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Michael Peters

The Case for Charismatics was written to provide a biblical case for charismatic beliefs and it was written in response to noncharismatic teaching.E The doctrinal differences that distinguish charismatic from noncharismatic Christians are addressed in light of nine questions. Each chapter addresses one of these nine questions. Baptism with the Spirit: Is it Normal to Receive at or after Conversion? Speaking in Tongues: Demonic, Psychotic, Learned Behaviour, or God's Gift? Church History: Does History Record that Miraculous Gifts Ceased?, Miraculous Gifts: Did They Cease upon the Completion of the New Testament Miracles: Were they Only to Confirm the Apostles? Revelation: Does God give revelation today? Healing : Can We Solve the Conundrum? Charismatics: Are there Abuses that Need Correction Receive: What Can You Do to Receive?