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James R. Brockman

It is twenty-five years since Oscar Romero, the prophetic archibishop of San Salvador, was assassinated while celebrating Mass. In death he joined tens of thousands of his fellow Salvadorans, killed in the conflict that engulfed his small Central American nation. In the years since then, his reputation and significance have only grown. Today the very name Romero invokes the church's costly option for the poor, the gospel challenge to confront injustice, the Christian call to discipleship in a world of conflict, and a new face of holiness for our time. First published in 1989, James Brockman's biography remains the definitive portrait of the modern hero and martyr who became "a voice of the voiceless."

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Tony Williams

In placing Romero's oeuvre in the context of literary naturalism, the book explores the relevance of the director's films within American cultural traditions and thus explains the potency of such work beyond 'splatter movie' models. The author explores the roots of naturalism in the work of Emile Zola and traces this through to the EC Comics of the 1950s and on to the work of Stephen King. In so doing, the book illuminates the importance of seminal Romero texts such as Night of the Living Dead (1968), Creepshow (1982), Monkey Shines (1988), The Dark Half (1992). This study also includes full coverage of Romero's latest feature, Bruiser (2000), as well as his screenplays and teleplays.

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John S. Thiede

With the Beatification of Monseñor Oscar Romero, our current Pope Francis has asked theologians to consider how we might allow for an expanded definition for martyrdom in the 21st century. Remembering Oscar Romero and the Martyrs of El Salvador responds to that challenge. How do we name Oscar Romero, Rutilio Grande, the U.S. churchwomen, and the Jesuits and two laywomen killed at the UCA as martyrs? Is it a new category with a new definition? Or is it simply an amplification of what we have long considered Christian witness? While there is a long history of martyrdom in Latin America, this book elaborates on four case studies for martyrdom focusing on the reality in El Salvador: Rutilio Grande, S.J. killed in 1977, Archbishop Oscar Romero killed in 1980, the U.S. churchwomen killed in 1980, and the six members of the UCA Jesuit community and their two female collaborators killed in 1989. Insights from the work of Jon Sobrino illuminate these case studies. First, his Christological insights from Jesus the Liberator and Christ the Liberator are used to analyze the reality of martyrdom, particularly in reference to the terms martyr, crucified people, and martyred people. Second, his more recent articles challenge a strict interpretation of the traditional definition of martyrdom, especially focusing on his terms Jesuanic martyr, a martyr for justice, and even a more polemic suggestion of an anonymous Christian martyr. Finally, the book concludes by combining Sobrino's insights and the reality of martyrdom today, updated with the recent scholarship in Romero's beatification process which attempts to show Romero as a martyr. In the end, the book hopes to offer some suggestions for an expanded definition of martyrdom in the 21st century. By responding to the call of Pope Francis for an expanded definition, the reality of martyrdom in Latin America might be better understood and applied to the universal church.

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Shadonna Richards

He vowed to never fall in love again... Sexy, tall, dark and handsome Dr. Alonso Romero was scarred in childhood from losing those close to him, including his first girlfriend, to whom he’d proposed marriage. When she died, he took that as a sign he should never marry. Losing a loved one hurt too much. His remedy? Never get close to another woman—and never wed. To his tycoon grandfather, Toni Romero, Alonso is the only disappointment in the family who has not tied the knot and settled down like his other once-professed bachelor brothers. But that’s just fine with Alonso, until… Beautiful and feisty street nurse, Britney Andropolous, walks into Alonso’s office late one night and straight into his heart. She’s on the run from a dangerous past. He wants to help her but the trouble is, he’s falling for her. Will he keep his distance and his declaration to never get close? Or will Britney’s dainty curves and warm heart melt Alonso’s defenses?

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Rev. Robert S. Pelton

Archbishop Romero and Spiritual Leadership in the Modern World presents a contemporary and integrated understanding of one of the most remarkable pastoral leaders of our time. This bishop, Oscar Romero of El Salvador, experienced deeply the overwhelming sufferings of the Salvadoran people, as well as those within himself. He cried out in vain to Presidents Carter and Reagan, “no more arms to El Salvador,” but his pleas were not heard at that time. Knowing that he would soon be murdered, Romero promised that he would rise again in the Salvadoran people. This book illustrates how this is happening and conclusively demonstrates that by respecting transparency and with dogged perseverance, a nonviolent public leader can become an influential leader, even in times of the most savage repression and marginalization. Archbishop Romero accomplished precisely that through determination, courage, and honing his public skills, while simultaneously conducting himself in deeply spiritual ways.

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Jorge Icaza

En este volumen presentamos la primera edicin crtica de Las memorias de mam Blanca, novela escrita por la venezolana Teresa de la Parra. La obra es coordinada por Velia Bosch, quin tambin escribe una historia de la autora en su momento histrico-poltico. Nlida Norris analiza la novela desde un punto de vista lingstico y formal, Jos Carlos Gonzlez Boix escribe sobre feminismo e ideologa conservadora y Nelson Osorio realiza una lectura crtica de la obra. Complementan este libro los ensayos de Sylvia Molloy, Doris Summer, Elizabeth Garrels y la bibliografa comentada de Gladys Garca Riera.

