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Roland Smith

After the mysterious disappearance of their parents, Marty and Grace go to live with their scientist uncle and accompany him on an increasingly dangerous expedition to New Zealand to track a giant squid.

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Shirley-Raye Redmond

Describes some of the exaggerated stories that have been told about giant squids and also what scientists have learned about their real physical characteristics and behavior. Simultaneous.

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Daniel R. Headrick

This penetrating examination of a paradox of colonial rule shows how the massive transfers of technology--including equipment, techniques, and experts--from the European imperial powers to their colonies in Asia and Africa resulted not in industrialization but in underdevelopment. Examiningthe most important technologies--shipping and railways, telegraphs and wireless, urban water supply and sewage disposal, economic botany and plantation agriculture, irrigation, and mining and metallurgy--Headrick provides a new perspective on colonial economic history and reopens the debate on theroots of Asian and African underdevelopment.

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Lydia Litt

Deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean, giant sea creatures lie in wait for the unsuspecting humans that cross their paths. These paranormal tentacle monsters control their victims' minds so they can pleasure their bodies in unimaginable ways. This 9,400 word, 2 story bundle contains adult content suitable for 18+ only. STORY #1 - THE BERMUDA TENTACLE: For her 21st birthday, Julie's rich boyfriend, Dylan, takes her on a trip to Bermuda. But a dreamy cruise along the coast becomes a nightmare when she wakes to darkness, her shipmates vanished. A terrified Julie soon learns that her only hope for survival is to submit to the sea creatures with shape-shifting tentacles. Will she do whatever it takes to save herself - and Dylan? STORY #2 - UNDERSEA SEDUCTION: On an undersea mission to find a giant octopus from her past, oceanography expert Dr. Hannah Storm finds herself torn between the man she loves and the sea creature that once saved her life. Seduced by the tentacles that pleasure her body and control her mind, a powerless Hannah is drawn into the dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean. When she discovers the octopus' true intentions, will Hannah cling to life on land or submit to her erotic undersea desires?

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Haley Whitehall,Eva Lefoy,D. R. Larrson

This short horror anthology packs a big punch. Four short science fiction stories of tentacle monster mayhem and destruction to keep you awake at night wondering if you’ve already been the next victim… Solar Pioneer During the ten-year war, a remote scientific station on the edge of the galaxy has all but been forgotten. Tired of the war, cruiser pilot Coop takes the mission to re-establish contact with the team, but soon has to rescue himself from the clutches of a crazy scientist and a monster capable of keeping alive forever his wildest nightmares. Science Fiction Horror Mr. Sweede Through a telescope, some galaxies may not look like much, but the full spectrum of beings still lurk within. Some live, learn and love within it. Some are travelers. Some hunt. But not all hunters look like predators. Some look just like us. Some were our best friends. Mr. Sweede was everyone’s best friend. Or so they thought… Science Fiction Horror Zaural Captain Zaural Shuri is sent to respond to an emergency hail on Andvari, a colony of former inmates, after a colonist is killed by the planet’s indigenous species. Once there, she must battle her ex-boyfriend, bizarre creatures, and her own fears to unravel the tangled web of clues before she loses her grip on reality. As if reality was ever what it seemed. Science Fiction with mild adult sexual content. The Sacrifice One night Aveda, a scullery maid, is dragged out of bed by ruthless pirates and hauled on board their ship. She fears she will be sold into slavery or worse, but their plan is even more sinister. Down below, a monster she never imagined existed awaits the decision that will change her life forever... Science Fiction/Historical

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Hermione Chase

Robert Maldron was a field doctor at the Battle of Gettysburg. At dusk lying mortally wounded, the dead and dying were visited by a band of traveling vampires and its leader befriended Maldron. Turning him enough for Maldron to recover, he has the life expectancy of a vampire and many of their attributes while still retaining his human identity. The vampire is one of many species that exist on the Continuum plain, a plain whose occupants have been slowly dying over millennia through a lack of quality sustenance.....blood. The Continuum council and its members were responsible for the creation of earth millions of years earlier as an experiment to guarantee much-needed quality sustenance. Blood on the Continuum plain had become infected with a virus rendering it useless, so it had to be recreated in a sustainable virus-free way in isolation, so earth and its universe was created. The experiment had been successful until modern times with the advent of human drug abuse, alcohol and blood diseases. The harvesting of human blood during periods of rest was no longer providing the required food to furnish immortality for species of the Continuum. In frustration, some species are finding access to earth without the permission of the Continuum council, access courtesy of man's mistreatment of planet earth. Access to the earth environment in an uncontrolled way causes some species to react uncharacteristically and they cause havoc and death amongst humans close to where breaches have occurred. Maldron's vampire mentor, Max Von Konstein as the Continuum representative on earth,, occasionally calls upon his help to deal with those creatures from the Continuum plain.

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Marjorie De Cuba, Ph.D.,Ph. D. Marjorie E. De Cuba

A few of us remember past lifetimes. We may even reincarnate in groups in order to finish old business. In my case this awareness came gradually as life unfolded. Now I can see an amazing pattern for all the major choices made in a long life. Troublesome emotional debris from a sixteenth century French life had to be swept away. This time around I bore three children, divorced, experienced single motherhood, then became an educator, musician, artist, writer, and seeker of Truth. This spiritual odyssey led me to earn a bachelor’s degree, two master’s (one from France) and a doctorate. A tumultuous career as college professor and consultant in bilingual education ensued. After a solitary hiatus of twenty years, the doors could finally be opened to a great fulfilling love. My soul mate came to me at the right time from yet another lifetime. The age difference was unimportant. Many seasoned women who were disappointed in their first marriages, find encouragement in my story. I advise them to be happy, seek self-realization, serve others, and love will find them. It is the process that counts.

