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Deborah Underwood

The holidays are filled with joyful noise. But Christmas is sometimes wrapped in quiet: “Searching for presents quiet,” “Getting caught quiet,” and “Hoping for a snow day quiet.” Irresistibly cute, soft colored pencil illustrations of bunnies, bears, and more paint a magical holiday picture indeed.

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Nancy Ancowitz

Get noticed . . . and get ahead!All too often, introverts get passed over for job offers and promotions while their more extroverted colleagues get all of the recognition. But it doesn’t have to be this way.In Self-Promotion for Introverts®, business communication coach and intrepid introvert Nancy Ancowitz helps introverts tap into their quiet strengths, articulate their accomplishments, and launch an action plan for gaining career advancement. You will learn how to: Promote yourself without bragging— when networking, on job interviews, and at work Use your quiet gifts (writing, researching, and listening) to your advantage Be a commanding presenter, despite your quieter nature Formulate your best plans, set goals, take action— and even find a better job Featuring exclusive advice from Warren Buffett, Bill Clinton, Hearst Magazines president Cathie Black, and marketing guru Seth Godin, Self-Promotion for Introverts® helps you progress inward, outward, and onward.

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Pete Mosley

‘The Art of Shouting Quietly’, is about helping the quiet souls, the shy or introverted amongst us, to find the confidence and sense of purpose to get their ideas flying and make an impact.The book is all about building self-confidence. It’s a mercurial quality at the best of times and one which ebbs and flows for everyone throughout their lives. It’s not something that you get once and then have forever. It’s all about building your own ‘brand’ of self-confidence by using the platforms and means of communication that come most naturally to you. But it is also about challenge – and getting out in the stretch zone more regularly.This book will help you engage with the blocks that hold you back from promoting yourself confidently – and explains the steps you can take to overcome them.It gives clear examples of how this can be done – with insights into what the blocks actually are, how to take responsibility for them, and how to stop blaming others for your own lack of progress. Every reader, I’m sure, will find something in the content that they will relate strongly to in respect of the obstacles and challenges in their own life.“What matters most in life is to be yourself, not what other people think you should be.”What’s in the book?•    Clear, thoughtful advice – based on experience•    Practical exercises & things to put into practice•    Strategies for raising your profile – with quiet determination•    Simple ‘hacks’ to deal with scary situationsWho is this book for? It’s aimed at people who want to find their place in the world, boost their confidence, know their gift/contribution, get a clear sense of direction, overcome blocks and barriers (real or imagined) show up and connect.For example: Designers, artists and makers, change-makers, coaches, socially conscious entrepreneurs, ethical business owners, therapists/alternative medicine practitioners.A personal message from Pete Mosley:I’ve always been a shy person. To get to the point of talking to large live audiences, writing for a national magazine, and blogging and writing online for nationally and internationally significant organisations took a huge effort – not only in overcoming self-limiting beliefs, but also in overcoming the well-meaning critical questioning of others – parents, siblings, peers and colleagues.The content of my books, talks and workshops and courses are based on my 30 years of working face to face with people – mostly knowledge accumulated from many conversations and problem-solving sessions with a wide range of self-employed people. This new book engages with timeless concerns, questions and themes – not fashionable marketing or self-help trends – above all it’s based on real conversations with people like you.The book will be on sale at the end of January 2015.

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Markus A. Kassel

Do You Feel Invisible to Others? When You Speak, Do People Act as if They Didn’t Hear You? You May Have a Lot to Share and Contribute but None of It Will Matter if You Don’t First Develop Your Natural Charisma!Being an introvert can be a boon. It makes us creative people who show great decision making skills as we’re aware of everything that’s going on around us. Yet, because we’re so quiet and reflective, we may experience difficulties being acknowledged or taken seriously.We watch, helplessly, as our friends and colleagues get ahead in life while we remain stuck in place. None of our dreams ever seem to get a chance to become reality.The Recipe to SuccessNo matter how much we may wish otherwise, we can’t reach our dreams on our own. To amount to anything in life, we need the help of others. That’s why charisma is so essential, as it represents the magical ingredient that will rally people to your cause. The one attribute that will charm them and have them listen to (and believe in) what you have to say.Yet, how is one supposed to go about it when you don’t feel at ease in large groups? How to ooze that confidence and personal magnetism when you don’t even believe in yourself? “The Charismatic Introvert” will give you the keys to unlocking your inner rock star!In This Book, You Will Learn:How to become a great leader by tapping into your introvert strengths; The powers introverts possess and which can help you outshine any extrovert;How to tackle any self-confidence problem you may have to soar like an eagle; How to up your value and become truly indispensable.You Will Also Discover:How to ace any social gathering and have anyone you meet remember you;How to become the go-to guy and have people fight for your time; How to get into the habit of stepping out of your comfort zone and loving it. Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself and Start Living to Your Full Potential!Whether you want to get a promotion at work, get a date with a special someone or just put an end to the endless disappointments that seem to make your daily bread, “the Charismatic Introvert” will show you the way. Stop watching on the sidelines as others move ahead. Join in the excitement and develop that killer charm you’ve been missing so far and that will take you to the top!To become that person that leaves no one indifferent, scroll up to the top of the page and CLICK THE BUY NOW button.

