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J. R. Rain

Follows the story of Samantha Moon, a vampire private investigator, as she helps those in trouble and tracks down murderers and thieves.

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J.R. Rain

"Vampire Dreams" - In J.R. Rain's exclusive ebook short story, Samantha Moon sets out to find the answer to a mysterious, haunting dream...a dream in which she sees a young woman die, over and over again. What she discovers, what she finds out about herself, will challenge everything she believes...and shed light on what she's becoming. "Rearview Mirror" - A man. A freeway off-ramp. And, in Harvey's rearview mirror, one rapidly-approaching truck. A truck that Harvey is certain will hit him. And hard. Harvey has but a split second to make a decision to save his life. A split second to trust his gut. Now Harvey is about to make the choice of his life. "Death Came Knocking On My Window" - A college student on a late-night studying binge is about to come face to face with his worst nightmare. Plus two bonus stories.

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J.R. Rain

The first eight short stories from the #1 bestselling "Vampire for Hire" series by J.R. Rain, including, "Teeth: Fang's Story," "Vampire Nights," "Vampire Dreams," "Halloween Moon," "Vampire Gold," "Blue Moon," "Dark Side of the Moon," and "Samantha Moon's Blog." Also included are three bonus scenes/outtakes from AMERICAN VAMPIRE and VAMPIRE DAWN.

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J.R. Rain

"Blue Moon" - In bestselling author J.R. Rain's exclusive ebook short story, Samantha Moon is about to meet some very unexpected in a local Starbucks...someone who looks hauntingly familiar. Also included: "Vampire vs. Bigfoot" - The ultimate hunter just met his match.... "The Bull" - Spider-Man, Superman and Batman have nothing on The Bull...a new kind of superhero.... "The Prophetic Heart" - Adam has a problem: for the past few weeks his heart has been beating louder and louder...and he's about find out why. Plus, bonus material, including an alternate ending to Vampire Dawn....

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J.R. Rain

Samantha Moon Rising follows your favorite suburban-mother vampire to where she's never gone before as she tackles her most frightening case yet. Someone is leaving victims drained of blood, and all signs point to the killer not being a vampire. Meanwhile, Samantha can't help but notice the changes coming over her son?fantastical changes that will leave her searching desperately for answers. As she tracks down a ruthless killer, and as her own humanity slips further and further away, an ancient relic holds a secret that will rock her world ? and open up a whole new one. Next, Samantha Moon is hired to look into the suspicious death of a popular fighter and quickly discovers there is far more to the story than meets the eye. Now, as she uncovers clues into the boxer's past, she will come face-to-face with something unexpected ? and something only whispered about. And as the case takes an unexpected turn, Samantha must confront the growing supernatural powers of those closest to her?and a betrayal that will rock her world. Finally, Samantha is summoned to a remote island in the Pacific Northwest, where she must hunt down a clever killer, one who's killing spree spans generations. Through it all, Samantha Moon struggles with the thing she has become, the thing that threatens to steal her humanity and all that she loves.

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J.R. Rain

"Vampire Nights" - In J.R. Rain's exclusive ebook short story, Samantha Moon meets someone unexpected on a late night trip to Denny's, someone who seems to know all her secrets and has all the answers. "Book Burning" - Two brothers find themselves on a late-night mission to burn a legendary book of supposed dark powers. "The Silo" - The land is dying and crops are failing. The city of Wheatopia is in the middle of the worst drought in recent memory; that is, until a city-slicker and his too-thin wife arrive in town one day with designs to rebuild the town's grain silo into something majestic.

download ebook vampire rain and other stories (includes samantha moon's blog) pdf epub

J.R. Rain

Five stories from #1 bestselling author J.R. Rain, including: "Zombie App" - Tommy and Billy are just a couple of average high school punks who are about to download a very unaverage app that just might raise the dead.... "Vampire Rain" - Some vampires don't die. Some vampires can't be killed. At least, not by mortals. Now, one ancient vampire takes it upon himself to rid the world of a deadly plague: himself.... "They Came From the Sea" - Clyde Goodbook makes a fantastic discovery in his backyard...a discovery that changes his life forever.... "Merlin's Tomb" - Two children are about to come face-to-face with one very famous wizard...and one future dictator.... "Guest Blog: Samantha Moon" - A vampire and mom writes her first blog...and reveals all.... Plus, a bonus short story that features one very famous-and deadly-masquerade ball.