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Dannika Dark

SERIES COMPLETE! BINGEABLE SHIFTER FUN. Paranormal Romance: Book 1. USA Today Bestselling series It's been seven years since Lexi Knight lost her brother in a tragic accident. On the anniversary of his death, her brother's best friend shows up unexpectedly - a man she hasn't seen since the funeral. He is no longer the boy Lexi once knew, but a dangerous-looking man with tattoos and dark secrets. He broke her trust and abandoned her family, yet what he reveals makes it impossible to stay angry. Lexi has been secretly infatuated with Austin since childhood, so finding out he's a Shifter just makes him sexier. Dammit. Austin Cole has returned to the city where he grew up, and just in time. He's lived a hard life these past seven years, and the shadows of his past are threatening to destroy Lexi's family. It's time that she learned the truth about her brother, but there is a shocking twist that Austin never saw coming. Now he must protect her family when her mother and sister wind up in mortal danger. Will Lexi learn to accept the truth about who he is, and can Austin salvage a relationship from the ruins of their past? If this retailer did not provide you with a free sample/preview, please visit another online ebook retailer to preview before purchase. You can find a list on 17+ Full-length novel Cliffhanger-free HEA MAGERI SERIES READING ORDER: Book 1 - Sterling (Mageri Series: Book 1) USA TODAY BESTSELLER Book 2 - Twist (Mageri Series: Book 2) Book 3 - Impulse (Mageri Series: Book 3) Book 4 - Gravity (Mageri Series: Book 4) Book 5 - Shine (Mageri Series: Book 5) Final Installment! Book 6 - The Gift (Bonus Novella: Coming 12/6/16) MAGERI WORLD NOVEL Risk SEVEN SERIES READING ORDER: Book 1 - Seven Years (Seven Series #1) Book 2 - Six Months (Seven Series #2) Book 3 - Five Weeks (Seven Series #3) Book 4 - Four Days (Seven Series #4) Book 5 - Three Hours (Seven Series #5) Book 6 - Two Minutes (Seven Series #6) USA TODAY BESTSELLER Book 7 - One Second (Seven Series #7) Book 8 - Winter Moon (Bonus Novella: Coming 11/29/16) SEVEN WORLD Charming OTHER BOOKS: Closer: A Novella Keywords: shapeshifter, forbidden, interracial, happily ever after, alpha male, hero, paranormal romance, romantic comedy, urban fantasy, wolf, wolves, werewolf, shifter, pack, supernatural, alpha, biker, rocker, rock star, native american, love story, steamy, prisoner, exotic dancer, sweethearts, best friends, hea, no cliffhanger, series, family, brothers, romance, heroine, action, adventure, vampire, mage, fantasy, novel, series, mageri, sexy, brilliant, southern, texas, bestseller, lad, bloke, naughty, mage, vampire, realistic love story, tattoos, tatted, hot cars, fairy tale, thriller, new adult, interracial, coming of age, suspense, comedy, humor, bad boy, motorcycle, rock star, tattoos, protagonist, heroine, family, dangerous, action, unrequited, love hate relationships, prince, billionaire, bbw, magic, handsome, hero, pack, demons, angels, panther, jaguar, mortal enemies

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Curtis Stone

The host of FOX’s My Kitchen Rules whips up an entire week’s worth of easy, tasty dinners in this exclusive ebook. A happy family starts with a home-cooked meal. But the demands of every day life—soccer games, dance recitals, late nights at the office—can present major challenges to getting dinner on the table each night. Curtis Stone’s Seven Days, Seven Dinners provides a week’s worth of delicious, doable dinner recipes. Inspired by his cookbook What’s for Dinner?, each dish is designed to feed a busy life with quick, easy, and affordable meals. • Motivating Monday: A healthy meal that starts the week off right • Time-Saving Tuesday: Dinner on the table in 35 minutes • One-Pot Wednesday: A flavorful dish made in just one skillet, leaving you with less cleanup • Thrifty Thursday: Feeding your family on a budget gives you more for less • Five-Ingredient Friday: A simple recipe that’s fun and helps kick off the weekend • Dinner Party Saturday: An extraordinary dinner to bring out your inner chef • Family Supper Sunday: A comforting family favorite made with lots of love Seven Days, Seven Dinners is sure to bring confidence to your kitchen and happiness to your table every night of the week.

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Peter Lerangis

PERCY JACKSON meets ERAGON in the new epic saga from bestseller Peter Lerangis - get the inside track with this exciting free e-journal! “A high-octane mix of modern adventure and ancient secrets... I can’t wait to see what’s next” Rick Riordan