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Markus A. Kassel

Do you feel like your introversion is holding you back? Are you stuck in a rut and left feeling depressed because you think you lack the qualities needed to get ahead in life?Despite what you may believe, introversion and success are not mutually exclusive! While being extroverted may seem like the fastest road to success, as it allows you to sell your ideas and make your voice heard, being an introvert is not without its perks! The trick is in recognizing the powers that lie within our rich inner worlds and learning how to tap into them to reach our goals and dreams!Break Your Mental LimitsCan an introvert really be a leader? Can an introvert master public speaking and be at ease in front of large audiences? Can an introvert become a CEO, an athlete or even a rock star? Yes, yes, yes absolutely!In “the Successful Introvert”, I will show you that nothing is impossible. Whatever you thought your being an introvert forbade you to be, I will show you it’s all within your head. We will see how to break through those mental barriers and get on the path to self-fulfillment!In This Book, You Will Learn:How to find your own definition of success and go after it; How to master public speaking, even if you hate it;How to move up the ladder and position yourself as the go-to person; How to toot your own horn without sounding like a jerk.You Will Also Discover:How to move past failures and use them to reach your objectives;The secret to feeling good about yourself; A few tricks to speeding up your career progression. Stop Doubting Your Abilities and Start Claiming Your Dream Life!Whatever your definition of success is, whether it be money, fame, accomplishments or recognition, “the Successful Introvert” will show you how to get there. Stop watching on the sidelines as others move ahead. Join in the excitement and develop those introverted skills which will take you to the top!To find the happiness and success you deserve, scroll up to the top of the page and CLICK THE BUY NOW button.

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Amy Pincock

Keep the smile on your child's face while putting an end to noisy escapades. No need to stifle curiosity or squelch creativity; this guide helps you put together the perfect quiet-time book for car rides, waiting rooms, and church meetings. With 25 simple patterns and step-step instructions, even amateur crafters can create custom-made activities that are sure to keep your childrens' brains active and their hands happy. Print version of the book includes a CD with downloadable pattern templates.

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Donn Taylor

Selah Awards Finalist - Historical Romance"Taylor’s powerful historical romance is filled with passion and heart, spiced with mystery and a keen understanding of the human condition." ~ Publishers Weekly Following a horrific murder, the town of Beneficent, Mississippi, population 479, tries desperately to hold onto its vain self-image. The young veteran Jack Davis holds that idyllic vision of the town and tries to share it with Lisa Kemper, newly arrived from Indiana. But she is repelled by everything in it. While the sheriff tries to find the killer, Jack and Lisa's contentious courtship reveals the town's strange combination of astute perceptions and surprising blind spots. When they stumble onto shocking discovery about the town's true nature, their love and the town's vain self-image become the least of their worries. General Content (G) (I): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations, violence, or strong language. May also contain some content of an inspirational/religious nature.