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Shadonna Richards

A romance, hotter than the island sun… Coming from one of the world’s wealthiest and most influential families, the Romeros, Christian Romero knows better than to turn down an invitation to a mega family reunion in Jamaica for his cousin’s wedding. The family is gathering at the exclusive Duponte Hotel & Resort in Montego Bay for the highly anticipated nuptials of former playboy billionaire Zack Romero and ex-reporter Blue Monroe. Christian’s ex-girlfriend, Arianna Duponte, who walked out on him over a month ago just when things were getting hot, happens to be the general manager of the five-star palace resort where the family is gathering. No woman has ever turned him down before. Yet, sweet Arianna wasn’t just any woman. She’d given him her virginity and he’d given her his heart. So what went wrong? Will this be a bitter reunion or a better opportunity to find out if there are truly second chances? Arianna Duponte has always had a special place in her heart for sexy, hot Christian Romero, her first true love, but getting close to him would be too risky given her past and a scandalous family secret. She refuses to break his heart again. She tries to keep her distance while preparing for the big Romero wedding but it’s not as easy as it looks. As the wedding bells echo in the sultry island air, will they rekindle the union they once had? Books by Shadonna Richards THE ROMERO BROTHERS The Billionaire’s Second-Chance Bride, #1 (Antonio III & Lucy) A Bride for the Billionaire Bad Boy, #2 (Lucas & Maxine) The Playboy Billionaire, #3 (Zack & Blue) The Billionaire’s Island Romance, #3.5 (Christian & Arianna) The Billionaire’s Proposition, #4 (Carl & Venus) The Billionaire’s Baby, #5 (Jules & Amber) The Billionaire’s Assistant, #6 (Dion & Jenna-Lynn) Snowbound with the Billionaire, #7 (Troy & Pamela) The Billionaire’s Marriage Proposal, #8 (Alonso & Britney)

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Shadonna Richards

She needs security… When Maxine Summers took over Dream Weddings, Inc., her friend’s former business, she had no idea what a nightmare she would have. It is believed a past disgruntled client is making attempts on her life and she can no longer return to her apartment. Feeling alone, Maxine has nowhere to turn—until the sexy, notorious bachelor, Lucas Romero, offers her a proposition. Her heart says yes, but her mind is saying “no way!” He needs stability… Scandal-ridden billionaire, Lucas Romero, knows his reputation with women could cost him everything he’s worked for. He previously met Maxine when she helped plan his grandfather’s remarriage, a fifth one at that, so when Lucas discovers she needs protection, he is all too willing to help. Except, falling in love was never a part of the arrangement. Will Maxine be the one to tame his bad boy ways?

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Shadonna Richards

***A special limited time offer! Read all eight books in The Romero Brothers bestselling series in one collection: The Billionaire’s Second-Chance Bride, A Bride for the Billionaire Bad Boy, The Playboy Billionaire, The Billionaire’s Proposition, The Billionaire’s Baby, The Billionaire’s Assistant, Snowbound with the Billionaire, and The Billionaire’s Marriage Proposal. ​

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Shadonna Richards

Blue Monroe needs to get her life together. The once-promising TV reporter was wrongfully fired by Channel 31 News, thanks to her jealous ex, and newly hired by the wealthy Romero family. She desperately needs this job! All she’s got to do is keep out of sexy, hot playboy Zack’s way and everything will be fine. Blue's got other things to worry about like putting food on the table, taking care of her younger sister and keeping her dark family secret secure. Sexy philanthropist and playboy billionaire Zack Romero’s seductive past may soon catch up with him. Skilled in his taste for fine wine as well as fine women, he does a smooth job of running the Romero family’s prestigious award-winning winery and vineyard. But his world is soon rocked when a scandalous sex-tape with an ex-girlfriend threatens to surface. Zack's grandfather and the Romero patriarch, Toni’s ultimatum…control his love life! No sex for at least thirty days! But when Zack is forced to hire Blue Monroe to work closely with him to produce a documentary for the vineyard, will it be sour grapes or a sweet pairing from heaven?

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Shadonna Richards

When it rains, it pours. Swoon-worthy billionaire bad boy Dion Romero knows this all too well. It’s bad enough to get thrown into a crisis that threatens the survival of Rom International, one of his lucrative business interests, but now a frivolous lawsuit by an ex-girlfriend who worked with him has surfaced. He needs to focus on getting his business in order and keep as far away as possible from women. The trouble is, he’s falling hard for his wonderful new assistant, Jenna. She’s a sweet and innocent, yet deadly distraction to his heart. But he’s finding she’s too irresistible to avoid. Jenna-Lynn Macchiasso knows what it means to have a crushed heart and suffer betrayal from those close to her so she no longer has men on her agenda. But her new oh, so sexy boss Dion Romero is giving her a run for her money. The secrets of her past make her life too complicated for her to get close to another man. What should she do? Forfeit her mission to her work, or forfeit her heart’s desire?