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Robert Cougar Penhaligon

Follow one man's journey into the DEEP, coursing through dreamscapes, accidental deaths, emotional trauma, meditation, stroke and much more. Is he a Ulysses in modern times? He is not a king nor commands a kingdom. He does not bathe in riches. He is virtually unknown. He is every man and woman who strives for excellence and struggles for meaning and truth in this world. Is there an inner Gilgamesh in all of us, heroically seeking? Our 21st Century "hero" plays with Gods in Heaven and wrestles with Minions of Hell. Conversing with Angels and Mythic figures, he is challenged with a great puzzle which may impact all Mankind. Now he must face the mysteries of his own Heart. Can Wisdom be taught or only experienced? This engagingly enhanced screenplay is not based on a true story. It IS a true story! Great effort went into keeping it as true as possible without losing its dynamic movement forward. "Enhanced" means the mental meat of a book has been added to the skeleton of the industrially standard screenplay. "Engagingly" means one has the internet option of enjoying specific songs directly relating to the appropriate passages while reading. This is as close as one can get to a movie without being a movie, and simultaneously lending more emotional depth. We are courageously breaking new ground with these two engaging enhancements. This screenplay is a 21st Century Heroic Journey with 9000+ year old Mythic roots. It is a glimpse at Mankind's Awakening Consciousness, Healing Self and Others from Centuries of Pain and Torment. The Tragedies of Worldly Life, the Bliss and Horror of Near Death Experiences and the chilling Other-Worldly Visitations are clarified into One final intense Dream Vision. The dichotomies of Heaven and Hell are resolved back into Oneness; tapping into right brain Universal Consciousness. The Religious, the Spiritual, the Agnostic and the Atheist merge into Oneness because an Ancient Forgotten Symbol compels it to be... Astonishingly, Gilgamesh, the first known Heroic Journey for all of us from 2600 BCE is now unintentionally resolved. His grief, his Immortality stolen and his defying and cursing of the Goddess has shifted into new 21st Century Awareness. All this sounds like a pretty tall order to fill. It was very serendipitous, synchronistic and yes, orchestrated by the DEEP all along! Unless one is a naturally born mystic, this story is too incredible to be true. Let the gentle readers believe what they will and reject what they deem impossible. None-the-less, the story stands on its own merit. To quote the Holy Sufi Rumi, "It is what IT IS." Sit back and imagine the movie the way the author envisions it to be. For those who enjoy and perhaps even love this book, let us hope we get to see the movie one day!

download ebook seven wonders journals 1: the select (seven wonders, book 1) pdf epub

Peter Lerangis

PERCY JACKSON meets ERAGON in the new epic saga from bestseller Peter Lerangis - get the inside track with this exciting free e-journal! “A high-octane mix of modern adventure and ancient secrets... I can’t wait to see what’s next” Rick Riordan

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Drew Bacigalupa

Collected for the first time, these prize-winning Christmas tales--carols--of Drew Bacigalupa range in time and place from mid-20th century to the new millennium. These brief but luminous stories share the joy--and sometimes apprehension--as winter solstice heralds the approach of Christmas.

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David Perry

This study of the Book of Revelation is intended not only to challenge some popular interpretations, but also to challenge the church with the in-depth treatment given to the Letters to the Churches. Christians and non-Christians will want to read this book as the Bible is full of predictions which have never failed to come to pass, and what the apostle John saw in the Revelation covers the past, the present and the future.

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Paul Butcher

Offers information on how to exploit the parallel architectures in a computer's GPU to improve code performance, scalability, and resilience.

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P. A. Ritzer

The Stuart-Schurtz party risks everything to seek a mysterious canyon on the Texas frontier of 1877. The age-old quest for home lies behind this radical disruption of their lives. A unique communion develops among them, as they face the challenges of the trail and search for what might not exist. Still, their gravest trials are served up by an agent of evil who commits his powers, physical and spiritual, to their destruction.

download ebook seven carols, seven gifts pdf epub

Drew Bacigalupa

Collected for the first time, these prize-winning Christmas tales—carols—of Drew Bacigalupa range in time and place from mid-20th century to the new millennium, from remote mountain villages in New Mexico to the sophisticated neighborhoods of Rome, from children in country fields or on city streets to young soldiers at combat areas, to parents and grandparents at home or abroad. Whether in the United States, Mexico, England, France or Italy, the diverse peoples of these brief but luminous stories share the joy—and sometimes apprehension—we’ve all known as winter solstice heralds the approach of Christmas. Uniting all is the theme of renewal, the promise of longer days and return of the sun, and our uniquely individual gifts which brighten The Child in each of us. The illustrations are from original works by Bacigalupa—his paintings, drawings, ceramics and sculptures, testament to the artist/writer’s work in many media, his conviction that all the arts are essentially communication. Heavily influenced by Renaissance Man following graduate studies at “L’Accademia di Belli Arti” in Florence, he frequently refers to the journals and poems of sculptor/painter Michelangelo and the notebooks and dissertations of painter/sculptor/inventor Leonardo as examples of men who employed whatever medium was best suited to communicate differing concepts demanding expression. Though a resident of Santa Fe since 1954 and one who loves the American Southwest, DREW BACIGALUPA is an inveterate traveler whose works have doggedly resisted regionalism. His published books include the World War II novel And Come to Dust, set in Belgium and Germany; “Since My Last Confession,” a spiritual journey and love story which follows the protagonist throughout the U.S. and across Europe; “Journal of an Itinerant Artist,” essays which roam the globe and embrace peoples of ethnic diversity. His stories, features and articles have appeared in numerous national newspapers and periodicals in this country and—in translation—in Italy. He first gained encouragement as a writer at the age of ten by winning a prize with an adventure story submitted to a writing contest in his hometown’s newspaper “The Baltimore Sun.”

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Caro King

Nin had never liked Wednesdays, but this one took the biscuit. On this Wednesday she woke up to find that it was raining buckets and that her brother had ceased to exist. Nin realizes she is the only person to remember Toby because whoever took him is about to make her disappear too. Enter Skerridge the Bogeyman, who steals kids for Mr. Strood. With his spindle, he draws all memories of Nin out of her mother’s head. She escapes to the Drift, a land filled with the fabulous and the dreadful. What is the sorcerers’ secret and will Nin and Toby escape their fate at the House of Strood?

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Yasuhiro Imagawa

Follows teenaged Nana Suzuki, coping with six editions of herself created by a crystal, each emphasizing a different aspect of herself, and all trying to go to school to be with Yuichi.