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Christian Jacq

Whenever the grandeur of Ancient Egypt is evoked, there is one name which comes immediately to mind - Ramses II, the pharaoh who reigned for more than sixty years. Here, he is still only fourteen years old. His father, Seti is worshipped by his people and has made his empire the most powerful in the world. But who will be his successor? Should it be his eldest son, Shanaar, a calculating schemer; or Ramses, still passionate and impetuous? Unbeknownst to Ramses, Seti sets about teaching him his supreme duty. The tests and traps, sometimes potentially mortal, begin to multiply. And meanwhile, will Ramses escape the machinations of his brother? Will he know how to choose between Iset the Beautiful and the mysterious Nefertari? He has only a few friends he can really trust: Moses, his Hebrew schoolfriend, who shares his spirited temperament; Setaou, the snake charmer; and Ameni, the scribe.

download ebook ramses pdf epub

Christian Jacq

Ramses II, the Son of the Light, is about to reach his coronation. He has all he should need to become a great pharaoh: his wife Nefertari and his mother both love him unconditionally, and he enjoys great strength from solid friendships formed in childhood, especially that of the Hebrew Moses. And yet still the young pharaoh must fight to hold on to the throne. For lurking all around in the shadows are new conspiracies against him. Will he succeed in avoiding the traps set in his path by his older brother? Can he avert the black magic of a mysterious sorcerer and ward off the schemes of the Hittites? The ambushes accumulate and Ramses' defences are exhausted. To vanquish their enemies, visible and unseen, the royal couple resort to the only possible course of action - they build a Temple of a Million Years.

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Henry J. Olsen

Ramses is on the run in a brand new Northland Adventure! Fresh off his hair-raising encounter with John Osborne, Ramses Brushnell is rushing through the Minnesota wilderness toward Restoration Army HQ to deliver his report to the General. With only his feet to carry him, Ramses progress is painstakingly slow, until one sweltering afternoon he happens upon an isolated farmhouse belonging to a mysterious hermit known as Gerard. Why has Gerard spurned his fellow man? And will Ramses find a faster way back to Restoration Army HQ? The answers may surprise you ...

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Christian Jacq

The powerful Hittites have declared war on Egypt, and Ramses must do the impossible: seize their impregnable fortress at Kadesh with his ragged army, even as his powerful bodyguard and right-hand man has been arrested, suspected of treason.

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Anne Rice

Doomed forever to wander the earth, desperate to quell his insatiable hungers, Ramses the Damned turns up in Edwardian London as Dr. Ramsey and begins a romance with heiress Julie Stratford, but his cursed past again propels him toward disaster

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Sylvester Hoogmoed

Over Ramses Shaffy hebben altijd de wildste verhalen de ronde gedaan en de werkelijkheid was vaak nog spectaculairder dan gedacht. Dat bleek weer eens toen er na de publicatie van zijn biografie We zien wel! een koffertje opdook vol correspondentie van zijn moeder, die altijd een mysterieuze figuur was gebleven. Alexandra Thérèse Wysocka zou een gravin van Pools-Russische afkomst zijn geweest. Maar ze beweerde in werkelijkheid niemand minder te zijn dan groothertogin Olga Romanova, de oudste dochter van tsaar Nicolaas II. Sylvester Hoogmoed schetst aan de hand van oude brieven en politierapporten het leven van deze 'prachtige avonturierster' - zoals een Australische krant haar destijds noemde. Na de Russische Revolutie belandde ze via nogal wat omzwervingen in Egypte. Vervolgens frequenteerde ze de duurste hotels aan de Côte d'Azur en in Parijs, een spoor van openstaande rekeningen en ongedekte cheques achter zich latend. Na Frankrijk te zijn uitgezet, zette ze haar leven op grootse voet voort in België en Zwitserland, gesteund door de uitstekende connecties die ze had in de hoogste kringen en vooral door haar onverwoestbare flair. Sylvester Hoogmoed (1966) is politicoloog, schrijver en journalist. In 2011 verscheen zijn biografie We zien wel! Het wonderlijke leven van Ramses Shaffy. Verder publiceerde hij onder meer in De Groene Amsterdammer, de Volkskrant en Historisch Nieuwsblad. Ook presenteert hij een wekelijks chansonprogramma op de Concertzender.