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Shadonna Richards

Baby, it’s cold outside… Pamela Alvarado, the Romero family’s loyal press secretary, finally plucks up the courage to tell her deliciously gorgeous eligible boss, Troy Romero, how she truly feels about him. But when she goes to share her feelings with him one evening, she bumbles into a humiliating and heartbreaking situation when she learns that he’s…getting married! But it’s warm in here… Sexy billionaire philanthropist, Troy Romero, is reluctantly entering into a loveless marriage to spoiled heiress, Cilla de Montagio, so she can keep her fortune. Yet it is his faithful, yet feisty, press secretary, Pamela, who really has his heart. So, stranded in a blizzard during a power outage with Pamela over the holiday season can only spell trouble. The blizzard brings the chill, but it looks as if Pamela will melt Troy’s defenses. Now he’s got one heck of a storm brewing inside him, too. Does he fulfill his obligation to the heiress who once saved his life, or does he follow his heart to the woman of his desire?

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Shadonna Richards

USA Today bestselling author Shadonna Richards introduces you to the Romero brothers! They're hot, sexy, powerful and eligible! The Billionaire’s Second-Chance Bride (The Romero Brothers, Book 1) Betrayed by Mr. Wrong. Could she ever trust Mr. Right? After losing her fiancé, Jeff, in a tragic accident (with his mistress!), Lucy Shillerton throws herself into running the company her eccentric aunt has left her: Dream Weddings Inc. Her current project is to present an outrageous wedding for her latest client, a wealthy, older tycoon who wants to marry his young nurse. In comes sexy, rich, dripping-with-charm and sworn bachelor, Antonio Romero III, the grandson of said tycoon, who has a good reason to shut down Lucy’s “scam wedding” business. However, when he meets with sweet, wounded Lucy, shutting her down is the last thing on his mind.

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Karl Vincent

Moustafa Rajai is an ex-pat Iranian living in Arizona, an engineer working at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station (PVNGS) - the largest NGS in the United States; and he has a problem. He loves the United States, but his dear wife desperately needs something which he can only obtain from MOIS (the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security). Moustafa intends to offer them a quid pro quo, some ‘harmless’ titbits of information concerning the nuclear power station if the Iranian government will grant his wife's sister and her children an exit visa from Iran. But the ‘harmless’ goes out of the deal when MOIS requires certain structural information concerning the retaining walls of Palo Verde....

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Shadonna Richards

Sworn bachelor and sexy charismatic billionaire, Carl Romero, needs to find himself a wife and child before he announces his run for mayor-but only for a one-year commitment. He's determined to win in the next election but being a young, single man is his only obstacle to gaining the voters' confidence. In politics, image is everything. He has his eyes set on his delightful executive assistant, a single mom, Venus Jackson. His troubles compound when he realizes winning votes isn't all he wants, so is winning Venus's heart. Struggling single parent, Venus Jackson, has a dark secret in her past and too much emotional baggage. She simply can't handle any more drama in her life, but when her irresistible boss, Carl, offers her a proposition to play his doting wife for one year as he embarks on a political career, her mind is telling her to run the other way, yet her heart is pulling her in his charming direction. THE ROMERO BROTHERS The Billionaire’s Second-Chance Bride, #1 (Antonio III & Lucy) A Bride for the Billionaire Bad Boy, #2 (Lucas & Maxine) The Playboy Billionaire, #3 (Zack & Blue) The Billionaire’s Island Romance, #3.5 (Christian & Arianna) The Billionaire’s Proposition, #4 (Carl & Venus) The Billionaire’s Baby, #5 (Jules & Amber) The Billionaire’s Assistant, #6 (Dion & Jenna-Lynn) Snowbound with the Billionaire, #7 (Troy & Pamela) The Billionaire’s Marriage Proposal, #8 (Dr. Alonso & Britney)

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Tony Williams

Tony Williams traces the roots of literary naturalism from Emile Zola through Steven King and on to George A. Romero, the subject of this study. Romero's work is synonymous with horror but the potency of it goes beyond the normal 'splatter movie' model. This volume offers an in-depth study of Romero and his oeuvre.

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Shadonna Richards

Pregnant and alone, Amber Johnson-Murray, aka “Miss Always-Careful,” never in her life thought she’d end up single while expecting a child. After leaving an emotionally abusive relationship, she has sworn off men until further notice. That is, until she bumps into an old friend, hot and delicious property developer, Jules Romero. The baby growing inside her is a precious miracle. But how can she control the feelings growing inside her for too-hot-to-handle Jules? High-flying billionaire Jules Romero is determined to bury himself in his work acquiring properties after suffering injuries from a near-fatal accident, but meeting up with sweet Amber has thrown a kink in his plans. Though Amber is determined to keep the identity of her baby’s real father a secret, he wants nothing more than to take care of Amber and her child.