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Walt Kallestad,Shawn-Marie Cole

The Key to Heaven's Door In your possession, you have a powerful key -- a key that unlocks heaven's door and grants you instant and free access to the throne room of God. What is this key? Quite simply, it is repentance -- the kind of repentance that will change your life and cure your problems. Regardless of where life has taken you, God stands ready to take the mistakes of your past and create for you an incredible future. In the pages of this revolutionary book you'll find out how. The Gift of Repentance Is there a yearning deep in your heart that nothing can satisfy -- a craving for something more? This revolutionary book will help you explore that yearning and will powerfully demonstrate that this unsatisfied need is a part of every heart that is not yet one with God. As you receive God's gift of repentance, you will find peace, fulfillment, and a new beginning. The process is simple to start and is clearly explained inside these pages. As you bring your broken heart to God, He will fill your life with blessings galore: • Peace • Fulfillment • Purpose • Direction • Meaning • Satisfaction All this can be yours as you learn how to accept God's powerful gift of repentance and open your heart to all that He has for you.

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George Newberry

The Devils Reign is a true story. Statements made by the author in this book have been validated with documentation and verified by this publisher's legal department. You will read about a near-death experience, an ensuing mission to expose the forces of evil and warn people to get their lives in order with God, and mind-boggling events that followed. George spent years writing a screenplay to relay his message, while being bombarded with problems, financial losses and shocking supernatural experiences. For example: The name Lucifer mysteriously appeared on a court document, baffling even the agencies involved. When numerology was done on the circumstance involving that name it equaled 666. Many documented and witnessed supernatural occurrences followed. A priest told George, You have to finish your story or the Devil wins. George finished his screenplay. But, he was still being watched by an evil eye. In 1998 a Hollywood Producer took $20,000 from him and destroyed his script. In 1999, over twenty scenes of Georges script appeared in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film, End of Days. The production company for that film was Lucifilms and the production start date wasNovember 21, 1998, Georges birthday. George realized he was living the story he was to tell. He was in the midst of a battle between the forces of good and evil. His faith in the forces of good gave him the strength to confront the onslaught of evil, and he kept writing. He couldnt let the Devil win. Regardless of religious beliefs, The Devils Reign is an inspiring book that will change peoples lives for the better. The lamb never killed the lion. We cant conquer evil when we are bound by our own rules. We must fight evil with our enemys rules and with equal force or we will be destroyed.

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Alf Wilkinson

Create a stimulating, well-paced teaching route through the 2016 GCSE History specification using this tailor-made series that draws on a legacy of market-leading history textbooks and the individual subject specialisms of the author team to inspire student success. - Motivate your students to deepen their subject knowledge through an engaging and thought-provoking narrative that makes historical concepts accessible and interesting to today's learners - Embed progressive skills development in every lesson with carefully designed Focus Tasks that encourage students to question, analyse and interpret key topics - Take students' historical understanding to the next level by using a wealth of original contemporary source material to encourage wider reflection on different periods - Help your students achieve their potential at GCSE with revision tips and practice questions geared towards the changed assessment model, plus useful advice to aid exam preparation - Confidently navigate the new AQA specification using the expert insight of experienced authors and teachers with examining experience

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Alice E. Jacoby

An examination of all eighteenth-century historical works produced by Scots is not the intention of this book, which is instead a case study of a limited number of Scottish eighteenth-century historical writings, here designated as developmental history. Since this is a term new to historiography, some explanation is in order. Prior publications on eighteenth-century historical writings of the type being explored here have used the terms conjectural or theoretical history or new history.

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Helen Bromhead

This is a ground-breaking study in the historical semantics and pragmatics of English in the 16th and 17th centuries. It examines the meaning, use and cultural underpinnings of confident- and certain-sounding epistemic expressions, such as forsooth, by my troth and in faith, and first person epistemic phrases, such as I suppose, I ween and I think. The work supports the hypothesis that the British Enlightenment and its attendant empiricism brought about a profound epistemic shift in the ‘ways of thinking’ and ‘ways of speaking’ in the English speaking world. In contrast to the modern ethos of empiricism and doubt, the 16th and 17th centuries were dominated by an ethos of truth and faith, which manifests itself in (among other ways) the meanings and usages of epistemic expressions for certainty and confidence. The study is firmly based on evidence from texts and collocations in the writings of the day. The study is conducted using the framework of the Natural Semantic Metalanguage (NSM), an approach to semantic explanation developed by Cliff Goddard, Anna Wierzbicka and collaborators. This book can introduce this approach to readers who are unfamiliar with it, as well as show how it can open new horizons in historical semantics. The primary audience for this book is scholars and graduate students in the fields of linguistics and English studies, especially those interested in historical semantics, pragmatics and discourse studies. Because of the strongly cultural focus of the book and its drawing on non-linguistic literature, it will be of interest to scholars and graduate students in the fields of cultural history and the history of ideas, as well as in English studies in a broader sense.