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Hector Fernandez

Hector Fernandez Cuba junio 1965 es un joven estudioso de las culturas antiguas y fruto de abundantes compilaciones historicas es su novela, " El Guerrero Uteh en el Reino de Ramses II" este libro narra las aventuras del joven Uteh descendiente de una estirpe guerrera que arde en deseos de entrar en combate bajo las ordenes del Faraon Ramses II contra su mas potente enemigo el imperio Hitita {actual Armenia) y que culmina con lo que hoy se conoce como el primer tratado de paz entre ambos imperios, escrita en lenguaje coloquial y directo sin rebuscamientos barrocos el texto de fernandez incerta inmediatamente al lector en un mundo fascinante y exotico, literatura que tiene un largo expediente contemporaneo recordemos Mika Waltari con "Sinuhue el Egipcio" esta novela se agrega con su precensia singular al monto de total de la literatura cubana escrita en las ultimas dos decadas .

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Anne Rice,Christopher Rice

From the iconic and bestselling author of The Mummy and The Vampire Chronicles, a mesmerizing, glamorous new tale of ancient feuds and modern passions. Ramses the Great, former pharaoh of Egypt, is reawakened by the elixir of life in Edwardian England. Now immortal with his bride-to-be, he is swept up in a fierce and deadly battle of wills and psyches against the once-great Queen Cleopatra. Ramses has reawakened Cleopatra with the same perilous elixir whose unworldly force brings the dead back to life. But as these ancient rulers defy one another in their quest to understand the powers of the strange elixir, they are haunted by a mysterious presence even older and more powerful than they, a figure drawn forth from the mists of history who possesses spectacular magical potions and tonics eight millennia old. This is a figure who ruled over an ancient kingdom stretching from the once-fertile earth of the Sahara to the far corners of the world, a queen with a supreme knowledge of the deepest origins of the elixir of life. She may be the only one who can make known to Ramses and Cleopatra the key to their immortality—and the secrets of the miraculous, unknowable, endless expanse of the universe.

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I.F.R.I. Institut français des Relations internationales,Thierry de Montbrial,Philippe Moreau Defarges

RAMSES 2014, le 32e, présente des articles compacts et pertinents dans la sélection et l'analyse des tendances mondiales 2014. Le fil conducteur de RAMSES 2014 porte sur une question centrale : les jeunes aujourd'hui, vers l'explosion ? Question dictée par l'actualité, omniprésente dans notre société comme dans les médias. L'emploi des jeunes aujourd'hui constitue l'un des défis les plus inquiétants pour le système économique, social, politique planétaire. Toutes les sociétés, qu'elles soient anciennes émergentes, riches ou pauvres, sont touchées de plein fouet. La première partie est entièrement consacrée à la jeunesse d'aujourd'hui. Chacune des parties suivantes intègre le thème au coeur de ses articles. RAMSES 2014 comporte 7 parties (2 parties thématiques, 5 parties portant sur un continent ou zone géographique). RAMSES 2014 propose au total 40 entrées : par pays ou par thème. Les Repères proposent un appareil documentaire qui complète les textes. Le monde en cartes (16 pages quadri). Le monde en chiffres : 150 pays. Chronologie.

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Barry B. Powell

I. The hero is born into an unhappy family; he has nightmares but loves the girl next door; a dog kills his pet duck; he is left alone on the big river, where a man had drowned; he frequents the upholstery repair shop of his grandpa Bill, the home of Bill and Gram, and the great house on the river; he falls into a trance in his father’s room beside the river; he learns to fish and to kill his catch; an evil aunt ruins his sister Tari’s playhouse; he loves little girls too much and too often; he has a vision while fishing for crawdads in the San Lorenzo River; he and his brother Seth learn of their father’s death, smothered in a pyramid of sand. II. Now ten years old, he takes up entomology; his disturbed mother’s pet pigeon is crushed in a door; he learns the truth about his philandering father; in high school he has a new friend in Frankie Lee; he murders prairie dogs with his father’s gun; he meets the mysterious Johnny Martin, a poet, in love with the hero; he faints in class while presenting the story of Leopold and Loeb. III. He wins a prize and meets Eisenhower; he works as forest firefighter and sees a man burn to death; Johnny Martin shows him around Berkeley. IV. At Berkeley he suffers from herpes simplex and meets strange characters; a Los Angelino seduces him; Frankie Lee joins him a sordid apartment; he falls in love and travels to Mexico, where he loses his way; he goes to Harvard but doesn’t like it and flees to Europe, hoping to marry the girl he loves, who is studying in Spain. V. When the girl rejects him, he takes a boat from Barcelona to Athens, where he lives near a whorehouse in Piraeus; he sells his blood to survive; he climbs Mount Olympus in a snow storm; he hitchhikes across Algeria just after the war of independence; he takes drugs in Tangiers. VI. Back in Berkeley, he finds Frankie Lee and visits old friends, including Johnny Martin; he has night visions; he meets Isis; he locates his brother, who has gone mad; he consorts with drug dealers and enjoys their products; the streets are alive with revolution; he insults his professors and he meets a woman who claims to be from another planet; he lives with hippies, some of them mad; he meets a strange man in a bourgeois house; he has a shattering vision in which he turns into light and briefly leaves the world. VII. With Isis he moves to the mountains in Arizona, where he raises a family; he corresponds with Frankie Lee, living in LA; he eats peyote and remembers the day his father died; he climbs in the wilderness and converses about his early youth; he travels in remote areas; with friends he climbs a volcano in the night and slipping on a glacier almost dies; he returns to his hometown to find his grandmother incapacitated, abused, and near death; his grandfather recalls his brother’s madness; he undergoes a minor operation, after which he suspects Isis of infidelity. IX. Ramses and Isis travel to Egypt, where they run up against Egyptian bureaucracy and attendant horrors; a Copt cheats them and takes their money; their hopes to see the mummies of the pharaohs come to naught. XI. Ramses learns of his brother-in-law’s suicide, shot through the heart; going to NYC to investigate, he learns that his sister Tari was with another man that night; living in Greece with his teenage son, Ramses visits Ithaca, where they search for the house of Odysseus; back in the states, Ramses learns of his brother’s whereabouts, missing for forty years; he visits him in a halfway house, a house of horror. XIII. Ramses feels intense pains in his abdomen and goes t