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Eugene Thacker

Our contemporary horror stories are written in a world where there seems little faith, lost hope, and no salvation. All that remains is the fragmentary and occasionally lyrical testimony of the human being struggling to confront its lack of reason for being in the vast cosmos. This is the terrain of the horror genre. Eugene Thacker explores this situation in Tentacles Longer Than Night. Extending the ideas presented in his book In The Dust of This Planet, Thacker considers the relationship between philosophy and the horror genre. But instead of taking fiction as the mere illustration of ideas, Thacker reads horror stories as if they themselves were works of philosophy, driven by a speculative urge to question human knowledge and the human-centric view of the world, ultimately leading to the limit of the human - thought undermining itself, in thought. Tentacles Longer Than Night is the third volume of the "horror of philosophy" trilogy, together with the first volume, In The Dust of This Planet, and the second volume, Starry Speculative Corpse.

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Roland Smith

Roland Smith makes his Scholastic debut with a middle-grade adventure novel about the search for a mysterious creature--the giant squid--in this sequel to CRYPTID HUNTERS. Marty and Grace O'Hara's globe-trotting parents disappeared while on assignment for a nature magazine, and now they're living with their Uncle Wolfe, a scientist fascinated by cryptids--creatures that appear in myths but haven't been proven to exist, such as the Loch Ness Monster. Wolfe is planning an expedition to New Zealand to track a giant squid, and he's rented a huge (and possibly haunted) freighter for the trip. But someone on board is determined to sabotage their mission--and if Marty and Grace keeping poking their noses into things, they might end up the saboteur's next victims!

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Anita Dobs

The eFestival of Words Competition Erotica Category Finalist: Fifty Shades of Grey Tentacles: Elle James, a virginal and award winning erotica author in the college Erotic Writing Club, is one day asked to do a favor by her friend, fellow erotic writing buff, Sarah. The favor is simple, all Elle has to do is take Sarah's place and interview a world famous billionaire BDSM expert. Elle realizes the interview could really help her out with research for one of her upcoming BDSM books, and so agrees. As a strong and willful girl, Elle has no actual interest in pursuing a BDSM lifestyle, knowing that she's just not suited to it at all. But when she arrives and meets Mr. Grey at his corporation headquarters, she becomes confused, as she feels he's bending her to his will. Mr. Grey, a handsome billionaire, has a deep and dark secret though (no, not the one you're thinking of, another deep and dark secret.) Having taken on many a submissive before, he finds there is something different about Elle, something that intrigues him. Not sure whether to confide everything in Elle and trust her, the pair however embark on a sexual journey that will take Elle to her extremes, and will force Mr. Grey to make a decision that could result in his ruin... Warning: Although this is a work of parody, it is also a work of erotica that contains graphic sexual scenes of tentacle sex, tentacle bondage, S&M and humor! fifty shades of grey, fifty shades, billionaire erotica, billionaire erotic romance, tentacle monster, tentacle erotica, tentacle monster erotica, bdsm, S&M, domination erotica, domination and submission, free ebooks, free erotica, free erotica books, free erotical,

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Chicago Daniel R. Headrick Professor of History Roosevelt University

In this trenchant examination of a paradox of colonial rule, Daniel Headrick, author of the widely acclaimed Tools of Empire, shows how the massive transfers of technology--including equipment, techniques, and experts--from the European imperial powers to their colonies in Asia and Africa led not to industrialization but to underdevelopment. He argues that colonial rulers dissociated the geographic transfer of technology from its cultural diffusion by allowing only Europeans access to technical educations and discouraging non-European entrepreneurs. Examining the most important technologies--shipping and railways, telegraphs and wireless, urban water supply and sewage disposal, economic botany and plantation agriculture, irrigation, and mining and metallurgy--Headrick provides a new perspective on colonial economic history and reopens the debate on the roots of Asian and African underdevelopment.

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Suction Cup

Contains the 4 short stories: -You're a Tentacle Monster, But I Like It! -Milky and Tentacles -Halloween Tentacles -Christmas Tentacles These stories are for adults only.

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Kylie Ashcroft

Dr. Kendra Hackett is three months into her assignment on the deep sea lab Aequor 1. She misses life above the surface, especially spending her nights with a sexy guy. One day, her boring lab job gets a lot more interesting when she discovers an unknown creature. p.p1 margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; text-indent: 18.0px; font: 14.0px Cochin p.p2 margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; text-indent: 18.0px; font: 14.0px Cochin; min-height: 17.0px As she examines the creature, it starts to grow and quickly becomes interested in her. What starts as panic quickly becomes curiosity when Kendra realizes the creature is feeding off her energy and its tentacles are capable of stimulating unimaginable pleasure. Kendra is stuck wondering if she should fight for her life and the integrity of her experiments or give in to the sea monster. This 5000 word sexy short story is intended for adult readers only and contains explicit content.