this book, Mr. Cannon—a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist—traces the roots of Jefferson's powerful phrase and explores how it has been embraced by wartime presidents for two centuries. Mr. Cannon draws on original research at presidential libraries and interviews with Gerald R. Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton, among others. He discussed with the presidents exactly what the phrase means to them. Mr. Cannon charts how Americans' understanding of the pursuit of happiness has changed through the years as the nation itself has changed. In the end, America's political leaders have all come to the same conclusion as its spiritual leaders: True happiness—either for a nation or an individual—does not come from conquest or fortune or even from the attainment of freedom itself. It comes in the pursuit of happiness for the benefit of others. This may be one truth that contemporary liberals and conservatives can agree on. John McCain and Jimmy Carter both envision happiness as a sacrifice to a higher calling, embodied in everything from McCain's time as a prisoner of war to the N

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John E. Hill

This book examines Adam Smith’s main principles in Wealth of Nations as the basis for effective policymaking. Adam Smith wanted to increase happiness through this formula for a good life: equality, liberty, and justice. Free market interpretations of Smith, the book argues, grossly misrepresent his thought, emphasizing only liberty and not also equality and justice. This book suggests policies that combine all three in order for happiness to be maximized.

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Kalpesh Desai

The simple but loaded title of this book could be easy to either ignore or take a deep dive into. Pick up In Pursuit of Happiness, see if you relate to it, and get answers to the questions you never asked or did not dare to ask or even pretended that you did not have time for! This book is not about how to succeed in corporate life or the business you run—it is about how to live life joyfully while completing your duties! The author’s experiences during the past thirty years have helped him realise various important life lessons, which have now been crystallised in this work. Answers you have been seeking to those profound questions such as Who am I? What is it that I want? What am I up to? and Where do I want to go? can be found here. If the message in these pages are internalised, this book will become a handbook for your life.

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Barry Magid

We all have a right to the pursuit of happiness - but could we actually be happier if we gave that whole thing up? This surprising new book from Zen teacher, psychoanalyst, and critical favorite Barry Magid inspires us-in gentle and winking prose-to move on and make peace with the perfection of the way things actually are, including ourselves. Magid invites us to consider that our ''pursuit of happiness'' may actually be a source of our suffering. He takes an unusual look at our ''secret practices'' - what we're really doing when we say we're meditating-like trying to feel calmer, or more compassionate, or even ''enlightened'' (whatever we imagine that means!). He also uncovers our ''curative fantasies'' about spiritual practice-those ideas that we can somehow fix all the messy human things about ourselves that we imagine are bad or wrong or unacceptable. In doing so, he helps us look squarely at-and avoid-such pitfalls. Along the way, Magid lays out a rich roadmap of the new ''psychological-minded Zen'' - a Zen that includes our entire life, our entire personality - as pioneered by his teacher, bestselling author Charlotte Joko Beck.

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Brent A. Strawn

Scholars of the social sciences have devoted more and more attention of late to the concept of human happiness, mainly from sociological and psychological perspectives. This volume, which includes essays from scholars of the New Testament, the Old Testament, systematic theology, practical theology, and counseling psychology, poses a new and exciting question: what is happiness according to the Bible? Informed by developments in positive psychology, The Bible and the Pursuit of Happiness explores representations of happiness throughout the Bible and demonstrates the ways in which these representations affect both religious and secular understandings of happiness. In addition to the twelve essays, the book contains a framing introduction and epilogue, as well as an appendix of all the terms used in reference to happiness in the Bible. The resulting volume, the first of its kind, is a highly useful and remarkably comprehensive resource for the study of happiness in the Bible and beyond.