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Choan-Seng Song

Song's theology is a startling rebuke to Christologies centered either in historical-critical searches or church doctrines. For Song, theology is the biography of God, and God's reign is evident in stories of God's saving presence in Jesus. The reign of God in Jesus "becomes manifest through movements of people to be free from the shackles of the past, to change the status quo of the present, and to have a role to play in the arrival of the future".

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Laura Powell

"Tarot comes alive in this cleverly conceived thriller that delivers action, humor, and mystery in spades." —The Bulletin At an exclusive Soho party one rainy night, Cat stumbles into an ancient and dangerous game of fortune. A mysterious quartet of game masters deal out challenges—moves that unfold in the Arcanum, a dream-scape version of our world. Success can earn players fame, fortune, inspiration. Failure can be deadly. At first Cat is skeptical, but undeniably curious. And when a journey into the Arcanum reveals a shocking glimpse of her family's past, Cat begins to understand what drives people to play. Sometimes it's greed or longing—other times desperation. She must know more. Right now, the game masters hold all the cards. But Cat finds others like herself on the fringes of the game. And together an unlikely group of chancers hope to change the rules in their favor. In the Game of Triumphs, the risks are high, but the rewards may just be worth dying for. . . . From the Hardcover edition.

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Joseph J. Capriccioso

Hiding in the dark comes your nightmare given form. The curse, the hatred, a bad luck that storms. Heartless and loathing his rage will plunder. First comes the Winds and then the thunder. Evil is never seen for it alters your life. A Guardian Angel tries to make it just right. Gather the strength to fight the pain. Only you can survive through Shadows Reign.

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Northrop Frye

Northrop Frye’s The Secular Scripture was first published in 1976 and was soon recognized as one of his most influential works, reflecting an extensive development of Frye’s thoughts about romance as a literary form. This new edition in the Collected Works of Northrop Frye series brings The Secular Scripture together with thirty shorter pieces pertaining to literary theory and criticism from the last fifteen years of Frye’s life. Frye’s study illuminates the enduring attraction and deep human significance of the romance genre in all its forms. He provides a unique perspective on popular fiction and culture and shows how romance forms have, by their very structural and conventional features, an ability to address both specific social concerns and deep and fundamental human concerns that span time and place. In distinguishing popular from elite culture, Frye insists that they are both ultimately two aspects of the same “human compulsion to create in the face of chaos.” The additional late writings reflect Frye’s sense at the time that he was working “toward some kind of final statement,” which eventually saw the light of day, only months before his death, as Words with Power (1990).

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Mercedes Lackey

In The Mage Winds trilogy, which began with the best-selling novel, Winds of Fate, author Mercedes Lackey continues the epic that started with her first published book, Arrows of the Queen introduced readers to the remarkable land of Valdemar, the kingdom protected by its Heralds--men and women gifted with extraordinary mind powers--aided and served by their mysterious Companions--horselike beings who know the many secrets of Valdemar's magical heritage. None but the Companions remember the long-ago age when high magic was lost to Valdemar as the last Herald-Mage gave his life to protect his kingdom from destruction by dark sorceries. But now the protective barrier set so long ago over Valdemar is crumbling, and with the realm imperiled by the dark magic of Ancar of Hardorn, Princess Elspeth, Herald and heir to the throne, has gone on a desperate quest in search of a mentor who can teach her to wield her fledgling mage-powers and help her to defend her threatened kingdom.

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David Butts

America is clearly in trouble. We have lost our spiritual and moral moorings. There was a time when God was welcome in the public arena in America. But today, He is distained and forced out. As a result, America is spiraling downward in decay financially, spiritually and morally. Is there hope for God to touch us with spiritual awakening as He has in the past? We are desperate for it! It is time now for the church of Jesus Christ to cry out to God as never before, with a unified voice, to ask for forgiveness and His blessing on our nation again. This scripture-based guide offers 40 inspiring daily devotions and 40 scriptures to pray for our nation. Excellent for individuals, it is also designed for entire congregations or small groups and Sunday school classes, to pray together. It's time to pray! God is not done with America.

