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Bradley Nickell,Warren Jamison

Millions in stolen property, revolting sex crimes and murder-for-hire were all in the mix for a Las Vegas police detective as he toiled to take Sin City's most prolific criminal off the streets for good. In REPEAT OFFENDER Las Vegas Police Detective Bradley Nickell brings you the inside scoop on the investigation of the most prolific repeat offender Las Vegas has ever known. Daimon Monroe looked like an average guy raising a family with his diffident schoolteacher girlfriend. But just below the surface, you'll learn he was an accomplished thief with an uncontrollable lust for excess. His criminal mind had no bounds-he was capable of anything given the proper circumstances. Daimon Monroe was one of the most prolific repeat offenders in Las Vegas history You will be revolted by Monroe's amassed wealth through thievery, his plot to kill Detective Nickell, a judge and a prosecutor, and the physical and sexual abuse to which Monroe subjected his daughters.

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Philip Giambri

"Phillip Giambri is a natural-born story-teller and a licensed detective of the heart. His narratives are peopled more often than not by the grizzled denizens of an urban underbelly, and these characters spring to life through the all-seeing eye of a streetwise raconteur who's set his sights on exposing the foibles of the human animal. The world he evokes is delivered to us through the lens of a master spy-- one gifted with both a keen sensitivity to the internal emotional realm and a subtle awareness of the details of the concrete world around him. These, in fact, are just the sort of refined and nuanced observational skills required to effectively convey a tale, and when combined with his willingness to lay his cards on the table in the interest of honest self-reflection the reader is taken on a moving, thought provoking and entertaining ride. You won't be bored. And ya might just learn something in the process." - Moira T. Smith, Poet

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Wayne Koestenbaum

The collection's cornerstones are two rhapsodies - long poems which combine the richness of a novel, the intimacy of a lyric, and the immediacy of a performance. At the climax of the first, the poet meets his double, a dying boy whose shameful moniker is "Baldie." As if in response to this explosive confrontation, the poet dares to write a second, wilder "Rhapsody" - a confessional, improvisatory fantasia, virtually a book in itself, where abjection blossoms into formally-innovative extravagance. Three sequences complete the collection: "Piano Life, " a series of haunted meditations on music and mortality; "Erotic Collectibles, " a disarmingly unsentimental account of sexual awakening; and "Star Vehicles, " in which the poet sees his perplexities reflected in Bette Davis, Sophia Loren, Ida Lupino, and other leading ladies.