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Joan Vickers

Athletes must be able to make split-second decisions under the pressures of competition, but often this vital learning is left to chance. With Perception, Cognition, and Decision Training: The Quiet Eye in Action, readers gain access to the research foundations behind an innovative decision-training system that has been used successfully for years in training athletes. Certain to become the definitive guide to decision making in sport, this text presents three innovations solidly based in research. The first is the vision-in-action method of recording what athletes actually see when they perform. The second is the quiet eye phenomenon that has attracted considerable media attention. The third innovation is decision training to identify not only how athletes make performance decisions but also how to facilitate visual perception and action to enhance performance. Author Joan Vickers—who discovered the quiet eye and developed the vision-in-action method—takes the next step by integrating all three innovations into a system for helping athletes improve. Together, these advances provide scientific evidence of the effectiveness of perception–action coupling in athletes' training. Perception, Cognition, and Decision Training: The Quiet Eye in Action is applied to a variety of sports and settings through a three-step decision-training model and seven ready-to-use tools for encouraging athletes to become part of the decision-training process. These tools are research-based concepts that coaches can choose from in order to help train athletes on a specific decision-making task in a simulated competition context. The book also uses these features:-Informative chapter-opening items provide an overview of the content, and special sections recap the previous chapter and introduce the next.-Screen captures from the latest in eye-tracking technology show what athletes actually see, where their eyes are directed, and how their gaze differs depending on their ability level.-Boldfaced key terms and a thorough glossary make it easy to identify key concepts in this emerging field of study.-Chapter-closing in-action sections provide an opportunity to visit Web sites, read articles, or complete tasks to discover how the concepts learned can be applied.-Case studies show how coaches and athletes in various sports have successfully used gaze control and decision training.The book is organized into three parts. Part I introduces the visuomotor system and two processing systems that work together to permit the great range of actions humans perform. Eye-tracking technology is reviewed along with new possibilities for measuring what athletes really see when they perform. In part II, the author presents a unique framework of gaze control. Readers will learn how skilled athletes control the gaze to gain optimal control of their attention and decision making. The quiet eye phenomenon, measurement, and training are also addressed. Part III describes the three-step decision-training model and its application to how coaches design practice, provide feedback, use questions, and give instructions. Case studies show how others are using the model and the seven decision-training tools. Decision training is designed to improve athletes' attention, anticipation, concentration, memory, and problem-solving skills, leading to extraordinary long-term gains. The cutting-edge research presented in this book allows readers to appreciate the growing importance of cognition, vision, and decision making; it also shows them how to apply this knowledge to sport training and coaching.

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Eric Carle

A VERY classic from Eric Carle, creator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!One day a tiny cricket is born and meets a big cricket who chirps his welcome. The tiny cricket tries to respond, but there is no sound. The quiet cricket then makes his way into the world, meeting one insect after another, each of whom greets the little cricket with a cheery hello--the hum of a bee, the whirr of a dragonfly, the whisper of a praying mantis. The cricket rubs his wings together each time, but nothing happens, not a sound. Until the day he meets another cricket, a female, and something different happens . . .As children turn the page on this wonderful moment, they are greeted with a surprise--an actual chirp!Full of Eric Carle's gorgeous and lush collage art, a gentle rhythmic text for read-alouds, and a wonder-inducing surprise at the end, The Very Quiet Cricket remains an all-time favorite from one of the true masters of picture-book making.Batteries are replaceable. Please use two 1.5 volt L1131 button cell batteries.Praise for The Very Quiet Cricket:"Typical of Carle's style, the language is simple, with rhythm, repetition, and alliteration to delight young listeners. Painted collage illustrations are lavish and expressive."--School Library Journal "The text is skillfully shaped; the illustrations convey energy and immediacy."--Horn Book"As usual, Carle's art is lovely and his story is simple and satisfying."--Publishers Weekly"Carle's signature style ensures that this is a visual standout, and storywise it's appealing, too....The spare text is structured by repetitive phrasing that will lend itself to read-aloud responses."--Booklist 

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Will be shipped from US. Used books may not include companion materials, may have some shelf wear, may contain highlighting/notes, may not include CDs or access codes. 100% money back guarantee.

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S. D. Gordon

This collection chronicles the fiction and non fiction classics by the greatest writers the world has ever known. The inclusion of both popular as well as overlooked pieces is pivotal to providing a broad and representative collection of classic works.

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S. D. Gordon

The "Quiet Talk" series, written in the early 1900s, was a popular series that sold over 2 million copies. Quiet Talks on Prayer was one of the more popular books in the series. In the distinctive and admired style that made S.D. Gordon famous, the writer explores the creative power unleashed in the place of prayer. Gordon leads you out of the habitual, forced patterns of prayer into a realm where prayer lives as it is activated by the Spirit of God.

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S. D. Gordon

A great sorrow has come into the heart of God. Let it be told only in hushed voice—one of His worlds is a prodigal! Hush your voice yet more—ours is that prodigal world. Let your voice soften down still more—we have consented to the prodigal part of the story. But, in softest tones yet, He has won some of us back with His strong tender love. And now let the voice ring out with great gladness—we won ones may be the pathway back to God for the others. That is His earnest desire. That should be our dominant ambition. For that purpose He has endowed us with peculiar power.

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S. D. Gordon

The classic prayer guide of S. D. GordonQuiet Talks on Prayerhas now been abridged and updated for todays reader. Written in the early twentieth century, this classic volume still speaks to readers, addressing the questions and concerns they have over