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Cho-yun Hsu,John Lagerwey

An internationally recognized authority on Chinese history and a leading innovator in its telling, Cho-yun Hsu constructs an original portrait of Chinese culture. Unlike most historians, Hsu resists centering his narrative on China's political evolution, focusing instead on the country's cultural sphere and its encounters with successive waves of globalization. Beginning long before China's written history and extending through the twentieth century, Hsu follows the content and expansion of Chinese culture, describing the daily lives of commoners, their spiritual beliefs and practices, the changing character of their social and popular thought, and their advances in material culture and technology. In addition to listing the achievements of emperors, generals, ministers, and sages, Hsu builds detailed accounts of these events and their everyday implications. Dynastic change, the rise and fall of national ambitions, and the growth and decline of institutional systems take on new significance through Hsu's careful research, which captures the multiple strands that gave rise to China's pluralistic society. Paying particular attention to influential relationships occurring outside of Chinese cultural boundaries, he demonstrates the impact of foreign influences on Chinese culture and identity and identifies similarities between China's cultural developments and those of other nations.

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R. Llopis-Goig

In the past few decades, Spanish football has undergone a significant transformation, both on and off the pitch. Llopis-Goig analyses these trends, questioning the role of football in contemporary Spanish society and examining the historical reasons for its social hegemony.

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Kris Vallotton

It's Time for a Revolution In the Garden, woman was taken out of man to stand by his side and co-reign with him. But Satan's schemes have robbed women of their rightful identity, disempowering and defacing them. The world aches for God's original partnership to be brought into balance once more--and it can be. Join Kris Vallotton for an extraordinary journey of eye-opening insight, including • God's true plan and purpose for women • Jesus' radical teachings and care for women • men's important role in restoring women • the true meaning of difficult Bible passages about women • examples of women in leadership as God intended God fashioned women to reign alongside men. Jesus set women free to be beautiful and powerful. It's time for us, as daughters and sons of the King, to rule together in glory again. Will you join the revolution? "We have failed to realize that Jesus founded the women's liberation movement more than two thousand years ago. Isn't it high time His Church led the revolution?"--Kris Vallotton "Off the charts. Worthy to be read and studied by all. You won't be able to put it down."--Patricia King, founder, XP Ministries "Read, weigh and embrace the spirit, truth and heartbeat of this book. This biblical approach rightly addresses unright arguments of strained interpretations. Such balance and beauty make sense and offer wisdom. I say, 'Amen!'"--Pastor Jack Hayford, chancellor, The King's University, Dallas/Los Angeles "This profound work is a must-read for men and women alike; it has the potential to instill courage in the hearts of men and give women permission to dream again."--Bill Johnson, senior leader, Bethel Church, Redding, California; author, The Essential Guide to Healing and When Heaven Invades Earth "Finally, a biblical perspective that encourages women to remain themselves and still take their God-given places of leadership."--Stacey Campbell, author, Praying the Bible; co-founding pastor, New Life Church, Kelowna, British Columbia "This compelling work will elevate your awareness, challenge some presuppositions and invite you to grow in the grace of the Lord Jesus."--Dr. Mark J. Chironna, Church On The Living Edge, Mark Chironna Ministries, Orlando, Florida "This must-read will empower you to regain your identity that Satan stole and live the life God created you to live."--Cynthia Brazelton, pastor, Victory Christian Ministries International "I deeply enjoyed diving into the Bible with Kris as my guide to find out what God really says about men and women. It has enhanced my understanding of who I am as a woman and inspires me to instill that in the young women around me. This book is about truth and therefore would be great written by anyone. However, I realized that the fact that it was written by a man, and it is a man calling me into my divine design, brought a deeper level of healing than I'd anticipated and sent me on a journey digging deeper into God's heart. I recommend it for all!" --Revival Magazine "Fashioned to Reign considers the everlasting deception Christians face regarding women's role and purpose: a deception fostered by evil and which is not of God's plan. The disempowerment of women was the devil's idea - and God's true plan for women is very different. Woman was, in fact, designed to stand by man's side and reign with him, not under him - and Fashioned to Reign covers God's ultimate intention for women. Packed with scripture and information throughout, Fashioned to Reign is a powerful analysis perfect for any Christian collection." --Midwest Book Review

