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Lonn Taylor

In a collection of essays about Texas gathered from his West Texas newspaper column, Lonn Taylor traverses the very best of Texas geography, Texas history, and Texas personalities. In a state so famous for its pride, Taylor manages to write a very honest, witty, and wise book about Texas past and Texas present. Texas, My Texas: Musings of the Rambling Boy is a story of legacies, of men and women, times, and places that have made this state what it is today. From a history of Taylor’s hometown, Fort Davis, to stories about the first man wounded in the Texas Revolution, (who was an African American), to accounts of outlaw Sam Bass and an explanation of Hill Country Christmases, Taylor has searched every corner of the state for untold histories.Taylor’s background as a former curator at the Smithsonian National Museum becomes apparent in his attention to detail: Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, artists, architects, criminals, the founder of Neiman Marcus, and the famous horned frog “Old Rip” all make appearances as quintessential Texans. Lonn Taylor’s unique narrative voice is personal. As he points out in the foreword, it is the stories of Texans themselves, of their grit and eccentricities, that have “brought the past into the present . . . the two seem to me to be bound together by stories.” People—real Texans—are the focus of the essays, making Texas, My Texas a rite of passage for anyone who claims Texan heritage. There are just a few things every good Texan “knows,” like the fact that it is illegal to pick bluebonnets along the highway, or that the Menger Hotel bar is modeled after the one in the House of Lords in London. Taylor points out with his usual wit that it is not, in fact, illegal to pick any of the six varieties of bluebonnets that grow throughout our state, and that few Texans would know that the bar is modeled after the one in the House of Lords, as few Texans are Lords. These are just a few examples of Taylor’s knowledge of Texas and his passion for its citizens.

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Lonn Taylor

Following up Texas, My Texas: Musings of the Rambling Boy with a second collection of essays, Lonn Taylor’s Texas People, Texas Places again explores the very best of Texas geography, Texas history, and Texas personalities. In a state so famous for its pride, Taylor manages to write an exceptionally honest, witty, and wise book about Texas past and Texas present. Texas People, Texas Places is a story of men and women and places that have made this state great. From a small-town radio host to tight-fisted West Texas ranchers, and even to Taylor’s own family members, Taylor’s subjects paint a profound and dynamic picture. Lonn Taylor shares anecdotes that will appeal to any Texan, in a voice that is as personal as it is unique.

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Fern Michaels

Two novels featuring the wealthy family follow Billie's efforts to keep her marriage and life intact after marrying Moss Coleman, and the chaos that erupts when Billie's daughter, Maggie, hosts her first holiday barbecue at Sunbridge, the family estate.

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Rupert N Richardson,Adrian Anderson,Cary D Wintz,Ernest Wallace

Written in a narrative style, this comprehensive yet accessible survey of Texas history offers a balanced, scholarly presentation of all time periods and topics.From the beginning sections on geography and prehistoric people, to the concluding discussions on the start of the twenty-first century, this text successfully considers each era equally in terms of space and emphasis.

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James A. Michener

Spanning four and a half centuries, James A. Michener’s monumental saga chronicles the epic history of Texas, from its Spanish roots in the age of the conquistadors to its current reputation as one of America’s most affluent, diverse, and provocative states. Among his finely drawn cast of characters, emotional and political alliances are made and broken, as the loyalties established over the course of each turbulent age inevitably collapse under the weight of wealth and industry. With Michener as our guide, Texas is a tale of patriotism and statesmanship, growth and development, violence and betrayal—a stunning achievement by a literary master. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from James A. Michener's Hawaii. Praise for Texas “Fascinating.”—Time “A book about oil and water, rangers and outlaws, frontier and settlement, money and power . . . [James A. Michener] manages to make history vivid.”—The Boston Globe “A sweeping panorama . . . [Michener] grapples earnestly with the Texas character in a way that Texas’s own writers often don’t.”—The Washington Post Book World “Vast, sprawling, and eclectic in population and geography, the state has just the sort of larger-than-life history that lends itself to Mr. Michener’s taste for multigenerational epics.”—The New York Times

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Highlights the history and culture of the state while exploring lodging, dining, and shopping options

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Manuel L. English,Chris Adams

After a 13-day siege by the Mexican Army in March 1836 the Alamo fell. 185 Texans were killed while trying to defend this fortress. The Mexican Army marched on to Goliad where they massacred 350 Texans. The Texas Army, led by General Sam Houston, engaged and defeated General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna's Mexican forces at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836. Located in present-day Harris County, Texas it was the decisive battle of the Texas revolution in a fight that lasted just eighteen minutes. About 700 Mexican soldiers were killed and 730 captured, while only nine Texans died. This battle paved the way for the Republic of Texas to become a sovereign nation. Sam Houston became a national celebrity and the Texans' rallying cries, "Remember the Alamo!" and "Remember Goliad!" became etched into history and legend. With its sovereignty declared Texas existed as an independent nation state from 1836 to 1846, with a promising healthy economy. It had trade relationships with several other nations, especially Great Britain. When Texas agreed to join the Union of the United States in 1846, it reserved the right under its constitution to secede from the United States and once more become a nation in itself should its people so decide. If this were to happen, Texas could be divided into five individual states, becoming once again, the Republic of Texas. The geography, natural resources including petroleum, agriculture, ranching, universities, and industry of Texas enable it, if necessary, to be the independent nation that it reserved the right to be. At different times by different Texans there have been discussions regarding the need and achievability of Texas seceding from the United States. This was generally thought of as all talk and no one publically or seriously considered secession. However, some Texans now believe recent national politics producing a new federalism have pushed Texas too far from its traditions and beliefs and it's time for the rebirth of the Republic of Texas. READ on...

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James L. Haley

'Texas history buffs will be surprised at the new look put on many familiar parts of the Texas story by the previously unpublished photographs Haley has managed to find....He also succeeds admirably in putting his own touch on the story of how Texas came to be.' -Amarillo News-Globe