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Marie Redonnet

Mellie, a young foundling, leaves the forest she was raised in by an aged hermit named Rose, and is picked up by a truck driver, after which she establishes a life for herself in a decaying coastal town

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Tohru Fujisawa

High school student Shohei Aiba is intrigued by his classmate, Kasumi Asakura, who is actually an undercover special agent code-named Rose Hip. When he tries to find out more about her, he gets caught up in her hunt for a deranged killer.

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Pat Brady

A collection of cartoons from the "Rose is Rose" strip humorously portrays the daily life of a close and loving family

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Tôru Fujisawa

Kidô et Asakura affrontent Kai, un membre d'ALICE que Kasumi est décidée à sauver malgré lui. Le combat est d'autant plus rude que Kai s'injecte une drogue qui le rend insensible à la douleur. Mais Kasumi parvient à l'appréhender après avoir vu la couleur de ses yeux virer au bleu. Peu de temps après la reddition de Kai et Hayato, Zero, le mystérieux chef d'ALICE fait son apparition et révèle qu'il reçoit ses ordres de mystérieux commanditaires.

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Li-Young Lee

Table of Contents I.EpistleThe GiftPersimmonsThe Weight Of SweetnessFrom BlossomsDreaming Of HairEarly In The MorningWaterFalling: The CodeNocturneMy IndigoIrisesEating AloneII.Always A RoseIII.Eating TogetherI Ask My Mother To SingAsh, Snow, Or MoonlightThe LifeThe WeepersBraidingRain DiaryMy Sleeping Loved OnesMnemonicBetween SeasonsVisions And Interpretations

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Martin Sherman

I'm eighty years old. I find that unforgivable and suddenly it's a millennium and I stink of the past century, but what can I do? Rose is a survivor. Her remarkable life began in a tiny Russian village, took her to Warsaw's ghettos and a ship called The Exodus, and finally to the boardwalks of Atlantic City, the Arizona canyons and salsa-flavoured nights in Miami beach. The play is both a sharply drawn portrait of a feisty Jewish woman and a moving reminder of some of the events that shaped the century.Rose, written by the celebrated author of Bent, premiered in May 1999 at the Royal National Theatre London.

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V.C. Andrews

When she danced, she could dream... Beautiful and talented, Rose was the apple of her father's eye. But when he is tragically taken from her, his carefully hidden secrets destroy the only life Rose has ever known -- and lead her into a world of luxury unlike any she has imagined. Rose is whisked off to a prestigious private school, while her mother falls into a hateful whirlwind of wealth and greed. But a most unlikely person will show Rose the true meaning of family -- and give her the courage to follow her dream....

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Ingrid Fredriksson,Marja In Myrom

This is a marvelous, true story about cows from 1940s to present time. It holds everything you and your children would want to know about a cows life from a cows point of view. The story teller is Little Miss or Ingrid Fredriksson. You can also read Roses Christmas story about the Swedish Tomten, a brownie... Lovely paintings of Marja i Myrom .

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Martin Cruz Smith

He opened his eyes as she stepped into the bath. She had lit a lamp but turned the wick low. She was black with silvery glints of mica, and her hair was twisted up and pinned. She washed with a sponge and cloth, watching in a full-length mirror not in admiration but because fine coal dust had insinuated itself completely into the pores of her skin. As she washed she progressed from ebony to blue, and from blue to olive, like a watercolour turning to a lighter colour... Rose said, 'What's your name? You know mine, I don't know yours.' 'Blair.' 'You're a bastard, Mr Blair.' Roseis a searing love story, a gripping adventure and a haunting mystery. It is the story of Jonathan Blair, an American adventurer cast adrift in Victorian England who must travel north to solve the mysterious disappearance of a young cleric... and confront his own heart of darkness...

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Virginia C. Andrews

After Rose Wallace's father dies, leaving her and her mother penniless, the victims of a shocking betrayal, she and her mother become live-in companions to a wealthy woman and her reclusive nephew, but as she is drawn into a world of luxury and privilege, Rose stumbles upon a hidden evil that could destroy everything. Original.

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Charles Higham

Featuring many anecdotes from the fascinating and colorful life of the Kennedy Clan matriarch, Rose includes new material about the Kennedy family's theories of the JFK assassination, much detail about Rose's stormy relationships with her children and grandchildren, the truth about Joe Kennedy's "affair" with Gloria Swanson, and more. 16 pages of photos.

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Diane Schwemm

Meet the Walker sisters, Rose, Daisy, Laurel, and Lily—each girl different in personality, temperament, and talents. This first story focuses on oldest sister Rose and follows her tragedies and triumphs, even her first love, in the year following her sixteenth birthday.

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Vanessa Vale

Montana Territory, 1885 - Chance knows exactly what Rose needs…and he’s going to give it to her. Rose Lenox has always been more comfortable on the back of a horse than wearing ribbons and bows. For years, she’s been content working on the family ranch, but lately she’s finding herself wanting more. She’s determined to strike out on her own and find freedom from her unorthodox family. Chance Goodman has watched Rose grow up from a spitfire little girl into a fiery woman. He’s wanted her for years, waiting patiently until he could make her his. When she leaves the Lenox ranch determined to abandon her former life and to stay good-bye to him, he knows now is the time he must claim her. Letting her go isn’t an option. Warning: Panty melting! Rose is the first book in the Wildflower Bride series. It's is a wildly dirty romance with a feisty heroine and obsessed alpha cowboy determined to make her his.

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Rosina Harrison

Rose was a lady's maid serving Lady Astor, first female member of Parliament, hostess to the aristocracy, and wife of one of England's wealthiest lords, for 35 years. This is her story.

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Sydney Landon

My name is Rose Madden and I have spent my life being the perfect daughter. Thanks to my daddy, I'm an expert marksman who dresses like some modern day freaking June Cleaver. My life has been perfectly scripted since the day I was born. I've never deviated from the plan-until I met attorney Max Decker. Now he has me doing insane things to get his attention, like grabbing him in his car and being arrested for stalking my ex-boyfriend just so he'll come bail me out of jail. He thinks I'm crazy-but he wants me anyway. Will he still feel the same when fate steps in, revealing my secret shame to him?