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Nicholas F. Cucolo,Joseph A. Domino

A Reign of Peace is an adventure epic where characters engage in larger than life heroics to preserve a distant yet familiar civilization. It focuses on a young man named Dominus and his struggle with faith as he confronts threats of war and conquest. How does it all start? In turning over the soil for the next crop, two hapless farmers unearth a small metallic boxabout the size and shape of a pocket calculator. To their amazement, it hums and has a small translucent window with an eerie pulsating green glow. The community buzzes with excitement. News of the strange artifact reaches Dominus and his close friend, Rumanion, farmers who have also studied history and archaeology at the University. They decide to have a look at this unique relic. Before they realize what happens, they are caught up in a series of events which forever alters their lives and their society as well. Memorable life-like characters struggle in a unique setting and, as a result of their conflicts, mature as they learn more about themselves and the world around them. Although Dominus is only in his late twenties, he is embittered and cynical as a result of a tragic youth (Man is no better than a swine, he laments, clinging to miserably to this cosmic prank called life, only to have it snuffed out. ..). Later, with the help of the devout cleric Thomas and his sister Elaina, Dominus acquires faith and finds love. As readers battle villains and a secret race of mutants along with Dominus and Rumanion, they feel as if theyre traveling through the Middle Ages. However, the novel is actually set in the future. At one point, fleeing for his life, Dominus stumbles into a network of caves which houses a missile complex. How is he to relate this discovery to the simple, agrarian values of his society? Besides Dominus and Rumanion, the book abounds with characters who have distinct and engaging personalities. Mangross, the self-serving mercenary, represents the dark path Dominus could take. Mangross would rather count his gold than ponder noble causes. (I am accustomed to being well paid for my services, he proudly boasts, and with my earnings, I can drink, game, and swyve my fill. Causes make man grim and morbid.) There is Sablestone the hermit, a proud warrior who spurns society, yet is a help to all. And Harrington Nob, the man bound by science and society, who learns friendship and compassion. Grunorga is the chieftain of the mutants; he is revealed to be a sadistic maniacal leader bent on fulfilling his imagined destiny as conqueror. In addition to the qualifies of a suspenseful fast-paced adventure story, the themes of mans relationship to nature, technology, his fellow man, and to God all predominate throughout the book. However, these motifs all emerge from the action of the story. And the action never stops!

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John Steinbeck

In his only work of political satire, The Short Reign of Pippin IV, John Steinbeck turns the French Revolution upside down as amateur astronomer Pippin Héristal is drafted to rule the unruly French. Steinbeck creates around the infamous Pippin the most hilarious royal court ever: Pippin’s wife, Queen Marie, who “might have taken her place at the bar of a very good restaurant”; his uncle, a man of dubious virtue; his glamour-struck daughter and her beau, the son of the so-called “egg king” of Petaluma, California; and a motley crew of courtiers and politicians, guards and gardeners. This edition includes an introduction by Robert Morsberger and Katharine Morsberger.

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Carole Levin

The reign of Elizabeth I was marked by change: England finally became a protestant nation, and England's relations with her neighbours were also changing, in part because of religious controversies. Elizabeth's reign was also significant in terms of changing gender expectations, and in terms of attitudes towards those considered different. While a woman ruled, others, often at the bottom of the social scale, were condemned as witches. Levin evaluates Elizabeth and the significance of her reign both in the context of her age and our own, examining the increasing cultural diversity of Elizabethan England and the impact of the reign of an unmarried queen on gender expectations, as well as exploring the more traditional themes of religion, foreign policy, plots and conspiracies. Levin's fresh perspective will be welcomed by students of this exceptional reign.

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Jim Miller,Kelly Mayhew

The silver-and-black-clad Oakland Raiders fans are the most notorious in American professional sports, with a mythic reputation for cursing, drinking, brawling, and generally wreaking mayhem. The devotion of the team’s multiracial, largely blue-collar supporters runs deep, creating a profound sense of community. As Jim Miller and Kelly Mayhew reveal in this hair-raising and entertaining new book, the self-described Raider Nation, smitten with its outlaw mystique, provides a gritty alternative to California’s sunshine-and-granola image. Over the course of the harrowing 2003 season, Miller and Mayhew explored the reality behind the myth and interviewed legions of rabid Raiders fans—from suburban families to bikers—while attending games in the “Black Hole” (the rowdiest section in Oakland’s stadium), frequenting sports bars, and crashing tailgate parties. Featuring the extraordinary photography of Joseph A. Blum, Better to Reign in Hell is both a rollicking tale of obsessive fandom and a fascinating study of the intersection of class, race, gender, and community in professional sports.

