download ebook smoky. how a tiny yorkshire terrier became a world war ii american army hero, therapy dog and hollywood star: based on a true story (animal heroes) (volume 2) pdf epub

Jacky Donovan

When Smoky, a tiny Yorkie Terrier, is miraculously found in a foxhole in the steaming jungles of Papua New Guinea, she has no way of knowing she will become a World War II hero and Hollywood star. Flying with her new owner, Corporal Bill Wynne, on deadly combat missions, she is soon assisting the war effort, entertaining and bringing comfort to the soldiers with her unique tricks and spirited energy. Based on the true events of the American Army’s wartime struggles and Smoky’s subsequent outstanding television career, her moving and uplifting tale is sure to entertain and touch the heart of all who read it.

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David Alderton

Border Terrier 2 Books Bundle Collection titles includes : You and Your Border Terrier - The Essential Guide, Border Terrier (The Pet Owner's Handbook) Description : You and Your Border Terrier - The Essential Guide Anyone who has encountered a Border Terrier will know that although this is a relatively small breed of dog in terms of overall stature, it's one with a big heart. Bold and fearless in true terrier fashion, these dogs possess a feisty character that belies their size. Indeed, it was the tough, no-nonsense nature of the Border Terrier that was much prized by gamekeepers and others who employed the dog for all kinds of sporting and hunting activities. In this essential guide will be found everything you need to know about choosing, buying and enjoying your Border Terrier, including breed background, settling in your new arrival, establishing a daily routine, and what to expect as your canine companion grows up. Over 100 illustrations - many specially commissioned - colourfully illustrate and describe these captivating dogs. Border Terrier - Dog Expert The distinctive Border Terrier was originally developed to hunt fox with the hounds in the rough hill country or Northumberland on the border between England and Scotland. From this humble beginning in the 19th century, the Border Terrier has become one of the most popular breeds in Britain, prized for his loyalty, intelligence and equable temperament. This Dog Expert guide gives you all the information you need to provide your Border Terrier with the care and training that will enable him to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Learn all about, training and socialization, Border Terrier behavior, the history of the breed, feeding and nutrition, grooming and healthcare.