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She stole his heart and broke he stole the one thing she loved most in the world. Can a stolen love ever be forgiven? Can an old love ever be forgotten? In a world of special powers and a city that never sleeps Ricky and Hanna search for the answers.

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Cindy A. Christiansen

Story-line: Ambitious former rodeo queen Harlee Jo Holiday must fix Oak Whitlock's troubled heart if she's ever going to get him to help rescue her stolen horses. The only trouble is even Oak's dog and horse can't stand to be around him.Brooding Oak Whitlock can't get his life on track. That is, until Harlee Jo comes riding up with her hopes and dreams. Between her and her stolen horses, will Oak learn you have to climb right back in the saddle?                 This is a western sweet romantic suspense (short read), both light-hearted and full of suspense. A classic pg-rated romance suitable for young adults and up.

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Lucia Jordan

Here is the first book of the ‘Stolen Kiss’ Series, a seriously hot and provocative romance by Lucia Jordan, written in her signature style of high passion with searing depictions of sex and emotion. Shelley Longfield has secretly lusted after her boss, the sexy billionaire Hunter Bankston, for years. As his personal assistant, she’s seen the type of girls he usually dates: willowy, high class, well dressed blonde women and feels her curvy body and inexpensive wardrobe just simply isn’t up to snuff. She runs his office with a ferocity that keeps her colleagues on their toes - a quality that leads Hunter to see potential for something more in his assistant. One evening, Hunter demands Shelley drop off some files to him that he requires, but to her surprise she discovers there is much more going on than simply work: a workshop is being offered on BDSM. Shelley is shocked, though obviously aroused by the sight. But when Hunter offers to give her a lesson in BDSM, what will Shelley do? Will she seize the opportunity to realize all of the fantasies she’s built in her mind? And what will happen after their after hours run in? This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

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Ph.D. Judith Reisman

"Dr. Reisman's research has opened my eyes to the root cause of many of the societal ills we deal with today..." Mathew D. Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel "Dr. Reisman has produced a scholarly and devastating study..." Dr. Laura Schlessinger "The Sexual Revolution was based on a lie. Judith Reisman has spent thirty years uncovering the truth." The National Review "In the course of producing my documentary - Kinsey's Paedophiles - it became clear that every substantive allegation Reisman made was not only true, but also thoroughly sourced...despite the Kinsey Institute's reluctance to open its files." Tim Tate, UNESCO and Amnesty International Award-winning Producer-Director of "Kinsey's Paedophiles," Yorkshire Television, UK In 1948, traumatized World War II American veterans struggled to resume a normal life. Our Greatest Generation was unaware that the evil they defeated overseas had invaded their homeland with sexual libels defiling the Judeo-Christian foundation for which so many had fought and died. Stunned by their children's 1960s Sexual Revolution, our WWII warriors were helpless as Alfred Kinsey's pornographic, homosexist lies, which were backed by Indiana University, the Rockefeller Foundation and mass media, became "revealed truth" to all from PhD to Kindergarten. Kinsey's influence has Stolen Honor from our WWII veterans. In 1977, following the indifference of trusted adults toward her young daughter's rape, Dr. Reisman discovered Kinsey's barbaric sex abuses of up to 2,034 children and infants-some as young as two months of age-by his "team" in Indiana University's protected soundproof laboratories. Kinsey's influence has Stolen Innocence from our children. Dr. Reisman proved how Kinsey's frauds gutted our child and family protective laws, as well as justified Planned Parenthood's school sex education, Hugh Hefner's pornography plague and the "gay rights" movement. "The Kinsey Institute" still gets millions of your tax dollars. Dr. Reisman demands an immediate congressional investigation for Kinsey's victims and university complicity in mass child sex abuse atrocities-employing at least one German, Nazi pedophile. According to Human Events, Kinsey's reports are "the most harmful" American "books of the 19th and 20th Centuries." Read! Then act on this knowledge for our very survival as a nation.

download ebook stolen (a stolen love series book 1) pdf epub


A ransom is set, but is the price too high?She stole his heart and broke he stole the one thing she loved most in the world. Can a stolen love ever be forgiven? Can an old love ever be forgotten? In a world of special powers and a city that never sleeps Ricky and Hanna search for the answers.Ricky 'Lucky' Luckett is a smooth talking ex-superhero who is in need of a lot of cash in a short amount of time. He has a plan to come up with the money; however, in doing, so he will have to face a past he has gone to drastic measures to try and erase. Will Ricky have the strength to face his first love, or will she continue to be his one weakness?Hanna is forced to deal with an ultimatum from her one-time lover. If he still loves her, she can rest assured that her nightmare will soon come to an end. However, if he is secretly looking for revenge, her entire world will come crumbling down.Nicolas 'Chancellor' Lancaster is the leader of the Knight Watch and the former best friend of Ricky. The two men, who were once so close, are now enemies on account of falling in love with the same woman. Hanna, the woman in question, now belongs to Nickolas. He had long ago won the battle, yet a war was approaching--along with the fear he is now on the losing side.