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J. Denny Weaver

John Howard Yoder: Radical Theologian' shows that for John Howard Yoder both theology (in particular Christology) and ethics are expressions of the meaning of the narrative of Jesus. All such statements are relative to a particular context, so that theology and ethics are subject to reaching back to the narrative in order to restate the meaning in new and ever-changing contexts. This methodology is visible in YoderÕs 'Preface to Theology', which has been little used in most treatments of YoderÕs thought. Yoder has been characterised as standing on Nicene orthodoxy, criticised for rejecting Nicene orthodoxy, called heterodox, and designated a postmodern thinker to be interpreted in terms of other such thinkers. None of these characterisations adequately locates the basis of his methodology in the narrative of Jesus. Thus 'John Howard Yoder: Radical Theologian' aims to go beyond or to supersede existing treatments with its demonstration that Yoder is a radical theologian in the historical meaning of radical Ð that is, as one who returns to the root Ð but also relates his theology to the personal accusations that clouded his later years. For Christian faith, this root is Christ. Parts II and III of the book explore the sources of YoderÕs approach, and its application in several contemporary contexts.

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Jacqueline D. Wilson

J amaica is a young girl who encounters motherhood early on but manages to turn her life around and take the rode of fate that she believes has lead her to the success shes obtained. With a vow of celibacy she hopes this will land her to the one true love. Lifes reality however suggested other wise throwing fiery darts and falsehood, but with wisdom navigating and morals as her guide they combat the core of unveiling the ever so fashionable glitz and glam of temptations.

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Arie S. Issar,Mattanyah Zohar

This survey of the ancient levels of lakes, rivers and the sea, as well as changes in the compositions of stalagmites and sediments reveals an astonishing correlation of climate changes with the emergence and collapse of civilizations in the Middle East. The authors conclude that climate change has been the decisive factor in the history surrounding the origins of the "cradle of civilization".

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John P. Nielsen

Nebuchadnezzar I (r. 1125-1104) was one of the more significant and successful kings to rule Babylonia in the intervening period between the demise of the Kassite Dynasty in the 12th century at the end of the Late Bronze Age, and the emergence of a new, independent Babylonian monarchy in the last quarter of the 7th century. His dynamic reign saw Nebuchadnezzar active on both domestic and foreign fronts. He tended to the needs of the traditional cult sanctuaries and their associated priesthoods in the major cities throughout Babylonia and embarked on military campaigns against both Assyria in the north and Elam to the east. Yet later Babylonian tradition celebrated him for one achievement that was little noted in his own royal inscriptions: the return of the statue of Marduk, Babylon’s patron deity, from captivity in Elam. The Reign of Nebuchadnezzar reconstructs the history of Nebuchadnezzar I’s rule and, drawing upon theoretical treatments of historical and collective memory, examines how stories of his reign were intentionally utilized by later generations of Babylonian scholars and priests to create an historical memory that projected their collective identity and reflected Marduk’s rise to the place of primacy within the Babylonian pantheon in the 1st millennium BCE. It also explores how this historical memory was employed by the urban elite in discourses of power. Nebuchadnezzar I remained a viable symbol, though with diminishing effect, until at least the 3rd century BCE, by which time his memory had almost entirely faded. This study is a valuable resource to students of the Ancient Near East and Nebuchadnezzar, but is also a fascinating exploration of memory creation and exploitation in the ancient world.

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G. A. Henty

In the late eighteenth century, France was plunged into a terrifying period of tumult and unrest as warring political factions battled for dominance in the aftermath of revolution. At the height of the conflict, English teenager Harry Sandwith is sent to live in France. Through his experiences, readers get a first-hand look at one of the darkest periods in European history.

