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Kelley Townley

An action thriller for teens set in the glittering world of fine art. Catherine Lock is having a very bad day. Teased and friendless at school, considered a delinquent-waiting-to-happen at home, and misunderstood by her martial arts teacher, life is looking pretty bleak. With nowhere else to go she turns up on her estranged Dad's doorstep. She thinks he's a boring art restorer at the prestigious 'Fine Art Restoration Trust' (FART) - relentlessly applying cleaning fluids to old paintings. But unknown to Catherine his method of art restoration is a lot more exciting and he wants her to become his apprentice - not that he's planning on telling her just yet. Catherine's suspicions are soon aroused however, and worried her dad is involved in something illegal she undertakes some unorthodox detective work - leading to the discovery that FART's true mission is to steal art BACK from the bad guys and 'restore' it to its rightful owners. Impressed by her panache FART offers her a job on the spot and alongside fellow apprentices, Ollie (crazy haired African-American, techno-whiz, possibly gay/possibly just very tidy) and Raphael (irritatingly aloof and vain, yet exceptionally tasty piece of Italian eye-candy), Catherine begins to study the skills needed to detect, locate and extract pinched Picassos and missing Monets. However stealing from criminals is a dangerous business and when Botticelli's iconic masterpiece 'The Birth of Venus' goes missing, the newly employed Catherine is told to stay on the side-lines. Fat chance. Especially when she knows who did it... "Fantastic. I have adrenaline pumping through my veins!" Mimi Thebo, YA author. "Smart, sassy, well-paced and, most importantly, has a tough, appealing female protagonist, who can correct your art history knowledge AND knock you unconscious with a well-placed stiletto." Ellen Carnes,

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Alessandra Cecchi is not quite fifteen when her father, a prosperous cloth merchant, brings a young painter back from northern Europe to decorate the chapel walls in the family's Florentine palazzo. A child of the Renaissance, with a precocious mind and a talent for drawing, Alessandra is intoxicated by the painter's abilities. But their burgeoning relationship is interrupted when Alessandra's parents arrange her marriage to a wealthy, much older man. Meanwhile, Florence is changing, increasingly subject to the growing suppression imposed by the fundamentalist monk Savonarola, who is seizing religious and political control. Alessandra and her native city are caught between the Medici state, with its love of luxury, learning, and dazzling art, and the hellfire preaching and increasing violence of Savonarola's reactionary followers. Played out against this turbulent backdrop, Alessandra's married life is a misery, except for the surprising freedom it allows her to pursue her powerful attraction to the young painter and his art. The Birth of Venus is a tour de force, the first historical novel from one of Britain's most innovative writers of literary suspense. It brings alive the history of Florence at its most dramatic period, telling a compulsively absorbing story of love, art, religion, and power through the passionate voice of Alessandra, a heroine with the same vibrancy of spirit as her beloved city.

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Gwi Hyeon Hwang

There is a spaceship being able to do space travel at half the speed of light. The ship’s name is ‘Venus’. The birth of the special ship started with a book titled “Venus’ Adventures” written by a cosmic philosopher. His granddaughter, ‘Sae-rom’, found that her late grandfather had prepared a interstellar travel for a long time. The spaceship was built by ‘Space-Truth Foundation’. And Sae-rom is asked to visit the foundation. On the very day of the visit, Sae-rom is destined to meet a girl who is the greatest astrologer of the time…※ I am Korean and I translated this book from Korean into English. Please bear in mind that there are some grammatical errors. Thank you very much.

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"The Birth of Venus" by Botticelli is considered one of the greatest paintings in the world and is now available as a counted cross stitch pattern. The pattern uses 47 colors and is 213 squares wide by 135 squares high. All codes are for DMC floss. You can choose from two formats: stitching by symbol or with a color chart. You don't have to worry about size with our patterns! It's sometimes tough to see your pattern on a Kindle or tablet so we have made it possible to make your charts as large as you wish - see our patterns on a 21" computer monitor and a 48" TV screen. No more squinting and straining at a tiny screen.

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Venus Cunnus

What would you do if after 5 years of celibacy as a lay nun and your friend tells you about a social networking site? would you be like Venus and let your imagination stray into the world of online sex? Would you be like her and open your eyes to a whole new way of living? a book of dialogue (unedited) about sex and fulfillment, hopes and dreams. see where it leads her...Find out how Venus realized that the way she had been living had been all wrong and enter the world of online reality with her.

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D J Meyers

A flower does not choose its colour; its beauty is the desire of others... An ancient picture frame and a forgotten parchment lead two generations of one family into the world of Renaissance Florence. Both artefacts pose the same questions; were Sandro Botticelli and Simonetta Vespucci lovers? Do the women in his paintings, including The Birth of Venus, really depict the young Florentine beauty? Can any man love one woman so intensely and for so long?