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Cee Smith

We all have secrets.Dominic promised me a life in the light when he said “I do.” After spending months as his prisoner, chained to his bed, and beholden to his every desire, he promised me a lifetime spent making it up to me, proving how sorry he was.Secrets have the power to tear us apart.As things from our past continued to be revealed, Dominic was harboring secrets of his own—descending further into the darkness. Except, this time I wasn’t welcomed into the shadows with him.The man who slept in my bed and looked like my husband had become nothing more than an apparition of the man I fell for, and I feared the day I would wake to find even the ghost of him missing. Dominic had already captured me, body and heart. Could I afford to lose my soul, too? I had a choice to make—I could stay and risk losing myself in him completely, or go and save myself the heartache of his inevitable fall. What choice would you make?

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Rev. Lydell Lettsome MD.

Americans have been led to believe that uncontrolled costs and waste are destroying their healthcare system. This is not true. Costs and waste are merely smokescreens. Greed and profit margins drive the American healthcare system. Together they have been used to block Americans from having a more accessible, equitable, and higher performing system of health care delivery. Indeed, many other countries are able to provide decent, affordable care without going bankrupt. Meanwhile the United States provides expensive care to a limited population at tremendous cost to the government. Stolen Money, Stolen Health shows the pitfalls of the current U.S. healthcare practices and presents the key issues of the healthcare debate in clear, straightforward language. It answers the following questions: • What are the most readily fixable problems in American health care? • What cost-containing reforms actually promote the health and wellness of Americans? • What is universal health care—really—and why is it such a hot button topic? What are the myths and realities of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act? • What can the average citizen do to help achieve meaningful reform that improves our health outcomes? • What does “cost” really mean to you? Ultimately, Stolen Money, Stolen Health explains why health care reform should be viewed as a moral issue, not an economic one, while dispelling the myths that treating everyone will lead America to economic ruin.

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Kimberly Rae

This book is an Amazon Bestseller. New edition with 4 additional chapters!Human Trafficking...Asha knew nothing about it before meeting 16-year-old Rani, stolen from her home and forced into prostitution in Kolkata, India. Asha must help this girl escape, but Mark, a third-generation missionary, keeps warning her away from the red-light district and its workers. Will she ever discover why? And will they ever stop their intense arguments long enough to admit their even more intense feelings for one another? When Asha sneaks out one last time in a desperate attempt to rescue her friend, someone follows her through the night. Is freedom possible? Or will she, too, become one of the stolen?

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Lucy Christopher

Now in paperback, the acclaimed Printz Honor Book: Sensitive, sharp, captivating!A girl: Gemma, 16, at the airport, on her way to a family vacation.A guy: Ty, rugged, tan, too old, oddly familiar, eyes blue as ice.She steps away. For just a second. He pays for her drink. And drugs it. They talk. Their hands touch. And before Gemma knows what's happening, Ty takes her. Steals her away. To sand and heat. To emptiness and isolation. To nowhere. And expects her to love him.Written as a letter from a victim to her captor, STOLEN is Gemma's desperate story of survival; of how she has to come to terms with her living nightmare--or die trying to fight it.A Michael L. Printz Honor Book * ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults * A 2011 USBBY Outstanding International Book*"An emotionally raw thriller."--Publishers Weekly, starred review"Disturbing, heartbreaking, and beautiful all at once." --School Library Journal

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Lucia Jordan

A powerful Contemporary Romance. Here is the first book in the ‘Stolen’ Series by Lucia Jordan, written in her signature style of high passion and emotion. Who knew one innocent question would unlock a world of seductive pleasure… Spending New Year’s Eve with her best friend Ben is nothing out of the ordinary for Robin Sawyer, he’s someone she knows inside-out. So when she asks him what his New Years’ resolution is, his response takes her completely by surprise, leaving her breathless… And a little curious. Ben’s resolution is to experience Robin completely – to know her darkest desires by revealing his own. Feeling adventurous, Robin agrees and suddenly she’s introduced to a side of Ben she never knew existed and to sensual gratification unlike anything she’s ever experienced.But as things heat up between the two, their friendship is pushed to new limits. Can Robin hold onto her best friend, or does she want something more? Only mature readers should download this book.