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Kate Eisenbise Crell

Why did Jesus die? What does it mean that Jesus died for our sins? Christian theology has been wrestling with these questions for centuries, and theologians have proposed lots of different answers and explanations in the form of theories of atonement. But most of these theories fall short when confronted by a contemporary, postmodern worldview. Many of these models come out of orthodox (rather than Free Church) traditions, so they also lack the distinctive elements that characterize Brethren ways of understanding God and the world. The Church of the Brethren is well known for its acts of service and discipleship in the nonviolent model of Jesus, but it has not produced much constructive theology. Cooperative Salvation attempts to remedy this situation by proposing a constructive Brethren model of atonement. It analyzes the diverse atonement models proposed throughout the Christian tradition, noting where they prove inadequate. To address the shortcomings of other models, this work draws on important claims of historical Anabaptist and Brethren theology while also incorporating ideas from feminist, liberation, and process theology in order to construct an understanding of atonement that contributes a contemporary Brethren voice to the centuries-long discussion of atonement.

download ebook parable and politics in early islamic history pdf epub

Tayeb El-Hibri

The story of the succession to the Prophet Muhammad and the rise of the Rashidun Caliphate (632-661) is familiar to historians from the political histories of medieval Islam, which treat it as a factual account. The story also informs the competing perspectives of Sunni and Shi'i Islam, which read into it the legitimacy of their claims. Yet while descriptive and varied, these approaches have long excluded a third reading, which views the conflict over the succession to the Prophet as a parable. From this vantage point, the motives, sayings, and actions of the protagonists reveal profound links to previous texts, not to mention a surprising irony regarding political and religious issues. In a controversial break from previous historiography, Tayeb El-Hibri privileges the literary and artistic triumphs of the medieval Islamic chronicles and maps the origins of Islamic political and religious orthodoxy. Considering the patterns and themes of these unified narratives, including the problem of measuring personal qualification according to religious merit, nobility, and skills in government, El-Hibri offers an insightful critique of both early and contemporary Islam and the concerns of legitimacy shadowing various rulers. In building an argument for reading the texts as parabolic commentary, he also highlights the Islamic reinterpretation of biblical traditions, both by Qur'anic exegesis and historical composition.

download ebook roman imperial policy from julian to theodosius pdf epub

R. Malcolm Errington

The division of the late Roman Empire into two theoretically cooperating parts by the brothers Valentinian and Valens in 364 deeply influenced many aspects of government in each of the divisions. Although the imperial policies during this well-documented and formative period are generally understood to have been driven by the religious and ideological aims of the emperors, R. Malcolm Errington argues that the emperors were actually much more pragmatic in their decision making than has previously been assumed. The division of responsibilities between the emperors inevitably encouraged separate developments and allowed locally varying and often changing imperial attitudes toward different forms of religious belief. Errington demonstrates that the main stimulus for action in this period nearly always came from below the level of the imperial government, and not from an imperial initiative. Extending the theory of Fergus Millar into the later empire, Errington argues that the emperors were fundamentally reactive to regionally supplied information, as Millar has asserted was the case for the High Empire. Thus, despite significant structural changes, the empire remained broadly traditional in its operations.

download ebook charting change in france around 1540 pdf epub

Marian Rothstein

During the decade or so surrounding 1540, there is a change in French thinkers' assumptions about themselves, their country, and their place in the world. This evolutionary change is examined from multidisciplinary points of view, providing readers with tools for interpreting, defining, and understanding it in a broader sense. The character of the change being explored here is neither rupture nor revolution. It is a displacement of center that contributes to, or in some cases actually creates, a changed relation between past and mid-sixteenth-century present as well as between that present and attitudes toward the future. During the period around 1540, French thinkers and French perceptions opened to the notion that what-had-never-been now could be, what for lack of a better term, called the new, often accompanied by a nationalism proclaiming it for France. This brings a fresh understanding of what it means to be French - in language, in music, even in food. It brings an expansion of categories to be treated as part of the French economy, like Canadian fish, or more surprisingly, leisure, or music. Marian Rothstein is Professor of French at Carthage College.

download ebook africa bible commentary pdf epub

The Africa Bible Commentary is a unique publishing event—the first one-volume Bible commentary produced in Africa by African theologians to meet the needs of African pastors, students, and lay leaders. Interpreting and applying the Bible in the light of African culture and realities, it furnishes powerful and relevant insights into the biblical text that transcend Africa in their significance. The Africa Bible Commentary gives a section-by-section interpretation that provides a contextual, readable, affordable, and immensely useful guide to the entire Bible. Readers around the world will benefit from and appreciate the commentary’s fresh insights and direct style that engage both heart and mind. Key features: · Produced by African biblical scholars, in Africa, for Africa—and for the world · Section-by-section interpretive commentary and application · More than 70 special articles dealing with topics of key importance in to ministry in Africa today, but that have global implications · 70 African contributors from both English- and French-speaking countries · Transcends the African context with insights into the biblical text and the Christian faith for readers worldwide