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Stephanie Fitzgerald

"Ramses II was one of the greatest pharaohs to rule ancient Egypt. Taking the throne in his early 20s and leading Egypt for 67 years, he was one of the longest-ruling pharaohs. Known for his strategic military skills, Ramses displayed his military might at the Battle of Kadesh, which set up an alliance with Egypt's sworn enemy. He was also an extraordinary builder. Throughout his reign as pharaoh, he ordered the construction of more temples and monuments than any other ruler. His accomplishments and long-lasting reign earned him the title of Ramses the Great."

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I.F.R.I. Institut français des Relations internationales,Thierry de Montbrial,Philippe Moreau Defarges

RAMSES 2013 présente des articles compacts et pertinents dans la sélection et l'analyse des tendances mondiales 2013. Le fil conducteur de RAMSES 2013 porte sur la question : Gouverner aujourd'hui ? : il s'agit en effet de se demander s'il est encore possible de gouverner ou plutôt de quelle manière gouverner en temps de crise... De nombreux facteurs rendent aléatoire et difficile l'exercice du pouvoir : le développement fulgurant des moyens d'information et d'investigation, l'éducation des populations, la mise à égalité des opinions (le point de vue de l'homme de la rue est aussi légitime que celui des élites), le poids des experts... La première partie du livre est entièrement consacrée à la crise actuelle du pouvoir, chacune des parties suivantes intègre ce thème au coeur de ses articles. RAMSES 2013 comporte 7 parties (2 parties thématiques, 5 parties portant sur un continent ou zonz géographique). RAMSES 2013 propose au total 50 entrées : par pays ou par thème. Les Repères proposent un appareil documentaire qui complète les textes. Le monde en cartes (16 pages quadri). Le monde en chiffres : 150 pays. Chronologie.

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Michael Klonovsky

"Ich werde diese Zeichen lesen!" ruft das elfjährige Wunderkind Jean-François Champollion, als er zum erstenmal Hieroglyphen sieht. Fortan ist er besessen von dieser Idee. Der Stein von Rosette, eine Platte mit drei Inschriften in griechischer und demotischer Schrift sowie den rätselhaften Hieroglyphen, die 1799 während des Ägypten-Feldzuges Napoleons gefunden wurde, scheint den Schlüssel für eine Entzifferung zu bieten. Diese Idee verfolgen allerdings auch andere; allein in Paris behaupten Dutzende Gelehrte, dem Geheimnis auf der Spur zu sein. Besonders beharrlich arbeitet Thomas Young an dem Problem, ein Londoner Universalgelehrter und unkonventioneller Denker. Zwischen dem exzentrischen Engländer und dem Sprachgenie Champollion, der mit 18 Jahren bereits Professor wird, entbrennt der eigentliche Wettstreit. Im Hintergrund zieht ein seltsamer ägyptophiler Baron die Fäden. Nachdem Young seine Lesart publiziert hat, gilt Champollion als der "Verrückte aus Grenoble", weil er die Entzifferung nicht akzeptiert. Zu allem Übel mischt er sich in die politischen Händel seiner Zeit, wird als Hochverräter verurteilt und muß in die Verbannung ... Michael Klonovsky hat einen spannenden Roman geschrieben, der fundiert recherchiert ist und auf historischen Fakten gründet. Vor dem Panorama der napoleonischen Kriege schildert er das jahrelange verzweifelte Ringen eines genialen Mannes um die Lösung eines der großen Menschheitsrätsel.