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Vivian Vande Velde

The same day that the villagers of Thornstowe finally hunt down a witch with a reputation for stealing children, a 12-year-old appears in the woods with no memory of her past. Is there a connection between Isabelle, the girl who doesn’t know who she is, and the girl the witch stole six years earlier? One of the few things Isabelle remembers is a chant that keeps running through her head: Old as dirt,dirty as dirt.Ugly as sin,mean as sin.Don’t let the old witch catch you! Could Isabelle have been stolen by the old witch of the woods, or has she lost her memory as the result of an accident? And what about the baby the witch stole right before the villagers attacked? Did either the witch or the baby survive the fire the villagers set? "Isabelle heard no sound beyond the faintest shivering of leaves in a gentle breeze. No sound of pursuit. But surely something was wrong, or she would know who and where she was. So she resumed running. But it wasn’t as effortless as before. Her worry weighed her down as she tried to list the things she knew—and found the list of things she didn't know longer by far."

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Amanda Harrah

Have you ever been so in love that it doesn't feel real? I have and I want to share the full story with you. I will start from the beginning bout how I met and fell in love with my soul mate. I know there are so many love stories out there, but mine has a tragic turn and I want to raise awareness anyway I can. Follow the full heart wrenching story about how I met and fell in love with the man of my dreams just to have him tragically ripped away from me. You'll get to read about the life we built for ourselves at a young age and how someone's selfish decisions caused the death of my soul mate. Please stay tuned at the end of the novel for a sneak peak into a new fiction series about the aftermath. Something good that came out of this tragedy is a new fiction series written by my father and I about a girl facing a new path after loosing her husband at a young age. She is reconnected with a guy from high school just in time to solve a local murder. There is also a suspicious connection to her little dog, is she channeling her late husband or just really good at mysteries? Fall in love with Charly Stevens as she mourns the loss of her husband, keep working at her local vet clinic, be there for her closest friends, try to solve a local mystery that may be closer to her than she thinks, and maybe meet a new love interest in the process. Awakening by Two Sharpe available in late September 2017. Also follow our journey at or

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For the first time in twenty-seven years, The Gardner Museum has authorized a book on the daring theft from the Museum of 13 priceless works of art, including three Rembrandts and Vermeer’s The Concert, together worth over $500 million. The Museum is offering $10 million for safe return of all the works; the heist remains the largest unsolved theft in history. In the early morning hours of March 18th, 1990, two thieves disguised as police officers talked their way into the museum, and tied up the night guards. They cut some of the paintings from their frames and stacked up others to take, leaving behind a priceless Rembrandt leaning against a chest. It is believed that the thieves “came for the Rembrandts”― but they also stole works by Vermeer, Degas, Manet, and Flinck, as well as a Chinese beaker and a Napoleonic eagle finial. 81 minutes later they were gone. In 1903, Isabella Stewart Gardner opened her extraordinary museum, modeled after a Venetian palazzo, for the "enjoyment and education of the public forever." She had amassed an impressive collection including some of the finest masterpieces by Rembrandt, Titian, Raphael, and Botticelli, as well as works by her contemporaries such as Sargent, Whistler, and Degas. The art works included paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints, furniture, ceramics, glassware, books, manuscripts and ephemera―all but 13 of which remain in place today. Stolen gives an inside look at the robbery and explores the impact of the missing works with commentary from the Museum’s Director, Curators, and the Chief Investigator. They describe how the theft, often called a crime against humanity, has affected visitors and disrupted Isabella Stewart Gardner's careful arrangement of the works. The book is highly visual, with original photographs of the stolen objects, as well as how they originally looked placed in the galleries. Stolen, the only book on the theft commissioned by the Gardner Museum, provides the context to a brazen heist that left one of the world’s great museums in search of its lost masterpieces.

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Almond Blossom

Some strange organization known as the sweepers has the entire land tamed by fear. They have formed rules that are just as unreasonable as they are irrefutable. Challenging them is a thing one should never attempt. In this land, there are thin lines flanked by cowardliness and courage, weakness and strength, foolishness and wit. The traits are like careers-- except they are not a thing chosen. They are that which is embedded from within.

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April Henry

April Henry masterminds another edge-of-your-seat thriller in this much-anticipated sequel to Girl, Stolen.Six months ago, Griffin Sawyer meant to steal a car, but he never meant to steal the girl asleep in the backseat. Panicked, he took her home. His father, Roy, decided to hold Cheyenne―who is blind―for ransom. Griffin helped her escape, and now Roy is awaiting trial. As they prepare to testify, Griffin and Cheyenne reconnect and make plans to meet. But the plan goes wrong and Cheyenne gets captured by Roy’s henchmen―this time for the kill. Can Cheyenne free herself? And is Griffin a pawn or a player in this deadly chase?April Henry masterminds another edge-of-your-seat thriller in Count All Her Bones.This title has Common Core connections. A Christy Ottaviano Book