download ebook the british constitution: continuity and change pdf epub

Matt Qvortrup

Vernon Bogdanor once told The Guardian that he made 'a living of something that doesn't exist'. He also quipped that the British Constitution can be summed up in eight words: 'Whatever the Queen in Parliament decides is law.' That may still be the case, yet in many ways the once elusive British Constitution has now become much more grounded, much more tangible and much more based on written sources than was previously the case. It now exists in a way in which it previously did not. However, though the changes may seem revolutionary, much of the underlying structure remains unchanged; there are limits to the changes. Where does all this leave the Constitution? Here constitutional experts, political scientists and legal practitioners present up-to-date and in-depth commentaries on their respective areas of expertise. While also a Festschrift in honour of Vernon Bogdanor, this book is above all a comprehensive compendium on the present state of the British Constitution. 'The new constitutional politics has spawned a new constitutional scholarship. This stimulating collection, skilfully put together by Matt Qvortrup, works both as a welcome snapshot of where we are now and as an expert audit, from specialists in law, history and political science, of the deeper issues and of the complex dynamics of continuity and change in the ongoing refashioning of Britain's constitutional architecture.' Kevin Theakston, Professor of British Government, University of Leeds 'The highly distinguished team of scholars assembled by Matt Qvortrup has produced a deeply thought-provoking collection on the profound constitutional changes that have occurred in the UK over the last twenty years. A book worthy of reaching a very wide readership.' Roger Scully, Professor of Political Science, Cardiff University 'Vernon Bogdanor understands like few others the connections between history, politics and institutions - and that is what makes him such an authority on the British system of government.' The Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Prime Minister 'I think Vernon's guiding principle at Brasenose was to treat all his students as if they might one day be Prime Minister. At the time, I thought this was a bit over the top, but then a boy studying PPE at Brasenose two years beneath me became Prime Minister.' Toby Young, The Spectator

download ebook russia in the nineteenth century: autocracy, reform, and social change, 1814-1914 pdf epub

A. I. U. Polunov,Thomas C. Owen,L. G Zakharova

This is a comprehensive interpretive history of Russia from the defeat of Napoleon to the eve of World War I. It is the first such work by a post-Soviet Russian scholar to appear in English. Drawing on the latest Russian and Western historical scholarship, Alexander Polunov examines the decay of the two central institutions of tsarist Russia: serfdom and autocracy. Polunov explains how the major social groups - the gentry, merchants, petty townspeople, peasants, and ethnic minorities - reacted to the Great Reforms, and why, despite the emergence of a civil society and capitalist institutions, a reformist, evolutionary path did not become an alternative to the Revolution of 1917. He provides detailed portraits of many tsarist bureaucrats and political reformers, complete with quotations from their writings, to explain how the principle of autocracy, although significantly weakened by the Great Reforms in mid-century, reasserted itself under the last two emperors. Polunov stresses the relevance, for Russians in the post-Soviet period, of issues that remained unresolved in the pre-Revolutionary period, such as the question of private property in land and the relationship between state regulation and private initiative in the economy.

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Roy R. Anderson,Robert Seibert,Jon G Wagner

A longtime bestseller, Politics and Change in the Middle East employs a multidisciplinary approach to comprehensively and evenhandedly study the region’s past, present, and future. Through politics, economics, culture, and history, this text offers a rugged analytical framework that familiarizes students with the Middle East and helps them to critically evaluate contemporary developments. Thematically organized, Politics and Change in the Middle East introduces students to the primary actors and issues that define the region and its role in world politics.

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مركز القدس للدراسات السياسية

This book includes papers presented at the first conference entitled “Network of Reform and Democratic Change in the Arab World” which was jointly organized by Al Quds Center for Political Studies and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Amman, 8-10 December 2006. Papers were presented by intellectuals and politicians who reside on various locations of the reform spectrum. They addressed a wide range of reform concepts, its priorities and mechanism. The papers also tackle the reform experience and official, civil, Arab, and international initiatives. They also identify the role of “political Islam” in this process

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Xiu Ouyang

Only fragments of historical text from China's middle period have been translated into English, until now. Here at last is the first major Chinese historical work from the Song dynasty. Written by Ouyang Xiu, an intellectual giant of the eleventh century, this is a history of the preceding century (907–979), a period known as the Five Dynasties. The historical and literary significance of Ouyang's achievement cannot be underestimated. In rewriting the existing official history of the Five Dynasties, Ouyang—whose own time was characterized by extraordinary intellectual and political innovation—made several notable decisions. He rewrote the history in the "ancient" style preferred by forward-thinking literati; he even rewrote the original documents quoted within biographies. He also relied on his own moral categories, reevaluating the worth of the historical figures in light of his own convictions that individuals should take personal responsibility for the fate of society. Ouyang's history would eventually become the official version—the last state-sanctioned dynastic history of imperial China to be written by an individual in a private capacity. In addition to its provocative insights and lucid presentation, Historical Records of the Five Dynasties is an eloquent statement on the art of historical writing in the eleventh century. A preeminent scholar of Chinese history, Richard L. Davis has provided a thorough introduction and rendered nearly two-thirds of the Chinese original into English, including complete sections critical to understanding the politics and personalities of the time. Biographical clusters based on Ouyang's moral categories also appear in full, helping readers to appreciate the Confucian agenda that informs the work.

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Julia Prest,Guy Rowlands

The personal rule of Louis XIV, following on from a long period of royal minority and apprenticeship, lasted 54 years from 1661 to 1715. But the second half of this personal rule has, until recently, received significantly less scholarly attention than the 1660s and 1670s. This has obscured some of the very real changes and developments that occurred between the early 1680s and the mid-1690s, by which time a new generation of younger royals had come to prominence, France was engulfed in international war on a greater scale than ever before, and the king was visibly no longer as vigorous or healthy as he had once been. The essays in this volume take a close look at the way a new set of political, social, cultural and economic dispensations emerged from the mid-1680s to create a different France in the final decades of Louis XIV’s reign, even though the basic ideological, social and economic underpinnings of the country remained very largely the same. The contributions examine such varied matters as the structure and practices of government, naval power, the financial operations of the state, trade and commerce, social pressures, overseas expansion, religious dissent, music, literature and the fine arts.

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Robert K. Wen

Philosophy One Mans Overview is for those who have had little contact with the discipline of philosophy but have a persistent interest in the subject, and for those who think recurrently about where they stand in the larger scheme of things. The book aims to expose the reader to a wide array of ideas from the worlds most influential philosophers, aiding him or her to become more perceptive and confident on lifes journey. The book has three segments. The first provides an introduction to philosophy terminology, an explanation of philosophys relevance and usefulness, and a summary of the three major world philosophical traditions the Western, Indian and Chinese. The second discusses the three traditions more substantially, exploring the philosophies of such thinkers as Lao Zi, Aristotle and Kant, and philosophies such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Existentialism and Contemporary New Confucianism (). Finally, the third segment compares the three philosophical traditions. It also includes some thoughts of the author on world peace, as well as on a world viewbased on a deism with Nature as its representation--concerning human character, the living of a life as the purpose of life, and the meaning of death.

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George Dutton,Jayne Werner,John K. Whitmore

Sources of Vietnamese Tradition provides an essential guide to two thousand years of Vietnamese history and a comprehensive overview of the society and state of Vietnam. Strategic selections illuminate key figures, issues, and events while building a thematic portrait of the country's developing territory, politics, culture, and relations with neighbors. The volume showcases Vietnam's remarkable independence in the face of Chinese and other external pressures and respects the complexity of the Vietnamese experience both past and present. The anthology begins with selections that cover more than a millennium of Chinese dominance over Vietnam (111 B.C.E.–939 C.E.) and follows with texts that illuminate four centuries of independence ensured by the Ly, Tran, and Ho dynasties (1009–1407). The earlier cultivation of Buddhism and Southeast Asian political practices by the monarchy gave way to two centuries of Confucian influence and bureaucratic governance (1407–1600), based on Chinese models, and three centuries of political competition between the north and the south, resolving in the latter's favor (1600–1885). Concluding with the colonial era and the modern age, the volume recounts the ravages of war and the creation of a united, independent Vietnam in 1975. Each chapter features readings that reveal the views, customs, outside influences on, and religious and philosophical beliefs of a rapidly changing people and culture. Descriptions of land, society, economy, and governance underscore the role of the past in the formation of contemporary Vietnam and its relationships with neighboring countries and the West.